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    For those who said Minyoung was talkative during this drama BTS - she is talkative not because of being nervous or trying to flirt - she is the kind of actress who loves minute detailing in acting. She planned most of the moves in kissing scene ( if you have her sdq BTS you would see the same thing as in here- discussion how to do intimate scene)- she would discuss in length with her costar. For bed scene ( even though this is the first real bed scene for her) in her other drama BTS too. The placement of hands, which way to kiss, how the kisses are done, the angle - all were planned ahead so no surprises from both sides. And by rights it should be the actress who give in details what are her limits. She is not one of those doe-eyed actresses who shy away from intimate scene and act like being forced when doing that kind of act. Not like they dont know what to expect when they accepted the roles . NO ohhh I'm so innocent, I don't even know where to look from her. She is a matured and experienced actress.
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    Hello everyone .... First, don't let the other people or shippers of another couple get into you. They can say what they want to say. In the end, the choice is PSJ's AND PMY's. It's their life. We do not own them. Secondly, I know and felt many shippers of both are now threatened of what they've seen. Professionalism is there, yes, in every scene and in delicate scenes. Yet, they, themselves cannot deny that there seems to be more than attraction between the two. They've seen it in previous co-leads of both how they interact. And sure I guarantee that not unless, they see the difference but they would not know because they really do not know PSJ by his fans or PMY by her fans. Thirdly, PMY is known in China and she has strong followers there than in Korea I think so. And they follow her and knows many things happening and how, and they are so protective of her. They would know if she has a relationship with anyone. So, I am glad that her chinese fans if not all, majority are agreeable and approving PSJ, in case, they really try to be together. Again, their choice. Fourth, this thread is under the scrutiny of other shippers (Hello to whoever is checking our posts here....helloooooo you are welcome to this thread but do not abuse the courtesies being given to you okay?) My only advice to ParkPark shippers, if ever, you see something not good said about ParkPark as couple or as individual, just ignore as much as you can. Show those bashers, PSJ and PMY are matured individuals and will not stoop down to their level. AND of course, they are like that, so are their shippers Also, let's be careful of adjectives we use ... I know .... sometimes, there are only few words that can be used, just let us avoid them to be used against ParkPark couple. OT: Shippers war is not healthy .... sad that it is happening everywhere.
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    lol, i swear I'm not a perv, I'm just more conscious of PSJ's hands after the closet kiss.... Look where his hands are here Image credit: https://trendingkdrama.tumblr.com
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    Unless our couple comes out and publicly states they are dating or they are in a relationship with someone, ship wars will always be there. Haters will be Haters. Some fans cannot stand the fact that he may be happy with someone other than their Ship. Since they want to find a fault with 2Park couple, they blame PMY. They can't fault her acting, they can't fault PSJ, so Just because PMY was more talkative during the kiss scenes They turn her into a flirt... these fans remind me of those office girls badmouthing Mi So in the bathroom. If they can't support 2park, they should just watch videos of their ship and be happy instead of interfering into other ships!
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    Written Preview episode 15 YoungJun who got caught while proposing sincerely by father in law. They decided to carry out this man vs man dialogue at the food stall. YoungJoon is confident with his handsome look and love for kim Miso. He is also confident in front of father in law “If it’s not a romantic proposal, I can’t give my daughter to you!l” . Did father in law special mission failed? Meanwhile Miso who is with Sera , and Jia who are at the wine table become close friends. translation by: honeyaya_12
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    If too grown adults flirt, is that a crime? I wasn't going to say anything, i just need to say this. I will never understand why people constantly highlight negativity. You will NEVER be able to stop people saying what they want to say, that is just reality of things. Everyone in the public eye, will always have negative things said about them, that is just the way it is. Instead of highlighting the negative being said, why don't you just support your idol? Ignore the negative and send them positive messages. Let us all try to keep it positive. Send the positive vibes out into the universe, send it to your idol. Ignore everything else that doesn't matter. Anyway, i'm going to miss seeing these two together on screen. I wish them all the best for the future in their careers and life, both separately *cough and together cough*. I'm just happy that i got to see them act together.
