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    K1 Shopping Team Leader has a meeting with HG & HN to ask them if they're dating. HN responded "no" and HG said "yes". Since their responses didn't match, the Team Leader said she is confused. She then continued by saying that she's aware HG has a girlfriend and then asked HN if she has a boyfriend. HN struggled a bit to give a response, but HG firmly said that she has and it is him. HN apologized. Team Leader told them about the post that was uploaded on the channel's homepage about a MD and a vendor's/client's President are dating. She asked HG if he's aware of it and he said yes. She then continued by saying that the post was removed in the morning and advised them to be careful of their actions since the matter has reached upper management. HG & HN talking in the hallway.... HN: why did you it? you could've played dumb... now you've told them we're dating... HG: I didn't feel like hiding it... HN: I'm concern it will cause you problems.. HG: are you worried about me now? HN: I can't be worried about you? HG: is not like loving someone is a crime/sin... i has never felt like this while dating you... plus, it has never affected the broadcast evaluations (sorry, not 100% sure about this last one ) HN: i know that, but still... HG: we have done nothing wrong, so there's nothing to be worried about.. HN: you're not going to accept the disciplinary action, right? HG: i may accept it... (he said something about the disciplinary action not being harsh), so don't worry about it.. but, why are you so kind? Don't you remember about the last time you didn't do anything out of consideration? This time you're keeping quiet out of consideration for me. Now every time I see you, you remind me to _______ (sorry again! he compared her to something, but couldn't figure out what exactly was it... I think I heard "potato" but couldn't really tell) I want to tease you.. So stop living like this and say everything you want to say to everyone, including me, without hiding anything.. (HN nods in agreement) HG: oh by the way, why didn't you answer my call last night? HN: i went to bed early HG: let's have dinner tonight HN: I can't, i have to go home early.. let's do it next time.. HG: ok... HG & HN scene at the cafe... HN: go back and said you did wrong... HG: but I've done nothing wrong.. HN: how could you barging in and hand your resignation letter? it was so unlike you! HG: i did it with a cool head... i made the decision after thinking it throughly.. i have no regrets.. I don't like it when you have to bow/beg for me... don't do it again... HN: but it was because of me.. if you didn't dat...... (HG didn't let her finish saying it) HG: if we didn't date.. do you have any idea how hard it would've been for me? have you ever thought about it? work is important, but right now the most important thing to me is YOU HN: HG-ssi... I have somehthing to tell you.. HG: I've told you I'm ready anytime.. (HN told HG about her birth secret) HN: are you surprised? (HG hugs her) HG: you probably had a hard time by yourself.. you've endured well... HN: are you really ok? HG: I should be the one asking you this question.. HN: I don't even how the person who have birth to me is like... you given up everything for a person like me... what I'm trying to say is that my birth parents may be people you never imagine before (as of bad people).. HG: I've never thought about your background... all i see right now is the KHN-ssi that is front of me who is good... and this feeling has not changed.. (he removed the ring necklace off her neck and put the ring in her finger and kisses her hand) HG: don't ever take it off again.. *the end* P.S. sorry if the translations are lacking... I woke up late so I did them really fast so I could get to work on time..
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    A translation of the episode 93 preview. SH: Your time to get home from work is getting later and later these days. You’re not meeting Park Do Kyung or anything like that, are you? HN: Oh, Manager, Han Gyul giving his resignation, please keep that a secret from my mother. JH: Ji Eun, could you please set up a meeting for me with the person named Director Han. EA: Go with Mom somewhere before you go to work. Police: So you’re saying that you want to find your birth parents whom you lost 20 years ago? EA: Will we be able to find them? I haven't watched episode 92 yet, so not sure who Director Han is or whether I'm mis-identifying him as Director Han when it's actually his name which is Han Yi Sa or something like that. Anyway, I may amend this after I watch the episode. Anyway, episode 92 looks good, and it looks as if progress is going to be made in episode 93 in HN's search for her birth mother with EA's help. I noticed on another clip that EA explains that she and her husband had found HN abandoned at a hospital after having been in an accident. They took her in to get her treated and she was fine except had lost her memories. They initially tried to find her parents, but without any luck, decided to keep her, giving her the identity of their own deceased daughter. So anyway it seems to me that the driver of the car that hit her, freaked out and took her to the hospital rather than just leave her on the street, but literally just set her down and left, not wanting to face the consequences of hitting the child. I'm actually kind of glad that it wasn't EA's husband who had hit HN with his car which I had wondered about. I like to think that EA and her husband had worked in good faith, but then ultimately decided to keep the little girl rather than put her in the orphanage system since as far as they knew, HN had been abandoned by her own parents.
