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    while looking at the wedding bts, i remember the words k-ppl said last year "after i heard their dating news, the wwwsk wedding scene looks like a rehearsal for psj&pmy's real wedding."
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    Such a good loving Mother I don’t know which one is funnier him preparing to say words dress like a man or the moment he say it
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    Episode 5 preview MR: So, you’re saying that I should be an intern for 3 months? College Boy: Anyway I think about it, she’s strange. There is something there. PD: Dong Chan! Don’t raise an uproar. DC: Why do I have to tell lies like that?! DC: You knew as well, but just like the other people on the program, you didn’t try to find me either? MR: Do we have to keep living this way? MR: It’s really fascinating. MR: Why were we locked in the freezer truck? Why (the truck)? DC: Hey, are you okay? Mi Ran! Go Mi Ran! Hey! Wake up! DC: I’m sorry. So, second lead college boy is not doing it for me at all. He hasn't had much screen time, but DC is just too compelling as the male lead to take the second lead seriously at all. For me, at least. In episode 4, DC mentions during their dinner that it feels as if they were back 20 years ago to him, but he realizes that while he hasn't been able to change that HY must have changed a lot. HY simply asks DC whether he still sees her as a woman to which he says yes. This seems to indicate that DC and HY may slowly start seeing each other. However, the preview is showing DC's heartbreak as he realizes that the people closest to him, who knew that he had taken part in the experiment chose not to try to find him at all, and there was no mention of the experiment in the police reports or the media back then. That is the shock that DC feels in episode 4 as he's digging into the records from his past. And, as angry as he is about what he sees as HK's betrayal, finding out about HY closing her eyes to the situation and taking the anchor job instead is going to hurt him so much. In DC's mental timeline, he's still in love with HY and so even with 20 years having flowed, his emotions were all still there. However, realizing that HY was willing to let him go without a word of protest, it'll force DC to re-evaluate what they really meant to each other, so that he can get over HY. I actually think that this is a decent way of wrapping up DC's feelings for HY, so that he can start developing some feelings for MR. It's also curious as to why DC doesn't tell MR about the body temperature issue yet since DC gets confirmation about that in ep 4. I think the freezer truck in the preview may actually be DC's doing in order to make MR more comfortable if the weather is getting warmer. The plot line about the scientist is still not resonating with me, and the introduction of the corporate heavy who is trying to erase the frozen human experiment feels as if it's written in too broadly comic strokes. However, perhaps it's too early to say. It still feels as if the drama is still setting up the various characters. I'm still mostly watching for the leads rather than the story line or the world, but hopefully, it'll settle down further and make the story more of an emphasis versus the set up.
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    Like others pointed out, jsm was not showing any interest in hwan chi yeol's team. chi yeol even mentioned that he had won with jsm and might have expected her to pick him again. his syllables were also pretty easy to answer, yet jsm was not moving from her place. jsj can be seen prompting her, but she didn't move. even when the first female guest recited her syllables, jsm was not answering. like kjk said, she is good with words yet was not answering. i felt she was pretending not to know them. i thought she wanted to stand beside kjk for a while longer. it is only when they assemble for the line ups that kookmin get to stand near each other, so perhaps that was a reason. kjk looked so thrilled when jsm won. he looks happiest when she wins against him/his team. the twinkle in his eyes is precious. whenever he gets a chance to praise her, he keeps praising her - like how trendy her lyrics were. similarly when yjs said her "pick me" line was funny, he joined in saying "it was perfect". it reminded me of last episode when yjs said "So Min is charming" and kjk out of nowhere had to add that she is the type you find more the more attractive as you see her. also, when jsm was reciting her poem, kjk looked so rapt in attention. i think he enjoys listening to her voice. whenever she says something, he is all ears. there were kookmin fans wondering on ig whether kjk would have been so enthralled with jsm's lyrics when they were not close. may be not to this extent, but one of the first times i noticed how fascinated kjk was with jsm was when she brought her childhood diaries and started talking about them. he even told jsj to shut up so that he could listen to her. it was the same with the christmas letter where he looked fascinated. i also felt kjk put a lot more effort into his poem this time than he would have before. earlier, he would have just wanted it to have a twist, but now i think he cares about how the words sound too.i also found it funny how kjk's poem for ysc was so sweet like what jsm would write while jsm's poem for jsj was the kind of poem kjk would write. it is like their personalities switch at times. i was also reminded of how kjk's dad was seen reading a book of poetry on their Canada trip. @MonaLisa97 Thank you for your support. i am in the process of making my video. i really enjoy reading your insightful posts from an april born's POV. keep them coming.
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    Managed to watch both episodes 1 and 2. Thank God Netflix updates the next day after the original airing. I hope it will be consistent since other series on Netflix sometimes post new episodes late. Anyway, I checked the ratings and the second half of episode 4 got the highest ratings. I understand why. I cried buckets, especially in the train station scene. Hearing that DB wanted to hear thank you, that it must be amazing to be viewed by others as helpful, AND THEN seeing YS feel for her and understand where she is coming from. I want these two to be happy!! I also love that YS's mom has been looking out for DB and her son. Also, since this series was written by the screenwriter for Fight for My Way, I can see patterns of how they write male leads. Both Park Seo Jun's character and YS are the type who "don't think much" but let their emotions just take control, although PSJ and KHN approach it differently (sidenote: I like KHN's better). I like it. It's refreshing to see men just go for it, you know, because I like the idea that they don't hesitate to feel and you know it's pure, unadulterated love without the complexities. *I feel a KHN obsession coming on, although I've loved him since Twenty. This series may up that obsession a bit lol Edit: One more thing, I think this series' charm is because of how the little neighborhood Dongbaek lives in is such a character in itself. It's one of the reasons why I love Reply 1988, and that element is here too. I LOVE IT. It shows you the writer's talent and commitment in building a story. Yes, some of the women in the neighborhood are so ugh, and the landlord is such a sexist (although I love the actor lol) but it's a familiar community because it exists in real life.