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    ET knows, typical KDRAMA they had to wait until the end to let the everyone know. JJH wants to kick ES out of the hospital Ep 37 The DNA confirms that ET is ES's father, CSW feeling guilt decides to tell ET & calls him. CSW meets ET giving him a theory as to ES's condition, he is about to tell him the truth but is stopped by YH who takes CSW away from ET. ET finds what happened strange. YH asks CSW for a reason of his earlier actions, he explains why he did this etc. YH tells CSW to shut up etc regarding telling ET about ES; YH threatens CSW. Later YH meets ET telling him sincerely thanks for everything, he asks her for an explanation she does not tell him. YH's reason for not telling ET is to protect his feeling of guilt regarding ES, to me that reason is not strong enough. JH meets WAM at YL Group cafe, she thanks him for his help earlier at the house and escapes. WAM talks to SH about HS/MY relationship, as well as propose that KS quit his job to open a cafe. WAM tries to persuade SH to ask for MY's assistance, SH balks at that using a minor explanation and gets out of the conversation. Later SH mentions this to KS who tiredly takes it lightly. ET goes to see CSW using Anna as an excuse, he asks CSW for the truth but he says that ET needs to ask YH. ET later drops off Anna by ES. CSW drinks, CHK scolds him. CSW talks about ET, YH and fatherhood, he is in pain/guilt saying he does not deserve to be a father. CSW says that he will accept whatever punishment that YH gives out which CHK balks at. JH finishes dealing with customers and sees one using a VR goggles, he remember once when DY was using it and came close to him within kissing distance and her moving away nervously he smiles. Since its her last day, JH wanted to be there to send her off, while waiting at the elevator he speaks to a colleague who told him what MS did to the stairs - better lighting and that DY still fears the elevator. JH comes to the floor only to see MS helping DY leave by taking her things down the stairs. MS is aware of DY's fears, they talk while going down to which he guesses that DY plans to keep his liking her a secret from JH which I think he is grateful for. JH at the desk, a bit disturbed he later meets DY telling her he wanted to be there for her send off. DY is okay with it, JH is a bit awkward with her as he wants to asks some questions but hesitates. It seems that JH suspects something. CK/JJH talk about JH/DY/MS, he is being an opportunist while she is calm leaving it in ET's hands to investigate JH's background, saying that she will wait. ET picks up YH's bag, he tries to find out from JH if something is going on with YH, to which he says no. JH asks the same about DY, ET says the same. Both men are keeping to the agreement to tell the other if there is an issue with their girlfriend. JH cannot shake the feeling as to why DY left YL Group, MS liking someone, MS helping DY by carrying her things down the stairs and is troubled. At the hospital YH/intern are getting scolded by the senior doctor who get scolded by ET in return. ET carries on the act with YH until they reach his office. ET asks YH about the birth father, YH gets out of that office quick. In ES's room, Dr Kang/YH looks on and talk about ES, the doctor leaves. YH mentally tells ES to hold on a little bit more and that she does not know how she will live if anything happens to ES. HS/MY comes in and sees YH crying, she leans on HS & comforts her while MY looks on. ET/Dr Kang talk about ES's health where she states that it is strange that both YH, CSW requested a liver biopsy. ET is now more disturbed he calls YH, on his way the intern gives him a document to give YH. It's about the Transfusion graft etc., he sees it and drops it off her office. ET seeing YH demands an explanation but she comes up with excuses not saying anything. SH finds out from JH that WAM was at the cafe, she starts thinking. Later SH talks to WAM who is upset with her for not being opportunistic. SH tells her that she had no intention of doing so from MY and asks that WAM waits. To me she is being a leech off other people's things, why should she benefit and she spoils KS too much. KS needs to work hard, work on a whole is not easy, let the man grow up. MS comes by the home for dinner while YH rushes out of the house to go back to work after packing some clothes. MY tells them that she will visit ES later to which MS reminded her of not liking kids much, MY says that she likes ES and finds her fun. YH looks over patients when JJH calls her. JJH overhears a doctor/nurse talking about YH/ET's relationship which she does not like. JJH comes by ES's room to see MY playing with her, YH comes in a bit they all greet each other. JJH more or less tells YH that ES should leave the hospital, due to rumors etc. she gives her a card. At home, JJH talks about moving ES from the hospital which ET objects to, she states her reasons, CK agrees with her. ES has a fever, ET now suspects that he may be the father, he calls his mentor regarding this and the possibility of it happening. ET sees YH asking her again to tell him but she asks that he wait and when the results comes out she will tell him then. MY is in YH's room picking up things for ES, she sees the DNA test result in the drawer. MY does a bit of feeler question to find out if SH knows but she does not. MY does the same with HS and tells him that ET is ES's father etc. questions as to how to deal with this and the possibilities which has him shocked. JJH asks to meet MY and tells her that she wants ES out of the hospital and why as well as ending YH/ET's relationship. MY is subtle in her response to JJH, gets upset and leaves. JH knows that HH is going on a date with stiff boss, HH is happy but ignoring JH's warnings. MS knows of stiff boss reputation, JH calls again but HH brushes him off. JH decides to go meet HH/stiff boss