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    @jeijei thanks for the welcome and bingo ! You're right, I couldn't resist c-stripping the sexy VP and his sexytary !
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    Youtube TvN for the kissing episode has reached more than 700,000.
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    Popular webtoon/novel fans didn't think he was "handsome" enough and he was not suited to play the part (compared to webtoon LYJ). But it was nothing compared to when TVN announced that PMY was offered and considering the part of MiSo. There were MASSIVE outcry on Naver by novel/webtoon fans their disapproval and that they won't watch the drama. TVN had to write a statement stating that the cast had not been finalized in order to calm them down. But I''m glad TVN didn't waver to fans demand and went with their first instinct and casted her anyways. And I am grateful PMY didn't feel discouraged from the webtoon/novel fans' responses and accepted the offer. Now...those fans played a different tune after they saw how wonderful these two have brought the webtoon to life!
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    Ep 15 y'all.Brace yourselves. More clips from ep 15 THE END!!!! ...... .......... .................................. ... .. Finale Preview!!!!!
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    Its really funny how his bro actions push her confession forward nice job dude ahahahahaa Maybe he is shipper?
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    That smile is just precious ❤ Loving this look on him haha For someone who's celebrating his birthday in a few days,he sure looks younger.Thankies for sharing everyone's happiness on here. Hopefully we'll see one from the other half of our happiness. Happy weekend.
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    @kaoriharang Sorry for the late response.... I am still behind like eps 6...
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    I am a little confused, or maybe not. What annoy me the most are The Parents. Lets’ see. YJ was kidnapped because of his brother fault. Them because of the bad situation at home after that horrible episode YJ faked that he lost his memory and he pretend he don’t remember anything about that in order to avoid the sadness in the family . SJ don’t know how to face his brother and his parents as a little coward. He felt “guilty” and decides to fool the whole family and takes YJ personality and fakes psychological issues. The parents, believing that YJ remember nothing allow SJ to blame YJ, how can they let him to carry the guilt? He knows he was the one who was abducted but his parents and his brother don’t know that he knows. Suppose that YJ would have really lost his memory. He would have lived as a miserable person. I can’t stand how his parents could accept YJ to live like that. Am I wrong? There is something I didn’t understand? The writer brother is the biggest coward around Dramaland world pretending he is the victim and the only he has done is manipulate his family.
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    It seem to work with the MSN browser, for that I am grateful YH starts her new life, MS surrenders Ep 30 YH tells ET that she likes him and he kisses her, after that they had some warm moments where they are both happy. YH mentions her concerns to ET about JJH and the fact that he left the seon, he says that he will deal with it. YH hugs him as a form of strength and encouragement, this is seen by MY. ET left and YH went to MY to talk about it, she says that they just decided to date etc. MY is understanding towards YH. JJH/CK are upset, they later met with the girl's mother and apologize. ET is at home waiting for them, CK is angry at ET but JJH is calm, ET/JJH both discuss their views about him dating & marriage from their respective stance. ET is saying that they are just starting to date and marriage is not yet a sure thing, her to meet YH to understand etc. JJH wants him to date to get married or else there is no purpose to dating etc. However, JJH decides to take a back position on this and lets off ET for now, she is holding back her feelings as to ET's relationship, CK finds her actions strange. SH/KS leave HS's home and go to WAM's home where SH is treated very warmly by her mother-in-law, SH is touched by her actions. The next morning the couple went to work and gave their team members gifts, Mgr. Ko received 2. (somehow, he looked more handsome). MS feeling the pressure of both MY & his father decides to go to see HS. MS asks HS for help, who says that he will talk to MY but states his conditions to MS which is to be more part of their family by having meals with them etc. HS also gave a protective stance towards MS saying I think that he is his child too, MS did not like the conditions but left to think about it. ET is at