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    Phewww been busy with my works cos I feel like I have to be more productive with my life while I’m young (503 love is already laid out there so obviously with live proposal, lovestagram, shiny bling2 ring , Cartier couple watches. I’m not gonna mention more until it’s the right time so we are only left with waiting) Anyway just backread our submarine chats and I’m so happy with what I read so decided to browse through coolest partner ring emoji update on 15th of September~ The comments are so obvious, it’s like an open secret
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    Haven't had the chance yet to watch the full latest episode of MITH, but I found what LSG said here as a great forewarning about the future: https://www.soompi.com/article/1235147wpp/lee-seung-gi-shares-cant-choose-singing-acting-variety-shows LSG doesn't give up on things. So in the future when our couple goes public, no amount of persistance by any hating myoppafans delulus etc. to be rude and living in la la la lands will beat his persistance to be with and protect his One True Love. This is True L.O.V.E. folks and we'll get to witness his great persistance for it. It will be just so sweet for us who have the great sense to differentiate between reality and fantasy well. This is the REALITY of the future. Or actually we've already witnessed his persitance for the Love of His Life, pursuing her despite the shy shy walls our girl who's been hurt in the past ended up putting up. We all saw it despite the failed attempt by TvN to hide it. Or his persistance to constantly express the very deep love he has for his coolest partner even DESPITE very persistant objections by any agencies or any potential haters. ...but soon(ish?) it's time for the rest of the world to witness the inevitable 503 Forevermore Reality in the future too. The truth bomb is only waiting to explode.....
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    I haven't done a scene translation in awhile actually. I've been a bit too busy to contemplate doing any. @mqiuwen did a good job with this scene translation of HN and HG talking in the cafe after HG has turned in his resignation, but I had translated it as I was watching the clip because I liked how they wrote the dialogue so I'm going to post it anyway. It's not materially different, just a few small changes in the translation. Hope you don't mind @mqiuwen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0wrCSKz70 HN: Even now, you should go and tell them you were wrong. HG: But I did nothing wrong. HN: How can you so rashly turn in your resignation?! That’s (behavior) so unlike you. HG: I acted like myself. I deliberated carefully then made my decision. I have no regrets. For me, I don’t like Kang Ha Nui-sshi bowing your head (in apology) for my sake. Don’t do that again. HN: It’s all because of me though. If only you hadn’t dated me - HG: And if I hadn’t dated you? How difficult it would have been for me, have you even thought of that? Work is work, but the important person to me right now is Kang Han Nui-sshi. HN: Han Gyul-sshi, I have something to tell you. HG: I said that I was always ready (to listen). (HN tells HG about her foundling status.) HN: Are you shocked? HG: (hugs HN) It must have been so hard for you by yourself. You’ve endured it well. HN: If it…really okay? HG: I think that’s a question that I should be asking Ha Nui-sshi. HN: I don’t even know what kind of person who gave birth to me is. But you are willing to risk everything for me… So, what I’m saying is that my birth parents, more than Han Gyul-sshi is imagining, may be in a worse situation - HG: I’ve never looked at Kang Ha Nui-sshi’s background (me: meaning her family wealth and position, education levels, etc.). For me, the Kang Ha Nui-sshi who is standing in front of my eyes now, I like you no matter what. Those feelings have not changed. (HG takes the ring off the necklace, puts it on her finger. Kisses it. Awww...) HG: Don’t ever take it off again. I love how supportive this OTP is. I've also remarked in other posts that I actually like the writing of this drama. This dialogue felt lovely and in character, and the OTP delivered their love and trust in each other well. They don't want the other person to be hurt in any way, especially because of themselves, but they have committed, so they talk it out rather than misunderstandings or noble idiot acts. So lovely. I don't actually remember seeing either of the OTP in other dramas, though I checked out their filmographies. They both seem to be newbies in the industry, but I hope to see both of them in other productions once this drama is through. Though of course, there are still several more episodes to go in this drama.
