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    Don’t know what is going on but just one wise advice from a 40 year old ahjumma who shyly ship these two people. I assume that I am definitely older than you youngsters : “Never hate people who are jealous of you but always respect their jealousy because they can’t stand what is right about you” There is always positivity about everything = ) Both OYS and LSG are such lovely couple as an individual person and even more when they are together so let’s be like them (back to lurking mode)
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    I think my fave is his shy reactions during his FM haha... it’s from latest fm (8 of july). He watched that scene basically every fm, but he was still shy... Mr.Charming is so obvious....
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    As I said, I’m still trying to figure out why and how not to get warnings/closed. But! If someone posted something inappropriately in our thread, shouldn’t that person get the warning or worse, be banned instead of killing the whole thread and as a result, banning all innocent parties too? Unless of course ton of us are talking inappropriately (in this case talking and gossiping about other people/ships?) which I highly doubt so.
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    Awww, how sweet of KS to not accept the part time job @SA's place. He overheard 2 part timers talking and immediately went and told the owner that he does not want the job and left the place. SA went and asked him why he did not accept it. He told "if i accept it, then it seems that one of the part timers will be sacked. so, i did not accept". Like mother, like son. hahaha, the alcohol tolerance level is high for both, which surprised MR.
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    New OST Part 5 released : JUNGGIGO (정기고) - D-Day
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    Ahah, I think these gifs describe my feelings even better Something like that.... Sorry for spamming with all of these hot gifs, but I just couldn't help it When I get a glimpse of our otp's lovely scenes....I just can't stop watching all of them
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    On point Charming friend watching his fav library scene shares the same facial expression as mine when rewatching their kisses (except no one is looking at me , while his thousands of fans are watching him) cr to
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    Excuse me???!!!! Just finished watching P48 and someone is wearing shiny bling bling again. You know Mochi Crowy can’t help getting obsess by real shiny bling bling!! Esp if someone is wearing two of them
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    Yes! At first I was surprised by how little social commentary there was in this episode, but the part with the job was really important. Looks really do play a part in making an "impression" career-wise, to an unfair degree. I'm so glad Kung Seok overheard and stepped back from it, not to mention that it helped him see Soo Ah in a clearer light once more. Even if she didn't specifically know one of those guys would lose their job, she knew there wasn't an opening and she still tried to do a "favor" for KS in order to get in with him. The emphasis today was really on KS' independence and patching up his dynamic with his more, though, so I hope tomorrow we get a little more of Mi Rae's growth. Sorting out her feelings for KS is of course a point of interest for me, but also developing her interest in perfume with Hye Sung.
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    Yessssssssssssssssss. He said "I'm telling you not to get a piggyback from other guys". Possessive robot KyeongSeok.
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    for the ending part, am i right to say that KS commented that MR must never get on the back of any other guy other than him or something? LOL
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    Suddenly so many posts. And between the stars and shiny objects, I’m lost already. Old soul can’t keep up with you young things. Seriously. and hey, i named kopikosong coffee lady. Why you all take it for oys?! Much as I love oys, I want coffee lady for our Kopi Soh here (but I’m more Soh than you). (Am I going off topic here?? Will I be Banned?! I have no idea already what’s the line not to cross. Seems like a very very thin line. A little pressured posting here). I really miss miss seeing these 2 on screen. Easy to catch lsg but not oys. So I resort to watching an old drama - something my 80yo aunt was addicted to when it was shown years ago. And now I’m that old auntie watching. It’s already epi 4 and I still don’t see OYS in Jang Bo-Ri!!!! I’m going to start cursing already.
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    @ritausma Don’t worry, Mr.”Charming friend” himself can’t resist, because his “coolest partner” have such pretty kissable lips
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    LOL, it seems this thread is a popular visiting place by shippers and haters. Our happiness always gets reported, doesn't it? Just FYI guys, this thread may shut down in the future because of our happiness and the resulting reporting. No sunshine without darkness and no day without night. We may get a whole "concrete" building soon. #nonsensicalrambling #orisit?
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    I feel like she can tell a little bit that her son likes Mi Rae, too, lol. A good mom, nudging her child in the right direction.
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    On this part, you can't blame the mom for putting KMR on her own son's back. It's easier to just ask your son to do a duty for you then ask someone else, right? Lol. But man! The guys are like death stare at each other. Lol!
