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    Ok, so I'm back. Though, I'm a bit hesitant to really post what my thoughts really are. I reckoned, I'll just give it a go just the same. Reading all your posts a few pages back already... I've come to realized that my flow of thoughts are not really on the same lane as some of yours are sometimes... and I say that with all due respect to every one here . I'm sorry that I have to digress and swerve from the current that this thread is going... I guess since this shipping thingy is not really my thing... and this is the first for me.... and this is not really my natural habitat... I, in turn tend to be more simplistic in the way I see things between SJ and MY. My thoughts that follow are just my own, alright ? I'm not asking anybody to espouse and adopt them. So, what I think about the post of @nargyz ? .... Comparing is not wrong per se ... but if you gonna keep on comparing something to another, at some point you just gonna have to stop.. because something's gotta give in the process if you continue doing so. I think personally, it is FUTILE to keep comparing SJ's interactions with his FFMY co-star (BTS) and same goes with MY with her Healer co-star (BTS) as well, to whatever interactions they have now with each other in WWWSK. It's not gonna be the same, it is unalike, dissimilar, period. Aren't we here because we feel something different watching them ? ... so question is... why compare ? and what's the point of comparing ? And another thing, I keep wondering about some of you here (pardon me about this but this really bugs my mind)... if you really want to make a comparison because you can't help it... why keep comparing what SJ and MY have right now with what SJ and his FFMY co-star and likewise, with what MY and her Healer co-star had before ? .. both of these ships never even sailed...nothing has ever been confirmed...and up until now, the shippers of these two ships are still hanging in a balance... so what gives ? why are some of you guys making them a standard of comparison ? ... If you really want to compare, should you not instead compare SJ and MY's interactions now with the Song-Song Couple ? At least, that ship sailed a long time ago already and happily sailing and dancing with the waves so to speak. Also, although I enjoy watching BTS interactions between SJ and MY, I have to admit and be honest that I don't put a lot of stock on BTS... why ?.. for the reason that because they are actors, and they know the cameras are always rolling for these BTS even when they are not actually filming.. they are aware and conscious of it. I've come across some BTS of other actors working together acting all sweet and affectionate that you'd think something is afoot but in the end, nothing... does it sound familiar ? ... cause it happens often, that is why there are so many shippers thread. However, it can also be the other way around... if something is really happening and developing between them, they can also be guarded somehow at times ... that is why we get all these push and pull moments at times watching BTS. So what I'm actually saying is ? .. the BTS is not the be-all and end-all of everything and not the standard by which one has to based things always. And, why am I here ? in the midst of all this here I'm gonna share, for the first and last time ... I'm here because watching them I just feel and sense that something's different. I'd like to think that I'm pragmatic in a sense. I'm always being pulled back to rationality and logic... but I want to be rational supported by facts instead of just being rational for the sake of it. So not casting aside SJ and MY's BTS ... here are my facts : 1) SJ booked and paid for that hotel where they gathered to watch the first broadcast of WWWSK. He paid it with his own money... went to such length to do it eventhough it's only the first broadcast, when he did not have to.. but he did.. and he has not done this before in his other previous dramas. He and MY sat close together watching it, when they could have sat apart because it is really not the norm to sit so close, but they did. (we don't have to rationalize this, right ? because if we rationalize this, we have to rationalize it with another fact, since none is available... if we keep doing it, then it is merely an excuse). -- this happened June 6th. 2) Press Con interview. The way they were acting and looking at each other is suspect for me. I'm seeing it so that makes it is a fact for me. The closeness and level of comfort is just way too natural to fake it away. I prefer this better than the BTS because here they are just being interviewed so they are actually focusing on the questions asked but, for their non-verbal cues and actions being that unconsciously... it's actually gold. For MY's part especially, she is always so on-guard when the camera is on but with these interviews... our girl has let go of her boundaries (we've all seen it, so we don't have to rationalize it either) and was she even aware of it at the time. --- this happened May 30th. 3) What they said during interviews... He said, he'd been wanting/hoping to work with her eversince watching her in High Kick series (and it took an indefinite period of time hoping mind you guys before it actually happened in WWWSK); that she's left a good impression on him since then; that she's around his own age; he keeps on praising her to no end and to cap it all : He said, " She is an inspiration to me. " I don't know about you guys, but for somebody to say that she or him is an inspiration to them... is way, way beyond just the ordinary interaction... it just makes it so special just saying it to someone... and that happened in such a short time of working together yet. With MY, she'd been praising and defending him, too. It's like they both belong to the mutual admiration society. And when she leaned over to him and asked him, " What's perfect about me ? " ... for me you don't ask that to just anyone... you ask that question to people who are closest to you. So that's a fact for me because it can't be erase. 4) Lastly (there are still others but I'm gonna stop on this), don't think I'm being too hard on our girl... but haven't I said on this thread I'm watching her more than SJ ? ... well, this is the first I've seen pictures of her going out with cast members outside of filming... in fact, I was surprised she even stepped out of that line that she has always maintained. And did not LTH kind of squealed on them when he said in his recent interview that he got close with PSJ and PMY while drinking with them ? So they do go out and drink together in groups, yes.... just the two of them... that we won't know. Ok, so this is a long read ... I'm not into analyzing and micro-analyzing actions and gestures... when I see something, I depend on my gut feeling more... if that feeling does not go away and persist, I stay on it because sometimes one's intuition can't always be wrong, right ?
