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    @Sejabin , @Lawyerh , @triplem , @ktcjdrama , @sohib , @nohamahamoud2002 , @sushilicious , @refuse2sink , @staygold , @angelangie @Lmangla @cenching@Sarang21 Miss you all , wow how many pages for me to catch up with @Lawyerh what highlights thanks everyone I feeling much better now @triplem wow , what a medication , now I see front and the back friend -2
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    But I like this INTERLOCKING more than anything Recalling back this last photo
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    Ep 71 Blurb: 숙희네가 합병 무효소송에 동참한다는 기사가 나고, 자매끼리 경영권 다툼을 하는 게 아니냐는 말이 나오는데.. 태준은 숙희네가 왜 이런 일을 벌이는지 알아내기 위해 장회장 병실에 도청기를 설치한다. 한편, 태양은 태준과 미란의 관계를 궁금해하는 황노인에게 두 사람이 저지른 일에 대해 말해주는데.... Translation: As news reports come out that the SH side is joining in legal voiding of the merger, the word is out that the sisters are in a quarrel over management rights. CTJ gets a bug installed in the hospital room to find out why the SH side is doing causing this trouble. Meanwhile, as old man Hwang is curious about the relationship between CTJ and MR, TY tells him about what those two had done. --------- Have you ever seen any drama that needed this much of complicated book-keeping by the writer? I get a headache every now and then, trying to figure out what each person knows. Like, today we saw MinJae suddenly guessing that KI might already know that he is not JH's son. I wondered how he would make that guess.... and he said that it was because of a line "what is the big deal about a bloodline?" that KI told him on the rooftop once. Holy crap. How does the writer keep track of these things? We also saw old man Hwang remembering the way TY was talking to him about his MIL earlier. Was the writer writing all these things with clear plans on when and where the flash-backs would come? It is like he/she has written the whole drama script before the filming. That is never done for daily dramas though. I don't remember any drama like this. It is border-line crazy. And I don't think we have found a hole in the writing either - like a flaw in the logic that every person follows based on everything they had each seen and heard.
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    the medium size cow she gave away during the fan meeting was not her own cow doll. she prepared another cow as a gift for fans. @quietobserver yep she said she cherished the original big cow. because that is the one Miso had in wwwsk.
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    I had to remove the site that @nohamahamoud2002 posted on page 64. It does look like a site with less adverts and spam, but by our books it is still considered as an illegal streaming site. But you can pm her for the link if you need it. ( Legal sites - Viki, Viu, Neflix, Iflix, Ondemandkorea , Kocowa, You tube ) https://mydramalist.com/discussions/general-asia-forum/31644-official-list-of-legal-streaming-websites
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    24? The wolf or the boy? Btw, you know that lower right hand action button to click on? It says "Adopt Me" Have you clicked on it? @Ameera Ali @Lmangla @Sarang21 I was curious so I watched some clips randomly... I saw the bathroom accidental shower scene of course they have to get wet from the water, just stay under the sprinkler instead of getting out of it, and on top of that, her hair got tangled on the useless button... wait, so that's what the button is used for! Not useless after all... 796
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    Why ? @larus I giggled when the article say he’s got a pure heart . Hot body , along with a pure heart, is always a bonus . But it seems he had a crush on noona ( KSA) growing up . And she married for power . Or at least that’s the impression I got . 756
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    This thread moves really fast so it's hard to keep up but it's definitely very entertaining! 714
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    it comes from a japanese cartoon theme song (really old, 1973), けろっこデメタン. in english it is called Demetan Croaker, The Boy Frog. here i found the theme song with english subtitles, can you recognize the line jongsuk wrote on the tumbler? i think he mixed it up for a reason. first he wrote "don't cry" and then "stand up again". if you notice the lyrics go a little different, it has a different order. as always i can't help but feel amazed by the amount of knowledge this man has.
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    Lol! Not a big mistake. So don’t worry. With so many sites out there I know a lot of people get confused about which is legal & which isn’t. I do go through this thread & the other dailies from time to time to do Housekeeping. Also enjoy reading some of the funny comments & reactions to the episode even though I am not watching
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    the thread is moving super fast; hard to catch up. 348
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    How many site @Sarang21 stop making @nohamahamoud2002 Blushing with your post -2
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    I wanted to do that when he start drinking, her crying like crazy in ep 4 or 5 but surprise surprise my friend , he didn’t become drunk , she kept what she is a kind person toward people that always use her but help her build confidence & face reality & all side character in one point or another, they all got something to say was important to understand why this affair happened, how these two sink their marriage to a failure with out them noticing the other part wasn’t happy as they thought so it’s hard to skip when u want to understand . @triplem is that what mean : when the devil call your name I should have know from ur signature you having private lesson @nohamahamoud2002 where is a candy , you find me +2
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    wait did sushi change name to akuisame? or is this someone else? am confused? 680
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    somehow it reminds me of this tampon commercial I need to catch up on Graceful family too...I need to duplicate myself I feel like I don´t have enough time for all those dramas +2
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    I am more anxious about how hot the meat must be when she just stuffed it into her mouth without blowing it first 606
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    okay okay...let me see if I can find the movie ... @Lawyerh Have you seen this one? Think I will watch it later...tv movie 552
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    Surprisingly like @peachfuzz , I like the soulless Yi Kyung too . For the 1st time , she's standing up for herself and no longer lets anyone take advantage of her kindness. Sure she's a nightmare for Ha Rip but I agree this is his moment to regret and repent. Honestly everything is on him...all that has happened to her and what has become of her is completely on him. Whether unintentionally 10 years ago when he stole the wedding money leading to her being called his accomplice to now where he practically begged her to sell her soul to save Lucca, he is responsible for it all. He can't even blame the loss of conscience because the tricky Ryu never took it away - proving to Ha Rip that at his core , he is selfish and self-centred. While it is true that he did this out of love for his son, it came at Yi Kyung's expense. Lol! Yes , definitely lost in translation on my part. But the moment he said she was worthless , I know that there's really no turning back for them. I thought that short moment there when she spoke to him at the hospital hallway was so painful . SDC , the ahjussi she looked up to was a coward who forgot about her and had no qualms using her. I didn't get why Ryu's driver had to be killed off...is it a message that he would be better off in the after life? Was it his punishment ? But shouldn't the message be that as humans , we should be striving to live our best life here and not be chained by our past?