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    @chowchow8 I was a MinMin shipper and I can compare how ParkPark are so much loved these days than those days when the hate against PMY were so strong. Comments nowadays against her sometimes affect me but I most of the time ignore as these are just around 5% to 10% of the hate she got before. Many are supporting her now. Look at her latest interview, she said the outcome of WWWSK is very positive. She knows she is well loved now and her popularity increased. I am sure she noticed too how her instagram followers increasing so fast since WWWSK. I have other favorite celebrities and all of them have haters. No one is spared from hate. PMY has matured stronger and braver because of what she has been through in the past. Do not worry too much about her. The fact that she said she wanted to be an actress for life means she is ready to accept intrigues that may come her way as a public figure.
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    Hello everyone! all this happening in here while i was few days away on vacation. One can’t go On vacation in peace because so many things happened. Never expected that type of attention again in our thread but well we need to adjust ourselves because not everyone like the reality. I mean I myself get really hurt if my delusional world gets crush with facts so is understandable but i guess OTP is not everyones cup of tea. By the way mrs OYS well be on the awards ceremony omg i need to see her goddess dress. Mr LSG updated his Instagram account few days ago and i wonder if he did that for a certain someone maybe not or maybe yes but hey a girl like me can dream right? I am not hurting anyway by being delusional with his post right? If I am sorry but I cannot stop
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    Ep. 9 rating: 4.4%, same as last ep.! (5.0% in seoul- nice) Impressive for friday. Hope they can break 5% soon.
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    Poor Mawang is zoning out while the two are in their own world. They both have too much vitamins
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    I m soo excited!! I need subs!! My Boy DKS, I love you ur eyes never left ur Mi Rae!! Go win her!! I just need subs!! I hope we soon get our OTP date!!
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    Link watch online ep9 https://kdrama.su/watch/my-id-is-gangnam-beauty-episode-9-999.html
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    We can move at an even faster speed than this.. it’s just that we all feel more at ease in submarine mode. You know that age doesn’t matter in laaav right? yeah, i’m using coffee lady for kopiko because of you too ... but that kopiko has to be a spoilsport and put it on my Ohvely @kopikosong someone boasting about not wearing long john but look who is wearing my Ohvely pink blanket? (I’m just kidding .... )
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    new official pic for tonite's ep. Another lab scene. The wording on her t-shirt!!!!!! Awwwwwww, Fighting MR!!!!! The article related to the above pic. https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=119&aid=0002277593
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    Look at his expressions. A big relief that she is on his back and a victorious look at WY hyung. cr: dc gall CEW is really acting very well DKS character for his first project. I dont understand why somebody compared him with Suzy. Suzy even after so many projects, i dont thing she is doing that good in the acting dept. except the one with Woobin. She is a beauty, thats it. But CEW is emoting very well. I was just laughing like a fool when he does something out of his reserved character. The past 2-3 episodes, his jealousy, him coming out of the live independently and his st.forward interactions with MR. He is doing really good. I really look forward to his future projects. And the ratings increased. yessssss!!!!! Hope it crosses 5% for tonite's ep. Also look forward to MR change in style. In DC Gall, discussion is, maybe KS may confess to MR during the rain scene where he covers her with his shirt.
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    Glad to know I’m not the only ahjumma here in the group. I have 3 sons and depending on the K-Drama they’ll watch it me. Sometimes if I’m lucky I’ll even get my husband sucked into it was well. He does likes them vixens. Lol. But what really gets me about LSG & OYS is that in all the years I’ve watched K-Dramas I haven’t come across a couple with such dynamic intense chemistry. It’s in all the small gestures when you’re watching the episodes that you get this hint of “something” between the two. For example in episode 5 when Mawang & JSM enter the film and SOG and Secretary Ma are waiting/watching in the Theatre - LSG gives this cute little smile when he sees OYS. Maybe it good acting on his part but it doesn’t quite fit into the scene and you get little butterflies just seeing his smile. Well in my opinion I just love it. And then of course all of those *ahem* vitamin kisses. It’s like WOW...Really whoa...I’m speechless.