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    2016. 12. 03 2017. 09. 13 2018. 01. 06 IG @parkpark_couple_luv i really want to look for the persons and ask them the truth.
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    based on rm's and variety show history, if there is a loveline on the show, it is most probably an indication that the feelings aren't serious enough. lovelines require exaggeration and acting for the sake of it. if you have serious feelings that need careful handling, neither you nor the members would make it as part of a loveline. so just take lovelines on shows for what they are meant to be. jsm's policy after her public breakup has been that she will make her relationship public only when she is sure of marriage. she also said that when she is in love, only her close friends know. so i really don't think jsm would enter into a loveline with ysc where she is naming the man she is interested in, if her feelings are deep enough as the song confesses. all we know from the song is that there is a guy out there she likes, we don't know who he is because she hasn't told us. that is what you do when you want to protect the developing relationship. in ysc's case too, i don't think he is foolish enough to let a real life relationship be risked for the show. He also had gfs while doing RM. he had one when he went to NZ with haha where he video-called someone, then there is the air hostess lks mentioned who raised his temperature more than the questions about jsm and though he says he doesn't have one right now, all those pointed questions about his nickname for his gf in one of the quizzes were just too coincidental. whenever questions about his gf come up, he goes tongue-tied which all show that he wants his private life to be protected. i also go by the vibes i get. there are chances that jsm and ysc could develop serious feelings in the future where a close friendship could turn into love but then the song would be different and their personal vibe will be different. the man in the song seems more kjk than ysc. i read this yesterday from a chinese kookmin shipper - even kjk's 'one man' has the line "There’s a man. Who can’t even say I love you" which goes along with jsm's song. ysc and jsm have a close and comfortable friendship but the kind of tension you expect when there is physical attraction is missing for me. jsm can joke she wants the yang brothers to fight over her because she knows it is all for fun. the mock-flirting she does with ysc, she does with the male guests and even with se chan's brother. though kwangmin was not a loveline, even there jsm could ask lks, 'do you like me?' with kjk though, she can never ask that question and even when haha asks her 'do you like him', the otherwise eloquent jsm doesn't have the words to confirm or deny them. then there is all that weird tension where jsm acts completely unlike her playgirl self. i also don't think kjk, of all people, would be needed to intervene in this case because ysc-jsm have the closeness to handle it themselves. they knew each other even before joining the show, even before knowing the other members, so they must have common friends and also hang out together. i also don't see much help from kjk with their loveline. all the ysc-jsm moments happen when kjk is absent from the scene which is a weird coincidence. when he is present in a scene where he is with just the two of them, he in fact does the opposite. when ysc interrupted kjk-jsm when they were having steak, both of their expressions were like 'why are you here? can't you read the scene?' jsm should have looked shy and happy to see ysc when she least expected it but her expression was like 'why did you have to be here?' kjk, if he knew jsm was writing a song asking ysc to confess, should have left them to themselves or even made them sit together. instead, he threatened to punch ysc so that he would end up unconscious outside and even in the picture they took with the restaurant manager has put himself between ysc-jsm and has his arm around her. kjk, if he was so perceptive, would also not have gone ahead with the couple dance with jsm. it was an intimate dance and jsm was even ready to dance with ysc so as not to burden kjk. if so, he should have read the scene and scolded ysc for not acting like a man. but kjk maintained the dance wouldn't work out with others - either lks or ysc. i think the reason jsm and ysc kind of seek out each other at the end of fanmeets is because they are the new members of the show. they aren't used to doing fanmeets. every fanmeet is for them the precious moment of being accepted as RM members by the fans. here though, the surprise was that kookmin, instead of celebrating with members with same memories, chose to celebrate with each other. i also don't think yjs meant it literally when he said jsm must be the happiest person there. she didn't look happy when she realised there were going to be no male guests and the members would act as if they didn't want to be partnered with the female members. she also didn't show any particular inclination towards ysc in the selection round. as long as members had to fight for her, she was happy. even the loveline moment with ysc where she confessed he is her dream man was an imitation of sunny's words to kjk. for jsm who must be happiest to just stand with ysc, didn't it seem like she was still too caught up in kjk-sunny conversation? so when yjs says jsm must be the happiest today, perhaps he was trolling her? yjs is the one who set the loveline up before the fanmeet, but this episode, he didn't mention ysc at all when talking about jsm's ideal type. yjs said she will set her up on a blind date like he usually does and when kjk said, "her charm is the kind which grows on you", his question was addressed to kjk - "did you not realize her charm in the beginning"? jsm's word was 'fools' perhaps meaning that that yjs (and kjk) set her up with fools, not that her man is a fool. as to the song being in banmal, isn't that what suits a straight-talking song where jsm goes all out 'ya kim jong kook .. confess or disappear'. she does address him as kim jong kook when she is mad and he is not around, so for a song like this, i wouldn't be surprised if she uses that tone. in ysc-jsm's first anniversary episode, jsm wanted the members to use banmal for one hour. she must have meant talking to the older members in banmal so i get the feeling her secret wish is to speak informally to some of them which includes kjk. finally, a song is a song even if it is written for someone. it is meant to entertain an audience and make them identify with the situation described. the lyrics have been credited to both jsm and young bae, so he must have also given inputs on how to present the song.
