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    I knew it! Last night's episode was too sweet and we have to have the storm now.... but like others said, better to have it now, because we need to see them get together and solve the mystery of the mole, or whatever it is... I am worried about the photo of Bon with the kids... If that gets to the NIS, they might target the kids in order to bring Terius in Please PD-nim, I don't want to see the adults working together to rescue the kids... don't even go near that kind of plot please... I very much think so. Why would he, of that status, that position, come looking for her? Almost like begging her to go back and work for him. And buying all the bags for her? LOL, AR should be given the award of Employee of the Week by King's Bag Sold out for two days straight! Mine too I won't. She's only acting as a mother. After all it is "proven" that Bon lied to her on certain things, as for JYT, he kidnapped her but asked her valid questions to which she is "guilty-as-charged"... so yeah... I guess it's harder to trust Bon for the time being.
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    Me!! Me!!! Namij Goners No XXX Reporting!!! @babyval22 (Don't say i din report yah... ) I know I had an overdue homework not completed yet so yah...I am submitting it now. Hope you all will not find it too long winded... (I am sorry that this maybe too long but I need to pen it down before I forget...) 2018.09.11 - 2018.09.18 One of the most memorable trip that I ever had...... I decided to on embark on this trip simply for 2 reasons which I believe people here can relate: - ShinHeung Military Academy (Wookie's Musical) - Hyunnie's Birthday Although there were many uncertainties and hesitation during the planning process, I'm glad that I made it for this trip and everything turn out well!! ShinHeung Military Academy This musical tells the stories of the a group of patriotic young people who fought and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Wookie plays the son of an anti-Japanese Confusion scholar who committed suicide after the promulagation of the treaty of Japan's rule over Korea. KHN plays the servant of an Academy's founder and he is an orphan. The 2 of them became best friend in the academy and fought hard to realize their dreams. I was initially worried that I will not be able to understand that musical but I think after paying for 6 shows, (yes...6 shows... *giggle*) it is not just about looking at handsome faces but I had also managed to understand the story and appreciate the musical.. It was very touching and I teared every time when i watch it.. Some quick thoughts of mine: 1) After seeing both Wookie and KHN performing on stage, I must say that they really belong to the stage... When KHN touches you through the songs that he sings, Wookie's presence can be felt the moment he appear on stage. He steals all the attraction and make you focus on him. When he smile, you will smile, when he cry, you will cry too.. His singing has improved alot and he is able to hit high notes which at times I was really worried that he will crack his voice but "phew', it did not happen... *giggle* 2) Chemistry between the 2 of them was also the highlight of the musical. I think due to their previous collaboration and good relationship, they could show good rapport in this musical and every night, I will be anticipating what kind of adlib surprises they will give us. (PS: I am really hoping to see them collaborate in a movie or drama after they discharge from army next year.) 3) The songs and music Since it is a musical, there are many songs that are being delivered through the characters to tell you the story. Not only the 2 of them, Sungkyu and the rest of the casts did a good job as well. I am not too sure if it's because Sungkyu is from an idol group, his solo songs are rather upbeat (more suitable for dancing...haha) as compared to the others, but well, at least it blends in well too. There are many songs that I like but the most memorable one is still the confrontation duet that both Wookie and KHN delivered. I believe this is also one of the highlight of the musical. Many fans who watched them performed during "Thrill Me" was really excited when they had a duet in this musical too and commented that this musical is actually their "love story.... Both of them delivered it with much emotions and i could actually see tears in them too. (Awwww.... how i wish i could return to hear them sing this song again...) Operation 0917 Other than the musical, the other highlight of my trip was "Operation 0917". Not only did i manage to complete the mission smoothly, 20180917 also became a day that I will never forget... Soop -> Glorious -> Sinsa Thank you to the hard work of the people here, we had prepared great gifts, cards and birthday cake to be delivered to Hyunnie within a period of short time. As I am in Seoul on the actual day, I was en-tasked with the final mission to make sure that the gift and cakes are delivered to Soop. Thus on this day, I actually woke up quite early to make sure that all the things that we had prepared and intact and I made my way to the cake shop 2 hours before the appointment time. (I am afraid that I will be lost and hinder the delivery timing...) When I reach the cake shop place, I was greeted by a nice lady who actually started making the cake at 5am in the morning!! It was real hard work