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    Lot of people posted here how they think csh gonna endup with her ex. If that happens i swear i will drop this drama before it ends. I really cant watch sad ending kinda drama.. I go into depression and my whole month gonna be ruined. Thats why i couldnt watch the last 2 episode of mr sunshine. I dropped it.. My tiny heart cant take it..
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    Hi from the US. My grandparents were from Ireland. Glad that you joined up to share with us. I also lurked here for a long time. Encounter is such a great show, and I love all the fairy tale elements. (Yes, I still think that SH's mask was a Green (wo)Man despite everyone else's theories. )
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    @stroppyseYou can see the dread in WS eyes at the end on how many time he is going to have to fake kill her lol
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    Shock and tears accompany this week's episodes as it delivers terrible insight into the pitiable, conflicted psyche of the abused who try to understand and excuse their loved one, and change themselves so as to try and stay the abusive hand of that same person. The allegory of the story "Children of Nobody" takes a devastating meaning when interpreted through the eyes of a child who is abused and tries to make sense of why she is treated that way - the tiger being a transformation that could be kept away by her good behaviour - in essence misguidedly holding her own self responsible for what has happened to her. On the other side of this tragic coin, we see damning self-recriminations in the abuser once they finally realise what they really are, how they have deluded themselves into believing what they do is out of love, and the bitter end where that revelation takes them. The moment the scales falls from her eyes, it is telling that she who has previously judged others, deeming them undeserving of forgiveness - the fundamental belief that binds the followers of Red Cry - is held and holds herself to the same exacting standards. Her final words to her child: "I've done wrong. Don't forgive me. I'm sorry. Don't forgive me." -- translated from C-subs is a clear indication of this mindset - admission of guilt, apology for what she has done, and the iteration of her unworthiness to be forgiven. However repulsive and cruel her deeds had been, her actions as she - driven by Red Cry's ultimatum - becomes her own judge, jury and executioner, is ultimately one of remorse and penance. And I cry for both mother and daughter for what is irrevocably lost, for the additional trauma and guilt the child will now have to live with, of seeing her mother whom she loves in spite of everything, die before her eyes. Just as shattering is to see CWK passively taking the emotional cruelty that is heaped on her again and again. After her relentless efforts to unlock the lost memories of her childhood and solve the mystery of the girl in the green dress despite meeting roadblock upon roadblock, her solitary figure in tears in the darkened kitchen, defeated by the blame her stepmother hurled on her; and later the quiet resignation as she gives up her search after the threats of her jerk of an ex-husband, is truly unbearable to watch. Not for the first time, I really hope that we will see her finally snap out of this empty passivity and reclaim her own self-worth. Having just barely past the half-way mark, I don't believe we have seen enough to make any conclusive conjectures. Nonetheless, I have my suspicions (possibly unfounded) as to the identity of Red Cry, by virtue of the physical traits that we have been privy to thus far - the lanky frame and the long fingers which we have seen before. Will see if this turns out to be just another red herring. As for the identity of the girl in the green dress, I still stand by my belief that it is CWK, though I am still not quite convinced it is just a projection of her forgotten memories, but rather it is also the product of some otherworldly intervention that is slowly chipping away at the walls that has kept her cocooned for so many years. In the case of stepmother, I am still on the fence with regards to her. She is harsh and tears at CWK with seeming disregard for her fragile state of mind. However, I cannot help but wonder if this is just her way of derailing CWK's investigation into the past and the identity of a girl that she clearly recognises, by forcing her to focus on the present with the possibility of her losing Eun Seo. Perhaps, some pasts are best left buried, but for whom? Is it to protect CWK from unimaginable pain? Am truly looking forward to next week's episodes, particularly as we see Red Cry in action in the here and now. By the blood stained gloves, I would venture to say that we would have seen the last of Ha Na's despicable father by then, which is something I am definitely anticipating.