work, thinking about YH he calls her to which she told him that she is going to the mart, ET stopped at the mart to see her. They met and happily go home, YH tells ET when she started to like him and ET told her that he liked her from the start. ET mentions marriage to which YH is hesitant, its too soon ET, too soon. DY sees that her mother is disturbed about ET's dating YH, he asks DY to be there for her. JJH called MY to speak to her but MY says that she is not at home, DY overhearing the conversation is curious about the situation between MY/MS. Later at work, DY sees MS and more or less asks him about it but MS is not saying anything. HH tries to find out exactly what is going on between HS/MS from her father's friend but he is not telling her anything. So in HH's fashion, she went to the source at work she got in MS's face, tells him that she will make MY her mother, steps on his foot and walks out. HH calls JH upset, which has him panicking and rushing her out of the office, this is seen by DY who does not like it. At break, DY ask JH about HH, who says that she is his sister, DY does not accept this but is somewhat mad calm towards JH and leaves. JH was disturbed by DY's reaction, he walks her home asking if she is mad etc but she says no and walks ahead of him. JH follows her anyway and finds out that DY is CK's daughter which he tells HH who is surprised, the sibs discuss this a bit more. MY is being buttered up by HH who seems to think that she can con MY. However it backfires with MY teaching HH a lesson and giving her advice as to getting what she wants with her own strength. DY tells ET about JH seeing a woman and that her told her that it was his sister but she did not believe it. However, ET having an idea as to JH's feelings towards DY seem to take JH's side which has her upset. ES is at the hospital with YH getting an injection, she is calmer than before. YH sees ET who greets them happily, YH asks ET to take ES to kindergarten as she has to do something. ET is talking to ES making a request for them to go somewhere but ES says no and it has to do with her father, ET promises to keep the info a secret from YH. Later ET thinks about it and says that ES's reaction is normal to miss her father. YH comes and thanks him for helping her with ES, they are informed that she is the new resident, both happy they shake hands. The intern later comes by ET tells him that a woman resident is hired and starts talking about her not knowing the identity, the nurse tells the intern that its YH, the intern backtracks apologizing to ET. Meanwhile CSW is on his way home, he sees a father/daughter on the flight, is a bit bothered by it, he looks on a art magazine which has ET on the cover page. CSW goes to work sees CHK and gets angry with her about disturbing YH/ES, CHK tries to defend her position. JJH finally gets upsets about ET/YH to CK who shows her the shoes that HS made for ET. JJH calls MY asking to see and speak to YH which MY allows to be done in front of her. YH arrives, JJH asks a question/2 and seems satisfied with the answer but MY knows that JJH is lying. MS thinks about HH's threat and goes to see HS who reminds him of his conditions. MS says yes to it to which YH is informed that he will have dinner with the family. MS comes and greets the family in a forced cordial manner, JH is shocked. Show ends. Preview ET/YH have a picnic date with ES CSW goes to the hospital, he later greets YH/ES at their home. ES is happy to see him JH finally holds DY hand, and I think is officially asking her to see him and not other people Thoughts Although their scenes were brief, I felt touched towards WAM's behavior towards SH which was a loving one. She is fulfilling SH's missing of a mother which I feel some of us did not understand because SH has always been the mature one. I said that YH is starting a new life because she is as its the original life that she wanted to be a doctor and with a man that she cares for deeply. JJH as predicted to me is a predator waiting on the right moment to strike back and from the preview it appears that she has started. CSW has returned and gets upset that CHK troubled YH/ES, he should not because he caused that situation in the first place. I hope from the preview that its not a fantasy/dream scene regarding JH/DY because its about time that he admits to both himself and DY that what he feels for her is not a colleague feeling but more so. Gone for now, until the next episode and take care.
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    Thanks for sharing wookie latest updates! I swear, we are getting more updates from wookie than hyunni, who would have thought! Haha. Our captain is looking handsome and smiley! And he is going back to his younger days. Is this guy aging backwards? Hope to hear from hyunni soon. Think she's been busy filming. Hope she gets her rest soon! Have a great weekend dearies!
