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    Hey folks! We are your new event organizers here to create some fun. We have been brainstorming about what we would like to do and we would love to hear from you as well. Going forward, we are looking at creating two styles of events for the community to enjoy. The first style is the competition events where forum members will get the opportunity to win custom badges, reputation points, goodies. Have you checked out the holiday hunt? Are you in team idol or team saesang? Have fun! The second style, which may be new to some of you will be mini-events. The prizes will be the fun, laughs, chatter and community engagement. What do we mean? Omo, when will they kiss? Won't it be super fun to have a kiss bet?? Can we throw a bucket of water on this character? He is the bestest villain! -- kekekek.... all ideas for polls we would like to hold. Is your favourite oppa celebrating his birthday? Is your inner fan girl all excited because the best k-pop band (in your opinion) is celebrating 5 years? Why not hold a virtual party and invite the rest of the forum to join you in your thread? Intrigued? Any community games you would like to play? Let us know your ideas and we will see what we can cook up. hahahhaha... Keep checking out this events section for more updates as we twirl our creative wands to try create some fun moments. -- lmangla, @xscalsve
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