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    @beepbeep i totally could relate your post. i still could not convince some of bogum's fan to watch this drama. Since they are not promoting at all, i have to come out from my shell and retweet / post pictures. i not necessary to active in social media during MDBC, reply as there were lots of his fan will write in soompi and social media. As @NongpeeP said age gap/marital status hinder people to watch the drama. i am glad rating is still good and steady even not getting so much hype like his past drama. ( as someone did mention above - sorry i could not tag you. they keep comments this drama "boring" to make people watch their bias drama. some even promote their bias drama in encounter discussion topic. especially someone with many followers. i know what they are trying to do this drama in social media.) For me, i believe in bogum (& SHK) , they can choose not to appear in any drama and bogum kept rejecting many dramas and movie after MDBC. He is chemistry fairy. He can have chemistry with any actress that he pair - yoo jung/ hyeri / goeun ( even a few scene with Yoona in Hyori home stay) and he stands out bromance with SIG in i remember you. i must say again and again. thanks to you all - up to now, our thread is very fun with detail discussion from arts / acting / kiss ( i could not stay away from this thread at all). Please vote and share positive comments to people out there how attractive encounter love story is .
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    I'm also worry on Jan 9 timeline too @selenette As now they still in "November" On next week probably is "December" Hopefully not gonna happen any tragedy.. That is interesting highlight @phoenix24 Director Na did really taking care of BJS. He looks painful (like father) when BJS asked Director Na kill him and watch him collapse behind the bars. Thats scene really sad for me.. If im not mistake, Director Na' character is quite a mystery when they in interview time. He did mentioned something but I can't recall it. Hahaha, I think I will wish for a real true hug 1st. A hug that both appreciate each other. Kiss might bit hard to happen unless Writer/PD-nim create a miracle for us. Usually preview will release on Tuesday noon, lets see on Monday as Tuesday is Christmas. Not sure are they gonna do any celebration or not coz "Encounter" not gonna broadcast on next week due to festival week. KBS please don't do any funny announcement ya coz only left 2 episodes to go. Please don't play our heart.
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    Sorry to break your wild guess , but WS is still one step behind in everything , and is still a supporting man no matter what haha. CSH is born for JH and vice versa. look at the masquerade event and see how JH planned the event but also included the salsa performance , designed the mask himself for CSH knowing exactly what she likes and grabbed her hands right away in the dark while WS completely lost haha. i hope our couple have a happy ending which is unlikely since the title of the drama is”Encounter” or “Boyfriend” which may indicate these two will just meet up , have sweet memories to keep for the rest of their lives.
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    2 more episodes and we still haven't found out the other person that knows about the time loop and save BJS that one time. I just had a thought since the hospital scene. You guys were talking about BJS praying to any deity and some other force at work. Doesn't Director Na kind of act like a guardian or something to you guys. I mean what reason does he have for liking or always helping BJS. The way he comes and ask questions like you're only figuring that out now etc. and trying to make BJS reflect on himself. Might be totally wrong, but I find it interesting.
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    I agree with @bebebisous33! I also think that it's always foreshadowing when one of the leads say something like "I need you by my side" or "Don't leave my side". The normal consequence in a drama and overall storytelling is: there is a temporary separation. I don't see this drama as one in which there are bad people. I believe the grandpa and Secretary Gwon and Choi Goon in their own way try to help Sun Kyul. But we also see that Sun Kyul can be completely normal with Oh Sol. He has no issue taking her hand, he runs out into the rain to save Oh Sol from a possible offender (he doesn't think twice) and so on. On the other hand he is still very much imprisoned so to speak by his phobia - as seen in the umbrella scene. So something must happen to break through this anxiety.
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    Done watched 8th episode with English sub, wow, Kim Jin Hyuk really jjang, how he plan the party very cool. Sad when CSH crying behind the camera, finally KJH-CSH has kiss, now it's complete, from powerful glance, to holding hands, back hug, real hug, and kiss. Great. Poor JWS can't recognize CSH, that's why JWS need to learn from KJH how to make a great plan, the epilogue really the best. The kiss scene, really sweet. Mr. Nam is my fav, he is the best. Now CSH really going to against Taegyeong, can't wait to see how Taegyeong will lose against CSH. Silly JWS confess when CSH-KJH already settled and announced their relationship infront of everyone. The preview, is KJH lost? Hopefully not, it will be long waiting for next episode but it's okay huhu Have a nice holiday everyone
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    Chao's mannerism is A+. I really like the way he talks & carries himself. He's super nice/generous, giving NQ/SS a hefty lot of silver/more than what NQ asked for & also waived their rent. He's a man of his word. One of my favorite characters too, who ofcourse kicks major @$$.
