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    Ah got it thx, in fact i already followed this thread but i dont remember it. I'm so happy there are so many new BTS videos uploaded on youtube, i guess this is because the series is getting a lot lot of viewers and fans! I think CFY as a 17 years old boy back then when still filming, he has achieved what the director expectation, that's why the director keep saying his age couple times include on the last day filming, and his profesionalism is the same level like his senior. Poor SY and CPP, they were bullied by CFY LOL
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    Annyeong... wow he does look so different. He sure is funny, with the other fairies. Yesterday's episode had quite a few comical scenes that made me laugh. However, not sure what is going to happen at the end of tonight's episode, someone's heart might be broken. My favourite character, JS the cat. Just so happened today is also Mina's birthday. HB.
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    First appearance pf Block B's PO., who will be Kim Jin Hyuk's Younger Brother in the Drama http://star.hankookilbo.com/News/Read/201812040837036003?did=NA&dtype=&dtypecode=
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    My thought : 1 • DR is a lucky woman ,I loved how WDR was there for her ( as he should be ) and supporting her all the way .He never make her feel utterly isolated or never gives her that reason to get on the plane to Jeju island 2 • It’s amazing how he always there when she being fragile and things being raw.I hope she never leave his side . 3 • Its worry me when WDR mother ,thought about a criminal what a guess!!.when the true come out , She not gonna be easy to deal with ,I worry WDR feels somehow torn between his family and DR .I wish they could leave so they start away a fresh from everything and everyone ( far away enough they don’t bother by everything ) 4 • as much as I enjoyed them together I don’t know why I just get this feeling that their happiness won’t last ,it seems the writer have put them together and will tear them apart , why can’t the writer just make them stay together ?If they spilt them up again ,I for one will not be happy .It will be heart breaking, they need to just KEEP THEM TOGETHER . I think a petition is in order
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    So happy @caileysmiley! Happy for the cast and crew! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq6J1cRlNBm/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1d4jkgmbh2zvj …
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    I can't believe I'm saying this: but the weekend is almost over and the new episode of uri drama is airing soon! YES!
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    Thanks so much for the translation @dobbying! With my super limited Korean, here are other general things I could pick up on: -The first 30 minutes of program was really just a mix of music, ads, and JSM reading out comments left by listeners (For example, one listener ask her what she normally does at this hour if not DJ'ing and JSM just said 'eating dinner'.JSM's house is in Bundang, etc.) -JSM asked them both what they're doing now that filming TSHLYE is over, and Soo-hyun replied "Play. Everyday playing. Meeting up with SIG, eating and drinking together." Eun-soo said that she already finished filming Top Management and it's broadcasting now. She is either already working on her next project or preparing for it (?) And it seems that Soo-hyun is in the same project with her so they have a chance to work together again (<-- unsure about translation) -Eun-soo said that the actor who plays Woo-sang is actually very funny in real life, very different from his character in the show. Same goes for PSW who jokes around alot -Eun-soo said that when she first met JSM at the table read, she was surprised at how pretty JSM is and how she has such a small face. She also complimented Soo-hyun and said she thought he was handsome. -Eun-soo is reading off questions from listeners and one of them asked what she & Soo-hyun thought of JSM and Soo-hyun said that she's very lovable. -They were each asked to pick a song that reflected what they thought of JSM, and Soo-hyun picked that famous song "I Believe" (not sure of exact title), but I think he said he chose that song mainly because it's what he would've picked for Jin-kang, like he imagined that's a song he would play for JK -They get on the topic of fashion and Eun-soo comments how Soo-hyun & his character Cho-rong wears pink alot (Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that!) My apologies for butchering any of the translations above, feel free to correct me! It seemed like a lighthearted, casual interview overall with not a lot of new information coming out of, aside from the new 'couple' MooRong, lol. But it was fun to see them three together again, all who looked a bit nervous and excited at their first radio show!
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    Mygaaaaad the look on their faces. Make a lion already. These two cuties!
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    I'm listening to it now, and from my admittedly very limited Korean, it sounds like we should be shipping MooYoung x Chorong instead of MooKang lol At the beginning, Soo Hyun said that since the drama ended, he's been spending a lot of time with In Guk. Then later on they did a fact check and So Min was teasing Soo Hyun, saying him and In Guk were suspicious because they were always together, and asking if they were going out! He mentioned again how he watched the last two episodes with Seo In Guk again after the wrap party (and cried), it sounds like they're really close.