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    Watched the live stream so let me fill in for those who have been curious what happened: 1) Found the body of Doo Joon in CP's outfit. Kim Cha Eon managed to convince the entire palace that it is the dead body of the prince. Queen is happy as her son will ascend to become the new CP. But not sure what will happen to the CPss. Btw, she looked sad and there was a flashback to when Yool was a boy but already a CP. Seemed like maybe the CPss had a crush on him all along. 2) However, Kim knew that it wasnt the CP's body so he told MY to bring back the prince's head as it was now confirmed that the prince is alive. 3) Palace politics aside. Now to the OTP. HS, WD, the loan shark, and that funny guy, ajeon? Met with the magistrate to discuss WD's loans. Basically Hs is arguing that the loan shouldnt be valid or something since WD isnt right in the head. She even brought eyewitnesses like her best friend and her husband and the restaurant lady to testify. So they all did, like the lady said WD tried to pay his meal with a wink. And then HS's best friend called WD a very useless man. But WD got very upset and he said something, but basically HS became upset because they are not let off from the hook of paying the loan. 4) WD and HS got into an argument about how she called him stupid and useless but HS was at her limit. She finally slapped him and walked away. He was mad but it could be the wake up call he needed. 5) HS went to meet her brother at the bridge. Ran into mr dimple. Lotus scene and they got chased by some bad guys. Anyway HS left mr dimple a letter and as someone said, she is giving up on looking for her brother. HS walked back in tears. 6) WD began to worry about HS. Met with Goo Deol. Seemed like WD wanted to work so GD helped him since there was an event at the perverted old man's residence. WD and GD carried water? And he finally saw HS wiping the floor. He stopped in his tracks and began smiling at her sight aww . She didnt notice him. She saw a pair of siblings and they reminded her of her own brother. 7) Something happened at the event. A lady fell down carrying a tray of water. Old man was furious. HS came to her aid and pleaded for their understanding. But old man and his companions said something insulting? To HS and WD who was nearby looked upset too. Eventually HS agreed to compensate but not sure what the old man asked. HS looked upset and as she walked, WD grabbed her hand and told her not to take another step without his permission. wD and old man got into a verbal spat and finally his intelligence shined through. Everybody was impressed with WD. 8) Cut to WD holding HS's hand as they walked back. Not sure what she said but i heard the word jealous. Anyway, WD placed a hand on her cheek and caressed her lips before walking away. Seemed like they made up as WD also finally ate Hs's cooking that he called dog and pig's feed. 9) HS learned a way to make money using WD's newly discovered intelligence. As someone mentioned-writing manuscript. She even hugged him and said he is not a very useless man but a very cool man. She read aloud to him but i think the story got a bit lewd so she stopped. They both felt flustered. 10) They made money thanks to WD. On their way home, they ran into the loan shark so HS pulled his hand to hide. They stood face to face in a close space. hS looked out for the loan shark but WD only had his eyes on her. Ep ends. Preview: loan shark threatening WD with a knife. HS looks for WD HS passes MY in the market and gets a feeling. Turns around to see him. HS teaches WD how to make straw shoes. Her hands holding his. WD calls HS pretty WD gives HS a bouquet of flowers WD leans in for a kiss. PS: Dont think kiss will happen tomorrow. Drama has a penchant of giving advance episodes preview too Missed out opening scene, omg. Anyway, i will quickly add: 1) WD unconscious with old wound bleeding. Doctor came but i think they said medicine too expensive. hS took the task to gather the ingredients herself. Cut her cheek in the process. Dad left for something and he told her to take care of WD. hS cooked the meds and fed WD. Stayed up all night too. WD woke up and saw HS sleeping next to him. He fixed a loose strand of her hair and touched the cut on her cheek. She woke up. He later learned that one of the ingredients to her medicine was worms and almost barfed, lol..