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    some pretty stills released actually maybe u guys are right.....i have never seen Leon in a period garb before....somehow seeing him in and out now....i gotten use to see him in this garb and actually found that he isnt that bad looking after all cr: as tagged
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    Ep 35 Part-1 (till 15:30) - DS' dad says tells SU that they'll take the money and nullify the marriage. DS' is pretty much crying. The dad signs an agreement. Now SU asks that DS should stop the cafe also. Dad and mom beg him to let DS keep the cafe. They will get DS to let JA go from his mind. SU agrees but asks DS to never go looking for JA or tell anybody at the company that it was SU who paid off the debt. Or else, he will have to stop running the cafe. The dad is actually relieved, and SU notices how much the dad loves his son. - CS is on the phone. His guy's flight is at 3:05 and the shareholder meeting is at 4 pm. He is worried. NJ and SJ comes in to wish CS well and say that they trust him, and SJ gives him a candy that should relax him. - Two office mates ask JA about her husband at the cafe, and she is silent. YJ asks if she tried the tonic that DS brought. JA gets angry at YJ, for placing a zipper on the dress she designed. YJ says she was only helping. SH and Mr. Jang comes in and now everybody is jumping on YJ, saying that is not the zipper to use. YJ says she will change it tomorrow. SH uses the chance to mention JA's situation, and say to JA - "Your husband must care for you, to even bring tonic for you". SU walks in, to say that DS is not JA's husband. He is just somebody who registered a marriage without JA's knowledge. SH asks how he knows it, and SU claims that JA had told him when she took up the job. Now that DS came even to the company, he has to let others know. JA is surprised, as she knows SU is partly lying, but says nothing. SU then tells her, "you asked about a lawsuit to nullify the marriage, right? I got my friend Lawyer Kim to look into it" (so, that was the phone call he had in the car yesterday). He says it just takes some time, but there's no problem. So she has to just focus on her work. JA just says a "yes". SH tries to take a dig at JH but SU puts a stop to it. - Outside, SH asks him if he really isn't keeping a flame for JA. SU acts angry, saying he has to focus on his work, as he is set to become the CEO later today! He tells her he knows how much she waited for it for 30 years. Then he repeats the words DS' dad said earlier about how he will do anything for DS (But SU's tone is like he is hinting that SH really was not a loving mom like that). SH gets the hint but SU says he only means that he knows what all she does for him, and to say that she shouldn't worry. - Outside the shareholder meeting hall, SH makes fun of CS - "Looks like everything will be back to normal now. It was tough for you, right?" She says he should go on a vacation trip to relax and "heal" once he is no longer the CEO. CS says that is what he is thinking too, once he steps down. SU says he will visit CS after the shareholder meeting, so they can have a dinner together. CS says they should. All fake talk.... But the lawyer is worried. His guy needs to get in soon from the airport. - Inside, SH asks SU if he is ready with his acceptance speech. She wonders why CS is not coming in. "Must be tough to take it, huh?". They announce that the meeting is starting, and CS' guy runs up and gives CS the document, outside. Right when they announce that the CEO position will go to SU because SU's shares are 30.3% and the shares held by CS are only 27.8%, CS walks in saying "just a moment". He goes up to the podium and announces that a Mr. Steve Jeong the CEO of Victoria Investments from the US, has transferred the 7% shares they had in HK, to CS. "Now the shares I hold are 34.8%. Now I suppose there is no need for a change of CEO". Boom! SH and SU look crestfallen. Haha!!! - As everybody walk out, CS tells SH that it looks like he can't take that trip after all. SU is full of it, still, as he tells the lawyer that he will be able to take a trip to his heart's content after one year. SH: "So you found the Steve Jeong that we have never ever seen, huh?". CS: "Did you not know? Steve Jeong is the younger brother of the late wife of the chairman!". He says Mr. Jeong had kept in touch with him, and that he is in poorer health now. So he may stop his business and go on a trip sometime. He leaves, and SH is about to cry.