at their date destination, MS decides to help out with JH talking on the way. HH/Stiff boss arrives at the place to which they see a woman/man together. Stiff boss speaks a few words to the woman while HH looks on, the lady leaves HH speaks briefly saying that its possible that they were friends but she finds out that it is his fiancee. HH gets upset, stiff boss insists that HH goes to meet his friends. Have to wait till ep 38 to see her response, be HH kick his a-s/ tell him off HH style. HS knowing the truth about ET/ES is worried about all of them, he leaves for the hospital. ET sees ES and starts blaming himself of the possibility of being ES's father and her condition. ET comes out and sees HS going to YH, he follows. HS confronts YH about ET being ES's dada, YH asks him how he knew and is trying to state her case as to why she has not said anything. YH asks that they wait for the result and then she will tell ET everything, too late ET overheard all and comes out. Show ends. Thoughts What a sort of brutal way to end the show because now there is the anticipation with the fact that ET knows the truth. We want the text preview NOW, please see what you can do everyone. As we all predicted once it becomes public there is going to be huge implications for all. For the past 4 episodes I have an issue with both YH/DY; in that women are known to be good communicators and are always upset with our other half when they do not say/tell us anything that is of concern/happening to them. Yet here they are doing the same thing and what they are hiding does have impact on the other person. The excuse is they love the person and want to protect them from this pain. To me its not protecting that person per se, not only love but relationships are also about compromise and sharing all that is good and bad. Hence the marriage vows - for better for worse etc, if you are not sharing but shielding are you in a relationship of the heart? YH/.DY tends to keep a lot of things inside which includes sadness etc for the sake of one that they care for but that is not the right way. Despite this, I do not think these couples are going to break up, however they have a lot to think about, explaining and making up to do with their respective partners. In this episode we also confirmed from ET that he knows about YH''s IVF and CSW's infertility issues. I find it interesting that the first person apart from YH/CSW to know is MY and I think it is the right person because she is not close minded as others and is a considerate person. MY loves HS and his family, one of the most touching scenes were when they were in bed and HS is sleepingly comforting her and the next day tells her that they should greet her father to which she agrees to. You get why she loves HS and the same with him for her with her later action. MY protects HS family and he protects, comforts and gives strength to her. JJH/CK are so pretentious as to appearances/image especially at the hospital. However sh-t happens when you least expect it and that it definitely going to be so once they find out about ET/ES/YH. Another fact came out is as we predicted Stiff boss is a player and so is his fiancee. This couple does not care for the other but are marrying due to the social circle standing etc. I want HH to walk out and end up meeting JH/MS, it felt nice to see them going to the rescue like that with JH worrying about his twin. MS is getting close to them without realizing that he wants to keep his distance. If there is to be a relationship between him/HH, its likely to be closer to the end of the drama. By the way before the end of the drama we need at least 2 more good kisses ET/YH and JH/DY. Have a good week, take care and gone for now
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    She is just very comfortable with PSJ and she trusts him that is why she acts naturally. It's not that she is seducing him or something. It's PSJ who is obviously having a big crush on her. Have you read the recent reaction of KNetz? All praises for PMY. How she is a good actress, so pretty, doesn't have scandals and very private. @ppinlove0606 True. This is the first time since SongSong that a lot of Weibo fans have become shippers of a Korean drama couple. There are always fan wars anywhere especially in forums and chats where people can posts their own opinion. Because no one can please everyone. There are always opposing views.
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    Actually there are many analysis posts on weibo. So many that it is almost impossible to translate everything. It is kind of like a daily increment in the people who feel the extraordinary vibes between Parkpark. I read till I am a bit lost to which article I have read and which I haven’t but it is still very enjoyable to read.
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    He is telling indirectly her about his feelings for her. He outlines that if she keeps doing dangerous things, he will have to help her. Indirectly, he shows that he might do anything for her, even endanger his own position. That's why he asked her to stop before and to act like a noblewoman. In the end, he indicates he doesn't know how far he is willing to go, he wonders how much he loves her which he can not control. This is what worries him as he has never experienced such a thing.
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    OMG!!!!!! PMY in a wedding dress!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to this!!! **Fangirl mode ON** Most of all, I would like to see PSJ's expression when he sees MY in the wedding dress. My dear Chingus....let's stay positive. We have only 1 week left to go before the drama ends. I say we PARTY & BE MERRY all the way!!! Heck care what haters say and think. And I have faith in shippers in this thread. We will not go around offending others (may it be solo PSJ or PMY fans, and other ships). So we're good.