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    @staygold You sound like having a drama slump symtomps. Come come , watch MOO with us. Hahaha. Let me tell you what is MOO, it stands for My Only One. Starring Uee and LJW as the OTP. Here's more to read and some good Soompi review before you decide to watch it. But I suggest, go try watching it. It's good. Why with all those list? Are they not good? I have all those on my watch list but yet to watch them. Only with TSYB. Well, I love YB. Lol. Idk I just feel that it can give me a good laugh. I haven't finished ep 3 yet. Watch for a few minutes, LSY comedic comforting KS is so hillaruous. For C-drama. I plan to check for W3Y and My Demon Master third season. But I haven't got the time nor any good link to watch them yet. +2
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    188 Watched 2 eps of Encounter and I am not sure what I feel about it. I am ready to drop it if it gets on my nerves. The Priest ep 1 wasn't to my taste so not continuing. Clean with passion is ok I might hang on to it. Top star Yoo Baek is nice as long as hero is doing occasional fan service scenes (Go ahead judge me!!!) Dae Jung Geum is watching too I am hanging on to. Actually it was the only drama I watched for a while now. Chinese dramas are on hold till I am back in that mood!
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    TV ratings are mainly for the purpose of attracting advertisers/calculating advertising rates so it doesn't really make sense to include international audiences (eg Livestream) since they are not the target audience for the Korean advertisers. I give more credence to Korean ratings as I feel they accurately reflect the tastes of the Korean domestic market and the numbers are audited so seem less susceptible to being manipulated unlike in China.
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    Hae Ra's Ice Bucket Challenge Lady in Red: The Moon Represents My Heart
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    I want to know what's the deal with everyone hating on the Demon sect folks, beside worshipping Hades(being darkness of the world)/cultivating differently? From what Ive seen so far, they dont seem like a bad group of people, just people living like every else. Are they allowed to enter other territory without punishment? They seem to get killed everytime onscreen. Also, isn't LQ a prisoner of war(replacement for his brother). He seems to go about casually doing whatever he pleases. Is he allowed to venture in/out of the Tang empire whenever he wants? Im suprise there arent any Tang Guards stationed to oversee/watch LQ just in case he decides to ploy a coup.
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    SJ blowing the whistle in the preview ,she got into some trouble with some tough ladies Preview
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    @kokodus I have to check out Park Bo Gum's other dramas.. I think I've only seen Moonlight.. LOL but I love him. I saw this quiz - "Are you compatible with Song Joong Ki or Park Bo Gum".... and I'm compatible with... Memories of Alhambra gives me the Goblin feels.. I plan on watching it as well. Ashes will be the longest drama I've ever watched when I finish it.. 60 episodes is no joke! I'm only on ep 33 and my emotions are already so all over the place. 216
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    Filming in Lotte Resort Sokcho cr. jyp_hojuneon thank you so much @khxy
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    What’s killing us is that it’s once a week . So it feeds into our impatience as well. Prior to watching this drama , i binged watched 20c Boy & Girl - where KJS was such a sweetheart with zero jerk behaviour - really the kind of guy girls should date or marry . So it’s really good to see his versatility here as a bit of a 1st class jerk True , JSM is so brave . I read she actually has a fear of water / diving - so it took her a lot of guts to do this. If I’m not mistaken they started filming in Sept when the waters are warmer . Now it’s really cold . I’m headed to SK this week & I was told to prepare for subzero temps . I’ll try to live cap this Friday from my hotel room . ( next level obsession ) the kid actors
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    @icyphoenix @thistle It appears to me that Jo Hye In had a similar strategy like JWS. She also thought that she just needed to wait, until he has settled and then she can make a move. But like I wrote before, this is definitely non-sense. She was definitely too passive. As if time would change a person's feelings. In order to move someone's heart, you need to be proactive, like JH did. To conclude, they were too self-centered because they didn't think of the other's desires and needs. When it is said that she waited that he has a good job, then it reveals too that her feelings for him are not entirely based on his personality but his social status does play a part. JH seems to have been carefree which can have bothered her: all his part-time jobs he had, I guess, she didn't see the point in it. Maybe I am overanalyzing it.
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    Guys, melohwa is translating netizens comments about the drama! [Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter] Ep 9 spoilers, Seo Ji Hoon x Moon Chae Won x Yoon Hyun Min Looks like most people are frustrated by the lack of Kimkim and Oknam scenes lol Tbh, while reading the webtoon I felt like Professor Yihyun had more importance in the story than everyone else, but Kimkim was always a webtoon fan favorite... And now, it's still the same. #teamkimkim Anyway, tonight is the 10th episode already, oh my god!!
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    True. I really want to see this aspect explored more in terms of the bigger picture/overall narrative of the story. Im definitely looking foward to the big reveal on SS's identity. I thinks that will play a huge part in challenging/creating a shift in ideals & morality, and even relationships w/people. I love that SS's existence is a major core of EN. I want to see how this plays out onscreen, since Im not familiar w/ the webnovel.