but i think all of you have seen the final output and I must say it is really pretty.. (just that i don' t have a chance to taste it..) I was initially busy taking pictures of our output so when the delivery ahjusshi arrived at 2.30pm (he is really punctual), things started to speed up because we target to reach Soop by 3pm so the cake owner, the delivery ahjusshi and me brought down all the stuff that needs to be delivered to the delivery van(including me) and off we are to Soop. When we arrive there, the ahjusshi thought that I wanted to take more photos of our gifts so he just drove off after putting all our gifts outside Soop doorway. I was a bit stunned because I don't think i can carry all the gift into the office by myself but luckily a staff who happens to return to the office helped me along the way and carry it to the office. I told them that it's Hyunnie's birthday today and these gifts are from her oversea fans. He said thank you and they will deliver it to her. As much as I hope to catch a glimpse of her at the office that day, I don't think she was in office that day... (It's ok..i will see her next time!! :)) After my mission was completed, I decided to make my way to Glorious Entertainment as well since it is actually within walking distance. And also because after watching the musical, I really wanted to prepare some card and gift to give Wookie words of encouragement. So I made my way there, passed my gift to the person in charge (of course i do not expect to see him there too...) After completed my mission, I decided to end my trip (returning home on the next day) to visit Sinsa which I had a pleasant encounter which until now... I still cannot forget and I don't think i will be able to forget.... As much as I want to move on, I find myself falling in deeper every time I return from Seoul. (From Jiscovery to Operation 0917) I don't know what will happen in the future but I treasure this moment that I having now. Most important of all, through Namji, I also gained friendship with the bunch of amazing people here! With the experience we had gained, I hope we have chance for the many other "Operation XXXX" that will happen in the future... Ok...that''s about all for now.. Gtg now... Ciaos....
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    You know you took a wrong turn in life when 2 blackmailers got you on speedail
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    Ok HG was in fact drunk he had alot with SR lol. He told HN he should come often ,she said dont you dare he said I am coming here to see mother and SA so its none of you business He really do love their family though his relationship with them is so nice.
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    I say I seem to be distracted by wanting SJS to have kids. And appear on Superman returns. Vs Kim Bon the NIS guy have his romance and kids. We sure SJS doesnt have a girlfriend and is wanting to spring a sudden wedding announcement and baby? Guess he won't with the drama on. But darn, he is playing daddy better than a romantic male lead. He, SJS really seems comfortable being a father. I mean super natural. Or is it the children being fantastic actors. Are the 2 kids related? I am currently not even interested in any NIS business. And just want the kids. And the KIS gang.
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    Finally, revelation time has started. DG and his wife. He suppose have a flashback to help him man up. There are some people unconditional love can't change. It's JE and her mother. Both has two men who literally worship the ground they step on but alas, that's not enough for them. I will be very happy to see these men walk out of their miserable lives. It's true grandma started all these but she still show love to all the members of her family her own way. As for HG mum, she will learn the biggest lesson of her life very soon. Her husband has learnt his but since Koreans love crazy ajummas very well in their daily dramas, we will continue to stomach her. I wrote her off few weeks after this drama started. Prefer the dog to her. So sad she is HG'S mum. I love this kiss. It's the best so far for me. Very meaningful. She didn't even resist. She needed that too.
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    At the end of the day Ae Rin is a mother first. Her kids are her priority. If she has any doubts about about Bon at all she is right to act on them. If Fangirls who only see hawt Oppa will hate on her for that that’s there issue.
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    @stroppyse It seems that GMS will jump to the conclusion that KBS is responsible for the actor's death. However, KBS will reveal that he knows more. Throwing dirty bombs means to me that he witnessed something. In my opinion, GMS is about to find out that he was the real target of the crime three years ago. If my theory is correct, then we have to ask ourselves : who is the culprit? The chairman Gong (the aunt) or the doctor Yoon...? After watching the episode 11, it has been confirmed that Yoon has never been on the chairman's side, like he underlined it himself. Moreover, the fact that he keeps saying to both (aunt and GMS) that the heir is about to die could be perceived as a clue that Yoon might be the one who wants GMS to die. Maybe he tried to incite the aunt to get rid of her nephew (f. ex. with the lights and the fake death incident).
