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    I'm really impressed and touched by our C-Minoz (in Mainland China). Mango TV (China) will live Seoul Int'l Drama Awards on internet tonight and Mango TV set a poll for the best popular Hallyu Star - one vote by one Weibo account, and Minho is at the top from the beginning. But, 2 days before ending, they suddenly added another voting method - three votes by one mobile phone number, and Minho was behind the top for over one million votes at yesterday morning (Minho got around 400 thousand, but the top was around 1.5 million). C-Minoz wondered it was the nightmare again ? But for Minho, even it is an unfair poll, must not give up. They found the unlimited voting way and hanged on for whole night. So, after one day and one night, a surprising result came out : It's so amazing and only 3 hours left, applaud for Minho and C-Minoz. The live will be on http://www.hunantv.com/v/2015/sedsj/# at 17:30, 2015/09/10. (China time). Can't not watch above live outside China.
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    More from TNGT : cr purple_candy Fan edit : cr MINAMI
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