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    Well, honestly this drama doesn’t give me any feeling that it will be a sad ending. I just have this strong feeling we will have a happy ending dc as I am not good in analyzing arts, can only see if it’s beautiful or not, I dun understand their language , I’m thankful for your help to make me appreciated the drama even more. Thanks
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    Visually stunning and classically romantic. odetoyouth0616 ========== DECEMBER 14, 2018 BY POPGASA Yong Jun Hyung (HIGHLIGHT) – Don’t Hesitate (망설이지 마요) Encounter OST Part 3 I feel it very slightly The tremble in your eyes Feels like I could tell you Right now If we get too close, it might be too hot If we get too far, it might be too cold So we’re just watching from far away As if we’re waiting Don’t hesitate love Don’t hesitate love Don’t just leave things alone And make everything pass by right now Don’t hesitate love Tell me so I can hear I’ll take a small step today Till I arrive in front of you some day I’m walking, every day, to you You’re stopped right there You’re looking at me As if we’re waitingDon’t hesitate love
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    I remember the tea house lady warns JH that he will be misunderstood since he is head over heels about the wealthy CEO of his company. I think he says it's enough for him to see her laugh sometime. Even though there's an age gap, class gap, money gap, power gap, there's no affinity gap. He's sensitive, quotes Rilke, loves that outdoor art gallery of paintings, loves the sea. He takes her to what he calls a great coffee place which is really just a bench looking out at the ocean. They are soul mates. Will societal constraints prevent two such perfectly attuned people from getting together/staying together?Curious to see where the writer goes with this.
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    I believe, you misunderstood me. I am pretty well aware that JWS loved and loves her and didn't cheat on her. BUT since he told her that he had fallen in love with another woman and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, for CSH it was like he has been "cheating" on her and had never loved her. Yes, through his gesture he wanted her to leave his family but he had in his mind that she would come back later to him. It doesn't matter if he has been fabricating the story because CSH is not aware of this. He did hurt her with his lies... As for the daddy long leg, there is a reason why CSH refuses his help just like CSH's close friends. They don't want to be indebted to him. They don't know what he will ask after helping her. Due to the past, they are very cautious around him. Since his mother is manipulative, they also think, JWS is not different. They are not entirely wrong as he is trying to manipulate behind her back. Sure, his intention is to win her heart. Nonetheless, he is unwilling to let her know that he loves her. He wants her love without telling her that he loves her because he wants to have the upper hand in the couple. Maybe he is scared that his love could be used as a weakness. And the episode 6 proved one more time to me that JWS is not powerless. He threatened director Choi which outlines that he can even work against his mother's plan...
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    I agree with everything you said. Let me just add that, maybe this show isn't just about the gaps but also maybe the unfairness the society have against female? Maybe that's one of the points of this story: Them ending up together is possible and not a fairy tale.
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    I like this scenario very much.. I still think he was loving CSH all the way.. He might have tried relationship with other girl.. But seeing the wallpaper on his phone it seems he was always struck on CSH!! .. He has that two sides where he checks out KJH's tie n feels assured that CSH might have not given him tie.. But he knows the truth but still He wants to thing sorts!!.. I want to know more n more abt him to give judgement abt him.. He came Two times n saved KJH knowing his relationship with CSH.. I don't know whether it's to help CSH or he has a big heart!! I m actually very confused by his behavior.. I can understand CSH's condition in marriage!!
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    Let me cut in and just say... I love how rich the discussion in this thread is. Beyond the heart flutters we obviously feel inside, we talk more in depth discussion about the show. Keep them coming !