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    Yeah his heart wasn't in it he just always wanted to help HN thats it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0wrCSKz70
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    I can say tonight's episode is great! Everything happened between HNxEA and HN♥HG are great! The love given by EA and HG to HN are very unconditional love. Sometimes, I feel bad to HG because he is always sacrifice for HN. Now, I think back for some time, HN does a good decision by not telling about her foundling to HG. It could make HG more worry to her + with this new matter arise. From the preview I think is a starting point for HN to find out first that she is JH's real daughter
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    Doctor told them WD fainted coz he was not eating enough. He needs to eat expensive foods and medicine to recover from his arrow wound. Not willing to spend more on him...HS decided to go hunting and scavenging. She got the expensive medicines for free from the forest and made him nutritious chicken soup with the added ingredients of some earth worms HS slapped WD coz he called her a money grubber or gold digger or something like that. I was actually getting annoyed when WD kept insisting he's not crazy in front of the magistrate.....I was like shut the hell up.....she's getting you out of paying crap loads of money that you don't have and can't earn. But when he said to HS all she cares about is money...I realized this is actually how it looks to him..... For him the woman he loved seemed to be only with him for the money. Granted he doesn't understand what trouble she'd be in if they couldn't pay up... as it seems his common sense is also effected by the knock on the head. Anyways I'm kind of glad HS slapped WD today.....seems to have brought some sense into him. I wanted to smack him all throughout the last episode.... I think the girl at the party was deliberately tripped by the guy sitting nearby....maybe he had a grudge against the pervy old man so wanted to ruin the party.....or maybe it was planned or something....to coerce that girl in becoming old guy's 5th concubine or something. Later HS was scolding WD as to how could he have talked like that to a noble.....was he jealous or something.....WD says if this uncomfortable feeling means I'm jealous then yes I was. And now that he's not averse to her he's confidently initiating some skinship with her, touching lips and declaring.....Don't color your lips again for anyone...except for me....omo omo....so possessive already!! When they are hiding from the loan shark at the end....at the close quarters, he keeps staring at her. HS asks him whats wrong....he replies I'm uncomfortable....seems like my memories are coming back. What he means here is......he seems to remember why he fell in love with her before...coz he's falling for her again now......he's believing in HS's lie that he loved her as WD.....when actually he's recalling the feeling he felt for her in childhood as LY. @YourHighness . and @SeGafanlady....lets not cast off the theory of the LY's brother being the baby daddy just yet....today when he is told about his brother's death his first question was what about the crown princess....and he seemed worried for her.... let's confirm after subs. edit... I'm guessing this lip thing....it may have been makeup or something....but when I GTed korean subs it said lip paper.....so go ahead correct me if I'm wrong... But it still seems very possessive of him...
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    Very nice episode today. Very tough to see EA crying her heart out, at her shop. I was a bit surprised that HN did not react much at all when HG came in and gave the resignation letter. And she did not try much to argue him out of it later either. Did I miss something there? We see HG remembering a Yogi Berra quote - "If you don't know where you are going, you will end up somewhere you don't want to" (I think that's what they had). That does not have the twisted logic that Yogi lines have. I believe the actual quote is "If you don't know where you are going, you won't get there!" LOL. The preview - we hear SH asking JE why she is often coming back late from work and if she isn't still seeing HG. Then we hear somebody say "Manager, HG's resignation should be a secret from my mother," (but who is saying this, and to which manager?? I'm not sure). JH is meeting JE and HN together and asks JE to set up a meeting with Director Han (of K1 Homeshopping). EA asks HN to go with her somewhere, and it is the police station, where the guy asks, "so you're talking about finding the lost real parents from 20 years ago?".
