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    The abilities of the KIS on display. They run off the Kwon's NIS agents, and then find Bon's location as well. Woman’s text: For some days now, near 102 St, some strange men have been hanging around. Am I the only one to have seen them? Yoon Ji’s mom text: I saw them, too. Min Ji’s mom text: It’s two men, right? SR’s text: KIS Director, are you seeing these? KIS Head: What is this going on now? KIS Head: Let’s go. KIS: Head: Hello. Let me take a little of your time. KIS Head: Hey! You there! That’s suspicious. Why did he suddenly leave? Go after him! Woman: Ajusshi! Stand there for a moment! (starts chasing) KIS Head: From some days ago, we’ve been receiving information that you’ve been loitering here. May we ask what is going on? Agent: That is… (starts running) KIS Head: Catch him! Catch him! (the other 2 women go running) KIS Head: What kind of people are they anyway?! Kwon: What cop? Agent: They’re called Mommy Cop, and they are the mothers of the students at the elementary school. Kwon: Mommy Cop? This is the first time I’m hearing about them. Agent: Looking into it, they really do exist. Kwon: Oh really. All sorts of random things are getting in the way. For the time being, don’t disturb those noisy ajummas and stop the operation. It could just turn into a headache for no reason. Agent: Yes. Kwon: And, what about the Yoo Ji Yeon’s call records? Agent: Not yet. Because we have to ask for each one to be confirmed separately, it’s taking some time. Kwon: Perhaps, is the Director blocking the request? Agent: I don’t think that’s it. Kwon: Okay. I got it. You can go now. (agent leaves) Kwon: What in the world kind of women are they that they jump on every little thing? SR: So, those suspicious persons on 102 Street all just ran away? KIS Head: That’s what I said. As if whatever was behind it was rotten or something, before any talking had started even, they just started running. SM: What in the world? KIS Head: How does this look? AR: Oh, it’s totally you, unnie! SM: Yes. SR: Yes. AR: But, you bought two last month as well. Can you buy another one? SR: Eh-hey. She lives life for the pleasure of buying bags. Don’t worry yourself pointlessly. KIS Head: I’ll take this one. AR: Okay. Here. Let’s… (everyone gets a msg and pulls out their phones) Message: Isn’t this Joon Soo’s child helper? My sister-in-law is in labor so we came to the maternity ward, but this person apparently also just had a son. SR: Wow! KIS Head: This is Bon-sshi, right?! What in the world?! SM: Omomo! AR: The maternity ward? Unnies, I have to get going first. Just a spot of hilarity.
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    Oh wow, the whole puzzle thing is so clever.. ok I’ll try to explain it .. Starting with the puzzle Yul gave to Jisoo 民草 ___ 萬願 民has 1 rectangle, 草has 2, then blank, 萬has 4 rectangles, 願has 5. 民草means citizen, 萬願means 10 thousand wishes. So the blank has to be a word with 3 rectangles and will connect the meaning of ‘citizen’ with ‘10 thousand wishes’. 罒 was Jeyoon ans which means ‘net’ (so the 5 words tog literally means ‘with citizens, you net thousands of wishes’) Yul criticise tat this ans is too simple. The correct ans is 懷 (see the 3 rectangles?). 懷means to embrace or to conceive (making phrase to mean ‘citizen embrace thousands of wishes’ or ‘with citizen, thousand of wishes are conceived’) ******First puzzle solved***** 2nd puzzle : 踵 This was Yul msg to Jeyoon b4 losing his memory. In ep14, Yul explains tat he must hv set it to the level Jeyoon can handle (like in puzzle 1, counting rectangles) - CP so cheeky.. In 踵, there are 5 rectangles. Yul thinks it means 5 doorways fr where his room. 4 places were identified but diary cannot be found. When they found out tat the diary title is 杜口 which has 1 rectangle already, they minus this rectangle fr the 5 in 踵, leading Jeyoon to CP library which is 4 doorways away. Jeyoon did find diaries there but not for month of Mar. He went ahead to burn the place to gain VP trust. So now we move to the aim of finding Mar’s diary. This word 踵 is also made up of 2 separate words 足 (foot) and 重 (heavy). Going back to Jeyoon theory when he first started solving this, he looked for places where Yul footsteps will be heavy -> leading to cherry tree -> which was chopped down by the Crown princess -> leading to Jeyoon searching at Crown princess premises (where he was caught) -> where Jeyoon found the evil talisman place by the Queen Leading to him asking Yul if the Queen is the answer to his 2nd puzzle. But Yul don’t remember. So puzzle 2 is still not solved. Tat scene after library was burnt gave the answer. Yul says, 踵 has to be coupled with cherry tree cos the secret letter has the cherry word as the seal So Jeyoon was right in figuring out answer to 踵 is cherry. And in Chinese, cherry is written as 櫻 which has 6 rectangles. Thus, the Mar diary is kept in a room tat is 6 doorways away from the CP library (which is 4 doorways fr prince room) and in the box tat was made fr the cherry tree tat was chopped down. So clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (clapping!!!!)
