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    Many women supporting her bedroom outburst with a statement that woman should speaks up especially because in SK where there is a stigma against a divorced woman. In SK it's hard for a divorced woman or a widow to find a partner yadda yaddidda so she needs to airs her side to proves her innocent..... IMHO, with the Unsexy Nipples Gate she created that will haunts her for the rest of her life in a conservative SK culture, which man willing to marry her in the future??? The man and his family will run as far as they can, worry that a wifey with her track records will exposes the functionality and graphic descriptions of his family jewel when hubs and wifey get into argument..... When a man and a woman get into a marriage institution it says they become one in a sense that whatever action one of them will do in the future it will effects both of them as a whole. By divulging this kind of intimate information by her, she isn't exposing hubs' rotten core but hers instead.....I hope no one will get hurt physically, they need to stay far away from each other and let their lawyers do the talking.... +2
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    The Agency is of course going to choose who is more profitable for them. They are all about business. Right now He is the one making more money...so it wasn´t a surprise for me that they took his side. While we are on the topic of agency...there is this theory floating around that, he convinced her to join his agency so that they could throw her under the bus and make her the bad person. So all of this has been in the making for a while. The therapist is probably never going to get any business again....look how his patients turned out . +2
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    884. @cenching Tbh she creep me out. The episode where she entered his officetel when he's sleeping? It's like straight out played from horror/thriller genre
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    Eeekkk HY is really stepping up the creep factor isn't he.. poor WW.. I really can't stand him continually stalking and forcing WW in the teaser. I can't wait to see her admit her feelings for KH especially to HY because he's clearly in denial and convinced that WW will go back to him because he's always been able to manipulate and guilt trip her back but not anymore mister! Sad this drama is ending this week but super excited for our main couple to finally get together! Side note: PG and JL just need to date already, they are both so darn attractive and have such good chemistry. I know they're friends in real life already so here's hoping all of the intense kisses brings out a different type of feeling between them. A fangirl can dream right?
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    Btw, I watched some clips of Historian. Looks pretty fun. Might be my next sageuk after a while... 882
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    Is she even real? God They are so lucky to have each other. Such a good looking couple.
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    GH mom is very stupid an annoying ,she going to be even worse with SW but by that time YR being SW soon may be known. SHould GH cut ties with he r mother after what she did with YR that cause massive issues?
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    Sunnies! It has been so long but I feel the need to log in this time. I just want to show my love and support to KHS. She has always been a very private but wise person. Im glad she's not just taking all this richard simmons from that guy. Fight him with all you've got Koo if the truth is on your side! The nerve and the gall of that guy to treat her like that! My heart really hurts for Koo. I wish that she would find peace and happiness that she deserves. Meantime, let us protect and defend her sunnies. big hugs to all sunnies from around the world. this must have been hard for all of us most especially to khs.