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    Touch Gauge Chart Sexual Sensual Romantic Friendly Sexual Sensual Romantic Friendly French Kissing, kissing your neck, kissing your stomach Kissing your face Kissing your hand No kissing Hands on or near butt Hands sliding up your back while kissing Holding hands while kissing Handshake, high five, thumb war Spooning Lover's Knot Dropping head in lap Basic hug, under five seconds Sucking your bottom lip Kissing arms or shoulders Kiss goodbye Possibly, kiss to cheek Hands caressing ribs Hands caressing upper back Cupping your face in their hands Tapping your shoulder Legs around hips Sitting on his lap during a movie Head on your shoulder Sitting side by side, no physical contact Hickeys Massaging your neck Staring into your eyes Side arm hug Quora's guide on body movement when kissing a girl: - Start slowly and use your hands very softly touching her cheeks like you would do with a flower while gently kissing her lips - checked - Go slowly down with one hand to her hips, and grab them (the hips, not the richard simmons) and start pressing her head with the other hand to your mouth. Maybe bite even her lips a little bit - checked - Stop, and look her deeply in the eye - checked Start again with your tongue slowly walk around her lips - can't check yet Have both hands on her hips and raise her up, that she is nearly lifted… press her to your body while intensify the kiss - checked for the part of body pressing. I guess if not filming, we might have got the first part of lifting her as well Now I know why their kisses looked real. It's the body movement that made things extremely hot.
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    You know what I think HG was doing the same thing when he was naming the stuff he did not like her about her, in reality he actually likes all of that haha HN and HG are so much alike lol. Her sister gave poor advice this time now HN thanks HG is just being competitive and will lose interest eventually and dump her, good job sis lol
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    I'm anticipating today's episode. i hope there are a lot of mirae kyungsuk scene and veeeery little sooah scene. though I feel like the jacket-on-top rain scene won't happen on tonight's episode
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    @mistergenie I think below are the BTS pictures that they are talking about and speculating to be filming the funeral of Ae Shin’s Grandfather.
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    Hello my love, ohvely chose the coffee life. She is coffee ahjumma. Here's ohvely endorsing her favourite coffee, otherwise known as kopi o kosong which *cough* seung gi the coffee ahjussi loves making. Call me spoilsport but I need to bring their coffee preference to everyone's attention.
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    Ahhh, all of the beautiful gifs and videos made me go through my favorite ones and I just can't stop myself from posting these..... So many feelings radiating from these two *runs away blushing*
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    I just love the progression of MR falling into KS. From manner hands to wrapping around her body.
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    The wall kiss is the hottest kiss the more I think about it. @polydadmiac as you said, their whole bodies are into the kiss which makes it so damn hot. The way he closes their distance by pulling her closer to him... ,and PMY sort of grabs/pinches PSJs arm .. Thats so hot!!! *goes in search of ice to cool down*
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    Episode 9 was great! I probably like a lot of things that people didn't really enjoy as much: Loved the subtle feminism of MR shits haha Love how we see KS struggle and not giving up Loved the scene where Hye-sung (KS's mom) hugs KS (I had tears in my eyes), and specially her smiling to herself in the car Loved that Hye-sung's driver is A WOMAN! …there are a lot of other things but another one is how the short haired sunbae doesn't think there is anything wrong with her beauty just because she is a tomboy. Also I thought Goo Tae-young was cool but seeing how he falls easily into Soo Ah's trap makes me think that he doesn't even deserve Kim Tae-hee ╮(︶︿︶)╭ Waiting for the next episode is getting harder every time. Episode 10 will be even more juicy imo („ಡωಡ„)
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    Loved DKS's facial expression. It's literally "Dude, you lost." HAhahaha! Somehow I knew she was gonna slip from stepping on the can. Lol! I am soo happy that DKS didn't take the job with SA. It was soo messed up. The guys working there were gonna get fired, because they aren't good looking. So they were going to hire DKS cause he's good looking and "Pretty" SA suggested him. DKS turned down the job. I'm still hoping that his mom helps him with his difficult life and teach him to survive, cause she did.
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    @miracle23 Yes me too, I suspected that Hotaru could be the step daughter. Have a good trip to SK. Stills from E15-16. We enter spring. Have we seen Joseph in bowler hat?
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    this video is so funny and so sweet when ethan ran to yangmi and without hesitation hugged her . our wufu..LOL I'm very happy and totally agree with Ethan when he choose the red colour and when yangmi asked why the red colour match with her, he answered because the red colour means is sincere, straightward, pretty, beautiful and generous. yessss. it means yangmi in his heart is like the red colour and i like ethan's praise for yangmi..
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    Yes, KMR do not give up on DKS. Really looking forward to these next 2 episodes on how things will turn out for DKS without his father's help and how KMR will help him.
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