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    Since @stroppyse seems to be running late, I will do it. I need to run too, so doing it quickly. @stroppyse, please check if I got it all correct. JE: If it is broadcast, we'll be finished. SH: We need to make them unable to broadcast it. JE: In what way? SH: There will be some way, for sure! Host: So today we have a guest who really likes Skate fish, to try it. How is it? Great, isn't it? YR: I also like to sleep with you. HN: Sarang would be disappointed if she were to hear it. EA: Sarang will also be understanding... when she learns that you will soon be leaving me. HN: What are you saying there?
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    One thing I noticed, after watching the clips. YR did not overhear the main parts of the JE and SH conversation outside the JG house. She only heard that if they are caught on this, it will be big trouble. In fact, after JE goes in, YR comes out from where she was hiding and says, "damnit, if only I had come down just a bit earlier".
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    YR YR YR YR If I could I'll sing songs with your name If I could I'll write your name in the sky I'll give you the moon and the stars
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    Fact: The KIS is better, smarter and more co-ordinated than the NIS. I love them all.
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    I think she will go do the documentary, and actually say that she has found her daughter. Then she explains how she was prevented from finding the daughter by people she trusted, as a warning to everybody watching the show. Finally she announces who the daughter is. Now, this is pre-recorded documentary, so SH doesn't know what is in it, but she will try to get the tape stolen. But the producer (who is in on the whole thing with JH) had been warned of it and he may have kept a tape ready for being stolen. Finally all the evidence is lined up and the police comes and picks up SH. Then the tape is broadcast. That is what we see in that picture earlier of HG, Hanna, Leo, and HG's mom seeing the TV. I still expect HG's mom to pass out right there. My guess. Every damn guess I made about this writer has failed, so may be this will finally work!! ==== And, thank you @selen4ever for those GIFs above that shows a word that Soompi's ridiculous filter changes to Richard Simmons. The "itch" word. The filter can't filter pictures!
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    @Ldy Gmerm JH is only doing this documentary to scare the crap out of JE and SH and to force them to dig their graves even deeper. No matter how ticked off she is at SH and JE she would never do anything that would cause JE to miscarry because of the stress. My guess is she already knows JE is not pregnant and decides to set a trap by outing the truth herself. The tape that SH has stolen will not be the actual tape that will be shown. The actress who plays Han Na posted some pictures of scenes that were already aired and two that haven't been shown yet. They show HG and family viewing something shocking on TV. The last scene in the preview shows EA having a talk with HN. I think she will tell HN the truth of who her mother is and at the same time JH's interview is being shown. This way JH catches two bad eggs in one basket because JE will surly pass out. JE is taken to the hospital and DG asks about the baby only to be told there never was a baby.
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    i knew this would happen. JE can not be allowed to have a happy marriage or life after what she has done. Karma is fixing her. Her lie about a baby is now going to blow up in her face. Wait until her family and husband find out that she will have a very difficult time to conceive and have a child. And that the original pregnancy was all a lie. Karma is slapping her a good one for what she has done to JH. It does not take a rocket scientist to put it together once YR tells JH what she over heard as well. This two idiots have really cooked themselves now. JE knows the clock is ticking for everyone to want to see another ultrasound , go to the hospital with her or notice she is not showing. She will want to put the plan to fake a miscarriage in place soon because the threat of being found out as having lied is great. I want to hope that we can keep HN away from her so she does not have the opportunity to frame her but I am not sure that will happen. JE will try her best to get to a spot to make HN the fall guy. All though we know it will end up failing because I am sure JH will find out the truth of the matter and wait for JE to start acting out blaming HN.
