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    @rubie hi there, nice to see your gif here, reminds me of Mr Sunshine days..
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    Blu-rays&Dvd team has just notified they are wrapping BD now, aiming to deliver BD on 7/26(final day of wwwsk). team said exact release date will be announced early next week. Finally..
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    quick preview translations for ep 14 KU Chairwoman : Congratulations for being selected as the CEO. But are you confidence with your past? Tammy: What's wrong with the top search? (It shows that GG and JW names) Joseph: That man who is a son from KU Group, is Director Song Ga Gyeong's husband, isn't he? Ga Gyeong: Thank you for enduring these hardships with me Man: You have to take care the people who is around and important. If there's someone who you have to hold onto, then hold onto him/her. Morgan: Our love has a meaning, right? (If yes) then it's okay for me
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    There was this powerful scene in Grey’s Anatomy. The rape victim said, “The Tequila I drank will make it my fault and whoever did this to me, the liquor he drank that will be his excuse.”... Our society have double standards when it comes to rape. Please don’t!! +2
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    @sushilicious Lol, I'm here, what's up, what's new? I was locked up at work for weeks finally escaped 560
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    Or Love Bollywood movies always use this method -2
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    songs 'you in my arms-Yoo Jae Ha'(propose song in wwwsk) and 'Two People- Sung Si Kyung'(lullaby in wwwsk) have been mentioned in PSJ's Vlive talk now. he said..because there was just one sentence "YJ songs" in the script, he selected the two songs by himself.so it was so hard to select a propose song& a lullaby. and he read lyrics of song 'you in my arms'.
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    I so agree with you about alcoholism and that no one takes that first drink in hopes to be an alcoholic. But like any addiction and ones personality traits it's about the choices each person makes and yes you are right without knowing his true story of the whys and how he got to this place he now finds himself in. At the end of the day it is he that destroyed himself for what ever reasons. I guess it makes one realize that money and fame often come with heavy prices and reminds us that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and we should be thankful for who we are and what we are blessed to have. That what we have might be priceless to others and what some consider the other side and a dream to them... 564
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    Congratulations!! I am still struggling to escape from my chains... 562
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    I don't really drink which is why I have a very low tolerance for alcohol. The very few occasions I've drank, I just get very sleepy. So I can't claim that I know what it is like for people who drink too much. However, I do know that alcohol lowers ones inhibitions so people are more likely to do something they would otherwise not do if they were not drinking. @angelangie I'm okay, just dealing with a lot of stuff IRL.. I'll send you a PM on Slack. 564
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    Lol. 18. @Ameera Ali we use hangers, slippers we still need to wear one. Hanger breaks nevermind lol 568
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    -2 this let the guys knows that we girls are no pushover!!! that the way to do it
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    570 actually alot of ppl said alcohol will make u forget and you will do things beyond.....or it will give u a sort of courage to do things u never thought u can do.....this is all so wrong .... i remember every single details.....every single one down to what i was saying or why i was saying and how i said it..... yes it will make you blur on edges and your senses will be affected too....however it wont make you forget......it just an excuse for ppl to do things and get forgiven
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    I suddenly got chocolate hungry because This is another computerized 3D model done by me.... I hope my lovely @triplem @Ameera Ali @Lmangla @Lawyerh @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 @sushilicious @Pyar & other chingus will like my taste... And by the way, what is the best place on earth other than Soompi to share love & taste..????! Happy chocolate day, ya'll!! Forget the bitterness & taste the sweetness!
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    See this is how women are being repressed for ages. Don't wear short dresses, don't go out in the night, don't talk unnecessarily. Honestly why the hell do we have to stay only in our houses forego our freedom just because these richard simmons guys can't keep it in their pants? I also come from a country with the same kind of religious beliefs. That's why it enrages me a lot. No matter what the guy does it's always the women's fault. But you know what, it's also the women's fault in a way, if you think about it, if all the mothers teach their sons to respect the opposite gender at a young age, these things wouldn't happen at all.