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    164 Gosip today. my friend (who is sitting next to me at office), and her ex, are fighting because of their cat. LOLS KWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKKW Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. so when they were still in a relationship they bought a cat together. LOLS now they break up and her ex asked her to delete all their picts with that cat on IG. and she said to him "why don't you just die and swapped by the tsunami." HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA WKWKWKWKWKKW oh gosh. nowadays people break up and fight because of their dogs or cats wkwkwkwkwk this can't reach my logic. wkwkwkwwk
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    Ok that makes a bit more sense, dark = bad. Although I dont think it warrants for demon sect/civillians minding their business getting chopped down by foreign powers/authority, specifically on their territory(but ey politics, right). I could never figure out how the Demon sect folks cultivate the nascent energy. Hopefully it shows in the upcoming arc. I forgot that the Demon Sect incorporate human sacrifice in their beliefs from earlier episodes(ex:the princess).
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    How much does this ring cost to be able to retain a lawyer willing to fight a big company? Wow! He dug himself in that hole by colluding with her to steal the blueprints. He should also pay for his crime.
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    @joan0528,the moment I saw that scene with her holding YS in her arms before JH was ever even able to hold his son, I knew the day was coming when she would try to get her hands on YS. This lady keeps getting JH in trouble. GY and her family will never forgive him if something bad happens to YS and he will never forgive himself either. I laughed when GY went gangster on Baek in the alleyway. She’s like slapping him while JH had him on his knees. I was really surprised by GY when she did that.
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    It's not a major cliffhanger, just a small one to build on in the next season.
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    OMG! It's Yu Er! That baby Prince is Yu Er! So... eh...what happened to the other one on the other dimension? This is so bizarre and he picked her Soul Wandering Flute in his ceremony. What are they hinting at? OMG!!!
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    Lee Jong Suk & Shin Hye Sun ‘He Hymn of Death’  2018.12.03 @sbsnow_insta IG updates https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq7AezrgEYO/
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    Hi Sunnies!!! Koo says that she got a chance to visit Chad, Africa to see how Unicef and people's donations are being used for the children of Chad. She asks people to leave any questions regarding Chad and Unicef. Wow!! So like Koo!!! I would imagine she will bring us back a report? Take care Koo!!!
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    Ah!!It's been a long time since I posted here..I guess soompi feels like home whenever unni has a project...So far I'm loving Encounter (not that I'm bias) but I trust her in whatever project she sets her eyes on. I dont like noona-dongsaeng romance but so far encounter had hook us in just 2 episodes that I'm wishing that the two to have a happy ending bec Cha So Hyun's character deserves it and ofcourse Jin Hyuk is a breath of fresh air for her..
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    this writer use marriage as a piece of chess :x there is no meaning in the marriage for the writer
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    @gumtaek And so am I ...Keep fighting team Encounter!!!! @ahdrianaa No,he's not!
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    Yeah sometimes I really regret starting a drama when it’s still being broadcasted. I’ve dropped a few dramas coz I just couldn’t keep up the interest. Thank goodness this drama is only 10 eps! KJS was great in 20th century. Such a sweetheart. The only other drama I watched him in was Likeable or Not, and his character there was a nice guy too. Didn’t watch anything else of his. I heard he was good in Rebel as the cruel king so I may check that out for variety. I’ve never seen JSM in anything else before this, so any recommendations? I really like the vibe she gives off - down to earth and very earnest and sweet. She’s so brave to take on the role when she is afraid of water. I hope they have finished filming all her water scenes as it must be really really cold now. I’m so envious that you are going to Korea! Have never gone before so that should go on my to-do list. Thanks for being obsessed together with me to the point of doing a live recap on your vacation. I will also try my best to do the translation.
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    Take a look at this compilation comparison of BTS of FFMW vs WWWSK. Only blind and deluded would fail to see how ParkPark closeness is real. PSJ is friendly to all his drama partners but he always keep it on the friendly level but not with PMY. He initiates skinship with PMY several times. https://fx.weico.net/share/47022662.html?weibo_id=4313268137096006
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    The fact that she doesn’t work and is always playing around will be the hint that she isn’t rich at all. The heroine will use She is pregnant by your husband to make her divorce her husband. Once they do that , he other son will lose a good paralegal because his brother is really Dumb!!! The mom will think at least of her son is bringing in a rich girl in their lives. I don’t think the heroine will find her family now. The heroine needs to be kicked out and treated like crap even more before she finds her real family. I am just glad that the Chairwoman knows not to trust her daughter in law right now. Lol lol lol
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    Yes, but they tend to share videos about birthday surprises later, especially when the birthday took place prior to the airing period.
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