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    394 have a happy holiday all. Warm regards,
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    Is SU paying off JA's debts or he is threatening to take civil action against DS and family? If he is paying off the debt, is he paying it off from his own pocket or using the company money? Also, if and when he files a civil suit, would it be under the company's name? He can't do that - JA should do it or - have the company lawyer and someone SU knows to do it. So many questions about SU's move towards JA, If he intends to pay off her debt using the company's funds, then his trouble will begin. If SH finds out, I am sure there will be trouble - or - deduct the money spent on settling her debt from her salary.
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    I can only imagine their year-end 2018 awards (if TVn has any).. Lee Byung-Hun from Mr. Sunshine, Hyun Bin from Memories of Alhambra and then we have SHK from this drama Awkward AF Just finished watching it with eng subs. SHK nailed that ending! Tears in her eyes while smiling or kissing? Smiling while crying? Thats dang hard to do, mind you. I tried smiling while I was crying and it turned more like a grimace @enigmatic_zephy i think she had to do that drama. People viewed her as just being “cutesy” and she hated that typecasting. In WW, she showed a different gutsy side of her. I enjoyed that drama eventhough I mostly didnt like Jung Ji-Oh’s character.
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    This drama strikes me as a contemporary fairytale complete with wicked stepmothers (who are technically mother and mother-in-law). What I'm finding charming about the story is that except for the wicket stepmothers, everyone behaves as decent human being doing thing that in other dramas could be construed as being against their best interests. The fact that Hey-In is doing what's best for Jin-Hyeok instead of fanning her hopes that she could be his girl is surprising sane. She is not supporting Jin-Hyeok's relationship with Soo-Hyun, she is supporting him. The same can be said about Woo-Seok. He is not supporting Soo-Hyun and Jin-Hyeok, but he is supporting Soo-Hyun, even if that means he ends up without her.
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    400 @stroppyse I'm glad that I didn't disappoint you. LOLOL. It took me a moment to guess that one. But there arent many dramas with iconic bedscenes. And of course it's oppa's drama, I have to get it right. LOL.
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    wow chingu, you are lucky you know him since then I am a new Kdrama fan, so I missed much chingus, I was referring to Junhoo's change of attitude towards BJS because after Ruda died, he asked him for help. Which means that Junhoo needs friends and someone to ask for advise. That is why I think he will be friends with BJS at the end. He is really more like a child, he missed his parents and never had a stable family life. He also had no aim. I liked the part when he collaborated with BJS to save the company. This was really good. I expect in the next episode that there will be some other collaboration between BJS and Junhoo, because his uncle Kang is once again employing Yu Sibaek to reduce the number of employees. Junhoo needs some suspense he already likes the idea of "spying" on the marketing team, as his grandfather sent him there. Also he liked the idea of BJS "Labour Union". So I think he just needs some motivation to start taking some action. BJS already knows that Kang is the grandchild of the Chairman, he will use this information. (the others don't know). chingus preparing for the next drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Here is the soompi thread https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/427589-upcoming-drama-2019-what’s-the-problem-poong-sang-왜그래-풍상씨-wed-thur-2200-kst-yoo-joon-sang-jeon-hye-bin-and-lee-chang-yeob-premieres-on-january-2nd-2019/
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    I’m trying to check on IG ., lol that romantic moment became a funny one This IG owner is starting to upload. Haha she was more than taken aback I’m not sure how kS can resist him , I find it so heart fluttering when he walks up to her like that
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    They look like theyre bickering. But i found them actually have some "unspoken teamwork" when being pressed by others . Some things just never changed between them, despite time loop / tragedy & RD forgetfulness
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    That's what I have been thinking. There was a switch... and the older sister knew about it. By doing so, the parents ensure that the abuse can never be discovered and reported. Notice that there is a relative to CWK, an aunt, and CWK has never heard of her or never seen her. There is no one who can confirm who CWK really is. The pictures shown to the people who visited the same school are about the taller girl. Now, I think, I know why the father erased every trace of the biological mother. If he hadn't done that, then our heroine would have recognized herself as child because the pictures of her mother would have revealed her true identity. In my opinion, the mother offered the dress but it was too big, hence it was put back into the gift box. Then her mother died and the stepmother appeared with her daughter. Her own daughter discovered the gift box and found the green dress therefore she decided to wear it for her own birthday. To me, CWK must have suffered a great trauma... maybe she got hurt in an accident, where she suffered from amnesia. The father decided to ensure that CWK would never remember what had happened to her seeing it as an opportunity to redeem himself.
