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    Hi, guys. Just a passing Korean SSK fan to tell you some stuff that we Korean fans of the show have learned or surmised or guessed. Putting them in under spoiler just in case you don't want to know. One last thing about next week's preview: What Min is doing is a form of protest, Ji Bu Sang So, which means protesting something with an axe in your bosom, to show that you're prepared to die for what you're protesting. That's why he's wearing all white and dishevelled, he's protesting HR's imprisonment, probably because he's the one who told her to listen in on the conversation at all costs. Fun fact, there's actually a historical record of a historian who eavesdropped on the king because he felt it his duty to record the meeting, and he was caught and exiled to a remote place as punishment. A lot of the things happening on the show are actually based on real history. The writer of the show has been preparing this show for years, and researched quite a lot, it seems. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the show.
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    Just to add to this discussion with latest info from episode 12:- So room 404 takes Koo ChanSeong to Incheon , whose post/zip code starts with 404!! Well some of the post/zip codes!! But did he want to go there subconsciously, if so why? Possibilities : 1) Maybe he lived there in his past life 2) Foreshadowing that he'll live there in the future. 3) Foreshadowing that place will be important between ChanSung and ManWol Also Based from wiki, InCheon in Hangeul is 인천 which means "kind river" But syllables of 인 and 천 can have another meanings separately 인 - can also mean "human" (room 404 is for humans) - can also mean "approval" (synonym of ChanSung's name meaning "agreement") - can also mean "acknowledge" or "recognize" or "allow" - can also mean "endure" or "bear" 천 - can also mean "heavens"or "sky" - in Buddhism, it's the upper heavenly world over the earthly human world where the heavenly king and heavenly people are supposed to live Based on this we could say that : 1) ChanSung is acknowledged or approved by the heavenly deities 2) ChanSung has to endure what the deities have given to him. 3) It's a possible foreshadowing of ChanSung making an agreement or a deal with the deities in order to save ManWol.
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    too difficult.. because ppc spoke indirectly and vaguely at this moment in bts, there are no words to express ppc's saying exactly. so i write it in Korean too.
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    I agree! If Mago decides CS must pay with his life then better send them off together. I can’t accept reincarnation and staring at each other ending. Especially NO to open ending. After all the emotions i am going through, i better get an exact answer on the ending. Two weeks left and everything will continue to be filled with angst and anticipation for us. And it is just a drama (my mom always says korean dramas are just for us to run away from reality. No arguments there lol).
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    They wrap it up pretty nicely so i guess it was a nice ending. PMJ may or may not run for president in the next election that is left to the next season if there will ever be one and i'm in if they maintain the same cast. There was a minor disappointment in the way they handled Tailor Kim. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson from the previous case with MHJ. I suppose the writers needed to wrap that part up but it made the NIS look stupid. Well it has been a nice ride on this show. It may take a while to get it off my system.
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    I choose his home he have the habit of taking his clothes first thing , when he enter home Two extra hand always welcome isn’t * for extra safety, from the bugs
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    @vangsweetie637 wow , she moving fast ,she taking pictures of him too
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    Chan Sung needs a sexual awakening. His character is upright, earne st, ethical kind and chaste. He's based on a mythical character who is all these things. But the mold needs breaking in a romance, and we need some passion from him. This is shown in k dramas in the form of jealousy most often. I'll tell you though, one of the hottest scenes was right in episode one on the subway when MW leans over him and blows in eyes and ears. He's shaken by her at that moment, wondering if she'll make him her boy toy, and I got the sense he hated and loved it at the same time. My point is these actors do have chemistry, just watch that scene, but they're being written and directed differently, where trust not passion is primary.
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    @titania1000 I would be distracted with his beauty in today episode
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    It was Jang Hae-Ryong after all. The writer did a good job because we all suspected him and then look for others and now we are on square one again. But now we know why Jang Hae Ryong because the thumb killer. I knew that Jang hae ryong is the one who killed Young Goon`s mother the moment Do Chi-Gwang asked him to help catch the bad guys. The look on his face said it all. I knew that Park Jin Woo told Chi Gwang his name. It was good that the writer made a second character find out about Jang Hae Ryoung in another circumstances and that was Young Goon. That brought maximum tension to the story. I agree that Young Goon is on a verge on doing something bad. I don`t think he will harm Jang`s daughter at all but he doesn`t think properly right now, his emotions of anger are overwelming. Just like Jang Hae Ryoung might have felt long time ago. He wants his mother killer to suffer. It is good that Do Chi-Gwang or Han Tae Joo will come to the scene and help Young Goon cooling his head a little to think rationally for a moment. Killing Jang is not a solution. Do Chi-Gwang is one scary guy. I "enjoyed" watching him torturing Park Jin-Woo but in the same time I was scared that he will cross the line for ever. I was relieved when I saw paramedics taking Park Jin Woo and I laughed when Chi Gwang wished him to get better. What a cynical man.