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    Uri Captain smiling so bright Cr: via @hellowookii, cto
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    @MeritaG Hello! I work for productions and that being said, characters do have their own color palettes and style guide (type of clothes, hair style, and make up included), depending on their character's attitude, behavior, and work environment. The colors of their clothes and their styles will have to belong to their assigned palette/style guide except maybe for some "special" scenes or scenes that would mark a pivotal change in their character's behavior. From the onset of the production we make scene per scene cards to align the color palette and styles of all characters involved in the scene so as to make sure that nobody will stick out like a sore thumb unless necessary for the scene / character. In television where big stars are involved, they can have their own stylists, but these stylists however would still need to follow the style card very closely as required for the scene, and then check with other stylists as they dress up their assigned characters for the day. Here are other things as far as I know: 1) Some will change styles / color palettes as their characters develop. This is mostly seen in revenge dramas and with characters who are overcoming extreme shyness / awkwardness / trauma. Think: Temptation of Wife, Full House, Personal Preference 2) History dictates that having your hair tied up is a symbol of restriction, while letting it down is a symbol of freedom. I think this is why Mi So generally has her hair tied up when working and lets it down at home -- except for that one time during the Spanish Ambassador's party, although this was intentionally done to make her not look like a secretary. 3) Stronger (read: mostly evil) characters wear clothes with more structure and of darker colors (Think black and deep red, like the abductor wore in Young Joon's dreams). Flamboyant characters wear warm, bright colors and unconventional cuts (Bong Se Ra). Feminine characters wear softer fabric and colors from the cool end of the spectrum (Kim Mi So) 4) Members of the same family especially those with young kids would usually wear clothes that belong to the same palette. They can have their own styles and trademark colors, but the color palette never strays so far off. 5) Some couples can have very different styles when their characters are very different. Long term couples, however, usually have similar color palettes and style. I think this is why they use similar color palettes for Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon. Having to work with each other and being around each other for 9 years should have been the reason for either of them adapting each other's sense of style. The sense of familiarity between the two should be evident not only in their interaction but also in their clothing. On your comment about the product's marketing, it is called "intrusion". Product intrusion means including the products in the scene or as part of the script in the show (Think: When Minmin bought Bongbong ROYCE chocolates in Be Strong Bong Soon; and when Lee Young Joon gave Kim Mi So the necklace from STONEHENGE; and how all of Kim Mi So's jewellery are from STONEHENGE as well ) These are sponsors who gave a big amount of money or services or products in-kind for the production, and product intrusion is included in the ex-deal for their sponsorship. The production company will usually look for sponsors prior to the production of the show to either give them money in support of the show or provide products for the production to use. The products should not necessarily be a product endorsement of the celebrities in the show, although their endorsements are first priority when in comes to sponsorship deals (PMY's Shiseido). Hope I answered your question.
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    Can you imagine the type of proposal he would do for her? I really hope to see atleast that, it would not be too quick either they known each other for so long already.
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    WOW the song of this video belongs to the OST of the drama Healer, Eternal Love by Michael Learns, is my favorite, every time I hear it it reaches my heart and makes me cry.
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    I hope they finish the bad guys especially CMS in the first half of the finale already and dedicate the last half to family time then more alone time for our lawless couple with all the icing.
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    Super late but still..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, my beloved two persons~ LMAO so tired hahahahahaha hope y'all like it too!
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    @blademan... I agree , he does know because he gave Mi So the ' BIGGEST HINT" ABOUT HIS SCARS LOOK LIKE THE SAME SCAR AS A DONG SCAR FROM A LEASSSH"... i I am positive she finally put things together once she remember the night of the kidnapping. I WONDER HOW WILL SHE CONVINCE THE BROTHER THAT HE ISN'T THE OPPA SHE IS LOOKING FOR. I think Park Yoo Sik also pretends he doesn't know and he is trying his best to get our OTP together. I was just planning on writing about this too. Great mind thinks alike chingu.
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    Your post made me re-watch their goodbye hug again and after I was done crying I took some screenshots. But can I just talk about Ji An first. Her voice when she asks for a hug breaks me. She's so open and vulnerable in front of him every single time. I don't know where Ji An gets her courage from, really. I just think she's remarkable and I love her and want her to have everything she wants. Putting the other screenshots under the cut!