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    Hello girls. Just wanted to share this that found on twitter. SPOILER ALERT: ONLY FOR 18+ Should watch this spoiler tag Edit: after reading that post in twitter and now in here in spoiler, I feel shyness everytime I see a snake or think about a snake or the couple belt that 503 wear now evrytime I see this two things belt and snake i think of the boldness of our couple. This couple made me sin by thought
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    The young Lee Yul was shouting at his father, the king, that if it is abt. Kim Cha Eon, he will not agree for anything. I think the king is forcing Yul to get betrothed to KCE's daughter. So she is staring at him fiercely. GD brought him some snacks. After eating he want to try more. GD tells that he can get them at the old man's residence since they are celebrating his birthday party. So WD is willing to do some work to eat that snack Actually the old man is asking HS to pour drinks for him and the guests (like a concubine) even though he know she is a married woman. So WD comes to her rescue and stops her from doing it. He tells her that he is not comfortable. She thought that he is telling becoz she is holding his hand. But he is telling it s not becoz of that but he seems to regain his memories.
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    Preview for ep.6 16 secs edit: I can translate the 16 secs preview, with my little korean knowledge, since it has very less dialogues. HS: (He told he regained memories)what do i do? Won deuka WD: You are smiling HS:So, what? WD: You are pretty when u are smiling. Here is a flower bouquet for you which looks similar like you. awwwwww(love is in the air-my comment) 31 secs cr: tvn Edit 1: I dont think the kiss is going to happen in tomorrow's ep. Its just a misleading preview. A kiss that too in a historical seguek in ep.6, no way. will be happy if it happens. UPto ep.4 the pace was good. Suddenly it slowed in ep.5. i hope it picks up pace in next episode. Fighting!!!!!
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    That's what I like about her... quick-witted... Remember how she asked about whether LY prefers to have 3 sets of clothes to change into or 10 sets of clothes... then also when LY said he never bow his head, and she easily tricked him by pointing to his legs saying "leeches"
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    @annie1234 I saved those gifs just for this occasion Kyungsuk’s morning after Mirae's confession Fidgeting… Posing (probably one of the rare times he tries to look cool in his life) Girlfriend showed up, and all thoughts dissipated…. Credit to a fellow Beannie who posted this
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    In my books, HG has to be the most patient, supportive and understanding Kdrama boyfriend ever! He never once pushed HN to confide about her problems to him and in fact told her lovingly that he'll wait patiently until she's ready. In fact he showed his sincere support and love for her by telling her that he loves her even more especially when she's feeling down . AWW! Like @stroppyse I'm also loving the writing of this drama especially the dialogues not only between our OTP but among the adults like Park sr, JH, EA, Lee Sr and Hwang Sr.
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    A translation of the 30 sec preview. HS: If his memories have returned… HS: Won Deuk-ah! HS: …then what will I do. Moneylender: Give me that body! WD: If what you want is to be repaid, then will this be enough? HS: If someone comes looking for me while I’m gone, please hold onto that person for me. WD: Perhaps, is it a man? HS’s father: If they only got just a little bit closer, their lips would touch. WD: You’re smiling. HS: So what? WD: When you smile, you’re pretty. WD: I picked a bouquet for you. I think they resemble you. I hope this preview is not yet another misleading tease. WD seems to be smitten with HS, and HS seems to be looking at WD with new eyes. Perhaps finding out WD is educated and not an idiot has given her new appreciation of him versus when she thought he was just a hopeless fool at everything. Anyway, 100 days isn't a long time, so hope the romance gets going for real. Also, WD's memories may be returning, but it's not clear that they have returned as yet. But, will write more commentary after actually watching episode 5.
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    Initially in the clip, the other women were talking about how WD had looked so masterful telling HS not to go anywhere without his permission. Then they started talking about how they had thought that WD was a fool, but perhaps he might be able to read. So, later on HS asks WD if he can read the book titles to which WD dismissively reads them as if it was nothing. This makes HS very happy. Education was a very rare thing for commoners in Joseon times, and thus makes WD special. It also means that he could qualify to work in a number of ways other than as a common laborer if he can read. So, HS is happy that WD is not really a fool, but rather an educated man. Haven't had time to watch the episode yet, but the clips look cute.
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    She is happy that he is educated and make him write manuscripts to earn money (as he is not useless anymore). I think writing manuscripts is a high earning job and hence she is happy.