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    Sorry to cut your post. But those looks in-between kisses are my favourites too. So here's a gift for you: Hahahaha.. Sorry not sorry.
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    Ep 21+22 Text Preview Dr. Oh is momentarily happy because Nam Shin has regained consciousness, but uneasy because of Nam Shin III acting upon his will. She tries to keep the fact that Nam Shin is awake a secret from So Bong and Nam Shin III no matter what. So Bong is upset because Nam Shin III is trying his best to fulfill his mom’s wishes without knowing about the kill switch. Meanwhile, Yena who left home upon learning about her father’s misdeeds becomes flustered by his sudden call
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    I think everybody has dwelled on how well the show is doing the angst but what about how well the characters are delivering comedy?!Cannot be overstated. Park see joon is wonderful with his talking to the mirror routine when he was chastising himself for being too perfect and countless other moments. Also the side characters which I thought would irritate the hell out of me are making me lol-the lead manager who always knows the gossip plus the best friend who knows YJ too well and then the side couples are great too. The bodyguard with the great voice with the epic music always saving the secretary from shame is too sweet-can't wait for them to get together-I was hating the stingy guy but he is starting to grow on me with the comedy. I was not even thinking about the show but a random moment in my life reminded me of his SURPRISE moment and arranging himself on the ground so he was lounging and made me laugh out loud again.. This show really hits these moments right. Not to be overly critical as I loved strong woman bong soon-especially the lead couple-but their moments of comedy were very hit and miss for me. That show was my first kdrama as up to this point I have watched british or US dramas and the humour was very different from what I am used to. Dunno if I have just got used to the comedy or rather that this show is different in dealing with it in a more natural way. Also will the coworkers have to be told or will they eventually figure out that the two are a couple? Any other work office people's first conclusion would be that they are dating which Kim Mi So evidently thought would happen this ep due to the hot tea debacle (lol at that being a moment where they were seen by coworkers and not the other times) but these people are making me lol at how they come to everything but the right conclusion. Reckon they will get their wedding invitations in the post before they will figure it out. But I love them all!
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    Hi guys, this is the first time I'm posting here. I was surprised to see some translation appreciations from you guys. Well you're welcome and thank you for thanking me. Will do my best always for Youngie. I'm posting in a drama thread after healer for the first time. Currently hooked on WSK, apparently my life is controlled by Secretary Kim these days (including my exams ). Anyways I was here to post this, we finished it finally 'Why Secretary Kim' Episode 10 Behind The Scenes With ENG SUB ♡
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    Hello everyone! I haven't been active here for quite a while, so so sooooo happy to see that our thread is so lively And I'm very happy to see new members too, welcome @bulkkoch! I loved your post, please don't hesitate to post more! Those eyes full of emotions are hard not to see And of course I can't miss opportunity to put some vitamin gifs
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    --------- Park Seo Joon Is Unable To Contain His Fury Towards Lee Tae Hwan On “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” E. Cha July 10, 2018 “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has revealed new stills of stars Park Seo Joon and Lee Tae Hwanfrom its upcoming episode! Spoiler On the latest episode of the tvN drama, Lee Sung Yeon (played by Lee Tae Hwan) discovered that he had not been kidnapped during his childhood, as he had believed, but that it had actually been his brother Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) who had been the victim of kidnapping. Desperate to find out what had really happened, Lee Sung Yeon urged Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young) to tell him the truth about the incident. However, his prodding caused Kim Mi So to suddenly recover her traumatizing memories of witnessing the kidnapper’s suicide, and she ended up fainting from shock. Lee Young Joon grew furious at his brother, forcefully pushing him aside at the end of the episode as he rushed to Kim Mi So’s side. In newly released stills from the next episode, Lee Young Joon continues to be visibly upset as he angrily confronts Lee Sung Yeon. The two brothers’ expressions are polar opposites—Lee Young Joon appears uncontrollably enraged as he aggressively grabs his brother by the collar, but Lee Sung Yeon looks imperturbably calm as he stares coldly back at him. The producers of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” remarked, “Park Seo Joon’s sincere reasons for hiding the truth so carefully and Lee Tae Hwan’s confusion after having discovered this truth will collide violently in this scene. We plan to depict the past [incident] that inevitably scarred both Park Seo Joon and Lee Tae Hwan [in the upcoming episode].” To find out what unfolds between the two brothers, catch the next episode of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” on July 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST./Soompi ------------- Adding Park Seo Joon And Park Min Young Share Sweet Embrace In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” DY_Kim July 10, 2018 “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has previewed warm scenes of Park Seo Joon and Park Min Youngahead of the new episode! Sisters In "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" Previously released images showed Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) sitting by an unconscious Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) at the hospital. The new stills appear to be after Kim Mi So wakes up. One image shows Lee Young Joon giving Kim Mi So a sweet back hug. Both of them have heart-fluttering smiles on their faces. In the other photo, Lee Young Joon holds tightly onto her hand as they emotionally gaze at each other. Kim Mi So’s eyes are filled with tears of sadness. The next episode of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” will air on July 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Soompi
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    idk if they stumbled each other before??? But wherever they stay, whenever they go, whatever they do make me feel they belong together. DAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN IT'S "DESTINY"
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    Hi guys... we managed to finish it on time 'Why Secretary Kim' Episode 10 Behind The Scenes with ENG SUB
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    NS first words when he wakes up: Please tell me I am not marry to that lady.