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    It’s so nice to see Wookie so smiley and happy. Now if only we got an update of Hyunnie cause it’s been a while and I am missing her.
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    Two out of many things we love from uri couple, their "dirty but pretty" moments and their hugs! Cr: @jinyounglatte
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    If only looks could kill, that #SuspiciousPartner BTS Camera man would be dead by now LOL! He still looks adorable although slightly annoyed It is known that couples tend to unconsciously mimic each other as they fall in love. This behavior shows that each person is open to becoming closer and at ease with each other, strengthening the bond
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    I believe both parents know the real truth, that indeed YJ was the one kidnapped and SY is pretending. But I think the parents also acknowledge the fact that they have to go along with SY's delusion that he was the one that was kidnapped. I guess that is why the mother never specifically said the name of the children. She did say Hyun - which is actually YJ's real name. But MS doesn't know that. But you are right, I too believe that the parents are fully aware of it, but they go along with it in order to keep the peace in the family. That's why even though I am not happy that the mom didnt correct MS's thinking of who her oppa is. I am glad she gave her enough clues that will eventually show that YJ is her oppa, not SY. I really feel for YJ, what you said is so true about YJ. Why he pretending, he was 8 when it happen but yet he realise the need for him to pretend. He saw his family falling apart, and so in order to protect, he continues to live a 'false' life so to speak. I think there is a bit of a confusion, right now both brothers have sort of had a memory swap. In actuality, YJ was the one kidnapped and SY was the one that caused it to happen (well he didnt cause it, more like he didnt prevent it) However, right now YJ has pretended to forget everything, while SY believe it was him that got kidnapped instead. As to is SY pretending on purpose, he isnt. SY has always been mentally weak and as such, when YJ got kidnapped. SY was overcome with such guilt that somehow he made a switch (in his mind) that it was him that got kidnapped and YJ did not help or prevent it from happening. haha well if we bring in the context of the backstory. I believe that YJ from the start has always loved MS. After they parted ways when they were children, he went back to find her but however, MS's family had moved out. So the trail went cold for all those years until the fateful meeting where he discovered there was someone named KMS who was working for the company as a temp. That's why he went to that staff dinner, (he normally doesnt) so when he did - he discovered it was KMS the girl he had been looking for all this while - hence he encouraged her to apply to be his secretary, he wanted MS close. As for whether YJ wanted to date MS, maybe for him (at least at that point) was that as long as she was beside him, he could continue to watch her and make sure she was alright. I think once she announced her decision to leave, well that make him turn and really have him look inward as to what does he feel towards MS. At least that's what I think
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    Yes, I'm really happy that PMY got the role. Really hope this will just be the beginning of more TVN dramas for her. This way she'll get to act with less restrictions and that would be good to hone more her acting skills. I love TVN .... almost all of my favorite dramas are under their production.
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    Everytime I see this picture, I imagine a spin off where Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An take a side job together as amateur detectives, solving petty crimes around Hugye neighborhoods, such as finding missing things, catching a prankster and stuff... Their methods often clash, because PDH thinks hers are "illegal and unsavory", while LJA thinks his are "lame and unnecessary complicated".... But, it's highly effective! And sometimes Ki Beom helps them with some hacking... Sorry, I just miss them so much...