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    Either way Jang Manweol is going to be angry with Yeonwoo and Mr.Firefly for deciding what's best for her. Why did Yeonwoo have to do this kind of self sacrifice just to keep her alive I don't understand. The minute Koo Chanseong got a call from Jang Manwol that she is coming to meet him I felt the past echo through the air. She was right to insist on going to his house a few more times. She should have asked Black Mago to stop posturing and point towards where Koo Changseong is right at that moment. She better put an alarm system on him! Thank god it's the modern times where mobile phones exist and not drinking jars hung on trees to signal to come and see them.
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    I understood what happened. Just still find it strange that for a prosecutor like her, instead of negotiating with Turtle, eg.offering better compensation, to prevent further harm done to anyone at all, she obediently made a choice as instructed by him. Selfishness? I somehow still don't think she is that selfish to the point of sacrificing other people. In fact, I thought she became so unfeeling like what we've seen so far because of the ordeal she went through 7 years ago. Of course I could be wrong in that she's always been a nasty selfish person.
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    jE siting in the sofa in the dark at home . The mum in law comes in. . Sees that JE is down . Are you not well ? Anyway she gives JE a pair of bb shoes that she had made . JE starts to cry , tells the MIL that she wants a divorce. MIL thought it was the son’s fault. jE confessed that she was in the wrong & has another man. Kneels to apologise . MIL faints At the hospital, JE sits by her . The hubs came . They both talk outside the room. She told him mum fainted because she told him about the divorce. He’s like who is giving you a divorce. He says he won’t give it to her . She cries . JW looks at the video that has gone viral & think of what the husband said to him. Back in hospital room , the Husband asleep on the floor. jE continues to look at MIL .Flashback to when MIL 1st met her . How happy the older lady was . You’re so pretty . JE feels so bad SA Daughters come back . They look for her , she’s not home . The girls are sad. I think A Jin having problems at school , the husband got called in to see teacher i think Artist is not agreeing to work with the ex Wife in . Something about turning Barcelona down He tells SA about it . Oh my , is he saying he & the ex would remarry or something! ? ( edit - sorry think he means Marry SA )
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    Live caps resumes with library scene . They show us a bit more before the confrontation . jE had actually stretched her hand across the shelf & JW held it . Then MY came & repeat of the whole fiasco . JE walks out with a voiceover Artist hands Aram back to SA . Lil girl bids him goodbye & ask him to visit. SA left with the kid & Husband JW drives MY home passing JE who was on her bike . Such a sad scene SA etc reach home . The curator apologises for losing the daughter. Anyway SA took the daughter in . The curator told the husband off . Saying this is not what she’s supposed to be doing, she’s an artist after all . Anyway she packed her stuff & left
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    What a sad ending for OYS. His colleague Sangmin understood that it would have been better to die like that then be ridiculed by the public when they have been cheered as heroes. I wonder if PMJ would make known of their involvement in the NA bombing. @pompyavi @bebebisous33 i share your thoughts on Tailor Kim that he may be the VIP. I have a feeling we may never know/see who the VIP is till the end of the show. With all that has happened in ep14 i'm of the opinion that the VIP's plan were flawed. With such magnitude as bombing a National Assembly and killing 200+ people to change a government whoever he/she is did not take into consideration the characters in play like OYS and General Eun. He expected them to obey his orders without question when really they have a mind of their own. There was no plan B or C and tailor Kim was shaking when confronted by General Eun. I thought he displayed that same nerdiness when he proposed to her. He smiled sheepishly and looked like a school boy being reprimanded for not doing his homework hahaha I don't think Gen Lee will join hands with Gen Eun. He was proud enough not to bow to PMJ but he is a honorable man. There is still that nagging question of who the mole is in the BH.