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    Subbed episode 10 bts video by jiminspaw (click the subtitles button): I stand corrected, going by these subs; apparently PMY was teasing PSJ that he looks so uncool in his clam digging outfit, and PSJ is like, but I do look cool.
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    I love ep 14. It's full of self-questioning and touching moments. The doubts got so bad that O Reum, a chirpy confident young judge, found her world crumbling down when the victim changed her testimony. What hit her most was the fact that the defendant nearly took his own life. That's a big issue and least expected. But is it O Reum's fault? Her recommendation was done based on the victim's and witness's account. If the victim now commits perjury of the court, it's not the judge's fault. The thing is - the outcome of the second trial has shakened O Reum's belief that the weak needs protection because she has the tendency to start the trial biased against the powerful and wealthy. Judge Han had pointed that out to her before. She's blaming herself harshly for being bias. The whole scam masterminded by YJ CEO left a bitter taste in the mouth. It's disgusting to see what power can do to people and harm them and shred their dignity to the core, like what happened to Ba Reun who was forced to go down on his knees. It's such a shame when one abuses his power so enormously, and let his personal jealousy overwhelmed him. No matter that O Reum is his childhood friend. Like Ba Reun said, YJ is the lion that eats the deer, and seek sympathy at that too! Even the court can't stop the abuse of power but they're even thinking of saving themselves by offering a scapegoat! So the excuse to continue with O Reum's disciplinary action. Ba Reun - an out-of-this-world guy who will do whatever he can to help his beloved O Reum. He's prepared to resign from the job that he loves and needs to support his family. He was ready to sacrifice his pride when he went down on his knees for the woman he loves. He fights for her in his own way. He may not know how to show it or he's reticent with his emotions but when it comes to the crux, what he does for her is beyond ordinary. His quiet strength is what made O Reum fell in love with him. She motivates him to reflect on himself to change for the better. They're as opposite as their true personalities in reality... O Reum - a strong woman full of passion and drive with bias for the poor and weaker beings. In that one moment, when she rejected YJ's call for help for his brother-in-law (the defendant), she would never dream that he would be so vindictive against her. She was too shakened to see that the whole case was manipulated by him when Ba Reum tried to tell her that someone was influencing the outcome. O Reum's loss of confidence stemmed from her previous case of reporting the corrupted friendly judge and getting him convicted and she was ridiculed and blamed by the other judges for being too harsh. With this latest attempted suicide case, it's too much for her. Beyond all the messed up judicial system and its injustice towards the less fortunate beings lies a beautiful love story that strikes a chord deeply, for me at least, that after every storm there is a rainbow. All that O Reum needed at that moment from Ba Reun.....was comfort in his hug. A beautiful, meaningful and warm hug. No matter how disillusioned both were with the judicial system, at least they derive strength from each other and found love.
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    Welcome onboard this ship! The ship that doesnt need dust, wind or even any air to sail far distances I think you'll come to find like many said here before that THIS SHIP SAILS ITSELF Please do let us know once you've reached the later episodes (about 15-19 ahem) and what you then feel about our OTP's "delulu" status. PS. After reaching those delicious episodes might I recommend for you to go to pages 50 or so in this thread for a delicious K18 discussion over 50 Shades Of Gray things. Of course if you're underage better stay away from those appropriately numbered 50 or so pages. If you're an adult, I recommend you to join our dirty Monkey on circa page 50
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    https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000874902 the article saying that PSJ&PMY and WWS cast and crew will go on a vacation in Thailand in August. wow!!!!!!!!!
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    You guys are hilarious!!! Actually I don't think hyejinjung was any particular actors/actresses' stylist. She's one of those stylist that gets hired on to dress stars for events and photo shoots. You can see all the actors/actresses and models she's been styling. And probably good friends with all of them. With their profession as an actor/actress, I'm sure Mr. Park and Ms. Park crosses paths in events, seen and known of each other (AAA, MAMA, Award events) way back in the days. But I doubt they exchange anything more then a smile and a greeting as seen in their latest event at the AAA. I still stand my ground....they got close while filming WSK and he was captivated and fell (literally) for her beauty and charm ...LOL Just being realistic and rational here MY in Phuket, Thailand in 2015 (?). Hopefully Mr. and Ms. Park can free up their schedule for this honeymoon. Afterall...it is to celebrate them ...I mean the success of the drama right?