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    @minseojoon, @yuyu0389, @lyca mena, @Mayapotz, @baby.hae --- please, check whether I am still a reasonable person or not. This is weekend, I don't have much to do than doing this. LOL On Chemistry of PSJ and PMY: #1 Both people light up - This is instantly when they meet. --- first script reading #2 Lots of smiling. --- press conference, BTS, interviews #3 Closeness. --- press conference, interviews, BTS #4 Physical contact. Playful, innocent touching is a big sign of chemistry between two people. It can be as simple as bumping shoulders or as extreme as sitting on someone’s lap. ---- interviews, practice, BTS #5 They have the same sense of humor. --- interviews and BTS #6 Shared interests. --- past interviews (some hobbies matches, they love fashion, PSJ wants girlfriend who can cook (PMY is good in cooking), their views on marriage and dating and their dogs are the same breed) #7 Their body positions mirror each other. --- interviews (I saw someone who collected the mirroring of their body) #8 A sense of comfort, even with strangers. ----- still need to find argument on this one. #9 Easy flowing conversation. --- interviews, press conference #10 Genuine behavior. --- they praised each other well and very genuine #11 It’s clear they’ve known each other for a long time, even if they haven’t. ---- press conference usually is not far away from first meeting and they already look like close to each other #12 Banter flows easily. --- the interview with just two of them after press conference, the interview when PSJ stop PMY talking by covering her mouth
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    @maddymappo ... You said it chingu , since this is a dramaland it is possible.You are correct LYJ is gorgeous and I believe she is attracted to him but due to his arrogance ( which is definitely an armor)it would put her off from daydreaming about him. I think the attraction was already there but she just never noticed it. I feel that LYJ was already grooming her to be his wife. She prepared his clothes for work and served him tea. When he would do nice things for her and she would assume he was being nice to her because of work when it was to make things easier for her. ALso she said it herself she worked so hard because she needed to pay off her father's and sister's death. It was a sacrifice well deserved. I think if she wanted time off , LYJ would have let her date because like he said " he can handle anything about her because he is confident". She was the one who had control of the reigns of their relationship. LYJ has some serious issues that is why he did not date seriously or let any female near /touch him. I also think this is a rule his own mother had to follow. I think he is suffering from PTSD concerning woman. His own mother noticed that KMS was the only female aloud to touch him.
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    haha! awww chingu, I understand - no worries I will be waiting! Yeah I am glad the mother gave enough clues that MS will eventually realise. 1. Cold 2. Cardigan 3. Hyun - name 4. Scar 5. Nightmare/trauma i guess maybe MS would be finding out more? Plus the fact that her memories and SY's memories differ quite greatly. haha glad you are enjoying it. I guess when you are mentally unstable, with overwhelming guilt it cause something to snap inside you. I just feel bad because I wish the parents try to get help for SY and YJ respectively, if it had been done both boys won't be carrying around such scars and pain. Yeah indeed, it would also be focus on YJ and MS as a couple. Remember this is really MS and YJ's first real relationship, so they are both shy and yet super cute going around it. Haha yeah indeed, I absolutely love Mr Park, he is a really really good friend to YJ and it is really nice to see how he supports and encourages him.
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    just dropping after watching streaming and want to say WOW. i'm frustrated and angry and heartbroken but it was awesome anyway... i need raws and subs though
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    Just because the lyrics he composed are very fit with the romantic hints from KangHa/MinWon couple....love this song very much...I believe this song is the love confession of KangGun to Wonnie only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNm04X9mllc
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    Why do I feel like the best friend knows that YJ was actually the boy from MS’s past...? He always seems to insert a few suggestions about it with MS and brings it up randomly in conversations with her.
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    @Libi Libi This is new to me. Which post that PMY deleted? OMG. This is a full translated press conference. Just for our records.
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    Doesn't she (or at least she used to) coordinate his wardrobe for him? She picked out his ties, so presumably injected some of her taste over time.
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    Welcome back, @Ahpheng! Apparently, you've been lured by our sexy VP and his sexytary. As if you're not fed up yet with my Taehwan defense and fawning lol, his acting does give justice to the material he's given. Other minor characters in this drama have positive mindset, so they're so comical and likeable even though they have their own struggles. But SY bears the years of coping with childhood trauma. He feels like he's the victim but he also feels like he himself is understanding enough in consideration of his parents. You see both his restraint and anger when YJ pushes his buttons. Again, I believe SY is crazy. He isn't deliberately annoying his brother and trying to get Mi So to spite on him. His attraction to Mi So and animosity towards his brother stems from his belief that he was the one kidnapped with her. And that belief is not a deliberate lie, if I may say. Something happened to his memory and cognition.
