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    Greetings from the Virtuous Women Corps trio. They seem to be filming in Pyeong Chang tonight! So his best friend turned into a suitor...
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    Preview translation for ep 7 MR: At least he had a girlfriend before he was frozen. What about me?! (meaning how she had no one, including possibly no marriage prospects since there is the age thing with her legal and biological age being different and may be hard for potential partners to deal with) DC: From now on, TV variety programs are going to be different! Because Ma Dong Chan has returned! DC: Why is your pulse racing all of a sudden? Were you fluttering? (meaning whether MR had become excited to see DC) MR: What is he saying? Is he a player or what? HY: So that you’re not in danger ever again, I’ll protect you. JE: Noona, you’ve dated before, haven’t you? And, have been in a “some”? (a "some" is a meaningful flirtation between a couple who are interested in each other, but before they officially start dating) MR: Have you had a “some” before? (seems to be speaking to DC) DC: Help me so that I can protect myself. Starting with Go Mi Ran. (I translated this line this way, because this may be a response to HY's statement earlier about protecting DC. It's a bit hard without more context and the Korean standard of not using pronouns.) Episode 6 was very cute, for the most part. DC and MR are definitely attracted to each other. DC is over HY, and in episode 6, DC even tells HY that he doesn't want to find out more about her even for fear that it'll tarnish the image that he has of the person that she was back then. That's his only way of protecting the love that they had felt for each other. While, HY is the one who wants to start again. She starts to wear the couple ring that he had given her again, and lets him know at the end of the episode, that it's meant to signify that their relationship isn't over yet since their love isn't finished yet. However, I think that DC will try to let her down gently at the start of episode 7, possibly saying that he's in danger right now and doesn't want to continue with HY. That's speculation, though. MR was already aware that DC is good looking, but she's becoming more aware of him as a man. She can't help but be touched and grateful with how he looks after her, though she also clearly finds it a little frustrating that he's so protective. Still, she's feeling lost in this world that she's woken up to, and DC is the only other person who knows how she feels, and is able to provide her with what she needs, even when she might not be aware of it, for instance, the smart watch that monitors her vital signs. It's not just gratitude that MR feels, however. She's also becoming attracted to DC. The comfortable, bickering relationship that they've established with each other has also led to an intimacy between the two of them without either of them perhaps totally aware of it. The shared glass of ice water, so casually done and received, definitely gave me an "OMO!" moment. I think that next episode, MR becoming aware that DC had had a serious gf in HY, one who is the station's top announcer at that, is going to become a bit jealous as well. Even though her words in the preview may be about her own prospects, or lack thereof, I think what she's really feeling is jealousy. And, I'm really curious about the kiss at the end of this preview. It seems as if MR is the one to kiss DC who may have been caught off guard since his eyes are open and stay open. I'm curious to see how the kiss comes about so fast. Hope it's not another imagination sequence or anything like that. I do rather love DC and MR together.
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    Sharing is caring and our sweet couple were the only ones eating their snack And their hands always find each other eh?