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    I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! We might be getting the first kiss and we're only in Episode 6!
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    Oooo..are we getting a kiss in tomorrows episode and a confession from LY that HS is pretty? Someone is also trying to woo his wifey with flowers.
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    episode end.. cannot wait for tomorrows episode. I'm curious how far WD has his memories back. So far, from the preview that given for episode 5, i cannot find several scenes like when they holding hand during the night and the scene where WD and HS slept in one bed. only the one where HS treated WD when he's injured
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    i think for the last 10 years, HS keep coming to the date they promised but her brother never comes even just once. that's why she started to lost her faith that her brother still alive. WD started to worried HS did not return
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    Looks like HN and HG was defended in each other, also HG took the ring from around HN neck and put it on her finger then kiss her hand.
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    I love the next morning scene too when DKS was waiting for her in bus stop didn’t know how to do and tried some poses. Then, when they met, they were like “Hi” “Hi” “Did you sleep well?” “Yes. Did you sleep well too?” so cuuuttteeee. And ISH super cute english.
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    hahaha, everybody started calling him "Mr Dimple" coz of @triplem @latuadi, IKR, Lee Yul style Tonite's episode more official pics Related article: https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=144&aid=0000574467 NJH bts pics. Since they shot filming during summer, it should have been very hot Bigger pics of our OTP, really looking forward tonite's episode (in spoiler). His gaze towards her has softened compared to ep.3/4 LOL at the dc Gall fans. I dont know what this pic is about. But i think the article is in japanese. Looks like it is DO's picture.
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    Me too, i am also rewatching but only selective part especially OTP scenes/KS- his mom/HJ-MR/bromance bet KS/WY part. When I was watching ep.13 i did not expect MR's confession to KS. I hope nobody expected it at that moment, isnt it? KS just called to confirm if she rejected WY last night. But out of the blue, she just confessed to him that she like him. Both were stunned and utter silence and the camera just panning on both of them. OMG!!!!! what a moment!!!!!! esp, KS who could not believe his ears and EW expressed it very well. Also the most memorable scene for me were between KS and his mom after he got drunk and came to the co. the next day where she was like straightening him not to drink so much etc....... another scene, is when KS took care of WY after he got drunk and preparing him hangover soup the next day. I liked their bromance very much after KS came to live with WY.
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    SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 93 Kang’s Mother notes that since she’s mothered Kang for more than twenty years, she’s her Mother. Park Sr. walks in on Yoon, who is preoccupied with thoughts of her missing daughter. Kang’s Mother tells her Daughter that someone left her injured and unconscious in front of a hospital. Morning. Hwang’s Mother is proud of herself for having turned Lee into HR. To celebrate, she picks a fight with Dawg before he leaves for work. Hwang’s Mother tries to rile Lee’s Mother up against Kang’s Mother. And succeeds. Lee’s Mother shows up at Kang’s Mother’s shop and raises Hades. Dawg restrains he before she can do any physical damage. Kang’s Mother tells Dawg she told Kang the truth about her adoption. As Lee shows up to work, #metoo is snipping at his heels. At her office, Kim and Leo can’t get Kang to focus on her work. Lee and Kang report to HR’s Gender Justice Tribunal and are told that their love is unauthorized. Lee and Kang apologize for being in love and promise not to do it again. Lee is called into the office of the Big Boss. The matter will be resolved in the traditional Korean manner: Lee keeps his job, Kang loses her contract. Kang’s Sister receives a phone call and tells her Mother that Kang is working late tonight. Kang sits at her desk and stares at a picture of herself and her Mother. Yoon is disappointed that Park Sr. is in no hurry to register their marriage. Dawg tells Lee’s Father that his wife has caused trouble. Lee’s Father brings Kang’s Mother a potted plant. She observes that Dawg has a big mouth. The Big Boss, who has already found a replacement for Kang’s firm, informs Hwang. Kang shows up at the Shopping Network for a meeting. Hwang gives her the news. Kang shows up at the office of the Bog Boss, who appears to be suffering from terminal indigestion. Just as the Big Boss is explaining that he must either shaft Lee or shaft Kang’s firm, Lee walks in. Lee submits his formal resignation. The Big Boss sputters as Lee seizes Kang’s hand and they leave the room. Halmoni remarks that Park wouldn’t be such a bad match for Hwang if he weren’t Park Sr.’s son. Hwang’s mother goes bat guano. Kang and Lee talk. Lee tells Kang that a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
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    I think that's mainly because it's Chuseok, probably not a lot of people watching TV...