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    @nohamahamoud2002 I've watched his past works and I can say that this is his most engaging role to date. Anyway, speaking of Roo-da, I hope she and Jin-sang can solve the problem with Kang In-han and Yoo Si-baek soon. If they fail, I'm afraid that somebody will die again/be in great danger on Jan 9, 2019 of this timeline. EDIT: In the previous timeline, Yoo Shi-baek,before leaving, told Jin-sang that he seemed to have no regrets. Jin-sang looked so sad like he was about to cry,silently agreeing with her. I'm worried: is this a premonition? Is he going to leave Korea or die?
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    I watched the movie version and skimming thru the drama version. The visual in the movie is much better but as the usual problem of drama adaptation, it feels rushed....AB-BC looked good too compared to YY-ZS.... +2
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    -2 @stroppyse Ehehehe again it's @lynne22's and many others fav drama. LOL. @triplem @sushilicious I don't know whether I'm allowed to give clues, but I don't think you guys have watched it. Triplem, definitely didn't watch it yet, that much I know. @mouse007 I just finished watching 8th ep of encounter, and what can I say....THE FEELS.....for some reason I didn't expect that to happen. LOL.
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    couple of things: MHJ was working with red cry. ostensibly they (red cry, a group) didn't know about her personal life until her arrest.. it would be interesting. cos they wanted to know if she had a hand in the last man's death and through red cry she probably did. and red cry being this misguided vigilante group...we are seeing they makes mistakes more and more. questions of morality and who and why and also who are the ones committing the crimes? are they squeaky clean? i think the stakes are high for everyone physically and emotionally. but the endgame of this show i see as people going on to heal. it's thrilling and a mystery but also we are figuring out things like JH getting the cane. controlling parents. trying to gaslight CWk. perhaps the mom is doing it on purpose as she tries to remember--she got rid of things in the basement. she very well could be a part of this. frankly, i think it's more than just about child abuse. it's the aligning factor but something is off. and it all started based off how a GROUP came together to form everybody's child to advocate for these kids bc of one specific instance and in that instance they incited violence to her. we still dont know WHY it happened or how she died bu the partner is fine. i'm not sure that everything they attack or w/e that even they have all the details but i know something isn't right and it's not about the moral high road in the end. it's about killing to what? have redemption from yourself? who are these people and how selfish aer they.
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    Preview for E35 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,36,785407 Blurb: 긴급 주주총회 자리에 자신만만하게 나타난 허청산(강신일) 변호사는 비장의 무기를 꺼낸다. 승주(서효림)는 남진(박윤재)에게 진아(진예솔)가 어떤 존재인지 묻는데... Translation: Attorney Heo is full of confidence as he shows up at the shareholder meeting and pulls out a secretly held weapon. SJ asks NJ what JA means to him. The preview video shows NJ hugging SJ saying he is really thrilled. She asks if she is too much like a male-buddy to him (haha. she seems to have taken the conversation with YunHui eonni too seriously!)... Looks like SH was telling the lawyer to take a vacation after he steps down as CEO, but that must be when he was waiting anxiously for his guy to get back from the US, and we see him running in on time. Based on the blurb, it looks like SH/SU won't pull it off at the shareholder meeting (I just don't know what this "secret weapon" document is). Looks like NJ made SJ sad with his answer to her question about what JA means to him. Maybe the idiot finally gets a sense of how badly SJ wants him to take her as his girlfriend and goes to hug her from behind as she sadly looks at the sunset? Maybe a kiss too? (No, the preview didn't have any of that; I'm just asking for some fun stuff...)
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    Yes, it's always great to see positive female interaction and friendships in dramas. So refreshing compared to so many dramas and novels where it's women fighting over a man. That's one of the reasons I don't like palace harem dramas even though they are so popular. Second Brother is going to send his sword or his tall headpiece after you for that joke. No one messes with his goose Actually did you notice Fu Zi is eating something? I think it looks like a dumpling. The man loves his food!