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    @YuukiH, JHI said himself is the devil. and he is very competitive. HJM also very competitive. That is why they have the longest jenga game. Hee! Thanks @shariechan. No idea what is JHI ideal type. I googled and this is what i got: 1. When asked about his ideal type, Jung Hae In said, "Older, younger, the same age - the age doesn't matter. She just needs to be a good person." 2. he likes someone who has a nice smile 3. Someone who can take care of herself, loves herself and who has a beautiful smile.” Same interview asking how he likes to spend time with his gf: Enjoying with a glass of beer by the Han River and watching movie The above top 3 in google search. These are all before OSN. Also take note that he already mention in rookie years that he finds HJM very beautiful. I will do the same google for hjm later to be fair as i am her bias. Keke i leave @richelle to feedback her observations of JHI's comments.
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    FINALLY DVD IS COMING OUT FINALLY RACHEL SHOWN US THAT WE CAN STAY STRONG AS PPC SHIPPER (like I said my theory that she will update after he update so I'm going to play along with this theory for a while) (She looks like an amazing lawyer) AND HAPPY TO SEE PSJ TOO AND I'M A HAPPY PPC SHIPPER TODAY
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    he has been have a tough time with his dramas ratings going less, and he has a serious drinking problem too. So I guess he wasn't in his normal state, and I know very well that he wasn't doing this intentionally, he was under the effect of drink. I feel so sorry for him I hope he quits drinking, because in my opinion, alcoholism is a serious problem, it makes people commit crimes, when they are not aware of it. He admitted his crime, which means he already feels sorry. I hope he can contemplate on his life in prison, and turns a new leaf, because really he destroyed himself I am not defending him, and of course I feel sorry for the victims, but still they shouldn't have gone to a bachelor's house it is very dangerous -2
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    Yes, moving on is the key to getting over oppa grief quickly...why do you think I have a thousand and one oppas...it's not because I have a roving eye . It is called a back up plan (or plans in my case ) Synopsis... No squids there..... . So curious now..anyone watched this? Sounds like love 02O 570
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    @sushilicious thats why i already prepared to moving to my ex seo kang joon back lol. Moving to new guy is best medicine @Ameera Ali & @Lmangla thanks both of u... hugs... 568
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    Loll the trash on the ground in the kitchen have been cleared lol. It’s wayyyyy better than what it was, but it’s still a mess. Haha 562
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    560 @sushilicious the mess of the before and after seems the same to me lols
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    Its very thrilling triplem. They like look so innocent gosh... but quite passionate...I have to say this is more catchy for me than HDL lol. After u watch tell me. Btw when he was Ma Dol in top star im not attracted to him mwahahahah.... He was so loud there I love bio teacher.... none of my teacher look like that last time 562.
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    I am going to be a fan of innocent children instead @angelangie Yeorumi it is safer I can't help loving this angel? - 2
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    @Sarang21 & @ktcjdrama I think I have crush on her my kind of woman , going back watching -2
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    @shariechan huggg backk! Djwjksjej I'm not an angel, it's Han Ji Min the beautiful angel I just liked translating about them You can all ask me if there's bts you want me to translate tho ^^ I'm also anticipating for their awards ! I hope Han Ji Min win an award for her wonderful acting as Lee Jeong In !! And Jung Hae In too was very good, he improved so much compared to SITR I want them sooooo bad to have a photoshoot together Like SO BAD. It would be a waste of their beautiful faces to not do it It's TMI but I have a thing for Han Ji Min in red lipstick lol I thought about it and I don't think he had much choice, he would be seen as very rude if he didn't called her Sunbaenim I guess ^^ @tok-soompi Yes I remember that (I keep watching their video because I miss OSN lol) maybe he wants to be the devil to her only LMAO I'm so cheesy ^^ Ikr they're so competitive I like that about them so much Their Jenga game was so amazing i never saw anyone play THAT good. His ideal type is literally Han Ji Min, he doesn't even have to say it He doesn't care about age. I saw in a variety show he was in last year that his dad also married to a older woman so I don't think it would matter much to Haein ^^ She is very kind and true to herself and she lovea beer like him ^^ Also I noticed they both like to volunteer for causes.. If you look at his choices here, for the visual part, it's obvious he likes beautiful and petite girls, so I'm guessing Han Ji Min is close to his Ideal girl ! That's probably why he mentioned her twice back then in 2014 & 2015 OMG I really like Han Ji Min personality !! Her ideal man is very similar to Haein. Everyone who gets to know him desceibes him as very sweet and considerate and mature. LMAO at their love for alcohol !! They are very compatible for each other