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    i think with kookmin, we need to take things calmly. it's too early for anything to be said, but based on whatever i have seen, some things seem clearer than the rest. jsm's song, while it might reflect real life experiences, was written to be performed for an event and would have been generic and general enough for the audience to identify with. i don't think she or even yjs would allow her to write things in there that can give indications of her real life status. yet, i think there is something deeply personal and true in that song which we also find in the poems she posts, which are very different from the flippant way in which they treat her love life on RM. i think yjs was worried about that song since it can, like he kept saying, make the guy uncomfortable. it is definitely pressurizing if the guy is not ready. i feel the rm guys all know jsm's guy - in the waffle episode when jsm was asked about the nickname she would like for her boyfriend and she said "gas station of love" . kjk said "a song might be written with that title" and looked pleased, jsj immediately made up a song about it and haha too joined in. i also feel that whatever ambiguous relationship kookmin have, it has gone past the "do we have feelings for each other" phase. i feel they both have feelings and the confession jsm is talking about could be more about him making the big confession. kjk had previously said that he doesn't believe in saying "i love you" casually to his girlfriends since if they break up later, those words would be meaningless. from whatever kjk has said on his shows, i think the idea of getting married pressurizes him and he likes to take things slowly and steadily. so a confession for him would be a big deal. that could be one of the reasons yjs looked worried about the song since he knows it could potentially freak kjk out. coincidentally, i could see some of that when kjk was listening to the song. that is what makes me feel he could be the guy. kjk looked really nervous and tensed in a way he needn't have been. kjk is too experienced to be that nervous about his song and jsm's song was getting really positive feedback from the audience. yet, i think the song also worked some magic by the way kjk reacted to jsm afterwards. after observing kookmin interactions on the show and earlier fanmeets, i had thought this fanmeet would be very emotional for kjk and had prepared myself to see him celebrate with the old members first. love is love, but since this was about rm and he has the most memories with the others, i thought it would be the most natural outcome. the best i had hoped for was a little side hug to jsm which jsm would reciprocate briefly. that was all i had hoped for, but what i saw left me speechless.it must have been emotional for all the members. it is their first korean fanmeeting in 9 years and that dance routine demanded months of hard work and effortless team work. jsj said in his radio show that he felt really emotional after the dance. it must have been doubly so for kjk since he was fired from the show. the original members go so far back, so it makes sense for him to celebrate with them first. yet, the first person he looked to celebrate with was jsm and that too in a really intimate hug that we have never seen on the show. their dance move was difficult and i am sure jsm must have gone out of her way to lessen the strain on his back during practice, but almost everybody worked hard on that dance. going by what yjs and kjk said, the members had promised beforehand not to do emotional stuff and kjk is someone who holds back the most. this may be me projecting, but i think there were emotions there he didn't want to hide and those were reserved for a person he has known only for the last 2-3 years. as far as we saw, he didn't hug anybody else and joined the group huddle after jsm joined it. lks had to pull him inside the huddle next to jsm and there too, after yjs touched her head, she put her face close to kjk's shoulder in a really intimate move. during the song and talk later, kjk was content to stand next to jsm and talk to her though there were many things going around him. it was also not like jsm was really emotional and needed support. that was a really unguarded moment when i felt i saw something of the real them. there were no pds to tell them what to do and i don't think they cared during that moment about what the older members would say. so that is a big plus for me. yes, he must have freaked out, but he enjoyed that feeling as well. kjk had limited his interactions on sns till the last fanmeet episode was over. there were days when he wouldn't even like posts by his friends. it was the day after the fanmeet that i saw him liking some posts after a while. two days later, he posted his first photo after 2-3 weeks and that too in which he was mainly talking about jsm and tagged her. she was also bold enough to comment on his post and since then looks bolder about it. kjk has also invited her for his year-end concert in public. i don't go by what i see on rm to judge kookmin interactions since all the best things have always happened off the show. after the fanmeet, kjk and jsm hung out with yjs, lks and jsj judging by what yjs said. kookmin also went to the lks movie together a few days before the episode was shot. jsm's brother tagged jsm on his calobye post. so plenty of things are happening off the show. i think the rm members like yjs who knows them personally and haha who is finding similarities between his daughter and jsm know how to give good advice. if things have to work out in a relationship, they have to go through a process. let things proceed naturally and steadily for now. PS: i am really happy about the support jsm is getting from haha, kjk and her friends on instagram. i believe haha realized after what happened that he needs to be careful with his words on insta in a situation when jsm is getting so much hate. haha has been really positive. byul posted a really beautiful post about jsm and kjk has also been actively talking to jsm on his insta though he likes to troll her. jsm's agency has also stepped up, verified her account and we are getting a lot of positive response to her on korean news sites. i have to say though that jsm being the beautiful soul she is, has really great friends (in and outside RM) who call her beautiful and show the world their support.