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    So begins Ha Rip's redemption... The opening sequence to Episode 7 was possibly one of my favourites in this drama so far. It was delightful, heartwarming and deeply moving. Two broken souls with a common love for music came together and gave each other sympathy as well as companionship. We now have a more fleshed out picture of how they met and inspired each other. So yeah, she is really his muse. I especially adored the scene where they both performed "The Street You Left" at a wedding with slightly different words I think (?). I am devoutly hoping and praying that that rendition will make its way to the OST album. Her enthusiastic suggestion that they become a singing duo called Right Atrium and Left Ventricle brought a grin to my face. The way she repaired his guitar with such care and got it working again was precious. I've been wondering what it is that HR is allegedly responsible for in terms of ruining YG's youth and dashing her dreams. I would have thought that a lot of YG's issues were of her highly dysfunctional upbringing with poor choices made by the older members of that clan which spiralled out of control. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it was the fact that he gave her hope as well as advice about how to deal with stepdad but then disappeared on her, completely forgetting her altogether leaving her to a life of desperation and social condemnation. I have my suspicions about the night the ashtray met stepdad's cranium. It wouldn't surprise me if someone else was responsible for the deed and YG took the fall. It's the sort of thing she would do. Like I said last time, she was really that fan that he keeps wishing that he had but in his desperation for success he forgot. This episode also gave us more of the devil's world. I thought it was interesting that he sees himself as the saviour of humanity. He sees it as his job... obligation even.. to do what he does as a "rescue" mission. His misanthropic, reductionist, extreme view of the world drives him to conduct these transactions. His arc will be to learn about the other side human beings. I don't particularly like his use/understanding of "hope". To me there's a difference between desire and hope. (Not sure if something's lost in translation) Certainly desire can lead to coveting and selfishness but hope is different. Hope is a longing when things are bad that there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's what keeps us going during the hard times. So yeah Mr Devil needs an education. I don't imagine the figure cloaked in white... his true adversary... was God. An angel perhaps. Something in the vein of Michael or Gabriel maybe? It could be the cafe and fishcake stall owner who presides over the affairs of humanity as protector. So now I eagerly await Right Atrium and Left Ventricle's first official collaboration.
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    Taera is honestly the least intelligent of the four. I think it's because she's so used to her mother making all the decisions for her that she never learnt ANY self preservation skills. What a dumb way to check if BJ really stayed with her the whole time in the cinema. Going by his expression, he probably marked her down as the next loose end. If BJ can treat his parents that detachedly, how much influence could Taera possibly have on him? Answer : Zero The female teacher is honestly doing the investigation more harm than good. She's so naive and has all the subtlety of a rhino rampaging through heavy traffic. This does feel very mystery like. Agatha Christie always said that the most obvious person usually committed the murder. In this case, I do feel like it's possible that it's one of the students because there seems to be no reason for BJ's dad to kill her. Unless perhaps she tried blackmailing him. Also, after watching the flashback, it feels that SA was unaware of the fact that BJ knew she was with his dad. if she had known, she wouldn't have asked him why you don't want to see my face anymore. This feels more like a relationship had been blossoming between them and BJ ended it when he found out about her being an escort. Which makes his thinly veiled remarks towards his father at lunch more insightful, he almost chose the wrong person and ended up destroying his future(in his mind). It's also interesting that out of the 4, BJ is the least afraid of his parents.
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    today's episode felt quiet compared to yesterday's like @msmy mentioned but there were a few laughs. so eun seok is informing everyone that he will be bringing jenny home to introduce her formally. aunt tells him that there are rumours that shady mom is broke and deep in debt. apparently, man soo was financing their whole lifestyle and shady mom rips through money. eun soek takes her warning seriously and says he will protect his money. LOL. I really cracked up on that. am not sure if she will get an allowance. sounds like she will get pocket money at most and maybe some spa membership. hahahaha.... jenny also gave an ultimatum to shady mom. either she get on board or jenny and eun seok will simply move abroad and settle elsewhere.... at least now we know why shady mom was so controlling of jenny -- it was her way of getting money from some rich fella through marriage..... @tulip06 ~ am wondering where eun ji could be triple spy. kekekke... maybe she will work with kyung soo, that sherlock detective?
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    I know how our angel's felt because I was once in her shoes, the pain, the insults, the humiliations, the hate and the self-pity and all the frustrations that's inside your brain and heart, can you imagine how's that feelings, it's torturing and when you are being accused of something that is not true just to ruined your reputations, believe me, it's very stressful and your brain will likely to explode. We got separated alright but I never agreed for legal separation, after all, he's the one who cheats and I have the upper hand in which he can't force me. If I agreed, then I am just consenting his playboy image. No way I'll give him that freedom. I suffer a lot and I must give that to him too. Just one wrong move and I can sue him and put him into prison, that is my revenge. To Hell with those kind of low life being ever alive...