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    go easy friend I know of cases where women wearing a scarf are raped I am just saying one has to be careful so to protect yourself, that is all we know about children that are raped too. some men are not good, but since we live in a jungle, we should be careful, that is all -2
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    For me , He is a adult that knows wrong from the right , but I hope after all this sad experience , the woman who suffered this disgusting assault at least manages to take away from it that animal was stopped , it’s wasn’t her fault , the people know now who he is , how disgusting his act was , because I find a lot of rap victims dealt with as the guilty part by media be called bad names -2
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    Top 3 google search of HJM ideal type: 1. I take my time to get to know a person so I need to spend much time with somebody to open up. I tend to look for someone who can wait patiently for me. Age doesn’t matter to me but whether I can get along with the person well matters. I love drinking so I don’t really fall for guys who can’t drink. Also, I like sweet guys who are kind. 2. While I’m acting, it seems like my ideal type is my counterpart. They have something I could learn from and have positive energy, and I like bright people.” same interview but about herself but i extract out to match jhi. Haha! : now I’ve become active. I take walks and go to the river… 3. Han Ji-min's idea of a husband is someone with a bright mind and healthy. "I like someone who makes me feel good by looking at their energy. I don't like anyone who is full of himself or lies" All these interviews especially 2 and 3 is long ago. 1. Is actually someone compiling all her interviews of her ideal.
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    yes, I agree, no one is forced to drink, but it is a well-known fact that alcohol makes you lose your mind. exactly like taking drugs. You are unconscious. it is not an excuse, I am just analyzing. I hope you get my point - 2
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    It's crazy: i assumed he was dead because everyone was talking about him in the past tense, so i'm shocked that he's alive. I'm really intrigued: is he really the murderer and corrupted cop that everyone made him to be or has he been played by someone? Or did he assume the murder of his wife to protect his son? I have this thrilling (for me) theory that it's the same guy who did it all: the murder of l KYG's mother and the attack against HTJ and her husband. But i don't know if it works if it's him, especially the timeline. I don't remember when HTJ was attacked. It seemed to be after KYG's mother died because she changed after that based on KYG's memory of her. So his father should have been in jail at that time... This drama is a puzzle quite hard to do
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    Thank you to all my sisters here! Let's have a group huggggggg!~ Thank you once again to @Lawyerh for this haven ~ I can go back here from time to time to reminisce and spazz! Thank you @YuukiH for such a sweet effort on providing translations so we could understand the "moments" of our couple, you are our angel here And to other sisters here! @cometrue @richelle @tok-soompi @adibadiba @razledgoose thank you for sharing beautiful things related to our couple here and also sharing your thoughts ~ The drama has ended so well and received lots of love, the feelings were expressed so well that we felt true emotions! I'm really hoping that this would not be the end for our couple. Hoping for OSN Awards, Couple Awards, Magazine Collab, Brand Ambassadors and even not possible but a movie or next series of them together soon! Looking forward also for them to promote OSN outside of country if possible!? ahaha JHI is busy right now, probably HJM is going off to vacation? I pray that their friendship continues. And ~ as he called her sunbaenim felt sad but it's okay! haha maybe he's just too shy to call her Ji-min ssi in formal interviews Just feeling that even though Hae In admire his angel right now, it's the peak of his career, he could not put risk into it yet But I think he's really perfect for JM! Anyway, anyone here knows what their ideal man/woman is?