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    Definitely time for him to breakdown, he needs to face reality cr. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000403639 and from TvN
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    Thoughts on the acting of the two main characters thus far: Ethan: Without a doubt, Ethan Ruan is the star of the show in terms of acting ability. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this, but he’s been stealing every scene he’s in. His acting is next level and simply the best in the drama. And it’s not just because he has explosive on-screen chemistry with Yang Mi, but he seems to have this spark with everyone he interacts with, whether it’s his servant, Qi Zhen, his consort, or the doctor (the bromance between them is pretty awesome too). I was totally taken off-guard at how commanding his presence is, and how incredible a range of expressions he has that is just great to watch because of how subtly it changes. There’s something edgy and complex about it. He’d probably make a phenomenal villain too, if given the role. I’m so, so glad they chose him for this role. He has been the surprising gem for this drama. In 29-30 and the preview for 34, his crying scenes are so convincing; it’s like he completely immerses himself in the moment (the directors seem to suggest this as well). There are a few scenes where he might have overacted by a bit, but those are minor. When he nails it (which is very often), his screen presence is gold standard and incomparably captivating. Ethan might possibly turn out to be one of my favorite male leads for a period drama, if this keeps up. It doesn’t hurt that he also has a ton of sex appeal. Lol. When I saw early screenshots before the show aired, Ethan didn’t really make an impression on me. In fact, I thought the doctor was the smoking-hot one, but once they started acting, Ethan quickly overshadowed everyone with his performance, which kept getting stronger and stronger as the episodes go by. And after you watch him for a while, you notice that he oozes quite a lot of sex appeal. While the doctor has this beautiful/delicate kind of a handsome look, Ethan’s got this sexy, sensual masculinity thing going on. Unlike a lot of other male leads who are just skinny or normal, Ethan actually has nice, lean muscle mass. On a side note, I like the long hair on him, especially in eps. 33 and 34. He’s been looking even more masculine recently. Yang Mi: A solid performance. I’ve always been neutral about Yang Mi; she certainly knows how to pick good projects and she’s got a pretty face that can sell dramas, but her acting itself has always been in between for me—neither stellar nor bad. Here, she pulls her weight. She’s not quite at Ethan’s level, which is exceptionally great, but she’s also definitely not bad or distracting. She is keeping up the momentum and chemistry that buoys the main couple’s story. I look forward to when the dark Fu Yao comes out to see how she does. I also think she looks very, very pretty here, even better than she did in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. The makeup, hair, and clothes are on-point.
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    Whaaa... Has David worked for Sin's grandfather from the beginning? What's exactly going on here? Oh well. So... Does he sincerely care for Nam Sin III? I don't know Korean very well but it seems to me that he doesn't want Nam Sin III to get hurt. As for Yena. I don't think Nam Sin is going to end up with her when he wakes up. He was't interested in her in romantic way for so many years so it doesn't make sense if he does now. However I was wondering... Do we know for sure that he doesn't like her at all? I know that Young Hoon said that he always treated her like his little sister but does Young Hoon know everything about him? Sin could have just pretended that he doesn't care for anybody. I am not a fan of this scenario but who knows what is human Nam Sin really like. Oh gosh. I love So Bong and Nam Sin III. They are just so adorable. I really hope that there is a way for them to be together. Nam Sin III is not an average robot. He does have emotions. He feels anger, he becomes disappointed, he misses So Bong. When it comes to So Bong I am really happy that she became the heroine I wanted her to be. This girl has a lot of potential. I want a happy ending for her so badly. @butterflyeffect @triplem Thank you guys so much for yesterday's and today's recaps. You're amazing!