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    I never ship drama couples off screen ever but CJH and SHY really make me want to ship them in real life. I know its just their job but they're convincing the hell out of me that they are truly in love. They must be super friendly with each other off screen coz I don't think I've ever seen actors kissing so comfortably and naturally in kdramas...like these two are doing in this. Usually one or the other always, always goes stiff and awkward....you can always tell by the hands and body language. MS doing his jealous ranting to the toy was cute....getting madder by the minute.....then the bell rings and he sees GB with a big smile standing outside and all his jealousy and upset just goes ....whoosh, in an instant. I loved the way he just sighed and gave up. The making kimbap dinner and the whole kitchen scene was overflowing with a married couple vibes. Call the super tall hubby lazying on the couch to reach the top shelf.....then the hubby gets touchy feely and grabs the chance for a back hug. This is what good actors can do with an average script....CONVINCE the audience despite all the logic fails glaring in your face. I'm absolutely convinced about the leads and their love for each other but its all the rest thats driving me crazy.....and no matter how hard I try I can't ignore the things that don't make sense to me. Anyways, I just pity MS so much right now. His condition is worsening and the one person he could trust to share that with, the doctor, has back stabbed him for his own materialistic gains. He really can't talk about it with anyone. I wish he would tell GB but I'm not too sure he will coz that will just make her sad and add more upset to her already full plate....or at least he should get a second opinion for Gods sake. My hope is KBS or the aunt might go crazy and try to kill him again....another hit and run??....and this time he'll get a good doctor...who'll actually heal him instead of screwing up his head. The case is reopened and KBS gave a bag full of lies along with the fake bag to the police. Just one thing though....how the hell will they pin this on GB... nothing in that room had her fingerprints on it. Even the glass the dead dirt bag actor used to overdose himself had only his prints. And I don't think KBS put GB's prints on anything while she was unconscious. And the purse....its a fake without even a partial print of GB on it....how is that supposed to work...the police will do their job, right? hopefully? At least MS regained enough of his memory from 3 years ago to connect the dots between the tattoo parlor, KBS and the dead guy(keep forgetting his name). Preview doesn't show GB getting arrested or anything.....though she does get questioned and face crazy fan girl nastiness....MS saves her from getting hit by eggs.....I really want everyone to know what a richard simmons that dead actor was....especially those girls working for GB's bestie. Right now LHI is going through what GB was facing in the first episode. KBS is making her do something that she absolutely doesn't want. I also think LHI is leaving his company thats why he was being so aggressive with her. And SKJ finally made me care about him....really felt for him when he was crying alone. Seems like except for MS he is alone, despite his family and friends. MS is the only one who actually truly cares for him and KJ knows this too. I didn't understand completely what he was saying while crying...but I think he might know his mother is evil and out for MS's money....not too sure. Thankfully we have lots of OTP moments in the next episode too...instead of jail and hospital scenes as I was fearing.
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    The kisses! Second nature to them now. They make such a cute pairing.
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    No time to watch the episode right now, but I like MS in this clip as he faces his Eldest Aunt. Translation underneath. MS: The thing about money is that it has to be used in a worthwhile way. Not used in other twisted ways. Of course, money is important. But, what’s more important than money, is people. The way to use money in a worthwhile way is not leaving an inheritance but using it for the benefit of people. Aunt: No matter how you may donate it, it won’t be used the way you want it to. That’s the reality. MS: Aunt, they say that a heart has to be used prettily (me: meaning the heart should be warm towards people) in order to not age. Don’t be too greedy, since it’ll leave you looking poorly. Aunt: I won’t heed that. MS: You know that I don’t have much time left. I’m going to protect it to the end. Also, meet Joo Gi Bbeum-sshi’s family and be sure to apologize. Aunt: That’s something that only takes giving them a little money, so is that important right now? MS: Of course it’s important! That’s more important than anything else! You hurt people’s feelings. Even what you have now is going to be taken away from you. Just know that. MS is so lovely when he's being all righteous about doing the things he believes are right.
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    Translation of the text preview. So Hyun insists that Han Gyul stop hanging out with Ha Nui insulting Ha Nui, so Han Gyul announces that he will leave home. Meanwhile, Yu Ra starts her first day of work at Soo Jeong Boutique. I'm not sure that the video preview is out yet. @jayakris, is that enough suffering by JE and SH, for now at least? I have to say that I appreciate that they're going to pieces. I will be disappointed if this is just a set up to them only having to go through this suffering as the price of their sins as I suspect a little bit, but at least, they're suffering somewhat rather than still just gloating about how they're getting away with everything.
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    AeRin meets JYT , ask him what’s wrong with him. Why is he disturbing her at her work ? Terius observes them from afar. I think JYT is still trying to get her to work for him? She was going to walk off ..but JYT show her his boot full of bags . Terius interupts . Not sure what they said but the trio ended up having a meal together. AeRin busy mixing the noodles etc . Lol he still expects to be served . ( My stream kept skipping . ) but it seems that Terius is helping her out of a sticky situation he walks her back to kings bag , the other two looking at them from afar ! I think everyone thinks something is going on with the two !