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    me too especially in ep 10 at the scene where they are playing with the sheep, oh je was staring at hwi young in atracted way
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    as @twoparkcouple this is one of his adlib. Joonie seems to have a thing for that "oppa" call from her In one of the BTS when they were practicing for the scene at Miso's house (her father was hiding under the blanket lol~), during the discussion MY said "I got it, oppa", he also did this, asking her to repeat it so he can record it on the phone
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    I was not putting on any hope for a real kiss. I knew it would be a typical K drama fake out. When the guy goes in that slow it always is.
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    Throwback of Seoul Music awards 2017 My favourite couch scene credit to the owner
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    PSH-Fans left the Earth (it's too frustrating here ) Whoever is responsible for this, you owe us an explanation, with valid reason! Tsk, tsk! Our patience is put to the test @alcides14ahjumma ? Stop Supporting and Promoting SH, seriously? I was about to tell my heart to hold on a little longer 'coz it's losing it's grip It was a typo. I mean “ we will not stop ....” please fixe yours, I did mine(otherwise the lurkers will have a feast.) And, DO NOT loose your grip, Shin HYE is going to WOW us, as always, just hang on.
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    August 21, 2019 Jung Woo Joins Lee Byung-hun and Han Ji-min at BH Entertainment Source: Dailian via HanCinema.net Actor Jung Woo signed on with BH Entertainment. BH Entertainment announced, "We are happy to be with Jung Woo. He's a unique actor with his own color and we will make sure he meets the right work to bring that out to the public". Jung Woo officially made a name for himself in 2009 in the movie "Wish" and his career took off when he appeared in the 2013 tvN drama "Answer Me 1994". Meanwhile, he's looking forward to the release of "Hot Blood - 2020", "Dirty Money" and "Good Neighbor". BH Entertainment is management to Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min, Han Hyo-joo, Yoo Ji-tae, Choo Ja-hyun, Han Ga-in, Go Soo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Jin-wook, Ahn So-hee and more. June 14, 2019 Lee Jin Wook joins same company with Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo Source: Ktimes Actor Lee Jin Wook signed an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment. On June 13, BH Entertainment gave an official announcement about signing an exclusive contract with actor Lee Jin Wook through an official press release. Lee Jin Wook is showing a passionate acting spirit when taking on the role of a criminal policeman Do Kang Woo who suffers personality disorder and always reviews crime scenes under the eyes of the killer in the weekend drama "Voice 3" (OCN, scriptwriter Ma Jin Won, director Nam Ki Hoon, producer KeyEast). BH Entertainment is a company specializing in managing actors with the lineup of artists including Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, Yoo Ji Tae, Jin Goo, Choo Ja Hyun, Go Soo, Park Sung Hoon, Park Hae Soo, Gong Seung Yeon, Kim Go Eun, Kim Yong Ji, Park Jung Woo, Park Ji Hoo, Byun Woo Suk, Sean Richard Dulake, Ahn So Hee, Yang Ik Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Lee Hee Joon, Han Ga In, Woo Hyo Kwang, Erika Karata, etc. Sports Seoul = Reporter Jo Sung Kyung cho@sportsseoul.com Photo = Reporter Bae Woo Geun kenny@sportsseoul.com
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    @kgrl43 I believe what Koo is doing now is great, it is an eyeopener for all the oppressed woman in Korea, the men get away too quickly and they get the same treatment they received when they were bachelors, that's not the case with women, they can't get the luxury divorced men get to have, women have it the hardest way once their divorced, I think that's the case in Asian culture. A lot of antis has been comparing Koo to Song, Koo from as we speak now do not have an agency to support her, unlike Song, maybe if Song do not have any contracts, agency or millions of followers and millions of penalties from breach of contracts to lose she would do what Koo is doing, she got so many things to say I have seen her eyes though a lot says she got away with the process of the divorce too quickly and with grace, I doubt it she got a lot to say but due to an image she wants to save, she had to keep quiet... The Song couple had been separated, physically, for a year before the divorce news came out while these two have been separated just recently as what the friends, company and they themselves have confirmed...Theirs is definitely different, Song couple have different companies, have contracts to keep and be wary about, while on this case, Koo has been obviously prevented to get any work- Koo used to have one drama per year regardless in the past, as I can see the company is depending only to this guy thus making all the necessary action to put the blame on Koo and this guy will still have the "good husband image"... We have been following Koo for such a long time, she will always be true to her word with or without anyone's support...
