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    Right?! I agree with you. I understand that gods in kdrama "must" be cruel or something so there's plot, but making characters unnecessarily suffer when they've already been through enough is a little... I mean, just like what you said. What did CS do? Love MW? His mother didn't want him and left them, his father was a little reckless when he was younger, then he died, and now he's all alone, and then when he falls in love, he has to pay the price?
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    The thing is that Turtle 2 (Chan Hee) was addicted and we heard that people from the Jang society like the district prosecutor were drug-addicts. In my opinion, the addiction is important as it was a way to control and manipulate them. Especially Chan Hee shows symptoms of brainwashing. However, it doesn't look like it is the case for JHR as he is the one who started this. There is one common denominator between HTJ, her ex-husband Yoon and even JHR: their hatred and their guilt. Yet all of them blamed the wrong person in reality. Yoon blamed his wife (not just for choosing herself over him) because she tried to rectify a verdict and dug in a case. JHR blamed KMJ for the robbery and the pain suffered by his daughter. If KMJ hadn't taught them about the thumb, they wouldn't have hurt the criminal's fingers. HTJ blamed the turtle for this terrible experience. HTJ felt guilty because she didn't protect her husband, JHR felt the same because he wasn't there, when the robbery happened and Yoon blamed himself because he wasn't even able to protect his wife too. Remember that in the first case, a child was abducted in order to trap the father who had committed crimes. So their method was to use crimes in order to catch the bad guys so that they end up in jail. The end justifies the means, yet the problem was that the detective Jang (the one who was killed) must have noticed changes and was killed. Now, here is the question: why did JHR kill KYG's mother? One possibility is that JHR wanted to hurt KYG but his wife prevented it therefore she got killed. Another is that he wanted to get rid of KMJ but since he had left the house in a hurry in order to meet the other detective Jang who got killed... From my point of view, the creator's identity of Jang society is not solved. JHR is the one who recruted and trained the turtles but from my point of view, there could be someone else besides JHR.
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    Either way Jang Manweol is going to be angry with Yeonwoo and Mr.Firefly for deciding what's best for her. Why did Yeonwoo have to do this kind of self sacrifice just to keep her alive I don't understand. The minute Koo Chanseong got a call from Jang Manwol that she is coming to meet him I felt the past echo through the air. She was right to insist on going to his house a few more times. She should have asked Black Mago to stop posturing and point towards where Koo Changseong is right at that moment. She better put an alarm system on him! Thank god it's the modern times where mobile phones exist and not drinking jars hung on trees to signal to come and see them.
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    Missing you @lanieqp Love this quote ... thank you cr arenakoreaTV ARENAHOMME+ 2019년 4월호 이종석 and to @ibru Thanks for sharing your tips on how to post the ytube.
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    Gosh the last part of Ep 12 is too heavy-on-the-heart... MW and CS tears...their voice breaking I am so replacing the falling flowers with artificial- ornamental ones that will not wilt or fall off even for another thousand years ...the MaGo s are so whipped.
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    I understood what happened. Just still find it strange that for a prosecutor like her, instead of negotiating with Turtle, eg.offering better compensation, to prevent further harm done to anyone at all, she obediently made a choice as instructed by him. Selfishness? I somehow still don't think she is that selfish to the point of sacrificing other people. In fact, I thought she became so unfeeling like what we've seen so far because of the ordeal she went through 7 years ago. Of course I could be wrong in that she's always been a nasty selfish person.
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    I love that part too! She looked so pleased and shy? that he was watching her haha. Ah~ And I had a little brainwave~ Since the drama actually does emphasise the budding romance between YH and SY and even had SY's confession, I think we will get some romantic scenes. Unlike some previous medical dramas that HINT at the possible pairing but none of the characters do anything and it ends without any progress AT ALL. So I have hope
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    PHS posted a lot of fun BTS photos . I can tell this was a work that was very close to her heart & as a viewer , I can say that she ,Sang Yeob & the rest of the cast were fantastic. Never imagined I would have been so emotionally invested in a drama with such a premise .