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    @iffahmm Thank you so much, don't worry better late than never . Ohh thank you "bulkkoch" mean flame/spark in korean and I was talking about what? The spark in their eyes obviously . JSM deserve better, she fight all her life alone and when she finally has someone by her side who care for her, they kill her. This is so unfair but SOG will find her and make them pay. @ritausma Thanks for welcomed me and for this gifs of this beautiful scene of our OTP. @intrariver I'm so glad we share the same passion for this couple. (And OMG LSG and his kinks!) LSG is a very good actor but when it comes to OYS their have times LSG doesn't act anymore, this happens just for few seconds but it defenitly happens like some of you have already notice but I will try to make more exemples beside all the kiss scenes. - Look at his smile: - Here it's a little bit of the two of them, it's all about eyes + his facial's expressions : - His eyebrows: - His stare ( this is a picture because I can't find a gif of that scene): - The stare again and again: - For this scene I can't find a gif so watch the video around 1:30 look at his eyes this is full of sweetness that you normally have for someone you care not for your enemy: https://youtu.be/G9bbQrUB0h4 - because he is not alone and it can happen to her too : I think my delusional side take control of me. (I do not own this gifs)
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    Not to add another IU centric post but reading all of your words I can't help but say my piece on IU as well. I find it a little infuriating how women in kpop have to bear the brunt of this stunningly misogynistic industry and then are criticized when they do their best to survive in said industry. I find most of the criticism/controversy of female idols like IU, happen whenever they try to take control of their work. IU started working in the music industry when she was only 15, and when her debut song (a dark and moody ballad) didn't click with the public, her company forced her to re-vamp her image (and music) into something cute, bubbly and far more marketable. And I imagine IU hated every single minute of it but she was young and had to acquiesce to her company's wishes. So she changed her image and tasted stratospheric success in her "Good Day" era. And slowly but surely she started leveraging that success to take back creative control of her music (and image). IU like most young girls in kpop started with a vast amount of "uncle" fans and that dictated how she was marketed. But once she started writing her songs and producing her albums, she started reaching out to a wide variety of listeners. But that fact that she took control and started shining a light on the hypocrisy of certain parts of the audience who only wanted to see her as a young girl forever (especially during Chat-Shire era) - I think that angered a certain section of the audience. I think that coupled with the fact that she's wildly popular anyway, means anything she does gets scrutinized and some people are always ready with their pitchforks. But having said that, I don't think the fear of controversy will ever stop IU. I think she will continue to do what she wants. As it stands now, IU has more female fans than male (which is a rarity in kpop for a female act). I think right now IU is one of the few singers/idols who have hard power in the kpop industry, has creative control of her work and has been consistently successful 10 years into her career. I don't know about you guys, but I really admire how she has navigated herself through this deeply patriarchal and mercurial industry. I hope she continues to do really really well in both her music and acting projects.
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    Haha the funny thing was that the question was about serenading, and he straight away answers for ""Meeting someone he wants to get married to". This guy has marriage on his mind (not that we don't know after all the obviousness in MITH), but it's nice to see him being authentically himself across all platforms
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    Totally random question. Does YJ ever find out that KMS is allergic to flowers?
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    Full interview of LSG with Channel News Asia CR: CNA Youtube He said he is most like the real LSG in MITH, so now we know all the hints he gave in the show aren't just our delulu and his responses weren't scripted LSG: If I meet someone I want to get married to, I will sing "Will You Marry Me", the ballad version. He looks shy and nervous during this portion, Mr Obvious, lol
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    Wohoo!!!!! Reward trip!!! Really hope our OTP can join..Jaebal The first thing I did as soon as I woke up was check the forum (facepalm). As much as I want to be pulled away from shipping, I just can't stay away from all u wonderful people here. The BTS!!! OMG....PSJ is SOOOOO adorable acting all cute with PMY. And I saw her shoulders shake when SJ was copying her cute expression while ferociously digging for clams (which means she was giggling). After watching the AAA videos one thing I'm absolutely sure about is that both SJ & MY found one another attractive at that event. Whether is that attraction went further from there we don't know. But then from the BTS in WWSK it seems that they are now venturing more into the "attraction" between them. Some were saying that PMY dates while filming dramas...well even IF she feels so in this drama then the fact that she reciprocated like THAT during the closet kiss (never in other dramas) speaks volumes doesn't it?? I agree with everyone that we should all take shipping with a pinch of salt. There's no need to be so serious about it. Life is tough as it is, shipping should be fun! I for one just love the CSI work behind it. And of course making new friends here. Lets hope TVN will disclose more BTS, but with the new Director cut survey, I'm pretty sure they will keep back more sweet moments for the DVD. @parkparkloveu ****If ParkPark will go and they will act strangely avoiding each other, it may even cause more speculations, but let us see. ***** I agree! If they go and try to avoid being together its even more suspicious.
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    It says they are currently arranging the schedules so the cast and the crew can really go. I really hope so. Crossing my fingers.
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    So....I was looking at his weibo posts. Of all the pictures he could have uploaded, like a present one, why did he upload old pictures from the beginning episodes right? Per se...he uploaded this picture today. 7/11/18 This on 6/15/18 This on 6/14/18 ALL blockbuster date pictures! And who said in an interview that her most memorable scene was?
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    Agree that it's a huge step for O Reum to make the move to kiss Ba Reun. I'm glad that she has the courage to love him after her past sexual harassment experience. Ba Reun did not see that kiss coming and I like the gentle way that O Reum approached him, glancing at his lips before closing her eyes to kiss him. That moment is so beautiful. Did I say that I like Ba Reun taking the initiative to hold (grab actually) O Reum's hand? They look so happy holding hands. I've always found their love for each other to be so precious because it started from high school and Ba Reun has treasured his first love till now. He really amazes me with his dedication to the woman he loves. And now their first kiss is at the place where they left each other. It's very meaningful and precious. It's like time stood still for them. I'm glad that Ba Reun finally told O Reum about his family. It's another milestone for them. Im Ba Reun is a character that I'll never forget for his courage to change his thinking, to fight for his woman and to stay true to her for as long as time stood still. And O Reum is the woman who changed him and she's so blessed to be the woman that he loves.