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    So, again there are no scenes with our lead pair, @selen4ever ??? ... Looks like another whole episode with the JE story line. Can we just hurry up and have her fall down a staircase and be unconscious in a hospital or something? Argh!
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    Summary of ep. 115: - HG tells HN about SJ Boutique pulling out of K1 and HN is concerned for JE despite just being screamed at/blamed for everything outside - JE goes to SJ B. and wants to see JH but she isnt' there. She tells SH and SH has a plan - JE and SH go to the shoemaker's house and SH announces that JE is pregnant so JH should be more forgiving and rethink her decision. - when JH demands proof SH produced a positive home pregnancy test and DG/shoemaker are ecstatic. - JH is skeptical and only says she will think about changing her decision - the shoemaker says he will talk to her - outside JE questions what SH was thinking and where she got that pregnancy test - we then see that SH had Hanna take it to proof she is really pregnant - and they get overheard by YR - grandma and JE's dad hear about the pregnancy news and are happy - at HG's home I think Hanna tells her mom about SH's weird behavior and the dad is using the mom's cosmetics for his part time job. He also talks to HG when he comes home and it seems HG tells him it won't be easy to do that job. - HN talks to JH and asks her to be kind to JE cause she feels sorry for her. JH agrees. - DG tells HN Apparel about becoming a father and gets congratulated though CEO KIM seems a bit envious - SH steals an ultrasound pic from Hanna's purse and is nearly caught by HG's mom - HG's mom fight with SH about her letting Hanna take a pregnancy test and in comes JH. SH quickly changes the topic. (not sure how much JH heard) - JE goes to the doctor and seems to get bad news - outside she gives DG the stolen ultrasound pic. He is really touched. - HG's dad is bragging about being on TV to JE's dad and the shoemaker - at the shoemaker's house JH and the shoemaker are looking at the ultrasound pic. JH does not seem like she is doubting that it is JE (but she is really good at pretending so who knows) - the shoemaker suggests JH go to a tv show for missing children - JE acts faint and DG takes her to their room and DG tells his parents that JE is stressed - JH says stress is bad for pregnant women so they should all avoid stressing her and DG thanks her. JE is seen looking smug in her room as she heard the conversation - at work HN points out JE should not drink coffee and JE is forced to announce her pregnancy. HG and the team leader congratulate her. - JE pulls HN outside and scream at her for not minding her business. JH sees HN being pulled and follows them outside so she hears it all. - JH is furious when she is thinking about JE's words later at her office. - grandma talks to JE's dad and SH about JE being pregnant (and stressed?) SH does not want to talk about it - a man comes to the shoemaker's home and it seems to be the producer friend for the missing child tv show - JH has decided to do go on the tv show. JE is all :/ the end (no preview aired)
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    While I don't deny that I love ogling at Hawt Bon and cooing at the Joon-Bon scenes....I realised the reason why I adore this show in spite of having to suspend disbelief at some spy scenes is because we have an amazing female lead in Jung In Sun. I love her interpretation of AeRin - there's this genuineness that she brings to the character and she's instantly likeable. As the show progressed I found myself liking her more and more ; her character is indeed well written. Apart from all the wonderful skills she has thanks to her genetics , there's this protective, warm and genuinely caring side that is often on display. Can we blame Bon for falling for her? Bon already has affections for her and in this scene , i think AeRin is beginning to have some feelings as well. It is no wonder , Bon had to go to ensure he does not endanger them. I too am crazy and teared up when he left the note...but I knew he could never stay away ...love that he is still watching over them. So I don't expect the separation to be long... This deserves a gif ... ( btw the genre for this drama is rom-com , mystery ....so please expect the ROMANCE . )
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    sorry if repost... but OMG.... their chemistry is deeper than Song Song here... I’m waiting for the shipper thread... Min Jin couple scroll comments there for eng sub.... the sleeping shipper world is now awaken....