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    I agree! If Mago decides CS must pay with his life then better send them off together. I can’t accept reincarnation and staring at each other ending. Especially NO to open ending. After all the emotions i am going through, i better get an exact answer on the ending. Two weeks left and everything will continue to be filled with angst and anticipation for us. And it is just a drama (my mom always says korean dramas are just for us to run away from reality. No arguments there lol).
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    Hi, guys. Just a passing Korean SSK fan to tell you some stuff that we Korean fans of the show have learned or surmised or guessed. Putting them in under spoiler just in case you don't want to know. One last thing about next week's preview: What Min is doing is a form of protest, Ji Bu Sang So, which means protesting something with an axe in your bosom, to show that you're prepared to die for what you're protesting. That's why he's wearing all white and dishevelled, he's protesting HR's imprisonment, probably because he's the one who told her to listen in on the conversation at all costs. Fun fact, there's actually a historical record of a historian who eavesdropped on the king because he felt it his duty to record the meeting, and he was caught and exiled to a remote place as punishment. A lot of the things happening on the show are actually based on real history. The writer of the show has been preparing this show for years, and researched quite a lot, it seems. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the show.
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    TY is soooo close to figuring out who is mom is so, I think he will this week.
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    @thistle I am sad you angry with him He can come to me & read for me , I don’t need to trust any police man he will not be leaving anytime soon if he come
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    I just watched the episode. Yes, CTJ does tell her after this scene (which we see only in SW's flashback before meeting TY at the lake in the park). He tells her that his offer to let her get a divorce and leave with JM is all contingent on the merger. She has to get TY to back off, or she might well not see JM ever again, he said. "Not see, JM?" asks SW. CTJ: "Well, JM may never be given back to you, I mean". That is a hint that JM is basically a hostage under his control. She later asks TY at the cafe, in somewhat of a non-pushy and unconvinced way, to not go ahead with his objection to the merger. "Jimin... Because I'm worried for Jimin", she says. I guess the conversation continues in the next episode. No, the recording does not give the switch details. It does have CTJ saying "KI is our son, you know. The son you gave birth to". That is all.
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    I actually have a different view on the ending. I think LR will become King, because it’s not a choice he can make, it’s a responsibility he was born with. I think his growth arc is about him discovering that he is not only kind, but strong willed and braver than he thought - these are qualities for a king. Remember that in MDBTC (another fluffy sageuk to compare!) the CP becomes king but it’s not all doom and gloom.
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    Yeah i think so too... cause one angle they also need to time the falling of her tears while they kiss. That could have taken a few more tries...
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    @titania1000 I would be distracted with his beauty in today episode
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    I choose his home he have the habit of taking his clothes first thing , when he enter home Two extra hand always welcome isn’t * for extra safety, from the bugs
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    This is the other song that I was waiting for. I didn't even realize it was O.When singing it. OMO!!! JY is playing everyone then. He's trying to find his brother's murder and solve what happen. What's his real name then? I haven't seen the episode and I will wait for subs.
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    I think Jiu Chen must responsible to us. Actually watching and wait new episode at monday to friday. But now i feel empty. I never feel alone before met Jiu chen Btw, anybody know when JC cure his coldness disease???
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    bjoeun Caption : Chaumet B cut pictures. it might seem like the end but there is still more left.
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    Yess... agree with you, I really loved his expression here. I love when sometimes both of them couldn't hide their smiles when it comes to responding each other answers / gestures, lol. Btw, found something interesting in Tiny's latest post. In the bottom right corner, I guess there's a phone that also captured them. Any idea whose phone is that?
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    It's funny you said that you felt empty. Because for the first time in my life I cannot leave a drama either. I cannot even believe every day since it finished airing I still look for post and things to read about this drama. Was savages good? I haven't watched it yet. But I watched Eros (woah hot hot hot haha). Someone on weibo posted a pix of Chang Chen half naked in some movie. I went to watch it on youtube it was pretty racy but the quality of the video was bad and the voice wasn't in sync.