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    She’s actually in the dress she wears for Date with Md . Yb walks out with the pot . kS follows him MD all dashing ..comes & ask KS to follow him . He sees the bracelet . Let’s go one date . She’s like why ...he grabs her hand . She was a little reluctant to follow ,YB grab the other hand , he’s like you hv to fix this pot . But mD pull her away jealous YB goes back to the hut . Grandma patch his expensive jeans with red cloth, didn’t realise that it was fashion to have holes . yB was shocked but did not hv the heart to Say anything more. In his room he’s wondering if he’s become to soft a person
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    In my opinion, she actually was able to control her temper. Looking back on the episode where she first discovered the affair, she is calm, yet we can still see her bravery when she invited yura to have breakfast with her and lee hyuk. Even if in reality she wants to pull Yura's hair out and make it a wig, and also skin her alive, she controlled her emotions well in front of them. But after she was nearly killed by her own husband (twice!), framed to be an adulterous woman, told to her face that she was just toyed by everyone except grandma, I would expect her not to remain calm and collected. Any person would burst and would want to "get back". She just lost her credibility in the whole of Korea just because her husband and his mistress just want to continue their shenanigans. Credibility and dignity are two of the most important virtues in East Asian countries. People die and even commit suicide when they lost it. Grandma will eventually die anyway. She is the only one who is righteous to abide by the imperial family law. Others just want to stay in power even if they commit horrific crimes. She will eventually discover things and the empress dowager is not afraid to kill anyone who will try to remove her from the palace. This is different from Wang Shik who works calculated and quiet. Compare to Sunny, he has no connection to the imperial family, no power at all and he can be removed from the palace in no time if discovered. Sunny is different since she is the empress. She has the power and it is not easy to get her out (but looks like she will since she is a murder suspect now). I like that she made the emperor and yura feel her wrath and it is not yet done. In fact, as she is continuously hurt, the more that I look forward on how she gets her revenge done. It will really be a tug-of-war between yura/lee hyuk vs woobin/sunny.
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    THIS! Made me remember a certain namja saying “I feels like a useful person when I see you smile because of me” i’m so deep in that ship and when KJH said thissss. I meltttttt. This is when the teacher said that the relationship its not just “some”, he really do like CSH.
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    @liddi @selenette Great that you are joining this thread. Long time no see! I was kind of surprised with the episode from yesterday, when we thought that we had discovered the identity of the little girl with the green dress, there was actually such a twist so that we still don't know who this girl is. However, like @hushhh pointed out, there are so many questions unanswered: But if we look at the first three questions again, we realize something. We are in fact one step closer to the truth. The little girl has existed and she is indeed related to CWK. Either it is CWK, her younger sister or her twin. So her hallucinations are actually connected to her memories. The second aspect is about CWK's biological mother. Finally we could see her face. Since CWK remembered the face of her mother, we can assume that the mother was the one who brought the green dress. Since we discovered that the father threw everything away about the mother, we can conclude that the biological mother was abusive. Furthermore in the first scene, the little girl is wearing the green dress and she is pushed down by the older sister. In a similar scene, CWK remembers how her mother gave it to her... however the face of the girl has changed. She was the girl in the picture taken at the kindergarten. So the change of face is confusing for the viewers. And here is my theory: why would the father ensure to create false memories: the so called friends, the pictures aso? He did everything in his power to make her believe that she was that girl from the picture. That's why I come with this conclusion that CWK is the little girl from the drawing and not the girl from the picture. To me, CWK is in denial: she doesn't want to admit that she has been abused. She had an extreme reaction, when the worker from the shop told her that she looked like that little girl and she was her. Striking is that this former "school friend" can not really tell her who she was. She couldn't put a face on a name. What also caught my attention is her aggressive reaction, when she heard the word "forgive" from the neglecting mother. She started slapping her and the mother from the second case heard from Red Cry that she shouldn't be "forgiving" towards an abusive person. That's why I don't think that CWK was the abusive older sister, but the younger one, the real victim. Imagine if she was bullied by her own older sister and her mother which caused a huge accident. OR the older sister was abused herself but differently. But even if the biological mother was abusive, this doesn't mean that the step-mother wasn't abusive. After her father's death, it could be true that CWK has been abused as well but in a different way. As for the sister, she has been in a vegetative state for two years. But we also heard that CWK was bedridden for a long time. So seeing her sister like that must have caused a trigger in her. MAybe CWK witnessed something similar in the past (the death of the older sister f. ex.) therefore the father tried to fabricate false memories so that she would take the identity of the older sister. Don't forget that the young girl seen in the picture with the school mate was not closed to any other young girl. MAybe CWK was the younger sibling but she was not acknowledged by the mother and no one knew about her existence, like Ha Na... the only difference is that Ha Na has no sibling. CWK's sister reacted to the drawing because she helped her father and stepmother. Maybe the sister is not her real sister but the daughter of her stepmother. In my opinion, there is definitely a link to the sister... she is somehow involved with the murders. Don't you find it strange that she opened her eyes, just before the mother PHJ was killed? I am still convinced that the director is involved in the murder. He has the master Key which is another clue. Sure, other people have the master key as well but Red Cry is meticulous and he ensures that he can mislead people. But there is not one person involved but many, just like the organization CWK created with HMJ, but it is definitely a hidden organization.