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    I am sorry that my post confused you. So let me explain my theory again. First I had noticed that GMS had booked a room for the night as he had decided to stay with JGB. And here is my proof that he must have used his credit card: JGB had no purse and no phone hence she couldn't have booked any room. Moreover, we could see that GMS spent some time at the reservation desk because during that time, JGB fell asleep. What I didn't notice back then was they went to two different hotels... because in the scene before, they had gone to a certain hotel asking if there was any reservation under her name Joy. Notice the difference between the two desks... Since the first picture was shown right after the other scene (second picture), I didn't notice back then that they were at two different hotels. However the halls were also different. So my idea was that the man in black was actually trying to track down GMS because he had been hired to kill GMS. Nonetheless since GMS missed the flight due to JGB, he had lost his target. Based on this picture, the target is definitely GMS and not Joy. The man is standing next to GMS's rented car. In order to find out about the whereabouts of GMS, he looked for GMS's rented car. He could only know where GMS was thanks to the car. And this means that he must have had access to GMS's credit card account... either the client gave him the info or the killer looked into it himself. Therefore we have to assume that when GMS booked the room for the night, the hit man got aware of it. He knew where GMS would spend the night. So we have two different kind of hotels and GMS booked one room. Yet he never spent the night there as he got injured due to the truck accident. Notice that in the last picture, they are running away hence the killer lost them again in that scene... yet he knew where GMS would appear. Now this is my theory based on assumptions. There was some mixed up and the actor decided to use GMS's booked room, unaware that this room was paid by someone else. Like for example, GMS could have given Joy a hotel key in case that she doesn't find her colleague and she has a room to stay for the night. IT is possible that GMS booked the room under Joy's name but paid with his credit card... hence when JGB fainted, the actor found the hotel in Joy's purse and decided to use her room. That way, he could protect himself from any rape accusation. Using her hotel key signified that Joy had invited him to her room and she never got raped. So back to our killer... he tried to locate GMS due to the credit card account. Then he must have heard that the room was booked under the name of Joy hence when he saw the man bringing Joy to the hotel room, he thought that the actor was the target. So he killed him by mistake, thinking that he was GMS. I hope, this is now more understandable.
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    Does any one think that Kim Bon could have own KIS building ? It's kind of a secured parking space ? I'm still chuckling with this John Wick prelude to his rescuing. Like he has still have to change into suits (dude time is the essence here) And in the end, he went into hiding behind a trash bin without the save my damsel in distress scene. I like how the writer spoiled this and made an anti climatic resolution . This show keeps on dissing spy-theme plot ! gif/
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    Good morning from my side, wonderful ladies LOL it seems our little party here is bothering some people who have too much time to waste on hating As if reporting posts on IG - even those that do NOT include Dcut content - and having them deleted is going to erase NamJi's sweet moments. This is ridiculous. Dear Lurker(s) / Hater(s): whether you like this or not, those moments happened. Those are not pictures or vids edited by us to make it look that things were in a certain way. Deal with it. Do a favor to yourself and stop being pathetic. Move on, you will feel much better. Peace! ETA : just to clarify, I am not bringing up IG issues here. Those will be dealt with in IG, as it should be. Just mentioning this to explain why so many of our latest posts HERE look empty now.
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    Boy, I thought my Korean was that bad since I only understood pieces of the conversation here and there when I watched live last night. ..But I guess I understood more than I know since the last recapped was correct (after I watched it again with subbed). And that actually make me feel relieved. At least we know that what JYT had about Bon is just his fake identity or false identity that NIS had about him to alert the relevant authority to catch him in whatever means they can (I was worried last night that I might be wrong) Anyway, I agree with some of you, I don't blame AR for believing JYT at that point. It's not she wants to believed him all of sudden but the circumstances seemed to point towards that way. It was the hacker boy who told her that the bag was stolen earlier (kinda justified that he might be a bag thief). Apart from looking back when she called by his assumed name, the doubtful questions asked by Yoo earlier, the fancy car with babysitter allowance, the fact she knows nothing about him, the minimal lifestyle, the fact that he was always out at night (they met few times at night and he kept telling her he went out to do some recycling) - all those add up to her suspicion. If I was her, I would have the same doubt. At first, I did have this thought that AR could have just ignore all these sudden facts and focus on the facts that Bon was always there for her and her kids, but the idea that Bon might be an international thief and a wanted man is not exactly comforting for her to ignore them altogether. So, yes, I can understand AR's worries and disappointment. BUT..I hope in the next episodes, Bon would have the