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    I think there was some question about the meaning of the serial numbers on the bags, so here is the clip where JYT explains. Doctor: All clear. Let’s talk tomorrow. (in English) Park: Yes, it’s me. Is that for real? Thank you for checking on it so quickly. Park: This is the bag that Go Ae Rin had that accident with. Oh, really. When was this posted? Okay. JYT: Bingo! That’s right. We lobbied using the bags. You’ve investigated this a lot. AR: It’s thanks to Ae Rin-sshi opening up that secret room. JYT: Oh that ajumma. Really. Bon: The serial numbers on the bags. What is the meaning behind them? Ae Rin-sshi had said that the numbers were all different without any being the same. JYT: Okay. Here is a quiz. I’m going to tell you the start of the serial numbers in sets of three numbers so you tell me what they could mean. 926. 521. 313. 429. 74. What could they be? Caption with Bon: Moon Sung Su, Eon Ju, 9260233390 (me: I think that's something that was found with the dead Director.) Bon: It’s the number of a subway station. Line 9, stop 26 Eon Ju. Line 5, stop 21 Omokgyo. Line 3, stop 13 Baekseok. Line 4… JYT: Definitely, brother has a good head. That’s right. JYT: The subway station number (caption: 926 line 9 station 26) JYT: The locker number (caption: 023) JYT: The passcode (caption: 3390) JYT: That’s the serial number’s purpose. (caption: 9260233390) JYT: Initially, get the bag to the person being lobbied. And, then inside the locker we put the black money that we’ve prepared that they can take possession of. That was the system. Bon: Director Moon Sung Su, why was he killed? JYT: Because he opposed Lucas Construction’s bid. That was a case of a failure of the lobbying. And, since that plan was an urgent plan, it went to Plan B. Yoo: And, who was the person who ordered that? Your controller? JYT: A voice. Bon: What do you mean “A voice”? JYT: Actually, I only know the voice as well. I’ve never actually seen him.
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    Will the twins be able to witness their babysitter in action? How cool that would be? Imagine their wide eyes and open mouths They’d better give us more Joon-Joon and Bon scenes next week, this is what we’ve signed up for.
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    I hope HG's nasty mum finds out about evil witch SH stealing Hana's ultrasound scan pix (she almost did until JH appear)and confronts her with JH hearing everything later. What A VERBAL BATTLE it'll be between THOSE 2 WOMEN!
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    JE said some real harsh words there. "For God's sake, can you get the hell out of my life?"... "Stop sticking to my life like a leach"... HN is stunned - "What? A leach?"... JE: "Right. A leach. Just the sight of you makes my blood dry out. Blood goes out of my whole body, I mean" (this doesn't come out right in English, but "HN sucks the life of her" is the implication). HN: "What in the world are you saying I did? What is this big friggin mistake I did??"... JE: "Don't you know that your whole existence is the mistake?" HN: "what?". JE: "Shall I really tell you the truth? I'd be happy if you just disappeared. I mean I'd be happy if you just died". And she leaves. But JH was so mad when she went and sat down at her office after seeing this. Till that point, JH had no plans to really do that documentary (because she knows there is no reason for it). Now she has decided that she is going to twist the knife into JE and SH.
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    I'm now watching the full episode. Just saw this part. Yes, the doctor said she will have difficulties in a natural childbirth. She can get pregnant but she has a blockage in the Fallopian tube. The doc asked her to come back for more tests.
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    Both SH and JE sense something is off since JH turned abusive and throwing JE under the bus recently. JE was quick to sense that JH might know about HN but you can see they are both nodding their heads and saying it is just a phase since she is taking it out on SH because of the embezzlement of funds from SJ boutique. The only way she could keep JE 's job is by getting on the good side of JH. As all of you have said, this will back fire too. Since they think that announcing that JE is pregnant will soften JH up, SH decided to go with it. Since they are both getting cornered, they cannot even think of a plan together. This shows how the chain of lies that has been weaved since SH found out about HN / SJ is getting more and more difficult. This one is going to be their weakest link since JH can order the doctor to check JE and find out that she is lying. She does not even have to go that far. After SH leaves, JH can get one of those home pregnancy test and order her to take it at home. BUSTED!! That was poor thinking and planning on SH part.