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    He should keep playing this rather than stunt act @lightbringer06 for someone didn’t come to morocco before he run freely like a bird
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    hahaha.... idk but for me, I was rooting for Jisoo in that Page Turner :)) but yeah, still YoonHyun for me too.. hehe Now that you mention again that scene, it seems she is flustered... ha ha.. and maybe that's why JDY is just staring at her (and ahem his gaze is just something.. haha) and probably thinking what's funny . Also, I just read a comment in YT of the full radio interview they just had, saying how JDY remembered the username of one commenter who said i love you to KSH who commented again after like 20 plus mins... haha.. and I played the timemarked parts and it's true. JDY being attentive, huh .. here's the full vid and the time marks are at 19:17 and then 41:36 ^^... So excited for eps 9-10 ~ ♡♡♡♡♡ Look at JDY copying KSH ... ctto
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    Preview translation for ep 7 MR: At least he had a girlfriend before he was frozen. What about me?! (meaning how she had no one, including possibly no marriage prospects since there is the age thing with her legal and biological age being different and may be hard for potential partners to deal with) DC: From now on, TV variety programs are going to be different! Because Ma Dong Chan has returned! DC: Why is your pulse racing all of a sudden? Were you fluttering? (meaning whether MR had become excited to see DC) MR: What is he saying? Is he a player or what? HY: So that you’re not in danger ever again, I’ll protect you. JE: Noona, you’ve dated before, haven’t you? And, have been in a “some”? (a "some" is a meaningful flirtation between a couple who are interested in each other, but before they officially start dating) MR: Have you had a “some” before? (seems to be speaking to DC) DC: Help me so that I can protect myself. Starting with Go Mi Ran. (I translated this line this way, because this may be a response to HY's statement earlier about protecting DC. It's a bit hard without more context and the Korean standard of not using pronouns.) Episode 6 was very cute, for the most part. DC and MR are definitely attracted to each other. DC is over HY, and in episode 6, DC even tells HY that he doesn't want to find out more about her even for fear that it'll tarnish the image that he has of the person that she was back then. That's his only way of protecting the love that they had felt for each other. While, HY is the one who wants to start again. She starts to wear the couple ring that he had given her again, and lets him know at the end of the episode, that it's meant to signify that their relationship isn't over yet since their love isn't finished yet. However, I think that DC will try to let her down gently at the start of episode 7, possibly saying that he's in danger right now and doesn't want to continue with HY. That's speculation, though. MR was already aware that DC is good looking, but she's becoming more aware of him as a man. She can't help but be touched and grateful with how he looks after her, though she also clearly finds it a little frustrating that he's so protective. Still, she's feeling lost in this world that she's woken up to, and DC is the only other person who knows how she feels, and is able to provide her with what she needs, even when she might not be aware of it, for instance, the smart watch that monitors her vital signs. It's not just gratitude that MR feels, however. She's also becoming attracted to DC. The comfortable, bickering relationship that they've established with each other has also led to an intimacy between the two of them without either of them perhaps totally aware of it. The shared glass of ice water, so casually done and received, definitely gave me an "OMO!" moment. I think that next episode, MR becoming aware that DC had had a serious gf in HY, one who is the station's top announcer at that, is going to become a bit jealous as well. Even though her words in the preview may be about her own prospects, or lack thereof, I think what she's really feeling is jealousy. And, I'm really curious about the kiss at the end of this preview. It seems as if MR is the one to kiss DC who may have been caught off guard since his eyes are open and stay open. I'm curious to see how the kiss comes about so fast. Hope it's not another imagination sequence or anything like that. I do rather love DC and MR together.
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    yja and ysa saying SJ is good at everything and does it really fast. thanks to psj, planting was finished earlier than they expected. so yja was worried that It ended too early. so psj said "shall we pull it and then plant it again?
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    There’s actually not that much. I think all the questions asked were actually filtered. Lol. And its really funny how they forbid him to hug his fans but some fans really wanted to hug him hence some fans were hugged by him. But here some of “low-key” moments of WWSK/PMY: - I don’t remember if it is in the “slam book type” or “what’s on his mind”.. just like what I said I am being delulu here but when the host asked him about his friends the camera focused the “PMY” led and I think he saw that in the screen cause when it disappeared he seems to look for it in the crowd. - Pinoy henyo or the yes or no game wherein the fans will say yes or no and Seo Jun will answer what was written behind him. First word was a show of him and first thing that pops up inside his beautiful mind is WWSK when in fact it is Hwarang - IG pictures: It was actually selected by producers BUT just like what I said everything was filtered so I think SJ and awesome gave them a go signal for this. He did not answer immediately and looked at the screen, smiled. And just what like @twoparkcouple posted here, he said that he wanted to show the world how he got along well with the director and colleague. So he wanted a picture and it was taken in the set of WWSK. - Q: Do you believe in destiny? Yes, he believes in destiny. Look for @twoparkcouple translation too, thank you for that!! - Q: What would be your perfect weekend? PSJ: To be honest my perfect weekend is to spend it at home. (Coughs: HI NEIGHBOR!) Because I normally have a busy schedule. But to be honest, nothing can top a weekend like this (with fans). - He said that he allow himself to have a blast with his character in WWSK and he had a good time filming WWSK -When asked about his fave movie he said there’s a lot but he recently watched The Notebook and About Time (he must really love the name “Rachel” ) and he’s into romantic film these days. I don’t know if I forget something but I’ll post if I remember. Still into yesterday event hype. He was really shocked when he came out. SJ did not expect more than 10k fans will show up in his fun meet.
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    Gong Hyo Jin Discusses Her Experiences As The Female Lead Of Romantic Comedy Celeb Sep 29, 2019 by L. Kim Gong Hyo Jin is well-known for being the queen of rom-com! Fans admire her ability to easily immerse herself into her characters, and she is continuing her winning streak with her current drama “When the Camellia Blooms,” as well as her upcoming movie “The Most Ordinary Romance.” “When the Camellia Blooms” is about Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin), who is stuck in a certain perception of love, and Yong Sik (Kang Ha Neul), who greatly loves and supports Dong Baek. “The Most Ordinary Romance” tells the story of Jae Hoon (played by Kim Rae Won), who has been hurt by his ex-girlfriend, and Sun Young (played by Gong Hyo Jin), who was stabbed in the back by her ex-boyfriend, as they embark on an honest relationship as two people who just experienced breakups. The two characters are similar in the fact that both are resolute and firm about their beliefs, but they show different charms. Dong Baek is a bit naive and a character who takes care of others, but Sun Young is a cold city woman who has no illusions about love at all. Gong Hyo Jin laughed as she admitted, “I think I have two faces, too. I’m both feminine and masculine, and yet I’m also soft, cold, cynical, and direct. I’m not sure which one is my true side.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1355732wpp/gong-hyo-jin-discusses-her-experiences-as-the-female-lead-of-romantic-comedy
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    I watched the first two episodes (4 mini episodes). I was surprised when I saw the murder scene in this drama. I was expecting a light, rom com but it is OK. Mystery is my favorite genre. I don`t think Dong Baek will be killed but it broke my heart to see Yong Shik walking to the crime scene thinking that the woman he loves might be the victim. There is the bracelet but they did not show the victim`s face. I also think that the the victim is Hyang-Mi. I think Dong Baek will give her the bracelet or she will give it to someone else, someone who will be with Dong Baek when the killer approach her place. Either way, I am sorry for the victim, whoever it will be. From Yong Shik`s reaction when he saw the victim, it looks like he knows the victim, he cares for her but it was not the woman he loves. I knew that Kang Jong-Ryeol is the father of Pil-Goo before he came to the playground. Now the love triangle will be formed. It was funny how all the men who like Dong Baek were there in the last scene, included No Kyu-Tae. Yong Shik is a weirdo but he is so innocent. He carries his heart on his sleeve. I also like how he empathizes with Pil Goo, he also was a boy without his father, "protecting" his mother from gossip, mean boys. At first, Deok-Soon won`t like to hear that his son likes Dong Baek. Yong-Sik`s mother bragged about a lawyer daughter in law but she will accept Dong Baek eventually. She is the only one who took her side in the neighborhood.