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    Ep 13 preview..this episode will be both giddy and sad.. Ep 13 preview other version HOPE, the preview will get sub.
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    Me too.... last week episode surely did give me vibe that the tailor is the VIP.... he with his wrong perception of ideology... run from North Korea and using psychology tactic to recruits the elites by creating fiction character... but then I thought again where did he get the money to create such a mess like the bomb attack... no matter how prestigious his shop there's no way it can afford a big casualties like that. I'm so enjoying the show... the writer succeed on giving the viewers (who previously already watched the US version) different vibes from the original version. Me too I don't think I can handle to see my president living a tough life dealing with dirty political tricks in season 2. It will be best if they wrap up this drama as it already marks as one of best drama in my list. The cast are perfect, the story line is well adapted, and I remember there was a criticism to Ha Na Gyeong, it was said she was not portray a real NIS agent but in my opinion she did well, her role is an analyst, a very capable analyst. So she is unlike a field agent who will ambush into enemy place, or doing a lot of gun shot scenes, or even kill and fight enemy... she did her part by her analysis, solving the puzzle, looking for clues... so she did well in take.
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    she said, i hope our ending wasn’t sad.. we chingus second that!!!
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    @titania1000 he turning to teacher with these two , never mind one of the student cheating the answers from our bodyguard
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    CS is bragging because he has made the flowers bloomed. Did he know that if the flowers wither it won't be good for MW? MW: Ahh... I'm so tired. Ugh CS: *clears his throat* Today customers who want to use special call service is quite a lot, right? MW: Because there will be a human guests, everyone is so busy. So I as the owner have no choice but taking care our hotel guest. Geez, I still have 12 calls to be made. Aigoo it's so tiring CS: Then, to cheer you up *give a pink rose* This is a real life flower and it has a good scent MW: Flowers in the garden are flowers too CS: But there's no real flowers. Ah, there is one. Jang Man Wol's flowers. The flowers on your tree have bloomed. It's pretty MW: What's wrong with you? It's embarassing. Are you bragging now? CS: But what I said is true. The moment I hugged you the flowers bloomed. If I knew it, I shouldn't buy you a champange but give you a hug earlier. (open his hands) MW: What the hell are you saying? Who asked you to hug me? You are crazy CS: I just want to take the phone though CS: Here, let me give you a hug MW *speechless* Nevermind you shameless irritable ambitious Harvard con... (MW was stop by CS) CS: You look pretty. I have put some more documents on your desk. Have some rest and once you are good, get back to work LOL MW looks so annoyed in the end
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    Next morning , JE gets up. He’s not next to her . She finds him making breakfast for her . He picked all sorts of fresh vege & explains the them to her ( gahh, I ship them all the way ) . So sweet . Eating brekkie in the garden Then JE hubs still trying to track her whereabouts. His mum who had been discharged, comes to their house . Think she asked where is JE ..MY calls him asking if JE is there . He says no . She says neither is JW. And the betrayed spouses meet in a cafe jE & JW go for a walk . They are happy . Joking & teasing each other . They go to a nearby waterfall , sweet scenes Artist in Barcelona. Critics recognise & appreciate his work . SA looking around his house . Gets some chores done & sends him pics of the house spick & span. Artist busy with meetings . No reply . She looks at her phone & think of all their lovey dovey moments together The bird Husband in depression. Won’t get up from bed . His mum had to drag him out . The house bell rings . Mum opens the door . Omo ! It’s the intern . She brought him some food , mum pushed it away . Says don’t disturb other people’s Husband . But she is like I’m really worried about him . The mum got her to go .