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    It sounds like in the drama when Mi So was accused of intentionally flirting with Young Joon. Maybe the haters got their idea from watching WWWSK. Hate comments are easily noticeable because we fans are hurt to read anything against our favorite stars, but when we try to think about it, haters are few, say, about only 2 in every 10 fans. Let's continue to pour in the LOVE AND SUPPORT for PMY and PSJ. Eventually, haters will get tired. And if they are not real fans, they will soon go away and find another celebrity to support or to hate.
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    We should not worry too much about PMY she is used to all that crazy fan wars by now. Remember what she went through when she was just in her 20's and dating the number one most sought after Korean hearthrob in Asia. The hate she got that time was beyond imagination. She is now a strong woman because of all she experienced. I wonder how she was feeling when she said those lines in Episode 14 when they were in the Observatory Tower in Daegu. Let's focus on how KNetz are now seeing her positively more than ever. Lately, all the comments about her are positive. Remember how Koreans objected when she was the choice to play Kim Mi So? They all ate their words.
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    So I was watching old clips of Lee Seung Gi on Strong Heart and I found something very interesting. We've been over the fact that Lee Seung Gi is uncharacteristically shy whenever his kiss with Oh Yeon Seo is played on screen, even months after Hwayugi has ended. It could even be explained away as general embarrassment of a conservative actor if nothing else. However such is not the case with LSG since the above clip proves that he isn't really very conservative when it comes to romantic scenes when he is acting. It was a stroke of luck that I came across that clip but in it, NG scenes of LSG and Shin Min Ah while filming My Girlfriend is a Gumiho were played, multiple times. Lee Seung Gi didn't flinch or cover his face in embarrassment. NOT EVEN ONCE ! I was expecting him to hide his face at least once since the scenes were played so many times but: zip, zilch, nada. Error 505: Embarrassment not found. It's remarkably telling isn't it ? LSG was much younger then and probably should have been more prone to embarrassment over such stuff back then. Furthermore, this was played across national television as opposed to the Hwayugi kiss scene which are played at a fan meet for only Airens. The MGIAG kisses were comparatively a little longer than the kisses with Oh Yeon Seo yet every time they are played, LSG hides his face and becomes a puddle of mush. Its very much a stark contrast and a very interesting parallel to study which provides us with the fact that the only logical conclusion is that the Hwayugi kisses held real feelings and emotions which is why LSG gets so embarrassed every time they are played even though he picked them out himself.
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    Another thing that surprised me on his jiscovery concert is his heartfelt answer about loving someone despite having to enlist in the military because I was expecting him to give his usual answer which could be summarized in him saying he wouldn’t date anyone while enlisted. But this time, after finishing SP he changed his answer to this (credit to @riririru for the translations): 1.05 A fan asked if right now there is a girl he really love, would he still go to army or choose to stay (and confess) 1.33~2.26 Wook : I will take the question as "Because i have to go to army soon, if i have a girl that i truly love, will i be able to give up (about my feeling) and go to army" What else should i do? When i must go? Fan : take her with you! Wook : Take her with me? That's called kidnapping Actually i really had a lot of thought regarding that. If i have a girl that i truly love, i think i would keep loving her, whether im going to the army or not, i would love her, because i love her. If i really love her a lot. If she's still here when im back from army, i would keep loving her If not then.. i'd keep it as a good memory. You guys will wait for me right? Thank you very much. As a rational shipper, I always keep in mind that this girl could be someone other than NjH that he met during the same time period (but let’s be real when would he have had the time to with the live shooting of the drama?). But whoever the girl he is talking about is, I am happy for him but you can also see that he is not only saying that he loves that person but also that he is giving her the power to end or continue this relationship and no matter what her decision is, he will keep what they had as a beautiful memory. This is to me a real love where you can be selfless. So no matter what the outcome of this shipping is, I will keep shipping Namji and meeting all of you as a beautiful memory.
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    I showed my mom the neck hug kiss scene and she said that PSJ definitely kissed PMY neck. I don’t like to delulu but maybe what we see is what we get. Hehehehe.