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    Just got done watching ep 6 and that fight scene was wow! I loved it and tbh I think I fell in love with Chao cause of his fighting skills lol. At first I thought why the heck do you need NQ? You can take all of them out. Then I realized why and NQ did a great job protecting him. Although he was so worn out poor baby. So what's Chao's story and does he come out often in the drama cause I want to see more of him . Hoping there will be more epic battles cause I was impressed. I was on wikipedia and they had a description on YHY which confused me. Please don't read if you don't want spoilers. So any thoughts? I was just thinking that CF/SYR have nice chemistry. Will they get to have a kiss scene? Cause if not it will be too bad since he won't be in S2. I saw some scenes of SYR new drama and she gets kissed good lol.
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    I've been watching this drama from the git-go because of the seasoned actors/actresses who play restaurant mom, Pres. Shin, WJ's mom, and the Chairman's daughter. But...disappointment is an understatement. Only in the last few episodes has it gotten worth watching. I'm ready for DB to grow a pair and lose his tempter instead of cry.
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    That guy is creepy and don't even ask how scary he was in w2w WITHOUT a face...now he has a face, so that's even more disturbing. But then I am thinking what damage he can inflict to JW, when he already has enough miseries in life? I mean a rogue game, psychological condition as well as a limping leg and then his solitude. Do we need another villain at this stage?Isn't the villain quota already fulfilled? Or I have a feeling that he already knows about whatever happened to his son and also about the game. He is somehow orchestrating the entire thing including CHS death...I know its far fetched but this happened in W so it can happen here also.. bold I agree! I think we kind of overlook that not only HJ but JW is also going through a whirlwind of emotions. It's not easy being alone and also not accepting that I don't I want to be alone. I suppose more than zombie Cha, JW is scared of 'hurting' or rather losing another woman that's why he keeps on saying 'stay away' with a red flag. Though there is a contradiction between his words and actions; when HJ's sister calls him Master of Charm, she wasn't referring towards his words,rather his actions which he was unconsciously doing to attract HJ. PS. Can we expect a kiss in ep7 or is it still too soon..??
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    guys do you think we're gonna get a kiss in these next two episodes? doesn't matter between who i just need a kiss in this series!!
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    I think she’s still the brand model coz daenggi meori singapore updated their fb profile pic with her picture. And they have her pics on their IG acct too. Btw, I love your profile pic! Ikr! They both look like a mini series. Lol! I hope someone will translate those vids! And some BTS too, if that’s not too much to ask! Lol!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOGwpyxlNs4&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop#menu They had so much fun behind the scenes too
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    @sushilicious I watched Painted Skin 1and 2 movie version. It was great!!! I don’t bother with the drama though.... +2
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    +2 @stargazer187 can not watch it now. It’s 7.14 PM in Central Indonesia and I and some of friends still in the office ^_* later will watch.. thanks for asking chingu. My day was full with SPJ (you know that kind of responsibility letters) but I online the whole day sometimes I peek in here. But can not really play in the afternoon when the tension rised I played some songs and we sang together in here to released the stress Hahahaha.. my morning was late again. I purposely did that because last night I get home almost 10 PM. And I don’t really care actually. when arrived at office, I found that they prepared breakfast table for all employees. “Soto Ayam” and some cakes (kue sus, pie buah, and traditional cake) then I took a bowl of soto ayam and entering my room while singing with a loud voice “aku dan kamu takkan tahu mengapa kita tak berpisah. Walah kita takkan pernah satu. Biarlah aku menyimpan bayangmu woou woo..” and tante alam stood right in front of me, looked at me from head to toe with a gaze like “this girl is getting crazy.” And tante mety was laughing so loud because of tante alam facial expression when seeing me singing in front of the door with a bowl of soto ayam in my hand.. wkwkwkwk that’s my day. Normally and usually.. wkkwwkw sorry for typing too long guys wkwkkwk
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    408 got rope in into arranging a last minute gathering lols
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    -2 No no there is only one Xiao Nai in this world. LOL. Similarly there is only one Ye hua, and that is Mark Chao, I won't watch the movie version even for Yang Yang.