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    I guess for O Reum and Ba Reun love is something they couldn't afford till now. Maybe that's why they came across as awkward during the kiss. I guess Ba Reun didn't see it coming and that's why he was so shocked. It's something new for both of them. Actually even if it was just a peck from O Reum, don't you think that it was a big step for her? She overcame her fear of getting close to man in that way. I am really proud of her. And it was so lovely that they started something together in the same place they parted their ways 12 years ago. It was really meaningful. I cried from happines during the scene when O Reum' s mother came back, said her name and hugged her precious daughter fully aware who she is. It was simply beautiful.
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    Silly monkey! We are asking which of your song you wish to serenade someone with, not which of your song you wish to propose with! Seung Gi oppa, when are you getting married to uri Yeon Seo? We are all so eager to know!!!! You promised to find her and she promised to wait for you! I'm so hurt that in this scene, both of you are unlike normal people and have been forced apart from each other T.T This is so wrong!! My 503 shipper eyes are running BUT WAIT!! Seung Gi oppa did marry uri Yeon Seo! OTP in a wedding scene that isn't distastefully forced into the same picture frame, nor embarrassingly merged with illogical comparison. Seung Gi oppa, did you sing Will You Marry Me for Yeon Seo unnie when you were filming this scene? You said in this scene that Yeon Seo unnie can marry you as many times as she wants As many times as Yeon Seo unnie wants to marry you, you will be more than willing to do it over and over again am I right? Can't wait for your actual wedding!! It will be spectacular!! The original love bracelet I hope Seung Gi oppa will wear his favourite shiny object during his wedding to his favourite Yeon Seo because our silly monkey only have eyes for the girl that activated the love love bracelet on his wrist
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    Please brag more about uri Yeppeon unnie. Tbh after Hwayugi I knew I just HAD to watch more of her dramas. She was so talented. Even watching COme Back Mister and Unexpected You I saw she had a LOT of talent. It made me upset she is not as well known internationally but also happy too because this way I can feel like my precious unnie is a hidden gem that I can love and appreciate without a large fanbase of problematic stans. It is now my dream to meet her one day. It is very hard for me to find actors and actresses I admire as a whole for their skill and personality enough to call them an inspiration but OYS became like that for me. Seeing all her costars and the people who meet her say such nice things about her make me wish I could ever act with her or just meet her for a while enough to become close with her. Some of the most genuine things I like about her now is how silent she is when she isn't doing a project. She doesn't seem to be attention seeking in the slightest. She updates her instagram and sns regularly but doesn't try to keep the spotlight on her at all times. She also remained silent about her charity events so those people are always the best in my eyes as they are the most genuine in their helpfulness. Yes its quite wonderful to see all her previous costars say she is genuine person and the most comfortable actress to act with. It's true that charming friend decided that his coolest partner in reel life is also one he wants in real life so he decided to persue her (Its also why I am not worried about Vagabond with Suzy LSG reuniting either. LSG has acted before with Suzy yet coolest partner is still OYS despite his friendship with Suzy ) OYS' genuine personality is why I want so much for her relationship with LSG to work out so she is happy. She worked so hard to get to the top and now she deserves a life partner worth her time and love too instead of someone who will only screw her over and leave her to deal with negative aftermaths. LSG is very responsible so I know that even if something goes wrong, he won't shy away from his part in the relationship and won't just leave her to fix the problems all alone but will help her to fix their relationship together.