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    There's a festival in my city right now and I'm supposed to go out with my friends and have fun but I remember about the "secret office romance" my anticipation went to so high and I don't wanna be late to the hype. So I decided not to go and stay in the house instead to livestream I really hope they do it right tonight
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    This thing about the tree and the effect CS has on it through MW is very interesting. MW’s being and life force is tied to it as we know, but rather that it causing MW’s life to be in stasis, perhaps it’s the other way around — MW’s state of being has kept the tree from blossoming. The tree saw a small bloom when MW first encountered CS’s father. Unknown to her, something was already stirred in her through that encounter. True, Mago planned it all. After all, HDL is Mago’s territory. She decides who can or cannot see it. MW is merely an agent of Mago’s, bound to tend to that space as the deity prescribes. Nevertheless, the tree is an outward physical manifestation of MW’s suppressed feelings and emotions. IU’s insta post as MW suggests that every time CS does something to stir her spirit, whether or not she chooses to acknowledge it, the tree responds with life. Now in the show it has also been suggested that the tree, even as it blossoms and grows now, will also go through another period of “death” (right? Unless I remember wrongly). So we’re expecting something else to happen to this relationship that will be experienced physically by the tree. We’ve also been told that CS is there to usher her into the afterlife, though we’re not told how. So I posit this: If the tree has not been growing for the last 1000 years because MW’s spirit has been dead, ie emotionally she cannot live, then now that it’s growing is an indication that MW is emotionally alive again. This is largely due to CS and of course other events happening that is leading her to confront the issues that have stunted her growth for the last millenia. That she is now “living”, she is ready to forge human relationships with the living (than dead relationships with those in the spirit world). This will be done through CS. Will all this culminate in CS being “used” and therefore in a short while more MW dies and gets ushered into the afterlife? Or do we get a happy-ever-after? MW needs to have a human death in order to pass to the afterlife. To have a human death she must have a human life, ie actually live in the Carpe diem! sense of “live”. And CS is the answer. I’d like to think that if the couple invest in their relationship to the point where they sleep together — a very physical and culminating act of love and commitment to each other — MW’s spirit will be detached from the tree. Then life is fully hers while the tree then continues in its own cycle towards (a “second”) death. MW then lives and will die eventually like any other human that can grow old and age, and go through that normal life process with CS. So we will get a happily ever after.
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    hate the serial killer friend!!! he link CS and Park Young Soo!! but I know MW will be there to help the two...
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    They are quite close irl so perhaps they dont feel the need to @realistic2280a?
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    after watching EP 14, I am almost confirm the tailor is indeed the VIP. Idky but since earlier episode I believe he is the VIP. The reason is we never see him make a call to the 'VIP' and if there is an actual VIP, we should already get a glimpse of him (either his hand, leg, silhoutte, back of his body etc) like how other drama hinting but in this none. Furthermore, all the evidence is in his safe box so I do believe he is the VIP. He just said about the 'VIP' so that people will listen to him because how do you want to get those high officials to listen to ex -spy if he did not create a much bigger rank character. For Sec Han, I think he is the mole aka insider for Tailor Kim's team rather than the VIP himself.
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    Just saw the ending.... Weeeeeee... as expected its Sec Han! Yeah! Glad to see our Sec Cha and Jeong are dating though it wasnt really that obvious... sigh... director is so stincy with their scenes... Overall it was a good ride and Agent Han need to get romantic with her IT geek... haha.. It was good ride everyone, until the next drama... Annnnyong!
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    For someone who’s going to be married 10 years next week & who come from parents who are separated, I think it’s easy as an outsider to say what should have happened or who is at fault etc . But the truth is , when you’re in it , it’s not always so clear cut . It’s easy to judge & say that communication is key etc etc . But pls remember that it has to take both hands to clap & that most people do not see or realise that they need help , for instance like getting counselling etc. While I personally value the institution of marriage, I respect the decisions of people who decide it is no longer a road they can travel on . Because sometimes when something is so broken , fixing is impossible . And no amount of preparation or thinking in advance can ever prepare you for married life . Talking from personal experience. 850
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    @thistle I am sad you angry with him He can come to me & read for me , I don’t need to trust any police man he will not be leaving anytime soon if he come
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    Right?! I agree with you. I understand that gods in kdrama "must" be cruel or something so there's plot, but making characters unnecessarily suffer when they've already been through enough is a little... I mean, just like what you said. What did CS do? Love MW? His mother didn't want him and left them, his father was a little reckless when he was younger, then he died, and now he's all alone, and then when he falls in love, he has to pay the price?