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    He’s in Cebu again @_gillianne19_ you should camp out there. You may just score an autograph
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    It was like they were on a date lol. Jongkook paid for the taxi, their food and drink. I wonder why other members didn't tag along with them. I mean after they recieved their mission we only see 6 of them came out together. So SoMin and Jongkook had already decided to go together by then. Jihyo, Haha, KwangSoo and Sechan chose to play rock, paper scissors to decide who three of them could go together and one should go alone. One of them ( either Haha, Jihyo, Sechan or KwangSoo) could have just tagged along with Jongkook and Somin since it was only both of them. It seems like the other members didn't want to interupt them and decided to just let them have their time together. Or it could be noone wanted to be the third wheel lol
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    Just to add to this discussion with latest info from episode 12:- So room 404 takes Koo ChanSeong to Incheon , whose post/zip code starts with 404!! Well some of the post/zip codes!! But did he want to go there subconsciously, if so why? Possibilities : 1) Maybe he lived there in his past life 2) Foreshadowing that he'll live there in the future. 3) Foreshadowing that place will be important between ChanSung and ManWol Also Based from wiki, InCheon in Hangeul is 인천 which means "kind river" But syllables of 인 and 천 can have another meanings separately 인 - can also mean "human" (room 404 is for humans) - can also mean "approval" (synonym of ChanSung's name meaning "agreement") - can also mean "acknowledge" or "recognize" or "allow" - can also mean "endure" or "bear" 천 - can also mean "heavens"or "sky" - in Buddhism, it's the upper heavenly world over the earthly human world where the heavenly king and heavenly people are supposed to live Based on this we could say that : 1) ChanSung is acknowledged or approved by the heavenly deities 2) ChanSung has to endure what the deities have given to him. 3) It's a possible foreshadowing of ChanSung making an agreement or a deal with the deities in order to save ManWol.
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    Oh my! That raises another Question: will she try to separate The budding couple because it interferes with her plan? Does not think HR is worthy? But I don’t think so as this is ultimately a Rom Com with serious parts not a dark convoluted twisty palace melo:)
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    I liked this week's episodes, but I have to admit, I prefer when the episodes center around the race to diagnose a patient. I found that really interesting, and I rather wish they had stuck to diagnosis of the week, Euthanasia debate, SY's dad issue, and romance and not added all of these illnesses (I don't mind CYH's but do both lawyers have to be sick too?) and conspiracies. The Prosecutor and nurse having an agenda was enough IMO. I don't think it was necessary to add a conspiracy between the former Minister of Health and lawyer and throw in a shady organization to boot.
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    Name: Kleun Chewit Summary: if it is possible to have a crazier version of the kdrama secret, then this one? hahahahah.. she is an actress who runs over his fiancee in an accident and he basically decides on a form of revenge as she refuses to admit that she was involved Watch when you are in the mood for: impossible love revenge stories that make no sense in real life but are so intensely dramatic that you can't help but be swept away. slap-kiss drama! themes: the difficulty of forgiveness, the process of grief (especially working through the anger), the burden of guilt, the hurt when people you love change and become crazy, walking away from a relationship that is choking you Visual factor: the fiery looks the OTP give each other as they are torn between attraction and wanting to kill each other Emotional moments that you liked: OTP has a mad push-pull that really crackles. also liked the journey of the second leads and found it interesting to see a breakdown of a marriage due to doubt and how hurtful that can be for the spouse who actually hasn't done anything at all. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: the second female lead is so over the top that you want to slap her. however, she does eventually matures and changes as she finds herself alone and realizes that she will be okay even if she is forever single. Overall grade: B+ because it is really sticky
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    @aidaladida Great theory and I remember that drama. Now if this theory is true , this will be DAEBAK!! Lol lol @yamiyugi I wish they would tell us already what the maid is after and her motives. If this preview is accurate I will be so pissed if SW does do what CTJ want. But then again if she does and finds out about his second kidnapping and how CTJ was behind the death of his daughter. What will she do? @jayakris Thanks you for the translation.