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    Loved this episode! Great progress in their relationship. That book titled 50 shades of gray in korean, HAHA. I agree with all the others- he doesn't actually have his memory back yet(it would be too soon at this point); he's beginning to like her and perhaps he's "remembered" his love for yi-seo. ' Rating for ep. 5: 4.4% Keep in mind it's chuseok(lunar new year), which explains the big drop.
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    HS's father voice out talking "maybe if they're close enough, and then they'll kiss", foreshadowing the "kiss" between HS and WD in the preview. Hope my hunch was wrong though PS: Tvn gave our "Mr.dimple" name in their youtube clips. Its "조선 달콤남" means Joseon Sweet Guy lololol... they knew that a lot of viewers are adored him
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    So right. I don't remember any daily dramas that had so much of daily discussion. This is just great! No, the phrase she uses doesn't mean terrible as in evil or anything like that. Rather that they may be in worse circumstances. The literal translation of that phrase is closer to "without resources" or "in a bad state" and she uses it in a phrase that is "even more without resources" or "in a worse state". The implications, however, open up more of a range of outcome, meaning that because the birth parents are hard up, they could be homeless or have turned to crime in some way or basically been of miserable circumstances. All of those would make HN, their birth daughter, even less acceptable as a match for HG who is from a good family with a good education, especially since the birth parents would then probably want help from their newly found daughter and her boyfriend. You are correct. It does not mean "terrible people" but "people in terrible shape". "Hapless" may be more like it, right? .... I may have been too strong in saying that she meant "bad people". She certainly wasn't hinting at their being evil people. Just people who are in trouble. I took your translation to mean that she was saying their situation may be bad now, that's all. But you meant past tense, in which case there is logic in it. [Edit: Actually I see your logic even in present tense, as some parents in bad shape now would also be trouble for the boyfriend] I take it as her basically saying that the parents "were trouble" as they could've been in trouble then. That in Korea implies somehow that the son or daughter would be trouble too. The so called "background". I have never understood the seriousness the KDramas give to this in many dating situations, but you often see people bring up how the parents were, to put down a son/daughter as unsuitable in a relationship. Here HN was herself doing her feeble attempt at it, but HG would have none of it!
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    No, the phrase she uses doesn't mean terrible as in evil or anything like that. Rather that they may be in worse circumstances. The literal translation of that phrase is closer to "without resources" or "in a bad state" and she uses it in a phrase that is "even more without resources" or "in a worse state". The implications, however, open up more of a range of outcome, meaning that because the birth parents are hard up, they could be homeless or have turned to crime in some way or basically been of miserable circumstances. All of those would make HN, their birth daughter, even less acceptable as a match for HG who is from a good family with a good education, especially since the birth parents would then probably want help from their newly found daughter and her boyfriend.
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    Its really awesome to have so many people here now its much more fun this way.
  38. 9 points
  39. 9 points
    I'm looking forward to watching today's episode. And I'm still giving the prince a chance to change (despite still wanting to smack him over the head). One of the great things about dramas is watching a really annoying character who begins to see the light.
  40. 9 points
    Yup looks like we can expect more OTP progress tomorrow Thanks @pad-hari. Finally, he has some use.