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    I am celebrating a year since I joined Soompi on 12 September 2018. It has been so eventful. I made wonderful friends here. . Thanks for welcoming me. -2
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    Another successful project from Jilighted Soompiers .Congratulations & thank you everybody .Coincidentally we manage to send it on 17 September aka on Hyunie's birthday .haha This weird ship is full of coincidences
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    Warning Long post Ep1 - Hand There’s a lot of focus on hands this ep. I like how the writer and PD focuses our attention on hands and the events playing around the hand scenes. It shows a connectedness or disconnect. SangHun smashing his hand first on the table...then into the glass window...blood spatters just like the blood from the previous scene (suicide). They (he and the woman) are connected. The hands of the sashimi (?) Chef sharpening his knife which he wields in defence when Detective Jo comes up behind him (he’s an ex Con that Detective Jo presumably turned from the dark side) After the altercation of SangHun and his Father in law at the study and SeoHui (LYY) chases him for an explanation, the scene ends with the camera panning in on her hand and the wedding ring. She connects the 2 men unwittingly. Detective Jo’s mother’s hands whilst shelling beans. Hardworking hands. She’s living in the countryside. And Detective Jo is heading there to care for her (she has colon cancer). He is connected to his mother- hence his decision to leave the city and take up a smaller post in the country to be with her. Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad) holds SeoHui’s hands in consolation at the wake, urging her to be strong at a time like this. He only holds her hands, nobody else’s. Does he want her on his side? Trying to connect with her. The undertaker says, “put your hands on the body of the deceased and say your last words to him”. SeoHui has a flashback where she is holding onto her father’s hand. She doesn’t want to go (with SangHun presumably to Germany?) but he tells her to go. She repeats the same phrase he used then to his body. “Have a safe trip. Take care”. The undertaker puts a glove to cover her father’s hand. Ominous. SeoHui needs to take care, her Father is no longer there to protect her. She remains connected with her Father - her reluctance to leave his side despite being married is strange for someone who is newly wed? Or maybe it just goes to show she is more connected with her Father than her Husband. Gloves on the hands of Chairman of JQ as he tends to Bonsai. Bonsai is all about control. Large trees miniaturised and confined in pots, only allowed to grow certain ways to “fit” a picture of what the bonsaist has in his mind. The man who is talking says, “he (Assemblyman Kim) caused us a lot of distress. Now that the obstacle is gone, we need someone to fill his space. This time we need someone who can bend to our will.” (Bonsai). Curious Chairman of JQ hands the plant over to the other man (I am unsure who he is) seemingly to want to keep his own hands clean and have the other man do all the work for him? Chairman says, “People think that grafting is easy but it’s more than just adding some twigs to the main stem. But the grafter must be skilled to make sure the main tree remains intact.” Ominous warning to make sure the person they “graft” on as a replacement doesn’t endanger the main tree (the whole organisation). To which the other man assures, “I will make sure I do things right.” Chairman is disconnecting himself from the “action”. His henchmen will do it for him. And the next scene we see him talking to SeoHui’s Mother to convince her to enlist SeoHui to stand in her Father’s place with a veiled threat in an envelope, “Let’s make sure we can have Assemblyman Kim leave with honour...this is the original I mentioned before”. Blackmail? He’s threatening to ruin her husband’s reputation if she doesn’t comply and convince her Daughter to do as they want. Her Mother stops her protests when at the cafe (I am assuming it’s the cafe SeoHui owns) when she expresses her reservations about taking up the role. She does this with her hand on SeoHui’s hands which were on her lap. She is trying to connect with SeoHui but she obviously isn’t as attune with her as her husband was. And the mother pretty much steamrolls the whole conversation leaving SeoHui bewildered and voiceless. And we get another tidbit of information. JQ is planning to move into the little precinct of SongJu (the precinct her Father was representing and the same precinct she needs to win in the by election now that the seat is vacant due to his untimely demise). I don’t think SeoHui and her Mother are “connecting”. Her Mother knows more than she is letting on. Detective Jo finds out that SeoHui followed SangHun at 6pm on the day of her father’s death. She was the last person to see him? I am unclear as to whether this took place before or after the altercation with the book throwing? Final scene with SangHun’s (?) severed hand in the box. And SeoHui’s hand trying to reach for his but never getting there. Both wear similar wedding bands. Her hand trying desperately to reach his? Signifying a parting which is now permanent? Also the fact that the box was placed so close to where SeoHui was speaking? A warning of sorts surely to her. It’s a signal that they mean business. They wanted her to see it. In amongst these, other bits of information Business dealing involves a renewable energy project with private-public collaboration - led by government with private investment by JQ. But Assemblyman Kim was against SangHun from becoming the CEO. Yet SangHun still ended up as CEO for some reason. And the rumour mill within JQ and the rest of the country started because SangHun didn’t seem to have the qualifications necessary for such a position and yet was placed there regardless. What we know about Assemblyman Kim He was going to run for President. Pro democracy Even though his in-law is the Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad), he was staunchly against the chaebols. In other words he couldn’t be “bought”. SangHun possibly a sham marriage? Did he marry SeoHui out of love or to gain favour with her up and coming Father headed for the Blue House? Looks to be keeping a woman on the side? Potentially the woman who committed suicide? Intensely angry that the woman in question was killed. He refused to believe she died due to suicide (the suicide note was placed so far from where she jumped...and a rock neatly placed (and it was typed? Most suicide notes are hand written?) on it. Was she silenced because potentially a scandalous affair would rock Assemblyman Kim’s chances of Presidency? Hence SH vowing to “get to the bottom of it all”. Or maybe just SH’s position as CEO in JQ? He didn’t look like he was behind the accident of his Father in law...that scene was imagined by Detective Jo. He was on the run from someone in a forest. He had no shoes on? And then the hand in the box...was it really his?