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    @Lawyerh Also he's more and more careless with his clothing. I mean I know your life is in peril, man, but make an effort to look...put together, you know. Edit Based on making video that @Heidi Seow posted, when they shot this scene Baek Jin-hee was really sleepy. She fell asleep, and she needed some time to be fully awake after the director said cut.
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    Just for fun.. "so pretty/was so pretty - KJK" While just looking at you drunkI only sneak a look at you secretly because I can’t take my eyes off.Days passed and you still come into my mind again and again.One day passed too as I was considering to find an excuse. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? all of it. cannot pick just one. their nervousness. i can't seem to find an answer with all their nervousness. if there's nothing, why nervous? simple as that. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? tbh, i've never thought about this before. but after what happened on PJF and SJH said "he has never let go of my hand" , somehow it's connected to "one man" especially this part... By your side I put my hand out and at a path were you can always reach me I, who cherishes you more than myself. I am with you.
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    They two ahjummas wanted teacher to teach them maths Yb bored , goes to ks room. He plays some music , sees a scrap book , all her thoughts & dreams are there. Ks wanted to study but I guess she couldn’t . Flashback of her when at high school age . She was going to leave for Seoul to take entrance exam . Bid grandma goodbye. Walk off . Then realise she forgot something . Turned back , saw how lonely grandma was. She didn’t finish the exam , md was waiting for her to come out. YB reads all of this in her diary
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    well she didnt took it all..... **ahem** she split it into half
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    I agree that he is selfish, and insecure. But at least he is not evil... No one is flawless in this drama and I am glad he isn't the perfect second lead or else I'll be going through another SLS. I still believe in BJS and RD being the end game.
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    Just watched Episode 11 - 12 (finally!!!!!) and here are my thoughts: Professor Jung, I can feel that his story line was indeed interesting and as dramatic it may seem, I feel like I can relate on his character. T.T I just wished that the character development was fast from the previous episodes. I mean how does it feel like to be like him? Feel like lost in his entire life? Nobody to turned to? Nobody who really knows him deep inside? I mean, I know he is becoming selfish -- but that selfishness was something I also pity about him. How does it feel like just to get what you need, you need to be selfish first? He has suffered too much eversince he was a fairy -- his love didn't blossom and he even thought that he was betrayed. When he was reincarnated as a girl -- he was locked up and abandoned. What does it feel to be hopeless? Why did the Master of the Northern Star need to make him suffer like that? T.T He doesn't deserve all that heartaches even up to now. He needs saving -- saving from himself and not from Fairy Ok Nam. I want really him to have a good and happy just being contented and was able to forgive others and even himself. As for Geum and Ok Nam, I hope that they will have more romantic scenes on Episode 14 -- since as I can see Episode 13 would be really heavy. This episode 12 is heavy enough, but episode 13, I believe, is much much heavier. Hoping for the best and a good ending.