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    Warning Long post Ep1 - Hand There’s a lot of focus on hands this ep. I like how the writer and PD focuses our attention on hands and the events playing around the hand scenes. It shows a connectedness or disconnect. SangHun smashing his hand first on the table...then into the glass window...blood spatters just like the blood from the previous scene (suicide). They (he and the woman) are connected. The hands of the sashimi (?) Chef sharpening his knife which he wields in defence when Detective Jo comes up behind him (he’s an ex Con that Detective Jo presumably turned from the dark side) After the altercation of SangHun and his Father in law at the study and SeoHui (LYY) chases him for an explanation, the scene ends with the camera panning in on her hand and the wedding ring. She connects the 2 men unwittingly. Detective Jo’s mother’s hands whilst shelling beans. Hardworking hands. She’s living in the countryside. And Detective Jo is heading there to care for her (she has colon cancer). He is connected to his mother- hence his decision to leave the city and take up a smaller post in the country to be with her. Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad) holds SeoHui’s hands in consolation at the wake, urging her to be strong at a time like this. He only holds her hands, nobody else’s. Does he want her on his side? Trying to connect with her. The undertaker says, “put your hands on the body of the deceased and say your last words to him”. SeoHui has a flashback where she is holding onto her father’s hand. She doesn’t want to go (with SangHun presumably to Germany?) but he tells her to go. She repeats the same phrase he used then to his body. “Have a safe trip. Take care”. The undertaker puts a glove to cover her father’s hand. Ominous. SeoHui needs to take care, her Father is no longer there to protect her. She remains connected with her Father - her reluctance to leave his side despite being married is strange for someone who is newly wed? Or maybe it just goes to show she is more connected with her Father than her Husband. Gloves on the hands of Chairman of JQ as he tends to Bonsai. Bonsai is all about control. Large trees miniaturised and confined in pots, only allowed to grow certain ways to “fit” a picture of what the bonsaist has in his mind. The man who is talking says, “he (Assemblyman Kim) caused us a lot of distress. Now that the obstacle is gone, we need someone to fill his space. This time we need someone who can bend to our will.” (Bonsai). Curious Chairman of JQ hands the plant over to the other man (I am unsure who he is) seemingly to want to keep his own hands clean and have the other man do all the work for him? Chairman says, “People think that grafting is easy but it’s more than just adding some twigs to the main stem. But the grafter must be skilled to make sure the main tree remains intact.” Ominous warning to make sure the person they “graft” on as a replacement doesn’t endanger the main tree (the whole organisation). To which the other man assures, “I will make sure I do things right.” Chairman is disconnecting himself from the “action”. His henchmen will do it for him. And the next scene we see him talking to SeoHui’s Mother to convince her to enlist SeoHui to stand in her Father’s place with a veiled threat in an envelope, “Let’s make sure we can have Assemblyman Kim leave with honour...this is the original I mentioned before”. Blackmail? He’s threatening to ruin her husband’s reputation if she doesn’t comply and convince her Daughter to do as they want. Her Mother stops her protests when at the cafe (I am assuming it’s the cafe SeoHui owns) when she expresses her reservations about taking up the role. She does this with her hand on SeoHui’s hands which were on her lap. She is trying to connect with SeoHui but she obviously isn’t as attune with her as her husband was. And the mother pretty much steamrolls the whole conversation leaving SeoHui bewildered and voiceless. And we get another tidbit of information. JQ is planning to move into the little precinct of SongJu (the precinct her Father was representing and the same precinct she needs to win in the by election now that the seat is vacant due to his untimely demise). I don’t think SeoHui and her Mother are “connecting”. Her Mother knows more than she is letting on. Detective Jo finds out that SeoHui followed SangHun at 6pm on the day of her father’s death. She was the last person to see him? I am unclear as to whether this took place before or after the altercation with the book throwing? Final scene with SangHun’s (?) severed hand in the box. And SeoHui’s hand trying to reach for his but never getting there. Both wear similar wedding bands. Her hand trying desperately to reach his? Signifying a parting which is now permanent? Also the fact that the box was placed so close to where SeoHui was speaking? A warning of sorts surely to her. It’s a signal that they mean business. They wanted her to see it. In amongst these, other bits of information Business dealing involves a renewable energy project with private-public collaboration - led by government with private investment by JQ. But Assemblyman Kim was against SangHun from becoming the CEO. Yet SangHun still ended up as CEO for some reason. And the rumour mill within JQ and the rest of the country started because SangHun didn’t seem to have the qualifications necessary for such a position and yet was placed there regardless. What we know about Assemblyman Kim He was going to run for President. Pro democracy Even though his in-law is the Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad), he was staunchly against the chaebols. In other words he couldn’t be “bought”. SangHun possibly a sham marriage? Did he marry SeoHui out of love or to gain favour with her up and coming Father headed for the Blue House? Looks to be keeping a woman on the side? Potentially the woman who committed suicide? Intensely angry that the woman in question was killed. He refused to believe she died due to suicide (the suicide note was placed so far from where she jumped...and a rock neatly placed (and it was typed? Most suicide notes are hand written?) on it. Was she silenced because potentially a scandalous affair would rock Assemblyman Kim’s chances of Presidency? Hence SH vowing to “get to the bottom of it all”. Or maybe just SH’s position as CEO in JQ? He didn’t look like he was behind the accident of his Father in law...that scene was imagined by Detective Jo. He was on the run from someone in a forest. He had no shoes on? And then the hand in the box...was it really his?