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    blinding my eyes le.... lol... @triplem with 1001 oppa back up plan... im worried u dont even remember their names properly Anyway point taken.... will prepare more backup list in case of emergency 570
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    @Lawyerh was he blond -2
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    Haha school budget so it only indigo hahaha @USAFarmgirl 2I too felt that reality is harsh sometimes when we realize that the in Drama character is different then the character we see in real life. I was actually a seungri fan, until the whole thing started. I was really upset with him for doing these...and Jung Joon Young too..I actually like them. And it was honestly a heartache when I found out. I pretty much clear my watch history of them... it was upsetting. 568
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    566 Lately when it rains it pours... I really liked the drama Lie To Me and as @sushilicious said about Kang Ji Hwan it's just disappointing whether you're a fan or not it's still just so sad. I feel sorry for the victims most of all. Just a reminder to all fans that goodness is a form of acting for some and what you see in dramas or for myself even in a show like WGM. Its far from real no matter how it might seem or make you feel...
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    I just happened to watch a documentary about this Canadian colonel who is in charge of several hundreds of men...he was caught raping & stealing woman’s laundry...and it really reminded me of it..honestly we are all too Naive to think that celebrities will never do these kind of stuff...at the end of the day, they are still human...we are not perfect..we cannot judge someone’s probability based on their occupation.. #factslearnt. Referencing from Seungri & KJH. But by saying that, not all are like this. There are definitely good people out there. 566
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    @ktcjdrama @sushilicious Thank you for the warm welcome @ktcjdrama who is you favorite couple? I love Scarlet and her actor...they are just so cute. But I also love the sismance between Tami and Scarlet . I hope the trend of female-centric drama will continue. 564
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    Welcome to @momspaghetti, @ellelyana88 @tinymel @Nam A. Please add more thoughts, no matter if you enjoyed or not the drama: it's largely more insightful and fun when more people post! Ocn did what seems like a recap of the important points of the drama and i'm intrigued by the 3rd point which showed a pic of DCK the night he broke in the flat of KYG's parents and a man who wears a prison uniform. Seems like the same man to who HTJ said in the preview for the next episode to do something for his son. Is he KYG's dad? I adore her fashion style too. She looks fantastic in everything that she wears and it looks effortless, as if she was born to be awesome! I need to check her other roles: she did a lot of romcom which is a genre that i rarely watch but if she carries the same ultra competent vibe, poised grace, natural elegance and sophisticated style to her romantic roles, i'm willing to follow her here. In case, you didn't get me yet: she's my new role model and i want to be her We really don't deserve her! Credit: AMUGAE_14 I fear she's tired of my babbling! Credit: AMUGAE_14
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    I understand as a google translate. Boy and girl are fighting. Then they fall asleep before the fight is over. The next day the man goes to work. And the girl was still frustrated. Then Boy calling girl. The girl is getting angry. "Why are you calling me?" Boy says something like "I can't work, I wondering you" The girl also says "okay no problem, you can works". The boy says "okay" and closes, and then the girl even forgets why they're fighting, filling up with pink auras everywhere Meanwhile i want to say something; @kookminclan RunningMan I miss your comments and videos. Why did you quiet down? Please come back. We love you, our genius captain.
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    Did everyone know that Eddie Peng has said he wanted to work with Kyo back in 2013? What!!! Then why hasn’t any director made this happen!! Movie gods of Hong Kong please hear my prayer and make this an actual thing. They’re even ambassadors for brands under the same house - LVMH ; she for Chaumet and him for Berluti.
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    Yes.... haha.... sold off. But i gotta cleared up K backlog first. @refuse2sink not married KJH. Escape from reality is what all drama watchers do lol. Not only in korea. 560.
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    It's anti mainstream right? When we talked about horrors movies the mind focus is to send them in such horrible catching and thrilling running but what's power of Imagination HDL treat the ghosts in such high manner even we are humans sometime never get such treatment.
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