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    Thanks everyone for your thanks. FYI, it takes me roughly 1 1/2 hr to write the recaps as I try to ensure that all the key contents are there, along with thoughts - with the hope of being objective as a kdrama addict, editing and grammar. Of late, while watching I write the key points on a post it or paper just to remember and have it covered here. While I am glad that ET now knows, I am hopeful that the test result for ES does not come with that illness for her because there will be a lot of self blame by ET which he should not do, this was caused by CSW's actions. I hope its something else that is not life threatening and has a cure, this illness was a possible cause, though I am no doctor there could be others that we do not know about. ES is a sweet child and that in itself will be very devastating for YH/ET and us to lose her. I believe they want the viewer to see a happy ending not a sad one, plus something like this would take a lot of episodes, there is only 13 left. Its the 6 day wait for us and ET/YH/MY/HS waiting that is going to be torturing, after the results, then I want both ET/YH to tell their family about he being ES's father. What I do know is that CSW will be leaving their lives after this, ET is more than likely going to make some demands e.g. ES goes on his family register, immediate marriage for them. Complete removal of ES from Haea's connection which could be a bit difficult as CSW through guilt would insistent on them keeping it as a gift to ES/YH after all they have been through with him & his family. However, what this does, is leave the possibility of ET sticking to he/YH having ES alone / 1 child only due to the side effects and challenges related to his blood, he is going to be scared as heck. Lets try to be optimistic & hopeful regarding ES's health. Gone for now.
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    18722 朴敏英 金秘書為何那樣 劇組人員在 Naver 留言, 第15集預告明天出來, 星期二就會有第14集的拍攝花絮 劇組人員還說昨天第16集劇本才出來,但馬上就進行拍攝。聽說今天敏英在 試婚紗,應該是這樣  18722 Park min-Young Secretary. Why is the crew like that on naver message, episode 15 trailer comes out tomorrow, and Tuesday will have the 14th episode of filming The crew also said that the 16th episode of the script came out yesterday, but it was taken right away. I heard that today min ying tried wedding dress. Credit to .. Hsieh YU-Hsin
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    It's okay PMY is used to it already since if she finds her true love this time who care , she has done nothing to seduce but guys who admires her see her inner beauty and her professionalism in her work only haters hate their idols fall for her has nothing to say she will be fine and bet if she dates she will be dealing with it better this time Oh, by the way PSJ hand lol it's obvious that he turns on ,so engrossed he don't even know what's he's doing pardon him he already tried to control sometimes just cannot
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    @Cheryl295 yes I agree. I think this craze of shipping parkpark is very similar to songsong. I agree fan wars have always existed, I just don’t understand why like shippers of other ships just keep visiting parkpark’s thread to create commotion. Super childish. They can just stay in their own ship, in my opinion, because they will definitely see what they do not like in other threads! And ultimately shippers watch with some sort of tinted lenses perhaps except the really rational ones. Only actors and actresses themselves know at the end of the day.
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    @saved2K honestly, the fan war has been going on eversince so many people have been shipping parkpark. I guess the hate is only going to grow with more evident signs but will die down eventually. I have read it a lot and in the shipping chats as well so don’t worry too much about it. Somehow parkpark shippers are still quite sane for now. They just mostly report or ask the oher party to get out of the chat. It is quite similar to songsong’s case actually.
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    Chingus...just drop me a PM if you want the link. I'll try my best to translate the video for everyone.
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    Just read on weibo.....We are going to see a major wedding proposal in Ep. 15!!!!! It's going to be another romantic and sweet episode chingus!!! I also saw a comparison video that was so well done. But I thought it may not be a good idea to post it here as it may cause a shipping war. For chingus here who can read Chinese, you can go to weibo and have a look
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    Source: tvN Episode 6 preview Source: OSEN The inaugural meeting of Lady Ae Shin fanclub Who wants to be the president?
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    It's almost mirroring what's happening in the drama itself from what you have mentioned.. so those lines that she said ( remaining strong and ready to face the consequences of dating lyj in the drama) may have been quite poignant for her in the light of her experiences... but since I don't really follow too many social media accounts...ignorance is bliss sometimes....so far feedback from blog sites that I read such as dramabeans have been positive.. Hopefully... in case she reads SNS...she won't let these comments disturb her inner peace.. she works hard and always seems meticulous in her prep for her roles...
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    Real life is getting to be so demanding, but I had to de-lurk to commemorate today. It was a day when we witnessed a usually composed, professional, and very very PRIVATE JCW go absolutely bat crap crazy dropping all kinds of hints, clues, grenades, and bombs that did nothing to calm the rumors. Of course, there's always that possibility that he's talking about some other girl who is not NJH or he is talking about no one in particular, but his actions that night seemed to convey a different story. Why inflame speculation if you want to enlist quietly?!?! JCW also doesn't seem like someone who falls in love at the drop of a pin. From what I read about his ideals and thoughts about love, it sounds like he's been searching for the kind of love that is unconditional, everlasting, steadfast, destined, and pragmatic....I sure hope he's found her!