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    This lookbook is no joke guyz, I just can't with the cardigan look Full link https://ziozia.topten10mall.com/kr/front/magazine/lookbook.do?dispBannerNo=5383&paramPartnerNo=1
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    Me too!!! Wondering how wonky or funky are her parts.... I am sure majority of men don't care, I checked with hubs and bros in law last night when they were here.... Nipple IS nipple. As long as it serves the purpose, when the light turned off.... Warning PPL ahead!!! A drama isn't one without PPL..... I would say this one is better..... The robot vacuum is too slow I am at my wits end.... +2
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    For the fans who are going to the world tour, pls kindly mute me as I don’t wanna ruin the surprises that HJ prepared I think I can sleep in a second, but let me try... Osaka - Day 1 The feelings when HJ was making “Bark Matic” HJ: Ppl including me care about what others think. To some extent it’s good, but If it’s too much, u become unhappy. “You can bark at this moment. I will go on my way.” That’s the message I deliver in this song.” Osaka - Day 1 HJ: It was arranged although the original hasn’t been released yet. I think you don’t familiar with this song. This’s your first time listening but has already been arranged.” Umm...σ( ・Δ・ )? “PURE LOVE”~ The opening theme song HJ written for JP drama Osaka - Day 1 HJ: “The original of “PURE LOVE” is like a confession of love with my heart skipped by repeatedly say ‘love u’, but the arranged rock ver is more about the song telling man’s feelings to fulfill love.” All: Yaaaay wwwww HJ: What? What’s that for?σ( ・Δ・ )? When HJ was saying appreciation for Osaka fans, suddenly a male fan cheered on him loud. HJ: I thought it’s about time that my male fans cheer me. Wondered why I still don’t hear anything from you guys” Some male fans started to cheer him at once. Always nice to see male fans Osaka - Day 1 Re: New album “SALT” Why “SALT”? HJ: “Salt is the least tasty seasoning, but most important one. Like this, want this new album “SALT” becomes my important target in the future. You might think it doesn’t have much meaningful reasons than you imagined...” HJ: “Everyone when you use seasonings, use a decent amount. Hahaha” He teased us again... Yeah we use less salt Osaka - Day 1 HJ knew many fans said that they wanted the corporate cardholder in the new MV. His manager suggested to make it as goods next year. HJ: “But I think this boom will wear off next year...” by Kika
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    Philippines fans watching the preview of PSJ's Divine Fury , showing their support to the movie and also wearing Bench T -shirts which he is endorsing.
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    so many photos from different magazines and his outside activities. I can't keep up anymore.
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    @rori0711 please refrain from posting continuously. You are allowed to post continuously once every 1 hour.
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    This drama reminds me back years ago when I read a manga regarding a highschool boy who somehow is able to see ghosts, spirits and the likes. This ability causes him so much troubles until one day he suddenly ends up in a shop owned by a beautiful girl/lady. It turns out the shop is only visible to selected human being under special circumtances. The shop makes the customer wish comes true for a price. Yadayadayada blablabla I forget the whole story but the boy then has a strong bond with the beautiful girl albeit not romance and by the end of the manga; the beautiful lady disappears and the boy then becomes the shop owner but missing her every day... Ok...enough mumbling...4 days left to Ep 13...