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    Reading your translation, I think so too. She also did it for My Ajussi so it's likely that she wrote a song for this series too. Hahahaha it was a good scene right? And they should have done it since the first episode.
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    Name: Nagareboshi Summary: Kengo and Risa meet when each of them is at a crossroads in life. Kengo is desperate to find a liver donor to save the life of his terminally ill sister while Risa is considering throwing her own life away with suicide after having been forced into the sex trade to pay off her con-man brother's debt. They make a deal, and enter into a contract marriage. Neither of them expected to fall in love. Takenouchi Yutaka as Kengo Ueto Aya as Risa Watch when you are in the mood for: When you need to believe in love and healing. Visual factor: Moon jelly fish. They provide continuity to the plot, and they are pretty. Emotional moments that you liked: When Kengo helps Risa to dye her hair. When Kengo teaches Risa to ride a bike. When Risa asks Kengo to remember what her tummy looked like before she has surgery. When Kengo and Risa meet again in the final episode. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: The desire to strangle Risa's brother. And maybe the itch to slap Kengo's headstrong sister. Overall grade: A. Definitely. This is an older Japanese drama from 2010 but still very watchable. It is the first drama that I ever watched "raw" because I was so desperate to see what happened next that I could not be bothered to wait for subs. I believed completely in the love that Kengo and Risa found for one another. And I still re-watch this drama every autumn because it is so healing and so real. And I still also love the OST for this drama. It's so beautiful. Ryusei by Kobokuro. Found this fanmade vid on YT with scenes from Nagareboshi and subs for the lyrics of Ryusei.
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    Live caps resumes with library scene . They show us a bit more before the confrontation . jE had actually stretched her hand across the shelf & JW held it . Then MY came & repeat of the whole fiasco . JE walks out with a voiceover Artist hands Aram back to SA . Lil girl bids him goodbye & ask him to visit. SA left with the kid & Husband JW drives MY home passing JE who was on her bike . Such a sad scene SA etc reach home . The curator apologises for losing the daughter. Anyway SA took the daughter in . The curator told the husband off . Saying this is not what she’s supposed to be doing, she’s an artist after all . Anyway she packed her stuff & left
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    [News] 2019.08.16 Kim Go Eun And Jung Hae In Tell The Stories Behind Their Acting Debuts Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In spoke about how they became actors. On the August 15 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” the cast was joined by guests Kim Go Eun, Jung Hae In, Kim Kook Hee, and Jung Yoo Jin, who all appear in the film “Tune in for Love.” While talking about how they got their start, Jung Hae In said, “I think it began when I received a business card in front of an ice cream store. I wasn’t that good at studying at the time, and I think I needed another outlet. I persuaded my parents and auditioned. It was refreshing and shocking that I was expressing something that was written in words. I developed an interest and began doing it.” When the MC asked about his original plan of going to college to study biotechnology, the actor said, “Yes. I was going to study that and then completely changed course. I had really good luck. I got destroyed when I went to college because my friends had consistently prepared since middle and high school. I realized that I had gotten in with pure luck. Since then, I realized that I would fall behind if I didn’t practice harder since I lacked in skills.” About his biggest “deviation” during his school years, Jung Hae In revealed, “I suddenly changed career paths, and my parents didn’t view that favorably. But they came to see me perform at school and brought flowers. They were teary and said, ‘You were really great. You can continue doing it.'” Jung Hae In made his debut at age 26, which some may consider older for the industry. “I joined an agency and debuted after completing my military service and college education,” explained the actor. “Most people join society at the age of 26 and 27, and I didn’t think it was late since I think of acting as a job.” Kim Go Eun also shared the story behind her debut. “I watched movies since I was young with my dad who was crazy about films,” said the actress. “I thought that I also wanted to produce films like this, but didn’t even dream about being an actor because I had such a shy personality.” She explained that she decided to take the path of acting at the recommendation of a teacher in high school. Source (1) (2) (3) via soompi news