chance to explain away all the suspicions ( for some reason, to me, it seems easier to explain that he is not an international thief than to explain he is an ex-NIS agent who is MIA and a suspect for treason, right?) I also agree that it is good that such revelation occurs at earlier stage. At least we get that out because the biggest revelation is yet to come and it is not about his identity. It is about the fact that her husband died for witnessing something dangerous and the fact that something dangerous had something to do with the organisation that Bon is attached to. I am more worried about that. AR seemed to be able to move on rather well, with the thought that her husband died of natural death, though she had some suspicion. But if she found out that her husband had a cheated death and Bon is part of the organisation who is responsible for this, I dont know how she would react. Is she going to feel guilty? Is she going to brave through it? Will she be ok knowing about Bon's real identity later and his relation to NIS? Will she be ok knowing that Bon is doing all these to avenge the same killer who killed his first love? These are all the questions that kinda worries me right now. What even worries me is the fact that we might not have the same moments (the feel good moments) we had in the first 4 episodes because of the revelation. So, I like to reiterate here again..to PD nim and Writer Nim, if you guys are lurking here, whatever you want to do for the next few episodes, please just make sure, we still have all those feel good moments between Bon with the kids, AR and the KIS team in every episode..please..jeball..if that is not much to ask....you guys have spoilt us with all those moments. So we want more of them..please (at least I do..hehehe). Though, I am very sure, the KIS team would have a bigger role later on in catching the culprits, so we will still have their moments. As for JYT, i kinda agree with some views about him being a cute culprit..hahaha.. And I also think he is not the biggest villain. He is just the middle messenger. I too think he had fallen for AR after he saw the efforts she made in analysing about his food preferences. She is rather intriguing in that sense, probably unlike all other women he had met before. And whenever he and his hunchman/ bodyguard is in the scene, I don't feel threaten by them..hahaha.. I felt that, eventually, he will be protecting her too, in his own way. Yes, he did kill people but he could have just killed AR in cold blood, knowing that AR sneaked into his secret room. Whether she knows the detail or not. If he is a cold blood killer, he could have just killed her and staged her death as accident. No one would be suspicious. After all he is that rich to do that (if he can buy the whole store means he is VERY RICH. By the way, I did checked out the bags by ROSA.K, they are not exactly cheap...hehehe..will check them out later if I ever go to Seoul again..hahaha). And he did not order the murder for her husband, and the murder of the NIS Director was actually directed by someone else. He was the messenger. Not trying to justify his action but just stating the fact that he is not the main villain and not without conscience. There is someone else who is more dangerous than him. He has the same vibe as the gang leader in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon..hehehe. One interesting fact, though, I like to state here. AR is one lucky woman despite her misfortune about her husband and work. She has so many people protecting her and her kids...the KIS team, Bon, her neighbors and now (indirectly) the NIS team too and also (indirectly again) JYT too...hehehe..I dont think she could ever imagine that an ordinary use-to-be housewife woman like her has so many people interested about her... And one more fact, Bon IS falling for her..big time...hehehe Btw, I dont think Candy is alive because the actress playing that role did mention in some article that she was grateful to the PD nim for giving her a chance to CAMEO in this drama in Poland, implying she only had very limited role in the drama. BUT, I am not surprise if the role is given to another actress later to reprise as CANDY who had plastic surgery so that Bon and the NIS team would not recognise her once she is back in S. Korea..just maybe..just my 2cents..
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    I watched the episode with subs. Really I am so happy that after Yuri finished talking with SH, she received a phone call from SJ's fake dad too She will have a nervous breakdown soon. Now Yuri and SJ's fake dad are my favorite characters too. Actually I was wondering when he will appear again, as I thought he was one of the clues too (he knows that SJ is not dead )
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    I don't dislike AR either, and I think most viewers would understand that AR as a mom, especially a single mom, has to be extra cautious on behalf of her kids. AR has been thinking that Bon is a bit mysterious, and having his identity questioned is bound to give her second thoughts. However, she's seen how good Bon is with her kids and how well her kids respond to him, and that isn't faked. I agree with @dramaninja's idea that AR or AR with KIS are going to do their supersleuthing to find out more about Bon. Once they do, I want them to be a team to bring down the people who are sabotaging the Republic of Korea, whether that's Lucas Con or J International or whatever. I'm still confused as to what YJT truly is. He's definitely a different kind of villain, and a bit "heo dang", if you ask me. However, I'm still not on board with AR trusting YJT over Bon. I mean, YJT had her kidnapped and tied up, and was threatening her! I don't see how one gets over that, no matter how big a scaredy cat he really turns out to be. That is not normal behavior to kidnap and tie someone up in a deserted warehouse to question them.
