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    Well i think the future changes constantly based on the actions he takes in the present time. Ofcourse with the knowledge of already knowing what will happen in the future. I hope i make sense. Lol. So he saved Marin in hopes of changing the future (in which both of them die together). I did thought leaving her die by that truck of doom will be more logical, you know, because then it would create a future without the girl that he was supposed to die with. That would also change the future considerably. But then someone pointed out that the 2019 future that he saw might be a one where he was not at all acquainted with Marin. Complete strangers they might have been. So befriending her now will be useful to rewrite the future. That might be his thought. I have lots of questions, i dont want to bombard you people with that in a single post. Lol. So i'm taking it slowly. I love all the analyses in this thread so far. Looking forward to more.
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    I liked the second episode even better than the first!!! It's going to be so hard waiting a week for episode 3! This is probably the best production-wise tvN has done yet with any of their dramas. Sure, they normally put out a lot of pretty shows to begin with, but with this, each episode feels like a MOVIE. I like how people have described it as "calming" and "soothing"... It doesn't feeling the need to move at break-neck pace—taking it's time giving us all the details, but it's not slow either. I think that the other time-traveling ahjussi must have some kind of stake in SJ and MR's relationship, he wouldn't need to be so invested in getting SJ to save and marry MR otherwise... But I don't think he can be older SJ... since he starts to disappear if he runs into another version of himself...
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    this was me watching ep 2 and ljh goodness his charms, he's just so... lol can't describe it ❤
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    From having read and watched many time travel books and movies, if the writer is going with the commonly used rules...we're in for a who,e lot of confusion LOL and you got to pay attention to every little detail. So from my understanding of things: 1. Two selves, within one same timeline cannot meet or else one will have to disappear (perhaps return to their timeline or evaporate making one one the constant). This makes sense when you think on it. You can't have two young SJs running around like twins mucking up each other's lives and confusing the heck out of people. There can only be one SJ (time traveling or not) in one time line at a time. Like if Sunday May 1 2016 at 10am SJ were to travel and meet Sunday May 1st at 1:30 pm SJ, one of them has to disappear and evaporate (or return to their time line) because there can be only one present SJ in their present time line. This is why I believe thiat the traveler ahjussi is SJ and is not disappearing because he is of a different time line. He's from the long distant future to come and not the present and immideat time line so he doesn't need to evaporate. He's SJ but not the SJ we (or he) knows and can recognize therefore he can stay because his existence within the timeline doesn't muck with the rule of an existing present one constant within their timeline SJ. There is one SJ and they are all SJ but since they are all coming from different periods and sometimes different timelines in life, the question isn't who are you, but instead, when are you? Each SJ carries knowledge that SJ doesn't have because he hasn't lived it yet (like not having yet lived courting and married for 2 days so freaking out at fresh out the shower MR). In episode 2 when SJ does return to the future, he's aware he's suppose to marry MR but he didn't go back to that timeline/period in his life because we see and he notes that his apartment/house is free of the wedding pictures. What I'm not clear on is if life goes on with the right SJ in his timeline while future SJ travels? Like while SJ is in 2019, 2016 SJ is still present in 2016 and living life? 2. In episode 1 MR finds a photofolio in her house that she doesn't recognize. Inside there are a lot of nice black and white pictures, and to me it looked like pictures of a man and woman. I believe it's pictures full of the good life that SJ/MR will live. My question is, which SJ maybe left it there and why? (Is it SJ who left it?). It was interesting how they noted that photofoilo and I'm curious to see if it is significant or if maybe I'm reading too much into it. 3. SJ saving MR, I honestly don't think she died from that accident. I think she was seriously injured in a way that altered her life but not dead, if she's was to die then, we're all pondering "why save her if she dies three years later?" Why indeed? One theory I have is that the SJ that saved her, did not know she dies in three years. At the time of saving her, he had yet to visit the future and have that future information? He perhaps in a future reads or sees the accident and felt some pull or was even pushed to do so (maybe the recording and diaries have some future SJ instructions on things that must happen?) That brings me to my second theory of left instructions or notes to his past and or future selves on some need to know and need to occur things (I believe that what ahjussi was recording, notes to self.) 4. It also looks like SJ can't change the past (which is maybe why we have yet to see him go in the past i.e. try to prevent the train accident and save his parents among others) and things set to happen, will happen. He can alter it, but not erase it. Case in point although he saves MR from her accident, for her being in an accident is meant to happen so still does happen. Though SJ altered the circumstances/outcomes (instead of truck of doom squash, MR is scared by a car and faints in the meddle of traffic LOL) an "accident" still occurs for her. This leaves me curious if there are still timelines where SJ doesn't prevent the accident and MR dies or is hurt and SJ goes on never knowing her? If so can he visit those timelines or do they so greatly diverge that the space time, time travel rules does not allow for if? Or maybe everything is happening exactly how they've always meant to happen? Is the big lesson going to be that what's meant to happen, has happened, does happen, and will happen? Yes, I believe SJ is in some sort of loop of life that all leads to one outcome MR in his life. The drama is so good and has me wondering on everything. I can't wait to get more answers (and questions) and dig deeper into their world and especially the rules of the time traveling.
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    I am planning on watching this series... is it really good?
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    This show seems to deliver on all fronts and exceeded all my expectations. Everything about it is incredible. It is going to be a long, enjoyable ride, folks!
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