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    Yes, he is selfish. But he still remembers to buy her a present? And he still remembers that she wants that since she was a kid , even when he is already infatuated by MSS. And I think SS herself didnt ask what he has been doing for 6 months, and didnt know that he almost died in the battle vs the horse gank. It is understandable, though ..because she is sad because of MSS. But NQ has his burdens too, like Xia Hou and the Demon sect, as well as MSS, of course. Actually, that's why I love them. They are 2 young people who are still growing and still needs a lot to learn, like learning to appreciate the people around them and to communicate. They are also kids who have been living a harsh life, so perhaps they only consider how to survive and forget about those little things that seemes to be unimportant. So I really wish that the scriptwriter and Director can show us their growth correctly
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    Thats good to hear. The director/writer put way too much emphasis on NQ/MSS. SS shouldnt feel like shes second fiddle to MSS. Viewers probably have the notion that MSS is supposed to be NQ's endgame, which she is not. SS is NQ's life. Hopefully, more cultivation/learning w/NQ&SS.
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    Tonight spoiler https://fx.weico.net/share/48513086.html?weibo_id=4317068512008579
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    I dont want to see her anymore. And I hope the screenwriter would not add some dramatic scenes like NQ still thinking or missing her after this. Its total clean break up.
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    This maybe sad but I am hopeful. Go on baby! You can do it! Let him realize you deserve better. Oh my heart. Cr oerhath IG
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    @lynne22 SMad. Totally sum up my feels with the recent eps. And if not for everyone's spoiler goodies I would be more of Mad (mostly at NQ of course LOL) I didn't watch the most recent ep (I plan on binge-watching it this holidays ) but I browsed IG (and some spoilers here as well hehe) and NQ-SS reunion has this bittersweet (mostly bitter of course) feel to it. It's like you're in the drama, you know what's gonna happen but you don't have the powers to knock some sense to this insensitive brat named NQ. And you can't hug poor baby SS just to ease some of the pain/loneliness she's feeling at that moment. I actually felt crappy after seeing their reunion, I teared up. HAHA. I mean, they're finally together after a long time, they are in this small space yet you can see that a vast distance has formed between the two. They're in the old brush shop, their supposed home yet the two of them felt so different as if they're strangers. It's like NQ is there but not totally, which is the worst thing that can happen to SS. I still remember how she imagine NQ is beside her and just happily talk about how her days pass to this imaginary young master. But when the real one appeared, he felt like a stranger to her. Okay, a lump is forming in my throat now. *Hides and sobs* However, sad this may be, I think this will catapult them to finally mature and grow as individuals, especially SS. And when I say SS, I meant drama SS. Novel and Drama SS has just become so opposite, it's funny. LOL. Also, SS may not have good-looking guys fawning over her (unlike NQ's harem) but she has found her parents - nice, kind and loving, which for me is waaaay better than having her swarmed with suitors (I'd love that too just to richard simmons off the brat NQ but I know it ain't gonna happen so.. LOL) and she has the loyalty of Chen Pipi. By the way, thanks @satanghaesolim your choice translations of the recent eps are the best and yeah, made me tear up more. I'm still catching up with the pages so go on and discuss and spoil us more. By the way, where is @thartie <---my spirit animal LOL.
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    Another premonition from Roo-da, from Episodes 17-18, when she confronted Jin-sang after he ruined her dates: "Do you not care at all about your life? Is it alright for you to die again and again as if it was nothing?" If we go by the webtoon, until he reaches a time frame where she doesn't save him, and/or where the root of the problem (Hyun-jung's resignation) won't happen.