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    Sejong's emoting Do Hwan's emoting is just as good too.
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    In episode 8 : How Netflix killed logic in the drama They send their special agent
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    Ohmygosh, cutie Ji Eun who has the crush on MR is the son of her friend and her ex-bf Byung Shim! Plus, it seems that the people around MR are figuring out pretty quickly that she must have been a frozen human as well.
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    Indeed...he met a lot of strangers in that Hell 500
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    Rabbit had to go through a living hell to keep himself survive 502
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    @Lmangla @angelangie There was once a rabbit who aspires to be a writer, he reaches Seoul & decided to stay in this cheap studio...then comes this guy called Wolfie. Wolfie gave rabbit a very tough time, often giving him this fear that rabbit cannot shake off...Wolfie gave his affection to rabbit thus making him go crazy... Naturally Rabbit is Wolf’s prey in which in SFH wise, Wolfie have been terrorising Rabbit like he is his prey. Thus..Wolfie and Rabbit! btw this story goes that way cause 1. No Fl. 2. Wolfie call rabbit honey. Haha “Honey you want me to become anything, I will become anything for you.” He said. So we never come up with it. It’s the Writers not us...Then at the end of the day...Rabbit becomes one with Wolfie.. 502
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    I haven’t watched Ep2 yet. But great timeline (suspect board) @bedifferent for us to work on. Look at us, we’re doing the policing for Detective Jo and team.
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    This is an interesting analysis, and I would mostly agree with you, but with one caveat. And, that is marriage and children. Marriage and children subvert this order somewhat actually, since your partner and your children move to the head of the priority line. It does not mean that you owe any less duty to your parents or other relatives, but that the priority order has changed. I do realize that this is a relatively modern subversion. In the Joseon era, a man's duty to one's parents, especially if they come from a more affluent family, trumps everything else. Note, I say "man's duty" because it wasn't true for women. Wives, once they entered their husband's households, would seldom see their own family if at all. Kdramas tend to drag out the filial duty aspects, I think. My mother thinks it may be to combat the current situation because modern Korean society has swung too far the other way with filial duty not being prominent enough to people. So, being a "good" person means filial piety to an extreme. Anyway, WRT this drama, GH has a child now, so her first duty should be to her child, and not to her parents. I think issues of filial duty conflicting with one's other relationships is a fair enough topic to tackle. However, not telling SW about her illness is not a prioritization of duty issue. It has to do with what is fair and appropriate to her child and to her lover. Also, I don't think it is about GH's conflicts with her filial piety in this final stretch, and I blame these final lackluster episodes on the extension. It feels as if they're literally just throwing things in to stretch out the episodes to make their episode count. They've already used the trope of SW being kept in the dark, though GH having leukemia is new. However, having a lead character develop a serious illness is a well-used fallback trope for kdramas as it is. Anyway, thanks for the analysis. It was a good read.