  41. 9 points
    Aigoo @pad-hari I do love mr dimples , but poor chap here is set for heartbreak ...look at how happy & smitten he is Woooo skinship ! Is he trying to remember their “past”? @stroppyse Why is she so happy here ? Hi @maddymappo good to read you here. Am enjoying the performance of the cast as a whole . Yes I did mention how well Han So Hee is doing . It takes skills to show restraint to not overact when one has to play the “ evil second female lead “
  42. 9 points
    You were absolutely right. It was money bag Nice episode. But I felt it was a bit slow and still the prince has not retained any memories. the meeting bet Yi seo and Mr Dimple was so beautiful under the moonlight. I enjoyed it. Mr Dimple told that he wrote his wish for her brother to meet her on one of the lotus petal and floated in the river. But when Yi seo saw it being stuck and went to drift it, she saw that he had written that he wants to meet the girl whom he met on the bridge, hahaha . When she left, she thanked him for what he had done and told that she is not going to look for her brother any more. The OTP moments were OK. Still I am not into them. Something's is missing. Maybe tomorrow's episode will be more interesting the preview was intense and a kiss is coming, hope it is not being disturbed. edit: HS is very smart. She made use of his education and make him write manuscripts of various books and earned money. edit 1:BTW i missed the first 1/2 hour of our OTP scenes
  43. 9 points
    Both HG and HN are awesome you can see they will do anything for the other, they both dont want the other to sacrifice but they both willing to sacrifice lol. Also glad she told him herself.
  44. 9 points
    This scene was perfect, especially with that totally realistic awkwardness at the very start of a first relationship. I love that neither of them know what they’re doing, that Mi Rae has the balls to admit that it feels the same as friendship so far, and that for Kyung Seok just holding her hand makes a world of difference.
  45. 8 points
    Actually, episode 5 that has now started me with the beginnings of SLS. When Mr. Dimples tells HS that he has prosopagnosia, but that he could recognize HS' face, it totally got me in the heart. Especially when he was musing that perhaps it was fate. My poor bleeding heart... I am happy that they brought in another girl for Mr. Dimples, and brought her on early. I don't want him to fall deeper for HS if he ultimately can't have her. Plus, I don't want him to be seen as fickle by mooning over HS only to be handed a different woman at the last minute. If they are going to have him with the other girl, it would be nice if they developed it properly so that we can root for them as a couple rather than just being told that they are a couple. I do rather love how WD shows up the village's rich old man with his overt show of scholarship. But what's sweeter is that he's definitely falling for his wife, and he has slowly started thinking about her rather than focusing on himself as was his wont. HS is fantastic as the exasperated wife, desperately trying to keep them in home and food, and out of debt despite her husband. But at least with his newly demonstrated scholarship, HS now has a new appreciation for her husband, not to mention a way for him to earn money without resorting to the simplest yet most disgusting physical jobs around. The humorous beats in this drama are still not always firing for me, but what keeps this drama interesting are the characters. However, it's still a bit surreal when it switches from the humor of the village to the putrid politics of the royal palace. Perhaps that is deliberately so in that village life, even if hard and hardscrabble still has warmth and fun, while the palace remains a dismal and treacherous place. I know it's kind of early for an actual kiss, so I'm going to assume that the kiss will probably not really be a kiss, and more a figment of the father's imagination or perhaps something else going on rather than an actual kiss attempt. Still, a girl can hope... Though, wait, I said I had SLS, so perhaps a girl shouldn't hope? I'm soooo confused now in terms of which ship I feel more sympathy for...
  46. 8 points
    I'm sorry and I know it ain't happening but can I just say that even if we're just on ep5, I love HS with Mr.Dimple *ayt goes off to hide kekeke*
  47. 8 points
    @mqiuwen thank you so much for the translation! I was giggling and cheering when our HG removed HN's ring and put it on her ring finger even after knowing about her being a foundling! When he kissed her hand I screamed loudly as nobody's home! Our OTP's relationship will grow even stronger despite this setback. HG is such a 100% boyfriend material indeed & I love him when he barge into the meeting room to hand in his resignation letter and drag HN out! BRAVO!!! Does anyone know the new OST being played when our lovebirds met in the cafe? The song is lovely and is Paul Kim the singer?
  48. 8 points
    We saw him going to the bridge but one day later. So in my opinion, he remembers the promise but he comes during the day, she comes rather late, during the night. One of them might have confused the date... one thought, during 15th of each month and the brother the day after the 15th.
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    It doesn't look like it'd work for that. That material looks too thick
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