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    *** I love "Goblin" - I find it good. It's one of my favorite dramas. I'm happy with their lasting friendship. Fighting! **************************************************************** Kim Go Eun Talks About What “Goblin” Cast Was Really Like On Set + Their Enduring Friendship On the August 15 episode of “Happy Together,” Kim Go Eun dished on the friendship between the cast members of tvN’s hit drama “Goblin”! Kim Go Eun appeared on the talk show along with her co-stars from the film “Tune in for Love”: Jung Hae In, Kim Kook Hee, and Jung Yoo Jin. When mentioning how she knows “Happy Together” MC Jo Se Ho, Kim Go Eun also talked about the “Goblin” cast. “I was contacted by Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook who suggested we have a drink together for the first time in a while,” she said. “I was on my way to see a friend so I stopped by for a bit, and Jo Se Ho was there.” She shared that she’s still close with the “Goblin” cast members and added that she also often goes over to Yoo In Na‘s home. The hosts asked her about a comment made that the “Goblin” cast had a “show window” friendship, meaning they were pretending to be close for appearances. “The senior actors in the ‘Goblin’ team have a similar way of joking around,” she explained. “So if I were eating, someone would walk by going, ‘You’re eating again?!'” she said with a laugh. “They’re really mischievous and like to joke. But if I were eating and they’d come by and go ‘Is it good? Eat a lot,’ then I’d think ‘Oh this is for a making-of.'” She laughed and reenacted how they’d come over and fan her and ask if she was hot. Since she knew it was for the camera, so she’d put on a big smile and say, “I’m okay.” When asked how she’d react with no camera around, she said she’d say something like, “Of course I’m hot. Would I be cold in the summer?” Enjoy “Goblin” from the beginning below! Watch Now (skipped unrelated.....) Source (1) (2) / soompi news
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    Re: Chansung being "a weak male lead"; if this were reality and Chansung was my friend, I'd definitely tell him to stay far away from Man Wol. But as a TV drama, I find it very satisfying to see a story that's really all about the female lead and the male lead is playing second fiddle to her, instead of stories where it ends up becoming all about the male lead and his manpain, even when the show is named after her (*coughsecretarykimcough* *coughherprivatelifecough*).
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    I need a drama with a Sanchez-like main lead. Someone always looking clueless (but actually perceptive), indifferent (but actually very caring), and just basically chill (while being really lucky). I need neutral his facial expression in all kinds of dramatic and romantic situations (interacting with overly dramatic Veronica)
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    Sigh..... Zhao yang is such a sleaze! Ugh!!!! Seriously.. what an annoying and evil person..... Ugh!!!!! so Ugh!!!!!!!! I want him jailed!!!!! PREFERABLY UNDER TONS OF CONCRETE UNDERGROUND!!!! Pei Xi is an interesting character right? LOL... He obviously really admire XK, but he just doesn't know how to express it... and his reputation makes is hard for XK to undertand PX lols.. luckily now they both have QY to bridge them unintentionally lol... XK if you didn't notice that free cake is totally for you hahahahahha.... @themarchioness Ep 13-15 are episodes that makes me fell alot of thing, because how they show us Xiang Kong's ups and down. Still, I really like how natural XK and QY started to get closer.... sometimes just being there is already enough.... How they progressed just makes me feel warm... There's a lot more side character I want to talk about like Sun Ge and YX, etc but maybe next time.. lol.. Anyway.... awww Head Pat #2 And Qiu Ying's dream hug So cute... but I gotta say... the real hug that happen in ep 35 is even better because of how much they’ve been through Few stills from Official weibo for ep 13-14... lols.... I'll add more tomorrow...
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