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    I agree that human Shin is extremely jealous of Shin III. At the beginning of the series So Bong thought that he is a rich jerk and playboy. From his perspective she agreed to take the money and took the photos of him despite the fact that she was his bodyguard and should have protected him and his privacy (right, that was his plan but I bet he was partially disappointed that she did this, it's our complicated Nam Shin after all) And that's why he can't understand why she is so loyal to Shin III. A robot, just a thing in his opinion. He became clearly intrigued by her. I think that in the tomorrow's episode he will try to confuse her. I know that it was mentioned a few pages earlier but I really hate the way human Shin was talking to So Bong. "So, you are the bodyguard I hit in the airport?" or "I didn't hit you hard enough". As I said it before but they were both at fault at that time. I know very well that what So Bong did wasn't right at that time but so many people say that Nam Shin behaves like that because of his painful past. But So Bong's past is also painful. She was a professional fighter but in one moment it was destroyed because of money. As we can see she is not a bad person. She protects Shin III with all her heart. She loves him unconditionally. And she said it in front of others without hesitation. Anyway, how can human Shin can say to anyone "sit or KNEEL" ? Isn't it really too much?
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    Regarding their vacation trip date that conflict to PSJ sched, there's a saying that "if there's a will there's a way" let's have faith... pray hard that our OTP will join in the vacation trip
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    So happy that they get to do normal people stuff on some filming days (aka buying convenience store ice cream cups). I don't think these celebrities have the luxury of privacy to do this on a normal day, and the happy looks on their faces (plus the "need" to take a selfie) clearly show it. Normal people like us will find it silly that they seem so happy to get what is normal for us. It makes me feel kind of sad that what is mundane for us is a luxury for people like them (especially for high profile ones like PMY and PSJ). This is why my heart felt warm when PMY mentioned how much she enjoyed the theme park date because it was her first time riding a roller coaster -- yes she may have been to Disneyland or Universal Studios but she might not have taken the roller coaster then, and that memory of riding the roller coaster with PSJ will be cherished forever not only because it was a first for her but also because it was in a theme park in Korea -- somewhere she cannot actually go to if not for filming purposes. This is also why celebrity couples date overseas -- because they can date like normal people in places where they are not that famous. I think PMY is her happiest in her travel photos especially those that were taken in western countries, so I hope that should they end up together they take more vacations in romantic European countries.
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    Everyone pay attention to the bracelet on their hand, plz I don't understand why they have so much coincidence.
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    I don't ship AS with DM either, but i love DM. Lol You are right, AS definitely will never take DM as lover, one touch to her skirt, she was too disgusted she throw it away. But DM is desperately in love, he keeps eat that candy just to feel her presence, and everytime he meets her he just can't help but to stare too long to be polite, ended up make AS always in guard around him. DM should learn a thing or two on how treat a woman with EC. Btw, the looks when DM holds AS skirt is not that he wants to kill her if he can not have her, he wants her so bad but holding back. Hmm.. the 3 gentlemans want her so bad, the last thing they want would be a gentleman with her. There i said it lol. DM is just too rough on showing that. Notice how DM hold AS skirt with his thumb and index finger only? He doesn't put much strength on it, because he doesn't want to take off her skirt, at least not there and when she is unwilling haha. he just wants to buy some time for himself to explaining AS, that he is doing nothing that can harm her. Her opinion about him matter because there is love under the lust. Though if i were AS i would definitely freak out if someone feeling my skirt like that. About the killer look like he wanted to kill someone, in hotel when HS is introduced as AS fiancee, do you notice DM is holding his samurai and EC his gun and HS too ignorant he doesn't know he almost die? Hahaha. Out of curiousity, if HS were to know the nature of relationship between AS and two men, what would his choice of weapon be?
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    New BTS video from My Love KBS Youtube channel
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    Because... we are glutton to punishment dear :"))) We all are well aware that those ship not gonna work whatsoever, yet we still hopping on it. Hmm.. I think its just like MLSHR SoSoo couple all over again. Besides.. for the obvious reason: Dong Mae is so HOT af! He is so complicatedly mysterious.. handsome (thank you Yoo Yeon Seok! for your good gene).. masculine.. badassmofo.. manly man.. testosterone overflowing~~ ommona simjangi >__< I.kennath.take.it. pffth pardon my pervy.