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    @stroppyse Yes, Yang Yang's the singer...hehe but I think his voice is a bit auto tuned here... LoL.. his original voice is deeper iirc... But still, its a sweet song nonetheless Movie version is also cute..... and 422
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    Just watched Eng subbed eps... OMO! I love Na Ra's short hair! She's really a baby-faced beauty! And it's now she gets that she's been used by others all the time. And I love that she's not a dumb Lee Hyuk fan anymore like she was before. Now she's the most fav person in the show!! Love her angry attitude! Wang Sik & Byun should continue helping her & I hope they won't betray her!! And I am wondering what will happen when everyone gets to know about Woo Bin's real identity! And I don't know about you, guys... But I feel that detective guy knows something fishy about the royals that they are framing Sunny for granny's murder case... Lee Hyuk , mother & Yu Ra are digging for each other! Can't wait to see how they react when they get aware of each other's cunning plans...And looks like Ari is gonna be a menace.. And WHAT...??? No preview! This is annoying Just forgot... Shin Sung Rok is so cute. But how come he be so ugly as Lee Hyuk..?? It's the real acting! I really want to see him in a hero material someday.. He really has potentials..!!
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    I agree with you on these points. I think CG is a good guy, and I really like that he confessed to OS anyway even if he knows that he has no chance with her. At least it's out in the open, and it's not hidden away and festering while he plays at being a saint all for the sake of love, or anything like that. Btw, I should offer a quick clarification of some of the English. I haven't read the character descriptions so I don't know if CG is a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but there is a very big difference in their training to be one or the other. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, meaning he would have had to go to med school first before he could then specialize in psychiatry. In the US, someone who wanted to be a psychiatrist would have to go to university to get an undergraduate degree (BA or BS or the equivalent), then go to medical school to get a medical degree (MD), then at least a 4 year residency program in order to become a psychiatrist. So, at least 12 years in total. If one is a genius, then one could probably cut that down to 10 years in total by condensing his time at university as an undergraduate. However, if he's such a genius, then he could have skipped grades in elementary, middle, and high school years. If he had graduated high school at 15 years old, then he could be about 25 by the time he finished training. Plus add a 2 year neuropsychiatry fellowship, and he would be about 27. Normally, practitioners are in their 30's by the time they finish their training. A psychologist is not a medical doctor, so their training is more like a graduate program, so university (BA, BS, etc.), then a master's program (MA, MS, etc.) and/or a doctoral program (PhD or equivalent). So, as fast as 8 years of university and post-graduate studies would have done it. So, again, assuming that he graduates high school at 15, he would only be 23 by the time he could practice as a psychologist. However, normally, practitioners normally finish when they are in their late 20's. So, it's possible, if not probable.
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    @msmy I'm finding it hard to believe JB tried to play I'll kill myself card on DB.. He said do you want to see me jump off the roof.. He should have told him to do it in front of his Mom she's the one right alog with his wife put him in this position.. I don't get why they thinks all is suppose to be okay and DB supposed to accept this.. I'm getting real sick of DB and his so called righteous attitude.. When is he going to realizes the women he thinks his Mom cares about him don;t give a Fuk about him.. All she cares about his keeping JB attach to riches and the hell with him.. DB also sees that JB isn;t going to give up his position and he just have to accept it.. It looks like the Chairman will have to figure out things on his own.. Chairman knows DB got some heavy secret that they all wants to keep him quite so maybe he'll get down to the bottom of it.. When he questioned his daughter about it and she look him in the face and lied and in fact he know she did was a dead giveaway.. They better come clean to him because if he fubds out on his on all hell will break loose and DB will be blamed for it all him finding out.. They're going to want him to take responsibility for anything that happens to JB of course no faults of there own.. Glad Shin told Chairman that DB and WJ is married now and WJ is his Bio Daughter.. Also told him don;t think of touching his daughter or her husband.. Speaking of WJ why hasn't she told the chairman about whats going on DB is her husband and she seeing first hand how he's torn between the two families and how this family is misusing his feelings for there own personal gain.. They are newlyweds her husband happiness should be her first priorites.. Some wife she is..
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    Hi, all! Someone was nice enough to give step-by-step instructions IN ENGLISH (yay!) on how to be a member of SIG's fan cafe! So just in case you guys would be interested, you may check out her post WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! CHEERS!
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    378 Oh, I thought you were talking about him tight now. I thought he plays a role in the drama you are currently watching. But in my defense, you are always spazzing about someone. Yeeeee~ I know.... Isn't she a cutie..... ( @triplem's favourite gif of mine) But since I'm back, I will change my profile pic more frequently again. I have my old rotation. I still have the one you like so much. @stroppyseOh hello there.
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