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    DG seeing JE throwing away the medicine that was suppose to help her get pregnant was a punch to the gut. He now knows she lied about wanting to become pregnant. He's not liking what he sees but it's his own fault. Time after time he's seen the real JE but he ignored what he saw. Dating is totally different then marriage and he now has a front row seat. DG is not a point yet where he's not going to stop protecting JE. His blinders have to be lifted a little more until he fully sees the real woman he married. The medicine is just the beginning of the reality check coming his way. Right now DG only feels disappointed in JE for lying but other things are going to keep popping up. HG's mother is not going to stop her nasty abusive ways until she gets the slap down of her life. HN or even EA being nice to this woman will not change her ways or her mind. She's nasty and insulting to her own family so there's nothing HN or EA could ever do that would that would change this woman. It will have to be something big that would give this woman a reality check.
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    A translation of the preview. In a rush though, so I'll check my translation when I have more time later. Anyway, more cuddles for MS and GB, but the Evil Manager guy seems to have more dirty tricks to play. MS: Just trust me, and give testimony just to what you know. Okay? Since from now on, I’m going to protect Joo Gi Bbeum-sshi. GB: If the witness’ testimony is certain, will I be able to shake the false accusations? Evil Mgr: Just realize what you did wrong. Got it?! KJ: Don’t talk harshly to my woman. MS: Let’s go on a date immediately. I totally want to go on a date right now. And, I have the right to do so as well. Evil Mgr: It would be too aggravating for me to die by myself. I have to drop some bombs before I go.
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    See.... I told you guys HG kiss HN in the car So, this is their 5th kiss scene. Unfortunately, HG's mom saw them kissing...
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    HANDS DOWN one of the funniest kidnappings I've seen His character (I don't think he's the villain) is almost as mysterious as KB but he is so damn likeable PS. when he was startled by his own henchman HAHAHA he's such a coward!
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    The only goal at the time when the operation was being planned is just to make sure that Hyunnie's presents are delivered. @excitedgal, you are one lucky gal! Truly, it must've been your best trip ever to Korea yet!❤
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    But that's what shippers naturally do, right? We are all guilty of that, at some point. It makes us all giddy and it fuels our shipper hearts. Anyway, WWWSK and PPC has broken my long deep hibernation in k-dramas, soompi and shipping world. Would just like to express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive with all your posts about our PPC. My heart has been filled with joy eversince WWWSK and learning how comfortably the PPC are in real life makes me even more hopeful of these two. I personally believe that they've known each other before the drama and how they use banmal early on their shooting days made me feel they are close. The dating rumor, the coincidences, and their undeniable chemistry on and off screen just make me wanna hold on and believe that maybe, just maybe, they like each other and possibly..well..dated or dating or will date soon. <3 Hope to see them both soon in award shows , another kdrama perhaps and other official (or personal :p ) functions and events. Wishing them both happiness they truly deserve. Until then, let's enjoy this whole shipping feels while it lasts while staying sane and logical of course. Hee!
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    Thank you dearie for sharing your journey with us. I mean who would have thought our mission would be successful with a few unexpected rewards. What a memorable trip indeed. Looking back at the whole planning and liaising for this project was all thanks to everyone's effort, support, and help. Even the whole trying to buy the musical tickets was crazy Definitely looking forward for the upcoming projects in the future.
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    you ever find yourself wanting a drama to watch and hoping for some recommendations? well, here's your chance to help your chingus here at soompi by giving a emoji review of a drama that you watched. so instead of writing an essay, just write a max of 5 sentences. your review can even be one sentence! and make sure you include at least one emoji reaction to show how you felt about the drama. you can include a max of 3 emojis per review. example: five children -- -- buy one, get one free! don't you feel excited when you get something free? here, you get 4 romances for the price of one drama! this is just a fun mini-event and so no prizes or participation points. and you can include other asian dramas like chinese or thai since many of us are watching those as well. enjoy!
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    @bebebisous33, your theory fill in a lot of holes in the mystery. It was indeed weird that the guy in black would be looking for GB. He did seem of a different caliber to the actor rapist guy and sleazy manager. Also, it just seemed odd that the actor ended up murdered like that unless he had a past and bad connections that we don’t know about. I’m more inclined to believe your theory than that the actor was involved in some other unsavory mystery. The timing of the hit and run also seemed planned and now that we know that basically everybody around GMS wants or wanted him dead, the idea of a hit on his life does seem increasingly plausible. All of this seem intimately connected to the Healing Village. Regarding the sleazy manager, I want him to lose everything. GB doesn’t have much after losing a lot three years ago and still he wants to further destroy her by sending her to jail. The courts already exonerated her. Her reputation in what seems like most of South Korea is trash. Why kick somebody when they’re already down? Whether it’s because of his vile ego or some other malicious motive, it’s inexcusable to me. I hope the conclusion of his story mirrors the trash that he is.