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    This is most definitely NOT his first time reacting to kisses nor is it his first time having to act out such intense kisses (although the most intense ones emotionally were definitely the Hwayugi ones... I wonder why ) so what gives oppa ? Could it be LAAAV ? Of course it definitely is. @haymochi you and I both prefer LSG when he is shy and embarrassed and conveniently digging his own grave deeper when he mentions that his female lead's lipstick stained his lips because that's just how intensely they were going at it Him offering up that extra information when no one asked and no one assumed is also a hint in the right direction. LSG is simply unable to zip his mouth shut when it comes to his pretty girlfriend Also about Hino, yes she's one of the employees at Hook and a very close person to Lee Seung Gi. She posts a lot of pictures and most of them include him so we can safely assume they are close friends and that she's probably part of his management team. She recently foloowed Oh Yeon Seo on instagram. A little digging led us to the fact that Hino follows Dara from 2NE1 and also has liked many pictures of her meaning she has known of Oh Yeon Seo for a while, even if it were just through Dara's instagram since both OYS and she are good friends. If she has known OYS since Hwayugi back when she was LSG's costar it is even more suspicious because it's been half a year since Hwayugi so its pretty random to follow her now if she has known OYS since that long. The third and logical conclusion we can draw is that LSG must have introduced her to Hino recently as his girlfriend meaning at this point of their relationship, important introductions between dear people on both sides are probably being done.
  36. 10 points
    Translation for the written preview. The next episode sounds like a lot of fun, though potentially not as much shirtless Young Joon. Though one can always hope. His simple and sincere proposal being overheard by the father-in-law, Young Joon! In order to have a man to man conversation… Just he and the father-in-law go to a pojangmacha (me: tented alcohol and food stall). Assured in his love for Mi So + his own self, Young Joon. He is able to be confident in front of the father-in-law, but… If it’s not ’the absolutely most romantic proposal’, I can’t give you my daughter! The father-in-law hands down a special mission?! Meanwhile, Mi So has somehow ended up having a drink with Se Ra and Ji Ah! Having five rounds of ‘So-Mek” (me: soju-fried chicken), they go from being colleagues to best friends~ Not as ’Vice Chairman’, but as ‘Mi So’s boyfriend, Lee Young Joon’, they summon him…
  37. 10 points
    I know, he had it coming when So Bong counter attacked. He totally deserved it. And the way he grabbed So Bong; it totally looked like he was going to hit her again, good thing that NS3 arrived then. Nam Shin used violence against her so he should also understand that both of them are at fault for what happened and let it go or try to make up. But he's being so insufferable instead and threatening her with hitting her again. Maybe because of his pride being hurt. He's dominated by jealousy right now. And I can understand why. It's very hard to assimilate that you were gone, but they built a robot with your face and everyone is doing pretty well without you and getting attached to the robot, among them even your old enemies, who are now eager to fight you in order to protect that robot from you. LOL, it must be hard to digest. At this point I wonder how much of what we've seen is Nam Shin's outburst of jealousy and abandonment issues, and how much is evil tendencies and twisted personality. He went to Czech Republic to look for Mom but suddenly he spies on her and doesn't trust her? I guess he is that shocked, and I really hope he's being a man-child feeling abandoned and not the villain that sometimes he seems to be. But he also has this creepy side, with those cold smiles when NS3 offers his help, or when he goes around ordering people to sit or kneel...I don't know what to think of him.
  38. 10 points
    I hate people bad mouthing against PMY. Who is seducing who? Oh men! If those actors and actresses love each other... let them choose for themselves, not us, fans. Let us just be happy for them. Why these fans are choosing for them to whom they are going to marry? Even their parents can not choose for them. In my own opinion, PMY never show that she is interested to whoever this actor is, in front of the camera. So please avoid saying this word SEDUCING/FLIRTING.
  39. 10 points
    Video cannot be posted because it is a comparison with another ship so it will be moderated and creates another fan war here in soompi but we parkpark shippers love peace more as we adore our parkpark couple so we shall not post it in public
  40. 10 points
    Rough translation Written Preview episode 15 YoungJun who got caught while proposing sincerely by father in law. They decided to carry out this man vs man dialogue at the food stall. YoungJoon is confident with his handsome look and love for kim Miso. He is also confident in front of father in law “If it’s not a romantic proposal, I can’t give my daughter to you!l” . Did father in law special mission failed? Meanwhile Miso who is with Sera , and Jia who are at the wine table become close friends.  translation by: honeyaya_12
  41. 10 points
    Aww.... thanks for the compliment , I am glad to be back....at first, I wasn't too certain this drama is strippable but so far so good.