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    Not to brag here .. but yeah oys is known for being very loyal. You can see how her managers, stylists, staffs, photographers, are all her bffs. Every time she shoot a drama a movie , she will def become bff with her co stars. Lee Seyoung, Lizzy, Lee El, Kim seulgi, Honey Lee, etc always call her a girl crush. SooAe who is very shy and quite adores her a lot too . She said Yeonseo is a mood maker.. she even sent her food trucks for a few times Yeonseo doesn’t like news for media play. She has been doing donations for Red Cross and Sewol Ferry Victims but she never want to show off about it. Journalists who interviewed her always said that they feel like talking to a normal girl.. no celebritry attitudes at all. She is just very real.. she doesn’t need certain image ...no need fakeness. I don’t need to say this again , who chose her as the coolest partner??? It’s not only her charming ‘friend’ but Rain , Joowon, and Kim Ji Hoon chose her as the most comfortable actress to work with too I’m not going to say more but someone is being a very clingy charming friend
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    I love the videos by this person ! She and ddysmybag do such a good job at delivering the emotions with OTP in their fanvids. And feel free to ramble on and on about SOG and JSM. Its a couple that will never leave our hearts, as can be proved by how intensely we ship LSG and OYS in real life because they have just that much intense chemistry. I was also disappointed with the ending. The Hong sisters set us up for a happy ending but then left so many questions unanswered (like the baby) and didn't give us the happy ending they seemed to be promising. The death bell fate turned void since neither killed the other but I was upset at how little the Hong sisters cared for JSM by the end of the drama. You're right about the fact that LSG leans in for the very first kiss 503 share. He was supposed to be surprised but leaned forward and even pursed his lips as if he wanted to kiss her. He does something similar again in episode 15. He's supposed to be kissing Ah Sa Nyeo to give her the drug and shouldn't look happy but when he pulls away, you can see LSG instead of SOG since SOG wouldn't be smiling and looking so blissful after kissing his enemy who stole his bride from him Once again proving the point that LSG oppa is a good actor but he becomes a really bad one when it relates in any way at all to OYS and kissing The looks SOG gives JSM between kisses are my absolute favorite too. He looks at her so tenderly like she is his entire reason for living. Its what makes the ending so much sadder Also Welcome to the thread ! I forgot to welcome you yesterday. (I love your username btw. Fireflower is so pretty !) I hope you enjoy shipping with us here in this thread and are ready to fangirl about OTP with us at anytime. Like @kopikosong said, this OTP shall carry on till the end so we needn't worry about any antis or false news ever. We can just always enjoy and support them peacefully, individually and together.
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    @muishami @kopikosong @intrariver Thanks all for welcomed me so well. I love to see that you are as crazy as me about this ship. ❤ I have great hopes that it going to happen and faster that we think. Especially that they want both to get married in the next few years. My heart is going to explodes when they will announce their wedding. I really want to see in the future their beautiful children. Yeah I'm so glad that THIS SHIP SAIL ITSELF. When you don't know them their relationship is not that obvious but when you pay attention their love for each other become so obvious. I already finish the drama and I'm going to rewatch it. About the episode 19, I will say one thing is really really really obvious : HIS EYES! This is not just twinkles in his eyes this is literally fire. At the first episode it was twinkles but with the progress of the episodes the twinkles in his eyes become fire, as expected from the The Great Sage Equal to Heaven. The bed scene in the episode 19 I was not ready at all I just fangirl so much: the look, the kiss, the skinship + the back hug with him shirtless. (Too much things for my mind to analyze) For the first kiss I have to admit I laugh a little because he was supposed to be surprised by the kiss but he lean on, that was so cute like if Lee Seunggi wanted to kiss her and it was not Son Oh Gong anymore . Beside the episode 19 kiss scene my favorite kiss scene will be the kiss in episode 10 (like Lee Seunggi), the look he give her between the kiss was so sweet. My favorite scene will be the scene when he destroy a whole world for saving her, she was so beautiful I loved her style, and then she wake up in the theater with all the thing she love like if it was just a nightmare. (My favorite scene like Oh Yeon Seo) I was a little disappointed in the last episode because there was not action anymore. The scene when he gave her is eye I cried so much like when she died but I can understand her death and this ending, they prepared us all along since the death bell it was not a surprise even if I hoped a happy ending. I will gladly go to the 50 pages right now. I became an adult this year. Coincidence ? I don't think! I wanted to share with you guys an amazing video Sorry for this long post... when I talk about them I can stop
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    this made me think about............the one and only him being called oppa GD
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    @Joseph LimMy apologies to cut your post short. I don't really like to disagree with a fellow fan but IU still has not shed off that cutesy image. In fact, she reverted back to it with her Palette comeback in 2017. Regardless of how much IU wanted to avoid being called the Nation's Little Sister, she also cannot afford to lose that image because of her superstar status in her home country. She has to cater to the Korean general public which quite frankly is still a very conservative society. I know this may be off topic but since you are mentioning IU's music and past albums let's discuss it. Modern Times was a jazz bossa nova so it appealed to the conservative older Korean general public with the exception of the hit bop Friday. She didn't really tried to break free from the cute girl next door image even her Friday MV was cute. Nothing daring about it. Then Flower BookMark 1 - she came back to her ballad roots with the collection of old folk songs. Again appealing to the older conservative Korean general public. The Chatshire era (2015) she tried to be daring and sexy - with a racy GQ pictorial and a controversial album. She was trying to shatter the innocent goody two shoes image. The Korean public was not ready for it in my opinion. Hence, all the controversies etc followed that album concept everywhere. It was such a shame because in my opinion Chatshire was the golden year of IU's excellent lyrical verse as a songwriter. However, the brilliance of the album was overshadowed by the mounting controversy. It took her another 2 years to release Palette in 2017. Only this time she learned the fine balance between maintaining her favorable cute public image and her steady growth as a mature artist. The album was a huge commercial success partly because IU found a way to express her music without ruffling too many feathers. My point is although IU tried to shed off the cute image but there are still CF films where she acted cute and banked on her image as Nation's Little Sister (Mon Cher, Kdpharm, etc..). Also, IU is physically cute without even trying with those baby cheeks, doll skin, and petite stature. I think the woman just learned to embrace the cutesy image instead of rebelling against the very image that made her famous in the first place. She learned to compromise when needed with her management but at the same time it gave her freedom to venture on risky projects like My Ajusshi because of her bankability as a celebrity. She mentioned how the role of Jian and the drama were so important that it would likely stay with her for a long time. I could understand why IU said those words for the simple reason that she was free for 5-6 months from the expectations of being the cute top star. I think she loved playing the manipulative bad girl Jian, in fact even during filming she preferred to be called by her character's name all the time. IU successfully shed off that cute idol image because of My Ajusshi only this time the general public was behind her 100%. They were rooting for her. As I mentioned before, I have been following IU's dramas for years and watching BTS clips. I could tell that she was happiest while filming My Ajusshi which was odd because the tone of the drama was depressing but the girl was always giddy and goofing around. She even got drunk.