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    ZioZia x Compagna ohhh the winter coat she wore looks really beautiful. The green and the wine color winter coat. Looks really elegant! I love the new collection
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    Pearl White Stiletto Actress Park Shin Hye told you You turned on the white color (Source: Mojo)
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    Anyone here feels the same way as me that they should have made Yuan Tong as the ultimate bad guy instead of Jing Xiu. I feel like the actor didn’t bring out whatever they had plan for the character Jing Xiu. To me, there’s sadness in Jiu Chen word when he asked Zhong Hao and then Yuan Tong if they have given in the darkness. I feel like they should have taking a different direction with the Yuan Tong character instead of what we have right now. I meant he works hard to try to protect her family. Currently, I feel like I’m going down a rabbit hole with my curiosity about Chang Chen. I started off with “why did he in L&D and why is not at the popular level as other actors/ actresses like Zhao Wei, Zhang ZiYi, etc”. Anywho, there’s another recent video of Chang Chen’s interview that’s really long that I don’t know if I want to do the translation for it. I also feel like I’m turning this forum into Chang Chen’s fan club with all of these translation. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av26060132?from=search&seid=11902311821794034360 Translation under spoiler https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50008883?from=search&seid=11317848044680447036 Ni Ni and Chang Chen promotional tour for Savage Translation under spoiler
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    Notice Deokman’s not used to wearing women’s clothes nor knowing how to styling her hair yet. She’s still having the Nangdo headband while wearing a beautiful dress. What a combination.
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    WSH had me as he played a supporting role in Sweet Stranger and Me where he plays the groomed gangster who ultimately betrays his gang boss to help his friend who was the male lead. He portrayed a complex characterization of his role with glimpses of vulnerability being shown, along with some jealousy that the male lead had been the favored and so his reveling in being the top gangster dog when the lead has turned away from crime, only to come to some realizations of his own, aided by the actions of the male lead, which cause his turn around to serve time for his crimes. Then came his performance in Save Me where really the main reason to watch that drama was his bravura performance as the second lead. He conveyed so much emotion and soulfulness that it put him far above the other youthful actors in that drama for me. Then he did Mad Dog which was fun because of the interaction between WDH and Yoo Ji Tae. I can't say that it was a great drama, and really needed to push the bromance scenes, whether antagonistic or sentimental, more than it did, but still a very watchable drama, and WDH again did a lot with his role of conveying subtle, complex, changing emotions. It was also his role where he was nominally the male lead rather than clearly a second lead or supporting role. And, then came Tempted. I just have no words for this drama, and I don't want to offend anyone who might have watched it and enjoyed it. But, I did wonder after this drama whether WDH would be relegated back to supporting or second lead roles again. Plus, this is his last drama before military service I think I read somewhere. If so, it would be nice if it was a good role and a good drama. Yes, that was my thought arc as well. The minute they announced the female lead, I figured it was another lightweight attempt to draw a "youthful" viewing audience rather than a well-crafted, well written drama. I'll probably give it 2 or 4 episodes and see how it goes. As you mentioned, the three male leads announced could really have some fun even if the drama isn't memorable.
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    April 19, 2019 Actress Yoo In-na flaunts health, vitality with Coca-Cola Actress Yoo In-na films a TV commercial to promote Coca-Cola's "Body Health W" drink. Courtesy of Coca-Cola By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times Korean heartthrob Yoo In-na, the face of Coca-Cola's "Body Health W" drink, has flaunted her health and vitality during filming of a TV commercial. For the shooting, she drinks "Body Health W," a fiber-rich drink, after a meal to stay fit. It is claimed that a high-fiber diet can make people feel full without adding calories. Yoo has been promoting the drink since its launch in 2018. "We have effectively built up the drink's image by having Yoo as our face from the beginning," a spokesperson for Coca-Cola said. "Yoo is a role model for many women in their 20s and 30s, our main targets. So we try our best to promote the drink to them together with Yoo." Yoo debuted in 2009 and has appeared in several works including smash-hit drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" in 2016-17. She topped the Korea Reputation Center's monthly index in March. sunhwadong@koreatimes.co.kr
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