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    After her every drama ı ship her with her co-star :))) She is chemistry quenn She is always cheerful behind the camera But yes she is really comfortable with Dong Yoon and they look good friends. I am very happy for this as a KSH fan. @angrytomato and @aineofcebu mentioned she was really happy and comfortable with Taecyeon. And uptaded a lot on her ig about Let Fight Ghost . Coffe truck for Jang Dong Yoon. Cute fan art His gaze cr:Dongnok7 -twitter
  23. 12 points
    @lightbringer06 someone hide the scissor she enjoys cutting come on undress, I need to see what I am cutting oppa
  24. 12 points
    The salon attack happened years ago so it's safe to assume Dong Baek's mom may not have had dementia back then. I like her too, to be honest, except for the fact that she doesn't take responsibility for her share in the breakdown of her marriage. She represents women who want to stay married for the sake of telling everyone she is even if her marriage isn't working. I hope one day she realizes that she's partly to blame because she looks down on her husband and doesn't respect him. Realistically speaking, they should just get a divorce and start fresh, but for narrative's sake, I want to see them patch things up... to communicate so she'll see what her husband needs, and her husband will see that he can't run away from his marriage my harassing other women. I want to see them patch things up if only to see two actors I love act like a loving, married couple. Yes! She has way too many targets on her back lol The loanshark, the landlord, and the lawyer wife. Although I want to think the landlord and his wife aren't capable of murder (I think in this episode, the writer simply wanted to set up the landlord and wife having thoughts of murder just to throw suspicion at them). Hyang Mi is the corpse because she has so many reasons to steal Dong Baek's identity, and she's the one capable of doing so without feeling guilty about it.
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    @pp03041216 ig pmy backhugged psj in the bts of that scene.
  26. 12 points
    look back late last year. some of us had doubt if ppc were still together and even thought that ppc already broke up. but!! when we were anxious about ppc, ppc showed up together in Cosmo awards and sweetly talked, whispered and smiled together. moreover, even after returning to Korea, ppc had a dinner with wwwsk team in the restaurant near ppc houses. so all doubts about ppc were erased at that time. I think...If the dating rumor that ppc have been dating before wwwsk is true, ppc's relationships are stable enough now. (deleted..) Trust ppc.
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    Sharing is caring and our sweet couple were the only ones eating their snack And their hands always find each other eh?
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    LOL... that is true.. and the list is gonna go on and on from now^^.. and I agree that she has chemistry with everyone. I concur~ can't imagine anyone playing their characters. They totally nailed it! HEHE... lol.. "dethrone".. hope she does post interviews later on. I kinda wanna see a photoshoot of them for a magazine too, like Elle or something. Most couple of dramas do it so hope they do too. Just wanna see some more interactions between them ^.^ I never actually shipped her with any of his costar except for Sungjae... ha ha.. I did start Let's Fight Ghost but I think I didn't manage to finish it, it's just one of those list of dramas I start but always end up abandoning^^.. So I didn't know she even update her IG with him in it. And she also usually doesn't post a behind-the-scene pic with any of his costars, does she? I follow her in IG but I think I don't see it much. Who sent him the coffee truck though? HAHA... only ship her with Sungjae and I'm still waiting for a reunion drama with them as leads because I can't accept that they didn't end up together in School 2015 ....until came Jang Dong Yoon.. haha.. he just skyrocketed at the top of the list^^.. I'm sorry, Sungjae, it's JDY for me now Oh yeah, love this pic too... I love how careful his hand placement in KSH's waist even after they made an NG ♡♡♡ ...THIS, right?^^ which @Breeze also posted... I feel like KSH is always smiling behind the scenes... lol... from the teasers when she was teasing JDY.. even during their pre-interviews... she's always laughing besides JDY or laughing at JDY ^-^ I have a feeling she might use it when she plans to enter the palace? When she seeks revenge for her family. Remember she said that the only way she can be near the king is to enter the palace. But idk, I could be wrong. Maybe she'll use it as an accesory or whatever.
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    Aish just as Dong Baek finally get her confidence, the Joker knocks it back down again.. Dong Baek now understandably shaken by fear & paranoia is contemplating on leaving Ongsan. I highly doubt her mom has dementia tbh..she functions way too well?? Like she knows how to take public transport etc. Idk is she faking it?! And the police chief has a point, the Joker strikes whenever her mom's around. Where does she disappear to anyway?? Hyang Mi annoys the crap out of me. She's gettin' really brazen as well. To indirectly tell Lawyer Hong that she's the other woman Mr. Noh is seeing. Sheesh she's walking on a very fine line.. Jong Ryeol is just as bad. He obviously harbors hope on starting over with Dong Baek, especially knowing he has a son. Pil Goo's a chip off the old block ain't he LoL?! So he & Jessica aren't registered in terms of marriage?! I'm confused. Or did they just live together? But what of the child? I doubt her mom would approve of a child out of wedlock. South Koreans tend to go about matrimony in a roundabout way I noticed. They'd have a registered marriage but no ceremony LoL. Or they only marry because there's a chance the woman is pregnant before the wedding.
