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  1. BOYS OVER FLOWERS EPISODE 24 Nationwide rating 30.2/Seoul 29.2 The episode opens with jandi telling her omma that she would be happy living with her family. Omma tells her that living in the fishing village is no way to live. Ga Eul and Yi Jeong grow closer as they talk about Jandi and GJP. Jun Hee becomes worried as GJP rejects his food. Sec Lee brings Jun Hee to see her comatose father as she worries about GJP> Jun Hee sobs at the sight of her father. Now why did Sec lee chose this moment to tell Jun Hee about the father? I got the feeling that the father was also
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  2. K-Lookbook: Lee Min-ho (Legend of the Blue Sea) Date: June 7, 2017 Author: maknaeahjumma Lee Min-ho has been a victim of bad hairstyles or over-the-top chaebol outfits since his first megahit series, Boys Over Flowers. But the things is, no matter how his stylists connive to make him look hilarious, his handsome face alone always saves him. Luckily for him, his Legend of the Blue Sea character seems to have a knack for being snazzy. Feast your eyes with Lee Min-ho’s drop-dead gorgeousness.
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  3. @CarolynH Thank you chingu for that excellent post BOYS OVER FLOWERS –EPISODE TWENTY FOUR There is no doubt that Mama Kang wanted the best for her son, however, she did things in a very manipulative way, causing everyone to suffer. Staging her husband’s death to get Jun Pyo under her control, how can a mother be that villainous? JP: Being the child of that kind of person, being a member of that kind of family, if even I hate it, then how do you think she’ll feel? WB: It’s Geum Jandi so it could be different. JP : That’s even more reason why I can
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