  31. 10 points
    I agree with you two. And I would also add Leo and maybe Mr. Kim to the good guys.
  32. 10 points
    @stroppyse I agree that YJT is an unusual villain...but based on his reactions and such...I have a feeling that he is not the main bad guy, more like a middle mad that was chosen because of image...which is apparently all he has as he is a bit scaredy cat. I think AR does not trust YJT because of the constant evidence that he is good with her kids and likes them, but YJT has put a seed of doubt in her mind about who Bon is. Also, the fact that he turned around when she said the name at the end, I don't think it means anything, I think the drama people are wanting to create some good tension so that we will come back and view the next episode next week. But Bon does have to answer some questions. But we can't say that in the preview she was asking Bon specifically to say away from the kids...It may be a line that is referenced to someone else as we did not see who she was talking to. It is all about the editing there. But with TJY...I do not think that he likes her exactly, I think he finds her interesting and has a underlying motive to get her working with him again. But he is too much of a jerk and full of himself in my opinion to win AR over. It could be that in his own way he is trying to keep her from either A] keep her from getting killed cause she went into the room or B] he is worried that she will be a leak. Either way, I think it is partly his self interest at heart here.
  33. 10 points
    I mean he kidnapped her in how can anyone trust anything he says at all ever? Drama logic is really terrible sometimes.
  34. 10 points
    This is actually great! It’s so much the better that the inevitable separation angst happens this early than say episode 13 with getting back together the last 20 min of episode 16.This way They will come together again and then have plenty of episodes to form a satisfying relationship and family unit, plus wrap the spy/espionage storyline up cleanly.
  35. 10 points
    Ok , I’m not sure what happened, missed about 15 mins - but he gave her a bag as a gift to thank her - the very one she asked Yoo about earlier in the shop . She felt weird . How would he know this is the bag she likes . She think of what JYT told him about Terius ; (.he thought she was feeling moved by the gesture .) She thinks of how he mysteriously appeared to save her before this . Then a call comes in on Terius phone . AeRin answers it & puts it on speaker . Yoo at the other end asking how AeRin likes the bag ? She ask him - how you know my boss ? She’s confused & scared - who are you ???? - ends- omg ! Terius won’t be able to hide his real identity from her for long
  36. 10 points
    @bebebisous33 thank you so much! for taking the time to explain in more details. Now I get what you mean. But I still need to rewatch first episode because for all their hotel hopping, I was thinking they were only looking for GB's original room reservation. Never thought that MS actually reserved a room for himself or for Joy. His decision to cancel his flight and stay the night was after all the scenes at front desks, by the pool. Then he was also still sending GB back to the place where she last lost contact with her assistants for one last try to find them, whom GB spotted but pulled him to run away. So I never thought a room was ever booked. It could be a miss in translation (first picture). Anyhow, I will go and watch the Chinese subs and get back to you if there is a difference.
  37. 10 points
    Nope! Not jumping ship any time soon! A year on, I am still watching D-Cut ... how to move on?! @excitedgal thanks for sharing your journey. Well done to everyone who did a wonderful job to make the project a success!
  38. 10 points
    Remember their first kiss when HN was a bit tipsy after drink party, she didn't even resist his kiss too. This is showing that HN loves him very much.
  39. 10 points
    Hi Chingus!! @babyval22 Thank you for the roll call dearie! You deserve a NamJi meal tonight OMG for real??? Did someone assume that we jumped shipped? I’m far from moving on and my obsession and love for our otp is increasing with each passing day. NamJi got me bad and I’ve been stucked with them ever since the Xcut. Speaking of being stucked with NamJi, where’s our captain stucked? Calling out for uri @stucked ! Hahah @MoonlightSerenade you and your sis @jijifirstandonlyship are so cute!! Lmaooo I just pictured you girls running behind the delivery truck. Poor truck guy must thought your sis was stalking him kekeke… Speaking of *cough close shots/far shots cough* and their “angle” :p Pou no one could miss it not even @babyval22 with her magnifying glasses. I know I know… I’m a NamJi_Trash like the rest of you girls @ajboomer28 love your thread and vids sunbae! @achinawa love your post dearie and we should add ”toe curling kisses” @adi2019jiji unni unleash your inner ghost. NamJi unleashed theirs throughout the Xcut so you don’t have to hold back either! Come lets enjoy some coffee from newly grinded coffee beans. :p Psst calling out for our maknae @Harry97 @midorinokerochan Agree with you unni! NamJi lit a fire that’s burning even after a year and a half and the Xcut just added more fuel into it… Their kisses and interactions are pure magic. Each frame of their BTS of the SBS catch vid and the Dcut oozes with their own unique chemistry and oh god their cuteness makes me wanna sqeeeee (okay I did enough squealing last night with all the SS and glad that I didn’t wake up my neighbors haha), Their eye talks, their touches (that have different meanings in different situations), their support for each other, them watching out for each other, the hearty laughter’s, the adoring looks they bestowed upon each other, their happiness, their deep eyed stares and their level of comfort is what keeps me shipping them to this date.