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    That's why I said I want want her to fall and be unconscious!! Then she wakes up in jail with her mom, and the mom is plotting to get HN to come to the jail so she can yell at her for why they are in jail.
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    I become really curious too about yeoreum back story, I have no idea at all. Her father kept the photo of him and yeoreum but without his wife or her mother
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    I have been of the opinion for a long time, that everybody here takes HG's mom way too seriously. In fact, the writer has had some people in the drama taking her seriously at times too. But the writer has established through enough instances, that the woman is nothing but a shallow person that is just all talk and no walk. That was all well-established with the Leo-Hanna wedding way back. In fact even HG has not been dealing with her in any seriousness lately, because he knows that she has no choice and will come around. Heck, even HN has got a clue that she is not that big a deal either and just stood up to her. No need to over-react to a person who is basically a lightweight and need to be taken as one. People need to learn to ignore such characters -- and that is what the writer has always been trying to convey. I have been ignoring HG's mom and been only looking at her only for humor all along. In fact, that is why the writer had not shown any other scene but a tantrum at the hospital (when HG had the baseball injury), to show the "deep wounds" she inflicted on HG. That was deliberately to indicate that if you could manage to just ignore that woman and go about your own business, there was nothing much to get upset about. There is nothing deep in her character, to get upset about. I don't mean to say that a few instances like at the hospital aren't enough to deeply hurt a son. Rather I think the writer is hinting that the way out is rather easy - and that is to just ignore her and move on, as a grown up. HG has come around to that point, and all he needed was a perception that HN was with him to "get past that mountain". So he is now blissfully ignoring his mom. His dad always knew it about his wife, and was smart enough to temporarily show that he was with her, knowing fully well that if HN and HG were to really insist on sticking together, he would be making the final decision and ignoring his wife, like he did. Except some nasty talk, and throwing a cup of water on HN, that woman has not committed any crime that cannot be explained away on the basis of ignorance. Both from being ignorant of facts, and from being of the natively ignorant type! ... Do not expect any real retribution or anything for her. The writer will only make her be a butt of jokes and she will lose face. The drama will use that for some humor. That's it. She is immaterial in the plot. So, we had better not expect to see anybody making her kneel down and cry, or even asking her to apologize for anything. Be forewarned, so as not to be disappointed. The way the drama has portrayed that shallow woman as nothing but shallow all along, I won't find anything logically wrong if she has a change of heart in 1 minute flat. She will ask HG, "did you know this? Why didn't anybody tell me? Now I am the bad one here? I wouldn't have yelled at the gaejibae if I knew she was Daepyeonim's daughter. Aigoo, what do I do now? bwah..." Then she will insist that she will give "horak" (approval) if HN comes and apologizes to her for talking back to her at the office. HN will go and apologize, and she will say "Mweo.. I didn't do great in this either, but thank you. I entrust my HanGyeol with you". In 2 minutes, the writer will take care of it. That's all. They will make some humor scenes and we will move on to the wedding and baby-making processes.
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    JE decided to go to the end with the lie about being pregnant. You can tell that she is wishing she can get pregnant before its found out but its not going to be the case with what the doctor told her. She told DG the appointment was at 1:30 yet she comes out from seeing the doctor right as he gets there and has no chance to go in with her. Then she makes up an excuse about coming early. WE all know she told the man the wrong time so he could NOT be in that room with her and learn she is not pregnant. DG bought it because he is so happy about a baby coming. Poor sap.. I can't wait for him to learn she lied to him yet again. It amazes me how she says she is pregnant to him and gives him a ultrasound not even hers. The Gall to do it in the hospital. Just wait its coming she will fake a miscarriage and she will get caught because DG will be devastated and talk to the doctor to learn she was never pregnant and remember the day she came out from the doctor and assured him she was. I am just waiting on Hanna or her mother to realize her ultrasound is missing and some how learn JE has one. I think the best scene for me is for JH to see and over hear what JE said to HN about hating her and wishing she was dead. I think it finally clicked for her that this is about more than just keeping HN away. JE truly messed up and I am sure it was a shock for JH to hear that venom coming out of her mouth to her daughter. You could see JH's eyes tighten up at hearing that and she looked mad. This is exactly why she decided to do the show. Where they think she is going on TV to asks for help. Its prolly going to turn out JH is going on TV to announce she found her. What I most want to see is SH and JE's face when they learn that stealing the tape failed and hears what JH says about SJ. Can you see the panic of these two? They will be scared to death and they should be. The threat of jail time or kicked out of the house is real and for SH and JE divorce from their husbands. EA seems to be preparing herself to loose HN but I don't think she will loose her. JH would not be that cruel and she knows that without EA SJ would truly continue to be missing in the world. With out EA loving her as her own and raising her where would SJ be. I think that JH will reassure EA that she is not trying to take HN back from her she just wants to be a part of her life too.