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    In Secret Boutique, how did JJ's brother die? Did he drown? JJ obviously don't have romantic feelings for YSW. I think she regards him as her substitute brother. YSW thinks he loves JJ but he's actually v grateful and it's a brotherly kinda admiration and devotion for JJ protecting him and bringing him up all these years. YSW=the actor Kim Jae Young is already 31 years old and was playing minor roles for a long time till he got noticed in 100 Days My Prince. It's strange how some actors hit gold at their 1st drama and others take a long time. Korean men seem to like older women in real life and also Japanese women. 498
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    Well that's definitely a interesting theory. Maybe that's why Ha Ru already knows he and Dan Oh are:
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    I think yes. I'm not Korean so I don't know how TV ratings work there but many people have said that for cable shows 3% is good enough. I think he's trying to balance his personal desires and that of Hwi's. Sunho may have been raised in a well-to-do family but compared to Hwi, he has been struggling since childhood because of his father. He saw her dead mother (either he hanged herself or Nam Jeon had her killed), he was blamed for his older brother's death, and since then, his life hasn't been his own. Mentally or emotionally, Hwi had it better but he's poor. So they're the opposites. Hwi is from a loving family but he's poor. Sunho is from a wealthy family but has never been loved by his family. He only felt that with Hwi as his friend, so in Episode 4, he told Hwi there's one person he doesn't want to lose, and that's Hwi. Sunho is now trying to balance not losing Hwi and gaining power himself so he can crush his father, and this shows in all his decisions: he chose to send Hwi to war so his father won't kill Hwi, but also so he can show he can be trusted by his father. All in all, I truly understand where Sunho is coming from although this doesn't excuse the horrible things he did to Hwi. Even so, I hope he and Hwi will make up in the latter part of the series. I care more about their relationship as best friends, than the love angle, to be honest, hahaha I feel the same. OH MY GOD! I've seen that actor somewhere playing a normal character. I never would have imagined it's him playing the medic. What a transformation lol I hope he doesn't die though because I'm rooting for him to become a proper doctor in Joseon lol Ooooh it seems so. I mean in the series, Bang Won seems to respect Seo Geom, so maybe that's how he is known in Korea? A person with relatively good judgment?
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    "소/ so" means cow in Korean, refering to the hardworking traits, for ex: SO Mi Nyeong, sugo-haes-SO (our Hardworking cow), or this one
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    Most kdrama like to discuss illness. It is part of life. The problem lies with GH for not telling SW. Also SW's dad and JH are bad
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    When Shin Nan Suk flushed the document and photo down the toilet I didn't believe that was the end of it and rightfully so Pil Seung call with the good news lol this is the 21st century most of the big companies now store their documents in microfilms to save on storage space. Looks like more reveal for the chairwoman in next week's episodes.
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    998 @triplem just few minutes, your oppa out banging his hands on table lol -(The Lies Within)
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    A new fan here! I initially watched the drama to support Hye Yoon because with her acting skills she deserves to be a main lead. She was in minor roles before just because she wanted to focus on her study (I read somewhere that she got a scholarship for her undergrad). I'm super glad that she took this role! And now I'm hooked on this drama because of the plot, characters, and everything about it! It is torturing me to wait for next episodes Need help here! Do you think the last scene between DO and BK is a stage or shadow? I kept thinking it is a stage but then how come Haru came and punched BK? And about the bleeding Haru, it is because several books fell down and hit him on the forehead. It was not shown but I believe that was what the director wanted us to think. Anyway, keep on posting. I love reading your comments, at least they sustain me for Wednesday to come
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    Than we'll be bad together I wouldn't mind to see something a bit more sexy from LBW. I mean, not Empire of Lust sexy, that was a bit much, especially the scenes of the other two actors in that movie... But something subtle would be nice. But, you know, even if we get a scene with a concubine, I don't think it would be love that he's be expressing to her