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    FEATURED K-Drama Premiere: “The Tale Of Nokdu” Fascinates With Lively Characters Hiding Perilous Secrets By abbyinhallyuland | October 9, 2019 WITH A TOP NOTCH CREATIVE TEAM BACKING UP THE TALE OF NOKDU, HIGH EXPECTATIONS IS INESCAPABLE FOR THIS KBS2 TV’S YEAR-END OFFERING. Portraying the titular role, Jang Dong Yoon as Nokdu has left lingering impression on the opening chapters of The Tale of Nokdu. With period drama darling actress Kim So Hyun, the new series easily hooks the audience with its steady and lively storytelling. Premiere Week Rating: Flaunting a solid groundwork, it is not surprising that The Tale of Nokdu achieved high ratings on its first to fourth episodes. According to Nielsen Korea, it scored 5.6, 7.1, 6.5, and 8.3% on nationwide viewership rating. Notably, the second half of the back-to-back episode format evidently peaks on a high note. PREMIERE WEEK RECAP Living in a secluded island, Nokdu only worries about petty things – like his marriage engagement to the young daughter of his martial arts teacher. So, when a band of assassins wreak havoc wounding his brother and hurting his father, Nokdu ran after the escaping assassin to trace the lead villain who orchestrated the mysterious attack his family received. While chasing after the limping assassin, he happens to be in the vicinity when a peasant challenged the King and his entourage. Receiving a stone throw, the King ordered the surrounding people to be questioned and imprisoned. At the same time, Dong Joo, a gisaeng in training who went to Hanyang pretending to be a young master, peers with disdain at the sight of the King. Imagining an attack, her plan gets thwarted by Nokdu. The two eventually land inside a prison as part of the crowd who caused disrespect towards the King. Wanting to escape the place, Dong Joo attempts to squeeze in her body, but gets trapped while doing so. Nokdu comes to her rescue after getting a force plea from her. Later at night, he even covers her with his robe when he senses her troubled sleep. REUNION AT WIDOW’S VILLAGE Nokdu’s teacher offers refuge to his hometown and they leave the island. Meanwhile, Nokdu settles to a village inhabited by widows to investigate the identity of the attackers. Soon enough, he stumbles on a clue that points to the mastermind. It turns out that Nokdu’s father, Jung Yoon Jeo (Lee Sung Joon) has a past secret that led him to be in hiding with his two sons. He is apparently an old friend of King Gwanghae (Jung Joon Ho), who was declared dead and is a target of risky ploys by the King and his loyal retainers. Heo Yoon (Kim Tae Woo), a close friend of the King and Nokdu’s father, betrayed the King by not killing Yoon Jeo and lying that the King’s infant is dead. Settled at the Widow’s village, Nokdu ends up sharing a room with Dong Joo. The latter does not recognize the young master she shared a jail room before. Stubborn and feisty, she has gained an unrequited adoration with Cha Yul Moo (Kang Tae Oh), a son of a noble family. Although at first bickering, the two develop furtive yet subconscious effort to help each other. When Nokdu realizes the ladies’ he is tracking are on a cryptic entourage at a nearby place, he follows but got found out. Chased by one of the lady assassins to the gisaeng house, Nokdu finds Dong Joon inside the dressing room. NOKDU’S SECRET Running out of a valid alibi, he tells her that he wants to cut her hair properly just as the assassin nears the room they were in. Nervous, Nokdu cuts her hair too short. Meanwhile, Heo Yoon meets the gisaeng house owner after receiving a news that a wanted man is in the place. Noticing Nokdu’s growing stubble, Dong Joo reaches out to touch it. Evading her touch, Nokdu was pushed sprawled on the floor. When Dong Joo moves, she slips and leans her hand heavily on Nokdu’s crotch raising a painful and manly scream from him. Feigning ignorance, Dong Joo already realizes he is not a woman. Dong Joo faces Nokdu ready to attack him with a pair of scissors. PREMIERE WEEK AFTERTHOUGHTS What a spirited premiere! The Tale of Nokdu is sure reminiscent of the vibe of Love in the Moonlight, but the hinted fusion of historical elements, romance and humor appear to be more amusing. I love the cross-dressing moments in The Tale of Nokdu. From their initial meeting, Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun) pretended as a man and met Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon) in her male appearance. They meet again at Widow’s village and it was Nokdu disguised as a woman, but Dong Joo does not recognize him. I can’t wait to see the aftermath of Dong Joo’s reaction as revealed in the waning seconds of the series. So far, the back stories presented for both characters yield interest, and so is the engaging pace of the narrative. Since Just Dance, I have marked Jang Dong Yoon as one of the most promising young actors with a genuine flair for acting. Opposite talented actress Kim So Hyun, and with excellent support from Kang Tae Oh, this series might join my K-Drama favorites this year. DEFINITELY A MUST-WATCH WEEKLY DRAMA TREAT Fawning on Nokdu as a man – and more so as a woman is inevitable. His interactions with Dong Joo seem to be drawing points of this series. Albeit receiving introductory ideas of its big picture, as well as, presenting staple historical drama elements; the humor and cheery moments of the premiere episodes sedate the expected heavy tones of the series. If it will be prolonged, then we will get a solid period series that would be worth following every week. Expect political struggles and Royal family issues along the way. Adding to that, a love triangle is also in the horizon for the vivacious gisaeng trainee Dong Joo, Nokdu and Yul Moo. The Tale of Nokdu airs on KBS2 TV every Monday and Tuesday. Fans can watch it on VIU. Image Credit: iMBC | KBS2 TV https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/the-tale-of-nokdu-premiere/
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    Lol.. that's what it was? I was wondering way back when I first watched the script reading vid and then Kang Tae Oh was clapping and JDY was like, "Why are you clapping?" Now I know. Yay, I can finally binge-watch the episodes then tomorrow. Am at work right now and just sneaking in to see some spoilers here . P.S. Glad to see some people joining the Nokdu fun
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    You read my mind. I was like "Wow! A deep one, that early??" (but Love Alarm's first kiss was even faster).