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    It was like they were on a date lol. Jongkook paid for the taxi, their food and drink. I wonder why other members didn't tag along with them. I mean after they recieved their mission we only see 6 of them came out together. So SoMin and Jongkook had already decided to go together by then. Jihyo, Haha, KwangSoo and Sechan chose to play rock, paper scissors to decide who three of them could go together and one should go alone. One of them ( either Haha, Jihyo, Sechan or KwangSoo) could have just tagged along with Jongkook and Somin since it was only both of them. It seems like the other members didn't want to interupt them and decided to just let them have their time together. Or it could be noone wanted to be the third wheel lol
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    Jang meets her daughter. She tells him she was talking to YG . Jang got nervous & tells his girl to go home 1st. He goes to DCK office asking where is Yg . DCK says not here , don’t know . Then Jang look at the mind map & realised where he may hv gone YG has gone to seen ex cop Park in the jail with the photo . The guy in the photo i think is related to his mum’s death. He crushed the photo. He Walks in the rain . He remembers now who he saw when he was hiding at the shower as a kid , it was Jang !!! Jang is the killer - DC Park had told DCK the same Jang preps his gun.
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    They can balance it though. They don't have to kiss all out that's uncharacteristic of them, but they shouldn't also do the "statue" kiss. There should at least be movement? Hahahahaha I don't why it matters to me as a viewer, but it does. Like for some reason it satisfies the need for us to see them have a good relationship. It shows the urgency of the situation, like they might not see each other again, so they should enjoy loving each other while they still can. Oh by the way, so this episode answers who CM and CS right? That CS is definitely not CM's reincarnation, and that the firefly is indeed CM. However, the story is not over yet because something happened, like an agreement between them that made CM a firefly. You can also see CM's regret, which I think is why he accepted his fate because he knows he messed up when he didn't protect MW and her loved ones. I think he let MW kill him and then accepted that he'd just be a firefly forever and watch MW.
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    Credit to jyojm IG I don't know why I love this picture so much
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    I am glad someone else brought this up... I thought the same... like HOW?? They obviously didn’t run that scene by PMJ before they filmed it or he would’ve pulled it apart like you have.
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    I'm not really referring to any scene, I am talking about the concept. Don't forget she nearly harm Mira before CS saved her, else, if Mira ever died because she can't withstand the overwhelming curse by MW, those deities especially the 4th will surely go after her. The 4th won't do anything to her if she is a human, just like those filthy video cam jerks and the serial killer. That's why, 2nd Mago said to CS that it was not MW that protecting him, CS is the one who protected her (from the 4th Mago as she become the evil spirit who harm a human - Mira). Besides, during CS first visit to the hotel, Bartender Kim did mention that out of all ghost in the hotel, MW is the worst one. Okay, I may have unnecessarily bring up the debate about whether MW is still a human or actually a ghost/spirit. Hahahaha. I am in no intention to fight anyone about it. It's just difference of opinion.. and I am stating my opinion that MW is already dead when she first found Mago. I am changing my stance that she's already a spirit. Because that would cleanly explain how MW found the Guesthouse of the Moon, and the meaning behind some of Mago's words when MW draw her sword to Mago (from tvN Asia subtitle): MW: Tell me. I'm trying to do right by the people I have killed. Mago: How will you take responsibility for other people's lives when you can't even take care of yours? (I look carefully the tone and the expression Mago had here, she seems questioning, how would MW take responsibility of her dead gang when she herself already get killed) MW: I said I would cut your tongue off if you didn't stop with the drivel. Just tell me how to get there. So long as I can get to the dead, I can even kill myself right now. Mago: I pity you for your vain belief that your own life will settle the score. MW: This life of mine is all I have left to give. Mago: The Moon Inn is where the dead gather together. The wandering dead find their way there on their own. (I noted the change in MW expressions here upon hearing this) Then the scene when the ghost soldiers riding horse coming.. if MW is a human, she wouldn't be able to see those ghosts, and also the ghosts of her gang. She haven't even bestow with any special ability when she first met Mago. Then flashback to the scene where MW fought those soldiers. Then she picked up her bloodied scarf, and the scene back to where she met Mago, she hold the scarf and came into realization that she's already dead. MW: Is this it? Did I kill everyone and become a spirit with a grudge to find my own way to the Moon Inn? I think MW's vengeance was so strong that she didn't realize her soul already left her dead physical body. Just like CS's dad didn't realize his soul left the body that on the verge of dying because all he could think was running away.
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    i'm really not sure what to expect for the last two eps and have around 30 days left till the Pres elections... just hope they wrap it up coherently if they wont make another season! Though they paced it really well that I didn't realise we're going to see the last episode so soon :(((
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    Even though TY dont know the truth about his birth and about Jimin, i wanted to see SW and TY fight together the CHOI's using their own strength, and in that process TY will eventually know the truth..
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