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    my favorite scene was when SB and NS3 are sitting at the bench SB-What are you looking at? NS3-People. I’m trying hard to understand them better. SB-Even though there are so many horrible people around you, you aren’t tired of them? NS3-I’m trying to understand you more SB-Understand what? NS3-I have to know more about you. Kang So Bong. SB-At that moment, it was the first time I had these thoughts. That it would be nice if the existence in front of me wasn’t a robot, and that it would be nice if he was a human like me. I think SB doesn’t mention the kill switch now because she interacts with NS3 the most so she knows and sees his emotional development. That scene where she wondered how he felt after hearing his mom say she needed the real Shin is telling. I honestly have no clue where this show is going now though .. I got goosebumps from all the reveals.
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    Yesss, she's a close friend of PMY. Even posted photos of MY and Leon on instagram She was PMY former stylist in 2016. PSJ's stylist in 2017 and now still?? I think at least our OTP have known each other before??
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    Preview for final ep next week. I will miss this awesome drama with its awesome lead couple. If there's a season 2, please keep the same cast!
  44. 10 points
    Finally the news about that come out. Actually i always think they will get reward vacation later. Since the drama get so much of love from fans and last BTMFL get reward vacation to Jeju back then, i just waiting until the news about that come out and it become reality. I hope they're all can going to vacation. I don't know if i should ship this ParkPark couple, since i got disappointed about LMK and JSM not dating each other, both of them post pics together and JSM always live on ig with LMK. They're really show they closeness on or off air. But JSM end up dating with LJ. But ParkPark couple not follow each other on ig and they're not really post pics together on ig. The closeness between them just shown up from BTS video. Yeah maybe one day..
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    Lol!! It’s no longer a question of who knows . It’s who doesn’t . I was wondering for the longest time if old man had an inkling. I’m sure he would have noticed the difference in NS3 compared to Shin,after all he did raise Shin for 20 years . @vangsweetie637 While watching bits of last night’s subbed episode , I could sense that JYH was not too comfortable about the kill switch or resetting. What SB said to him about NS3 seeming very human to her affected him too though he brushed it off . So I’m Glad in this episode, he’s actually on NS3’s side ! Preview
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    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... So far so good...this is going according to plans....hehehe Tvn has been known to reward vacation trips to casts and crew if their drama ratings reaches an average of 6%. And I've been hoping for this announcement (they decided quicker than I thought actually). Usually they decide when it's closer to ending episode or after it ended. I had envision them going to Bali, but Thailand is just as beautiful. Now another thing that I had hoped for, that they have a photo shoot (OTP) in the country for a magazine cover. This was my wish since day one when the drama aired. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.....
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    Park Seo Joon Cares For Park Min Young At The Hospital In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” DY_Kim July 10, 2018 “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has released new stills ahead of the upcoming episode. In the images, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) is lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Lee Young Joon is sitting by her side with his face full of concern. He does not take his eyes off of her as he holds tightly onto her hand and waits for her to wake up. The drama’s production team commented, “Please look forward to what will happen after Mi So wakes up as she has discovered all the secrets that Young Joon wanted to hide. Especially in episode 11 airing on [July] 11, the emotions will be maximized as the two intertwined by a deep connection in the past meet for the first time after the reveal of their identities.” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. Soompi
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    Thank you @kaoriharang @lolly84 @anthurium_52702 for the clarification. Omo @delfin your here too Does PSJ "Oppa" scene reminds u of KMHM too? More official stills of ep 10 and huge CONGRATULATIONS to all cast and crew. Looks like they are rewarded but how is 3 nights equivalent to 5 days? did I do my Maths wrong
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    We never went inactive because we lost faith or doubted these two. We had to go underground to protect them. Too many haters of the delulu and dangerous kind. Wish they would get a life, their life must be so blessedly empty and pathetic. Looking at how these two are behaving the confirmation may come soon, no matter what MIL and FIL want.
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