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    Much better , by the way is your basketball oppa , I just noticed he had a thing with the lead girl that interesting angel to the drama , he isn’t the father of little boy right @Lawyerh can’t do that , I am doing over shift tonight to catch up @sushilicious how you allowed the sub team to win -2
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    But actually I only like his personality. The look I prefer Seo Kang Joon. How is that @ktcjdrama . 516
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    346 @Lmangla lols take a deep breath then
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    @Heidi Seow in I wanna hear your song The chemistry between Yiyoung and Jang yoon is soooo boring Why doesn't she love Maestro Nam instead???? I want to yawn in the romantic scenes, really only the music and Maestro Nam make me watch. His sense of humor is the best And really one hug scene with maestro Nam is far better than all Yiyoung/Jang yoon romantic scenes PS I am writing here to avoid being cursed in the thread of the drama -2
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    A bad ending is if the hero oppa dies. Don't care much if the heroine dies. The hero oppa can find another beautiful heroine. If she's not beautiful, he can pay for her plastic surgery. 570
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    Yup. Haven’t but I think they just give an excuse cause like he wants to move closer to his girl...sorry to say this..but not sure if the girl is real or not..maybe in actual irl he is just a lonely guy...you will never know at this point 568
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    @staygold I just painted im si wan’s character to be a psychotic crazy person with my theory on the drama thread I’m a mad scientist maybe im as crazy as Jong woo hahha 564
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    @Ameera Ali Did you mention legs??? +2
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    Watch: Gong Hyo Jin And Kang Ha Neul Giggle Through Interview As A Couple For New Drama Sep 8, 2019 by J. Lim KBS’s upcoming drama “When The Camellia Blooms” (literal title) has released fun new teasers leading up to the show’s premiere! The new drama will be a romantic comedy following the lives of three couples in different stages of love. Dong Baek (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and Yong Shik (played by Kang Ha Neul) are two people who believe that anything is possible in a world where everyone says love can only get you so far. The new teaser is a parody of the show “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” which invites celebrity couples to open their lives up to viewers. In a similar fashion, Dong Baek and Yong Shik are interviewed together, and Yong Shik is asked what he likes about Dong Baek, to which he replies, “She’s such a cool, independent person, she’s pretty, and all I can think about is Dong Baek.” She shyly responds, “But I didn’t do anything.” When she asks, “But isn’t this something only couples do?” Yong Shik can’t hold back his smile and giggles as he imagines him and Dong Baek starting a relationship and becoming a couple. He says, “I think that’s what we’re going to become,” and the mere thought of it makes him giddy. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1351013wpp/watch-gong-hyo-jin-and-kang-ha-neul-giggle-through-interview-as-a-couple-for-new-drama
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    @Sarang21 I love him too , did you see this , he so cute I cant remember if they sleep in that bed maybe that why they adopt child no action there +2
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    Thanks! But I think it will be a long time until I reach Immortality 642
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    Its ok lah as long as ur cat happy Just maybe dont expect baby cat? Im scared to see ep 6... makjang 590
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    @Ameera Ali not sure. No leads to my liking 524
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    She dont have the idea yet that TY and Jimin are true Jang...she only kniw that KI is not the true grandson..
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    Back to her room 0f photos on the wall. 648
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    I would rather SY go with " Gyusunim, Im married now and expecting our first child" I would love to see that BOMB blowed up in his face
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    Good to see you @Kris Silva! Well call me gullible!. I thought the voice was rather deep for someone that young! Do you watch certain episodes or scenes repeatedly or the entire series? I've watched several scenes a number of times, but not the entire drama. I hope you'll be able to join in the fun once The King airs. I'm hoping it will be as fun as we had commenting about LBS. I think LMH 's body looked the best in CH, meaning, healthiest. I think he looks better with a lean looking face, like in LBS, but I think his body was too thin.
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    @cenching yes leg direction Left , right , lift , right -2
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