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    Like others pointed out, jsm was not showing any interest in hwan chi yeol's team. chi yeol even mentioned that he had won with jsm and might have expected her to pick him again. his syllables were also pretty easy to answer, yet jsm was not moving from her place. jsj can be seen prompting her, but she didn't move. even when the first female guest recited her syllables, jsm was not answering. like kjk said, she is good with words yet was not answering. i felt she was pretending not to know them. i thought she wanted to stand beside kjk for a while longer. it is only when they assemble for the line ups that kookmin get to stand near each other, so perhaps that was a reason. kjk looked so thrilled when jsm won. he looks happiest when she wins against him/his team. the twinkle in his eyes is precious. whenever he gets a chance to praise her, he keeps praising her - like how trendy her lyrics were. similarly when yjs said her "pick me" line was funny, he joined in saying "it was perfect". it reminded me of last episode when yjs said "So Min is charming" and kjk out of nowhere had to add that she is the type you find more the more attractive as you see her. also, when jsm was reciting her poem, kjk looked so rapt in attention. i think he enjoys listening to her voice. whenever she says something, he is all ears. there were kookmin fans wondering on ig whether kjk would have been so enthralled with jsm's lyrics when they were not close. may be not to this extent, but one of the first times i noticed how fascinated kjk was with jsm was when she brought her childhood diaries and started talking about them. he even told jsj to shut up so that he could listen to her. it was the same with the christmas letter where he looked fascinated. i also felt kjk put a lot more effort into his poem this time than he would have before. earlier, he would have just wanted it to have a twist, but now i think he cares about how the words sound too.i also found it funny how kjk's poem for ysc was so sweet like what jsm would write while jsm's poem for jsj was the kind of poem kjk would write. it is like their personalities switch at times. i was also reminded of how kjk's dad was seen reading a book of poetry on their Canada trip. @MonaLisa97 Thank you for your support. i am in the process of making my video. i really enjoy reading your insightful posts from an april born's POV. keep them coming.
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    I am also glad that actresses in her 40s receive offers for first leads in kdramas. Keep it up. I watched Kim Sun ah in City Hall, Should We Kiss First, Children of Nobody and now Secret Boutique. I will watch her next drama. *** How cool is Janny Jang/JJ.
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    Finally! I meet Park Shin Hye. #ParkShinHyeinJakarta cr.@dindanawang
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    Wah you folks have sharp eyes. i only see JH! Love his lines and sarcasm, exactly!
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    The articles always mention about love triangles even when there isn`t one. There is a tension between these three characters but, in the end, it is very possible that Jenny will be single. At least, she has these two handsome men at her side, as friends. About love triangles... another one is created in the drama. Sun Woo with Hyun Ji and Ye Eun. It is enough for one character (A) to be interested in someone (B) and that person (B) to like someone else (C) and voila... a "love triangle". Even when A and C don`t stand each other.
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    Of all the drama that is airing right now I'm really anticipating this one even though I didn't much care about it before airing and during promotion but I already knew that it would be great. It seems like I'm not gonna see Seon Ho's gorgeous long hair for a while since it would be covered by a hat tsktsk. I want all episodes out but at the same time I'm happy I have something to look forward to every week. Everything is so good so far especially with the acting, directing, and cinematography I can't wait for more. I hope when the medic man said that Seon Ho has to "drink 5 cups of poison if he ever wishes to die" is not a foreshadowing of what's gonna happen in the end especially considering the historical context
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    Hmmm.. on the contrary, I feel like though Sunho's character might feel more appealing and somewhat unpredictable, I wasn't really impressed by WDH performance. I mean he is good, but not as much as I expected him to be. Before the drama I was really looking forward to the duo of YSJ and WDH, however I feel WDH acting is cold. On the other hand, though Hwi is the kind and good one here, he never failed to move me and let me cry with him whenever he shed tears. The guy is genius. He can make any role his own.
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    @Adora Dark @carambsk Wanted to jump into discussing that Dragon Bros episode conversation because I wish I knew enough Korean to see what the subtitles might have missed. I found it really weird when Jang Hyuk said he never met SJH before because they were on the same team when he guested on Running Man back around episode 40-something and he went with KJK and LKS to SJH's movie premiere back in 2012-2013. I figured the subtitles were incorrect and maybe he actually said that he didn't see her at all that night. IIRC I also found it weird that he was the only one referring to SJH as "Jihyo-ssi" while everyone else refers to her in a more informal tone. It reminded me of when KJK's hoobaes are asking him about HJY and SJH in an episode of MUD and they use "ssi" when referring to HJY but "noona" when referring to SJH which implies they are close with SJH or at least have met her before and feel comfortable calling her "noona."