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    I just finished watching 6th episode with English sub, seriously I feel like it's me who madly in love and in a pre-stage / some-relationship, I got that feeling, they deliver the plot really well. How could i got the butterflies on my stomach when it's CSH-KJH that holding hands not me? I feel like Secretary Jang will end up with KJH's hyung (the Franchise CEO ) their love story will be funny I guess, it will enjoyable too. Seriously CSH mother, she is hopeless, choose her own desire over her relationship with her daughter, she is too ambitious, i feel bad for CSH, luckily she got her father. The painting in CSH office room, make me sad, that girl seating alone while watch the tree *How can Kang Moo Yeon mother personality change so much when she has CSH as her daughter * I like when Jung Woo Seok warn the bad-ahjussi , how dare he think he will be the replacement of CSH, what a jerk. The bad-ahjussi and the traitor really got my nerve, seriously that bad-ahjussi need someone to 'teach' him so he can't messed up with CSH, hope their dirty plan got caught by JWS so he can take care of those jerk. The scene where CSH buying a necktie to KJH and accidentally meet her ex, and when JWS saw CSH enrope the necktie to KJH, these scenes added more fun into this episode, we need jealousy feels too beside madly in love feels. I can feel how awkward KJH be when the ex-husband suddenly ask about the his necktie, hahaha. I like how CSH father reply to ex-MIL (hahaha) I'm over happy seeing Cha congressman stand on his own now. Hye In really care towards KJH, she warn him, she also very sad seeing how ex-MIL treated KJH, I adore her. The bright person, KJH, never treated like how the ex-MIL treated him, no wonder he feels sad in CSH position as he imagine how she's being treated by those person all this time. Hope KJH will endure everything for their happiness. And once again, the ending scene of this episode (like 4th episode) it's give me a very happily joy how CSH very confident answer the jerk-reporter question "We are in pre stage / some relationship" . Super happy seeing that bad-ahjussi expression after that answer, once again CSH-KJH wreck his dirty plan, CSH father smile, telling us he is support whatever his daughter decision, the rest like always surprise expression, once again CSH-KJH relationship passed another difficulties, great. And the preview of 7th episode, looking forward to see how CSH confidently declare she will live the way she wants not as what others want.
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    because they know the reunite of NingSang CP is powerful enough to draw in viewers
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    I think in the webtoon it wasn't as tragic here even when Ruda didn't end up with BJS, because it was expected. Also a webtoon isn't like a drama because the characters are not human beings, I won't feel so sad even if the ending isn't very happy. But in drama the actors are doing a great job, alongside the sad background music and songs. The characters are real. That's why it is easier to cry with them
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    Besides the slight issues of direction,/writing, I really appreciate & praise CFY & SY for their admirable chemistry & acting w/eachother as NQ&SS. Their relationship feels so natural & believable. It's been awhile since Ive been engrossed in characters & their journey together in any drama. Hopefully this season ends in a goodnote.
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    leemimki.indonesia daebak! Really can't let go han se gye n seo do jae!
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    @triplemI just glance every now and then, way too many shows to watch ya know?
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    I think outfits like those should only be worn on a fashion runway where all kind of weird clothes appear. @sava2sava, I think SN’s last trump card will be to find out JH’s secret. She knows it’s deadly so a better bet is on this secret as opposed to Baek. Perhaps she’ll use a Baek in the interim. By the way, did the preview synopsis for Monday say Baek showed up at Jae Dong’s restaurant?
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    I feel you. We really need to know these things. As for me, it’s to keep me sane. LOL. EverNight has just taken over my quiet Friday night.
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    @sava2sava, no no no. I think the synopsis applies to JH and his family including his ex-wife, son, his mother and sister. It makes more sense to me that it applies to JH, his family and GY and her family. They were the victims. SN broke both families even with HG and JB. True love I suppose is recognized after being tested by hardships. I think what JB and GY feel for their respective persons can be called true love because it’s steadfast, unwavering despite the terrible ways in which it’s been tested. For the men, well, I suppose because they aren’t very expressive I’m less impressed by their love. I suppose this is why in one of my favorite US cartoons one of the male characters said, “We’re guys. We don’t talk about our feelings”. In today’s clips I saw that JH’s mom was welcomed into GY’s family home and chatted with YS. Both grandmothers were doting on him and they had a good time laughing and it looks like they’re getting closer. That is a good sign to see these two women laughing together because their families have been through so much even between their families as well. Also, I don’t really mind JH mom (except when talking about custody) but I do mind GY’s father’s rudeness. He’s a jerk to me throughout much of the show but I still sympathize with his loss at different points. He was a jerk to GY, her mom and JH and his family. While JH mom can indeed irritate me, she doesn’t really hate GY. However, I can’t say the same for GY’s jerk dad.