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    THE kiss. Creds. Tumblr (@idramaaddict) And I’m rewatching the scene like a lunatic! There’s something so soft about it...
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    it's been a long time i posted on this forum. but thanks to you all. i enjoyed reading those written updates. though the revelation came to light very late but i am enjoying JH scenes. i almost cried looking at JH and HN playing during their sleepover. one thing i don't get and i am really mad at the writer(there are many things i am mad at writer..sigh) . why HN acts so sweet to JE? everytime she calls JE it looks like she is in love with JE as i see she never call HG with so much love. everytime JE gave a cold shoulder to HN, still HN is like JE..JE...all over. i may have to check my bp while i watch her call JE. there is no wonder if we get to see HN forgiving JE and playing happily ever after with her. aigooo
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    I don't understand how JE should think that she should get all the attention especially from her aunt. Even a parent cannot do that when they have more than one kid. I guess it is the feeling of being second as @Ldy Gmerm said, that they are deeply aware that they are not good enough but want all the accolades that JH or her daughter would get. Just like JE father was a failure, maybe JE would be too and that scares her. SH is all about appearances and this will look bad on her and instead of living within her means, she resorted to blackmailing, stealing and other offenses. As we all know, JH would have been happy to have found SJ if they had come clean about it. As we all know, we cannot blame a 6 y. o for being scared of the consequences and might have not talked about it. But as an adult committing those heinous crimes is absolutely horrendous. Now that JH has shifted her attention to HN, JE feels she needs to get that since she is the niece and HN is just a neighbor.
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    Yep, karma's a richard simmons once it starts working! *Oh hey, my first richard simmons!
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    By the way, I tried to see if there was a name or date on the ultrasound pic. I need a higher resolution video of what DG looks at (at about the 23 min mark in the episode) to be sure, but as far as I can see there is no name on it. Just some other medical details. It is possible that there is a patient number. Those kinds of things are possible because the equipment and software may be imported and works only in English, and they would take the easier way out and use a number instead of trying to write the name in English (because the staff would not have any paperwork that shows a patient's name in English. The forms do not use English at all, in Korea). I am doubtful if there is a date either, though there is something that could possibly be a date. But I will try to see later when I can find a better resolution raw for the episode.
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    For a psychopath like her, this is a very good punishment. She could follow SH to go into the jail, but a mental torture is the best I think for a person like JE and at the end she could get mental illness or any other illness that cause from the stress. If HN still defends JE after this, she is the next unlucky character after DG -.- In the next episode, YR will let HN to sleep with EA. How sweet she is
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    JH did hear HG's mom being angry and saying that SH had asked for a pregnancy test. JH didn't hear whom she asked. But there is more than enough there for JH to ask HG's mom later what it was about and why she was angry about it. This is not going to end well for SH, yet again. By the way, her plan was exactly what we thought. Earlier, outside JG's house, she told JE that it would be fine if she just became pregnant later anyway. JE asked what if she were not to get pregnant. The mom says that they would have no choice but to just say that she had a miscarriage.
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    But it was enough for her to get suspicious. And YR is like a shark when she smells blood. Thank you for translating Do you mind summarizing what the doctor tells JE? I understood that she told her she was not pregnant and JE said she knew that. But after that the doctor says something that makes JE not look happy. Will she have problems conceiving? And the video preview:
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    Too bad the BTS pics show that she won't be going to jail or will be released very quickly - just in time for HN's wedding. Really, HN, inviting those vipers...