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    Throwback Saturday "I love making you laugh because for those few seconds, I made you happy and seeing you happy, makes me happy too"
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    Like I said before I really love this drama because its so light and breezy most all the characters are likeable in their on way thats really rare.
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    Now that I think about it, after that day, my life was a series of days for me to fall for you again and again. Even at this very moment, I fall for you again.
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    Its a wrap.They have finished filming. Seo Ye Ji
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    It's nice to see PMY getting equal attention as her lead actors these days. She was overshadowed by LMH, that Healer guy (forgot thr name) and many more in her previous works. And PSJ needs to do a Melo ASAP. If they are making a remake of MISA, pls try and get PSJ as Cha Moo Hyuk!
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    I also want to see the kind of proposal he will do for her. But after they have their first night We need to see their compatibility in bed, right?
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    @mylovelystar That pencil sketch of LJA looks just like actress Kim You Jung (whom I adore)! hehe @sadiesmith Thanks for the link to LSK's variety show appearance, dearie. I thought he was absolutely endearing in his 1N2D appearance (1 Night 2 Days Season 1, Best Friends Special - for those interested in checking it out). @arctichare You inspired me to make GIFs of the hug scene... I was honestly dreading revisiting that scene cuz it's so emotional. Kudos to you for being an awesome screencapper! Perfectly captured screenshots! You're right, the man's trying his darndest not to break down. A meta comment from ep 3... Replace the words "hate" and "hatred" with "love". Don't you think that's closer to the truth by the end of the show (no matter if you're for a platonic or romantic love)? They do end up loving each other extremely, without limit. Complete love.
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    I actually think its our Ha Jae Yi who will be calling the shots in the negotiation(deal) with AOJ to get him to agree.She is the one holding up that black book in the stills.In another still while the boys(BSP+AOJ) are doing it the "gangster way" pointing a gun at each other and fighting.The latest still shows Ha Jae Yi holding a gun(almost the same one as AOJ).Could it explain why Choi Min Soo has an arm sling in the BTS photos? like he was shot in the arm?
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    Even if she suspects and I would not say she knows but suspects that JY's mom is alive, what could she do about it? The thug that she hired is under DW gang watch to be tried by BSP, She thinks he is in Seoul as she advised and not to ever talk to her again but he is not in Seoul because he is wherever the gang is keeping him hostage. She is on the defensive. She can't hire AOJ or his people who don't have loyalty to her. She is being forced by BSP and the prosecuting lawyers to be the judge in the Nam case. She has a lot to worry about when AOJ is also threatening that he would do to her what he did with the club 7 lawyer, and AOJ is wanting to hire BSP as his lawyer. She running out of cards to throw on the table and time.
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    Think it would have been difficult .. office romances between a superior n a surbordinate are a minefield ( #metoo) So I was glad that he kept it professional...obviously had a no touch policy...lol But of course when she resigned plus his desperation...all bets are off... So I didn't take that as a superior/surbordinate situation so much after she gave notice..though I know the power dynamics was disturbing for some of the viewers. But given how kms did speak her mind...obviously their working relationship was probably a little more equal n she took his instructions as personal challenges (cue robotic sound effects prior to the sports day) rather than orders from above per se... My two cents
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    The drama version is superb.. they don't have to follow webtoon scene order, some of the last chapter appear early (like when LYJ sees LSY grab KMS's hand) The drama is also more reliable and logical. The sweet scene makes me tearing up, cannot wait to see the episode when KMS remember everything, on how LYJ get his scar it might be appear either in the festival of yumyung land / yumyung store branch. Not even in one episode this drama lacks its sweet or romantic scene.
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    Ctto So in love with this twitter thread. Feels like the before and after pic and both are so sweet!
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    I’m assuming that AOJ will get trashed in the fight but do you all think he will somehow work out a deal with BSP? @LyraYoo Boss , what episode are you at ?
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