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    mD Father make some announcement they play Michael Jackson’s billy Jean I’ve the radio yB wakes up to it . He sees a figure dancing to it behind some drying sheets She’s really good . He was enjoying it. Turns out it was grandma , lmao !!! he was so impressed. She ask him to go eat breakfast. Then she saw one of his jeans . Took it to repair
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    In the context of the drama, it could also mean saving Hyun Jung from the fire. The time loop would take him back to the day that started it all and he could go to her and apologize, and then he could somehow save her from the fire.
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    Yeah... That explains why I cried with Jin-sang, huh... I seriously felt my heart with pain for a split second and I don't have a cardiac problem.
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    @triplem thanks for the tag on the kiss bts! I'm sorry to fangirl here for a bit but KJS looked so shy when talking about the kiss that he is going to film. Swoon~~~ Did they really extend it to 12 eps? I really hope they have enough material for that. As I said, please do not prolong the angst, or the love triangle. YB still needs to forgive and make up with his mum, and I think KS will be the perfect bridge between them. I also want to see KS maybe going back to school since she missed her chance. If the drama lets us see that YB knows about this little bit of backstory, wouldn't YB try to let KS to fulfil her dream? And yes, so many of you mentioned what YB and KS are going to do if they decide to be together. Seoul? Or the island? So many questions! Anyway, I blew off work for an hour coz I couldn't help but want to translate the last 10 (???) minutes of Ep 5. Here it goes. I will do the rest tomorrow. Ep 5 Outside the Motel KS: Oppa, what are you doing? Let’s go in quickly. MD: If you don’t feel comfortable, I can spend the night at the KTV singing. KS: What is there to be uncomfortable about? The motel is definitely more comfortable than the KTV. MD: Erm.. ok.. (still hesitates) KS walks to the door of the motel, looks back and goes up to MD to pull him inside. KS: Gosh, let’s go in already. MD: Seriously. As the walk into the motel together, with KS holding on to MD’s arm, YB stands at a distance watching them. He looks really sad. In KS’s room KS: Oh my, this is really classy! (sits on the bed) The bed is really big, and looks very comfortable! MD: Erm yes. You rest up then. I’ll be upstairs in Room 503. Call me if anything happens. KS: Oppa, the rooms are expensive. Why did you get two? We can just share one. Go and cancel yours. MD: How about this? You and Oppa can share the room, and sleep on the same bed. KS: What? MD walks up to KS and reaches out for her hair, then ruffles it like he’s teasing her. MD: Gosh, how can you sleep in the same room as a man? Oppa is a gentleman so I won’t do anything to you. But if it were anyone else, then it’s a no. KS: Why not? MD: Because I said so. KS: Why not we have some alcohol in the room then? MD: No way. Whenever you get drunk, you will become crazy. KS: That was when I was younger. Now, I won’t get drunk anymore. I’ve become really good at holding my drink. Come on, just one drink. (tugs on MD’s arm) MD: No way. KS: Oppa! (tugs on his arm until he falls onto the bed) MD stands up quickly and snatches the TV remote control from the bedside table to pass it to KS. MD: Watch some TV and then go to sleep. I’m leaving now. Bye! (leaves the room in a hurry) KS: What’s wrong with him? He’s so petty. (looks at remote) So this is a television remote control. (presses on it) Power on! (TV switches on) Oh my oh my! They are on! People are appearing on the TV! MD stands shell-shocked outside KS’s room, trying to calm himself down, then leaves. On the TV in KS’s room, the drama that YB was supposed to be in is playing. Now, it’s NJ who’s the lead. It’s the scene that YB was filming when he was supposed to kiss the FL but kept getting interrupted by the reporters. NJ: For you, I will live, and come back to become the King. FL (sorry I forgot her name): Your Highness… KS: Who is this man? He’s handsome! On the screen, NJ and FL share a kiss. KS: Oh my oh my oh my! (Closes her eyes. She quickly switches channels and sees that it’s YB’s coffee commercial) This person… YB (on TV): I want to bring her the strong scent of espresso… KS: Top… Top Star-ssi? (stares at YB on TV) YB (on TV): The unforgettable taste of Golden Espresso… KS can’t help but smile at YB on TV, and in the commercial, YB smiles back and winks. KS just looks mesmerised. (LOL) KS raises her right hand up to her lips, then catches sight of the bracelet that YB had given her that morning. As she touches it, she recalls what he said to her. YB: I hope you will not get hurt again. KS (patting her heart): Oh my… my heart… why is it beating so fast? Did I drink too much of the espresso… or whatever bitter coffee it was… just now? YB walks along the road, looking really sad and resigned. CEO and NJ are drinking in a bar. CEO tells NJ how YB went to meet his mum that day because it was her birthday, and saw the miserable state his mum was in, because the man she married squandered away all the hard-earned money that YB had given to his mum. CEO feels sad that he forced YB, who must be hurting a lot inside, to go live on the remote island. NJ complains that CEO shouldn’t have told him all this, because now that he is feeling sorry for YB, his desire to overtake YB in terms of career has lessened. CEO says how YB only has NJ as a friend and asks NJ to take good care of YB, and promises that he will take good care of NJ too. NJ receives a call from YB from YB’s handphone and both he and CEO are shocked. NJ picks up. It seems like YB has asked NJ to do something for him, and NJ is all What?? Now?? MD is in his room. He takes out the ring and looks at it, recalling KS’s words from before. KS: Oppa, I’ve always treated you as part of the family. You are like my real brother. MS sighs. KS: If this is my first time meeting Oppa, I would definitely fall in love with you at first sight. MD seems to have made a decision and stands up. KS is in bed, ready to go to sleep when the doorbell rings. KS: Who is it? (opens the door to find an ahjumma outside) Ahjumma: Are you OKS-ssi? KS: Yes Ahjumma: There is someone outside looking for you. KS: What? Who wants to see me? KS walks out of the motel to find a white car and a chauffeur waiting for her. Chauffeur: Please get into the car. Someone has sent me to fetch you. KS: May I ask who the person is? The chauffeur just bows to her and walks to the car. The car travels along a long, windy road. The chauffeur switches on the radio, and Yoo Inna’s voice comes on. (I believe this is her cameo) YIN: Choi Hee Jung’s story sounds really heart-wrenching, but you shouldn’t think of it as giving up on your dream. How about thinking of it as just a delay? There’s a saying from (book/movie/drama. Not sure, sorry) which says that “We may not always get what we dream of, and that’s what makes our dreams more beautiful.” Unexpected things will always happen. We may have to walk along a long, windy path, and maybe as we turn the corner, we will come across something new and unexpected. A new world may be waiting for me. The car arrives at its destination and the chauffeur opens the car door for KS. KS steps out and walks towards the yellow flowers in the park, amazed to see them there. MD takes the lift down to KS’s room and sees a note taped to the door of her room. It’s from YB and it says: You are a true gentleman. Thank you! MD crumples up the note in frustration and runs to the lift. Back at the park. KS spots a man in a cream-coloured suit standing among the flowers, and tries to figure out who it could be. KS: What is going on? (YB turns around) KS: What? Top… Top Star-ssi? (YB smiles at her, and KS continue to walk among the flowers towards YB, exclaiming over them.) KS: What are all these? (looks at handsome YB in his suit) YB just smiles and snaps his fingers, and cue the fireworks! KS looks happy and amazed at the spectacle. (LOL, what is with kdramas and the need to use fireworks to impress a girl?) YB: I have the ability to make flowers bloom in winter, and make countless stars fall from the sky. This is the kind of amazing man I am. I have decided to let Oh Kang Soon stay put in my world. KS stares at YB, and YB takes a step closer to her. YB: Congratulations, Oh Kang Soon. (LOL still so arrogant while confessing to her) YB holds KS’s shoulders and moves his face closer and closer to KS’s. KS suddenly realises what he is going to do and closes her eyes and purses up her lips. (Is it just me or was KS’s reaction more scared than receptive? LOL) YB smiles at her reaction, says “I got it” in this soft, low, warm voice, then kisses her. (Cue