  40. 10 points
  41. 10 points
    @excitedgal Thank you for putting your adventures into writing. It must have not been easy to do. I am sure you will never forgot the happiness of not only getting to watch the musical several times and delivering our birthday gifts to Soop but also getting to meet Wookie face to face on that day out of all days and all dressed up and getting his autograph.
  42. 10 points
    Thank you & congratulations every body especially @excitedgal for that 0917 mission & that unexpected rewards too .We are blessed
  43. 10 points
    As @galaxy97 posted earlier. The 'kidnappe' ask her kidnapper to send her back home after kidnapping. Never before happen in any drama or movie. This drama is really one of a kind
  44. 10 points
    Laaav Laaav Laaav x times infinity Marriage Marriage Marriage x times infinity You know how an Infinite Pattern just endlessly repeats itself?....Well that's our LSG. Somehow this endless hearts pattern reminds me of LSG. It's just like him, shouting his laaav laaav laaaaaav endlesslesly in a repeating pattern.... Yet some of us, like me and my friend , still won't hear, see or use her brain Uri OTP is just too wonderfully obvious and cute I'm tempted to turn off all my senses and brain just because I can't handle all this sugarly overload I'm not the only broken record who keeps playing over and over... Just rewatching MITH these days is just too wonderful for a 503 shipper. The way LSG keeps bringing up marriage all on his own over and over and OVERRRRRR again!...I swear he must be stuck on the marriage topic as much as as 503 shippers are stuck replaying the ep 18-19 kissing deliciousness .....feels like he's loving the commitment of it all almost TOO MUCH ha ha ha. Before 503 I didn't know there's such a thing as almost "too commited" existing ...Okay slow down even JUST A BIT Mr-I-Can't-Wait-To-Get-Married-and-to-make-MiniMonkeys-Soon ! My friend wishes Vagabond will get delayed and air later just so that she won't be fully brought out from her stupid delulu just yet ha ha. She is scared that LSG & OYS really will announce marriage/engagement once Vagabond starts/has aired. She confessed to me yesterday when we were hanging out that she is pathetically following OYS insta just because she's so insecure ....Maybe I need to find less delulu friends and more logical people who can accept the reality that will fall upon everyone soon enough Vagabond I welcome you to come here as soon as possible
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    Updated October 11 KST: IU and Lee Joon Gi are confirmed to appear on “Ask Us Anything”! A source from the program commented in response to the reports, “Lee Joon Gi and IU are currently recording [‘Ask Us Anything’] together.” The broadcast date of their episode has not been decided yet.
  46. 10 points
    when she plays dumb so funny LOL OMG @plappi icant stop laughing
  47. 9 points
    Yes, I tried to find the right word to best describe the chemistry between our OTP and NATURAL is the perfect word. MS smiles is so natural... There is this scene from last night episode, after their third kiss (where MS cunningly gives his lips instead his right cheek), and GB giggles..a natural kind of giggle between couples..and backhug scene, their conversation is so naturally delivered, like a married couple. Oh, dear..I really really ship this OTP..
  48. 9 points
    Yep no problem with that. She going to go back to trusting him pretty quickly though I think, everyone seems to like him now including her kids.She going to do her usual spy stuff to fine out more about him.
  49. 9 points
    Our second lead is actually such a chicken gangster. He pushed Ae Rin to inspect what is going on outside.
  50. 9 points
    This ahjusshi is thanking the fans for the 10% ratings. cr: as tagged Related article: https://news.nate.com/view/20181011n12328 (naver translation) Lee Jun-hyuk, who is causing the viewers to laugh at every scene, is now positioned as a unique character in the drama Lee also proved his popularity by placing third after Do Kyung-soo and Nam Ji-hyun in the 2017 TVN Joyful Show 2018 poll, which runs through August 14. edit: The small boy Mok Goo instagram update
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