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    A photo of Jang Dong Yoon with Park Chul Min on the set of Tale of Nokdu/Mung Bean Chronicles posted by JDY's agency: Relationship chart previously posted by @uglypearl (thank you!) below. Reposting for the new fans who haven't scrolled through the earlier pages:
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    OMO OMO Did Yong Shik finally managed to catch the Joker!? It can't be that easy right LoL? But geez who is it though..?! The suspense is killing me Landlord Noh's wife is no joke! Right now she seem to be a likely suspect for the Joker... I don't understand Yong Shik's mom. I too thought she was fond of Dong Baek but guess not Jong Ryeol's mom is some piece of work I get you disapprove but that was a terrible thing to say! No wonder she left, though it was sort of unfair for Pil Goo. Her lying to her son isn't helping the situation either. Hyang Mi comes across as tactless & an opportunist. While I admire her gumption, her moral compass is seriously missing Ha-ha Dong Baek/Yong Shik are the Brangelina of Ongsan Honestly what's South Korea's obsession with Brangelina LoL?? And her friend running a tanning salon baffles me as South Koreans frown upon anyone with tanned skin. Then again they are nit picky on a whole lot of things Just look at the nosy ahjummas! I was hoping for a dramatic makeover but all the stylist did was curl the ends of Mr. Noh's wife's hair LoL?! She should get her facts straight before lashing out like that. That's another thing I'm bothered about. Why do the women automatically think it's Dong Baek's fault or any woman when it comes to cheating?! Do they think their husbands are saints!? And even if the men do cheat, it's fine because they (the wives) want to keep the marriage. Dear Lord.
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    I'm melted to see that psj was smiling when pmy kept backhugging him and playing peekaboo.
  40. 11 points
    Hahaha well, him just watching her while he was in the military and ending up acting with her in a drama many years later is considered as D E S T I N Y isn't it?
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    Out of all pictures, He choose the 'love pose' to be posted...
  43. 11 points
    Just finished the second episode today. Vagabond is the first k-drama I'm watching in years. Gotta say I'm really impressed where the plot is going. My jaw totally dropped and my mind was blown when Go Hae Ri started to put the pieces together from the black box retrieval.
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    I adore CGD and am already rooting for him but I have to agree with you. He should calm down a little bit. That action could put him in foreign jail for life. Understandable considering his situation, but still.
  45. 11 points
    I see^^. As for me, this is the only time I relied on recaps but usually I just watch it since I really hate spoilers. But now, I don't mind spoiling myself...haha I was surprised when I heard that F word too. And I agree that they shouldn't use it too much. They can do without cursing. I guess they've been watching too much English movies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I felt like I just watched a movie in just one episode.. keke.. But dang, that was heartbreaking, how can they just kill off the nephew and those people in the plane. I guess I would also be like Dal Gun when someone in my family dies that way. Kind of me against the world . When they said it's an action drama, they're not joking. I hope it maintains this momentum. That Jessica Lee character, she's pretty good in her English. I atleast understand her without subs. But Netflix should at least still put eng subs on some English parts spoken by other foreigners because am not sure if I'm hearing them properly. About Haeri, hmmm...I still don't think she really killed that Michael guy as we are led to believe from the first ep. I'll have to watch more and see before I believe. Totally love the first ep! And that BGM when they were in Portugal is a plus~ That intro though of Dal Gun being a sniper? Looks like that part is in the middle of the story. I wonder what organization will he join in for him to end up in that situation. And that guy calling him monkey reminds me of his character in his last drama ^^. @Ameera Ali ...hahaha... at least we get to see that he's not lying about his resume during that last scene..
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    http://m.veritas-a.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=169656 Professor Song Iu Ho of Daegu Haany university, Department of Cosmetic Engineering announced that that he had been surveying Asians living in Daegu/North Gyeongsang Province about their consciousness and use of Korean cosmetics. He announced the findings of his surgery at a forum of the Gyeongbuk Science and Technology Association. Asian residents in Korea, including Chinese and Vietnamese , picked singer and actress IU as the most beautiful Korean celebrity followed by Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Min-Ho, Hyun-Ah and Jun Ji-Hyun. When asked about korean cosmetic brands, 26 surveyors replied Innisfree; followed by Missha, Tony Moly, Sum, Ohui, Iope, Sulwhasoo and Face shop. The survey was conducted on 316 foreigners. 77.8 percent of the survey pool were university students studying abroad in Korea with 11.4 percent of the surgery comprising of married foreigners and professional workers staying in Korea. In particular, the survey was conducted to listen directly to the cosmetics culture of Asia (total 4.3 billion, 2014) and use it as a basic material for establishing the K-beauty policy. _____________________________________________ Kyo shows off her Hallyu power and beauty status once again, despite the survey pool comprising of people mainly from their late teens to 20s. ( 191 out of the 316 people surveyed are University Students) Also, props to Kyo, amongst the brands mentioned by the surveyors the Sulwhasoo products are by far the most expensive! The other brands with the exception of OHui are mostly “road-shop” beauty brands and mid-level beauty brands which would make sense since most people taking part in the survey are university students. The fact that Laneige which was so popular with Asian buyers before has now slipped in the survey but a brand like Sulwhasoo which didn’t have wide brand recognition outside of Korea is now popular because of Kyo. It’s only been one year since she became Sulwhasoo muse Give it a few more months and I’m positive the results will omg get better.
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    Hmmmm ... @Sunny Choi @bebebisous33 Yeah, I think the spacing out was due to her breaking up with him. Pil-goo was born 9 months later in December. There are many questions bugging me ... For example, ... how is it that Joker surfaced right after Dongbaek came to town? ... why did she come to Ongsan? I'm wondering the same as @bedifferent and @joccu: How did she survive as a witness? Why did he not kill her then and now? Weirdly, all these questions make it look like she is Joker. Who is Heung-sik related to? Even though clues point to him, he seems to me unlikely to be Joker himself.
  50. 10 points
    Problem Child In House: What does OOTD means? Im like solving with the cast members. Then I just start to yell OUTFIT OF THE DAY! Wah I learned something today. So OOTD = Outfit of the day.. Sigh..teenagers’ style of wordings today..not at the right channel with them. 692
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