high-pitched squeals from me, even though I still feel that it was an awkward kiss) End of Ep 5 Ep 6 Preview: KS: But where are we going now? YB: To Seoul! KS: What? What did you say? KS: Oh my oh my oh my! It didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s so grand and beautiful! NJ: Hi, you are OKS? It’s nice to meet you. I’m YB’s friend, NJ. YB: Go away! KS: Oh my, you are the person on the TV! You look more handsome in person! YB: You are hungry, right? After I change, I will cook for you. KS: Say, can I take a shower here? (takes off her sweater and YB jerks in surprise) YB: What? KS: You can cook very well too. YB: I know how to do everything, except for seducing a tacky girl. NJ: I just saw YB’s girlfriend. She doesn’t look that bad, but gives off the vibe of a soup place ahjumma. YB: Not bad, let’s go! YB: How do you feel tonight? KS: It feels like I have stepped into a different world, like in a fantasy. YB: Are you ready… to give me an answer?
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    Oh, I dont have a problem w/ MSS. The drama shoehorned MSS into the story longer than expected. Like I mentioned before, SS should not be second fiddle to MSS but w/ the current writing(judging from spoilers/snippets of clips), the viewers most likely would think NQ/MSS are meant to be(which they are not). NQ should have return earlier & not so late, since theres only 12 ep left. Theres needs to be more room for progression/growth for NQ&SS(as a pair&individually) to happen naturally to add depth/weight. Btw, this is criticism of the direction, not the characters.
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    Saw the clip where Ning Que asked for Sang Sang hand in marriage. Her father asked him as his principal wife? Ning Que said yes. Her father aked whether he planned to take a concubine. Ning Que said he wished to but do not think Sang Sang will ever allowed him. So cute that he knows her so well.
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    so i guess we can safely sad that Ep. 48 had cover up to Chapter 356 - 357 in the book u can find what the 3rd sister said in Chapter 356: We Were Kids the end conversation in between NingQue and FuZi what NingQue FuZi said in between is exactly like what happen in the book.....they have the same dialogue....now im amaze....this parts are all as the books.... finally they meet in real Chapter 367: Chronicles of the Building of Pines and Cranes (I) then u might need to continue to the 2nd part to finish the whole conversation in between FuZi & NingQue, till where FuZi knock his hed with a stick that ended up with NingQue fainting right away. Chapter 368: Chronicles of the Building of Pines and Cranes (II)
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    Actually I wonder why the head security said “This could be the last chance” before he wanna push BJS. Is he know something too? And will RuDa sister connect with time-loop coz she was drawing the manga story. I’m not sure is she drawing about their story.
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    I don't think she told him she loves him. She seemed angry at him for hiding the truth about the security guard thus putting BJS' life in danger. No I think she told him he is being very selfish and unkind. It is morning here for me I wasn't able to sleep well yesterday because of the heartbreaking scene of BJS crying. chingus, do you actually think the writer is going to reward Junhoo for being so selfish?? It is rather illogical. I mean he not like his webtoon counterpart at all. Why is Kang Ji Hwan so cute??? He really broke my heart. I wish he wasn't that handsome.
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    @Snow Guardian If you don't want to know who it is don't click on spoiler tag.. I would look since I love spoilerssssssss
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    Sorry i can't find a working link to watch it live. Has she presented the award? What time will it be over? What is the spilling thingy?
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    Wooahhh!!! That’s really lavish and looks expensive! Yeah, looks like she’s staying on that hotel! It’s really posh! Thankfully, Soop knows how to take care of her! I watched the video again! Lol! Yeah, looks like it her and she’s taking video of the drinks! I’m looking at the drinks when I watched it the first time!
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