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    When does she ever look happy? Seems like "sucked on a lemon" is her default expression especially when she is near a smiling HN. The preview is finally up. 116부미아 찾기 다큐에 위기를 느낀 선희(지수원)는 촬영 테이프 절도를 사주한다. 홈쇼핑 모델을 하게 된 상훈(서현철)은 방송 중 삭힌 홍어를 삼키지 못해 위기를 겪는데... The machine translation (let me try to fix it): SH is in trouble because of the missing child show and hires someone to steal the tape. HG's dad is having a crisis because he can't swallow shaved red fish during the (home shopping) broadcast.
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    I like how quick JH went back to hating JE. That pregnancy stuff was a massive misstep since everyone knows about it .
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    Trouble is - if they make it more real - they would be buys with work - and don´t have time for the story. I know what you mean - but its KDrama - we need to accept it just the way it is.
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    I say how am I supposed to comment or critique when every couple of pages has the kiss in slow mo. All I can say is those 2 can kiss. DO is impressive in that he dares to kiss as an actor. Lol. So yeah no actual thoughts about the flow or plot. Or plot holes. Or MY. All I can say is that WD can kiss. And it looks like a nice kiss scene vs some awful looking scenes. And he doesn't swallow NJH's mouth. And did I see only or an upper lip preference kissing? Cos' I swear since I was watching 4 episodes the last day that I have seen quite a lot of kissing gif. Or did you guys write anything else? Me didn't notice. The kissing scenes overwhelmed my thoughts on this drama. And I still haven't watched a single video of the male lead as an idol singer. Don't spoil my image of him as an actor.
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    Comparing to my family, this is rather abnormal behavior...but then we are super close. When ever anyone in my family travels, we all keep in constant contact and share each step of the journey and any changes we encounter. When I drove to visit my parents a few months ago they would call every 30-40mins and talk for about an hour just to check up and see where I was, if I was safe and if I was not falling asleep at the wheel! And as soon as I arrive anywhere I need to text home and let everyone know I got there safe. My parents won't sleep otherwise and my siblings would freak out. lol YR's mom seems like she loves and cares for YR, but she is just not the hand holding mother hen style of mother. Plus if she was someone who spent a lot of time helping in Africa, I am guessing she is rather independent herself, thus it would explain the distance between them.
  41. 10 points
    It's going to be fun watching HG's mother picking her face up off the floor.
  42. 10 points
    I think I get JE punishment now she going to live her worse nightmare of HN getting all the attention and replacing her.
  43. 10 points
    K-drama logic is not for us mere mortal viewers. So, he really lost his memories (again?)
  44. 10 points
    No need for money and no need for her mom to go with her to cover for her as long as DG is written as the dumb/wimp character that he's been so far. So JE goes to the hospital with him, but he doesn't get in with her. SO JE comes out of the doctor's and produces the echo that SH stole for her from HaNa and DG is overjoyed with it....Nevermind the date / name on the echo. DG can't see that
  45. 10 points
    I was looking at the pictures again @meoooooowwww posted and noticed that the DG/JE pic includes a chic HN (no more jeans and ponytail) or should I say SJ. Also the new HG/HN bedroom is definitely HG's old bedroom as the wallpaper is the same. Though if HG/HN have twins and Hanna/Leo have a daughter how do they all fit in that house. Seems like it will be rather crowded with so many kids and no additional rooms available. And in the BTS photo from the instagram of the actress playing SH that shows JE, SH and JE's dad in front of JH's big house - they are wearing the same clothes as in the pictures from the wedding hall.
  46. 10 points
    And.... If you haven't noticed, we are on page 250 of this thread!!!!
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    SH gave it to JH in front of a shocked JE. SH did not tell JE she will be announcing the fake pregnancy so JE was just as shocked as the others
  48. 10 points
    I hope the writers don't make JE blame HN if she fell so she could say "I lost the baby because of HN" it will be cliché and stupid.
  49. 10 points
    Right??? Another thing.. her mom is in town. Why on earth is she is not helping her only daughter?
  50. 10 points
    And I guess she also asked HaNa to pee on a pregnancy test? Geez, the lengths she would go to for her and her daughter's interest. And thanks @selen4ever for the summary for today's episode. Can't wait for the clips to come out.
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