  42. 10 points
    That's a very interesting observation. They have already highlighted that NS3 is more fitted to be CEO of the company. What I don't know is how this will result, will grandpa really support NS3? What about Secretary Ji, could he betray NS in that aspect? I don't think NS is interested in being the CEO, but for sure he will not want to be substituted by NS3, so I foresee a big conflict here. On the other hand, staying as the CEO is a way for NS3 to get his happy ending: he does it well and he seems to like it, and this way he would be in control of the server and the kill switch. It would also be easier for him to stay with So Bong without needing to escape to another country or things like this. I think grandpa would approve; he could even approve So Bong if he thinks she helps NS3 to be more focused on the job, haha!! But I don't see how this can be achieved without having NS's agreement. It's going to be tough. And I also agree regarding Ye Na. She wants to marry the CEO of that company. She always looks happy at those company meetings every time that NS seems to achieve something. The first thing she thought when she noticed So Bong's attachment to NS3 was that So Bong liked to be close to a rich guy; of course she would analyse things from her own mindset. Anyway, since she grew up close to NS and I believe she has feelings for him, I cannot predict her development. But at this point I'd bet she will abandon him if he makes clear that he doesn't want the company.
  43. 10 points
    If she understands I bet she faints cos there most of them there already feels they are an item the way he backhugs her , MY confident teasing SJ during the rehearsal all are analysing them
  44. 10 points
    Plus his shining eyes too . Here are few signs that can reveal whether someone likes you or not: 1)Shinning Eyes: It was found that the eyes of the person who likes you will shine in your presence. The eyes of that person will become more moist and so they will reflect more light thus appearing shinny . * His shinny eyes appeared when Hyunie face in the rain scene on the big screen & he slipped his tongue said it loud "Yeppo " credit to the owners
  45. 10 points
    Thankyou @122am and @bebebisous33 for your answers. Oh my, I can't stand the sexual tension between them. They haven't even touched each other yet.....oh, I might faint if they hug, kiss, or start making out. This might be cruel but I'd like to see ae shin got hurt, eugene starts going crazy and beats the richard simmons out of everyone who dared to touch even a strand of her hair.
  46. 9 points
    I dont really ship them but i love DM's character whose always been hurting and so hateful i love characters like this falling in love and finding love.
  47. 9 points
    Episode 6 is really good... my heart is already broken just thinking about the consequences of Eugene's decision huhuhu.... I don't want my queen Lady Ae Shin to be heart broken when she finds out .... I really enjoyed the three men talking and drinking together,,, Hui Seong is so clueless that it is about his fiance that he is disliked lol. Although, I have to agree with one of the poster here that Hui Seong will be unveiled as an undercover freedom fighter. Because if he is really a spy, then it is just too juicy and KES should not pass up the opportunity to give a twist like that. I mean the King/Emperor have already mentioned that they have a man tailing the evil interpreter/traitor Lee Wan Ik and I have a feeling the reason Hui Seong is in Japan so long was because he was assigned to Lee Wan Ik and any schemes of Japan.... But if KES will just choose to make Hui Seong really just a playboy then it will be such a missed opportunity for good storytelling twist... and it would be amazing if Hui Seong is actually the new leader of the freedom fighter group that Ae Shin's parents used to be a part of. I am very sad for Eugene's decision to make his revenge through Ae Shin but I can understand the flow of his thinking, I feel like when he confessed to his friend about his feelings, he was already running scared of those feelings so when he found out who Ae Shin's fiance really is, he grab on that excuse that it is for revenge that he will act out his feelings towards Ae Shin which is very stupid of him since in the end of course he will only be caught in a trap of his very own making... he will soon quickly realize that his feelings for Ae Shin is more powerful than his wanting to get revenge and he will just end up destroying himself as what the preview mentioned... but I am still hoping this will be a happy ending because we already have lots of sad beginnings for our characters that I really hope that in the end AS and EC will have a happy ending... pretty please...
  48. 9 points
    Yes, to me YN loves NS but in a rather selfish and superficial way. I have the impression that her marriage with him is linked to NS becoming the next CEO. That's why she kept telling her father that he shouldn't be too greedy and accept his position as the father-in-law. Getting married to him is connected to his social status and wealth. That's why she made a projection onto SB: she thought that she was getting close to NS because she was interested in his status (rich chaebol). By saying such a thing, she actually reveals her real thoughts. On the other hand, I don't think that all this explains her behavior. She does have feelings... as for abandoning him, I don't think that she would do that as the fear of losing him was genuine. Nevertheless, YN will have to ask herself what she really wants in her life: NS or his social position... Right now, I believe that NS might decide to aim at the CEO seat out of jealousy. However, deep down he wanted to have this position. NS will be mad, when he discovers that NGH wants NS3 to become his successor. He is jealous that NS3 as a robot was able to get the love and care of SB, while he never succeeded to feel loved by anyone.
  49. 9 points
    What is that?? I oppose to that reaction very very muuuch I need him to cover his face, bow in embarassment, and give more details like blaming his female lead for the lip stained...
  50. 9 points
    PMY was on weibo too. I bet she is stalking netizens comments
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