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    0:04 / 0:34 Above is the Preview for Vagabond Ep 9 with dialogue Kang: We found the co-pilot in Morocco but someone wants to kill him Kang: Do you think we can report this to the President? Secretary Yun: We have a hidden card, did you forget? Pilot's Wife: You guys did this! You did this ! VO: Kim Woo-gil, Cha Dal Gun - Kill them VO: Whose order? VO: Who gives this kind of stupid order? VO: The order is from the Country
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    Hello Apparently they are investigating about the gown that appears in a photo, however, at least in IG there are people who think that the journalists of a certain news site, are trying to make KHS look bad and favor their opponent ... it seems to me that it is already too much what our k must suffer, imagine what thousands of non-celebrity women should go through, in similar situations... I agree with @gelisacarras, that is my girl!! It takes strength and is having it, to withstand that press and those people who speak odiously. Fighting Koo!
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    actually am not sure how much she was for justice. the case that brought her to grandpa, she ruled a sentence that was harsher than necessary. this is why her judgement was ultimately tossed out. so from the beginning, she had a habit of squashing people till they had nothing. she delighted in it and when she had access to MC group, she really reveled in it. papa mo said ms han hates losing more than him. feel that it was all about winning for her from the beginning. she tossed the justice system aside because she realized that she will not win.
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    LOTBS ep. 16. There was so much happening in this episode but I was a bit disappointed that our two leads only had one scene together. I wish he had given her a proper birthday kiss and not the peck that she got! I think it was the first time we saw JJ writing in the exercise book - which of course was so vital to him during her 3 year absence. The reunion with mum was very emotional but the scene I loved best between them was when they stood outside the gate to his house and she asked him about Cheongi- the way JJ looked down and grinned showing his dimples -gorgeous - and the way he acted like a typical son telling her to be careful around cars was so touching. Did you notice how during the party scene LMH was the only one who didn’t wear a party hat! The interaction between Nam Do and HongJin Kyung is really comical (did we ever hear her name) The supporting cast were so good in this drama. Another good scene was when Nam Do asked Mum if she knew who Kang Ji Hyun was - and JJ, although really shocked, deliberately shut Nam Do up from saying too much- not that SC was fooled. The scene between JJ and his dad was so sad- and frustrating- and the end bit when Dad called JJ a bastard was gut wrenching. Finally poor Shi ah- unrequited love must be awful- to long for someone for so long and so hopelessly- ahh ( but I still don’t like her!) Have a great weekend everyone- let’s hope we get lots more of The King news next week.
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    Haru is really so innocent and calm character so I am suprised final scene but we learnt that angry Haru is so charming too @colorygif
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    I would love to see him a bit jealous... I want to see her chemistry with ChiYeul again...or with LeeDongHwi, KimDongWan(the Shinwa singer with whom she sang in the past and he is just so funny and cute like her) and of course HaSeokJin!!!!!
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    Adviser 2 'Lee Jung-jae, elected lawmaker, Kim Gap-soo, Minister of Justice Jang Tae-jun, a senior assistant to former 4th legislator Song Hee-seop last season, became a member of the National Assembly at the expense of many precious people. He took care of the dirty work, seated Song Hee-seop at the Minister of Justice, and got the gold badge he wanted so much. According to the video, his move will lead to setting up the day for Song Hee-seop. Song Hee-seop said, "I've come here, but shouldn't I see the end?" Advisor 2' released the video and said, "There is a reason that Jang Tae-jun knelt to Song Hee-seop for the nomination. Adviser 2 begins with Jang Tae-jun's walk with the congressman with a clear goal. "It's more powerful." https://news.jtbc.joins.com/article/article.aspx?news_id=NB11893779
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    Finally was able to watch episodes 7 and 8 aka 4 and OH MY! I love it so much. I have a lot to talk about and discuss but can only do so when I'm back home. But until then... this is me appreciating Ha Ru's beautiful face throughout the episodes:
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