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    Translation of Kim Myung Soo's interview (from Naver's video). (my apology for any mis-translation). Good night , sweet dream everyone !!! Q: How long you have been being Angel Kim Dan ? I started shooting since February. Now it's passing the middle of June. Actually preparation period is longer than that. If I count, I think it's almost half a year. Q: Do you think Kim Dan and Kim Myung Soo is synchronized (similar) ? Actually , now it's almost...because I'm doing the drama acting. Being Kim Myung Soo as a person, and have been acting as Kim Dan character already 6 months , now it becomes almost similar. In fact it's not like that, even if it's the same person but now I lived as Kim Dan every day per week , being as Kim Dan for 6 months and taking a little break as Myung Soo. Even doing this interview right now it feels like being Kim Dan doing the interview. Umm..it would be right to say 100 percent (similar), probably right to think like that. Q: Being Kim Dan, talking about attractiveness of the character First , Dan personality is honest and he can't lie, also being nice friend. Second, as time goes by, his character can also show various of new appearances Actually, being Kim Dan character, at early , middle and the latter episodes of the drama each provide very appealing charm. I think everyone who watched ALML from heart can fall in love with the Kim Dan's attractiveness, more or less. Q: How was it being angel who watched human's world ? If speaking as Dan, each individual humans are working hard for their living. Each person is trying to live a good life, aiming for the best of their lives, isn't it ? Q: Tell us how is Kim Myung Soo in real life Kim Mung Soo, to put it this way, is very funny. His personality is very shy (korean phrase said 'hiding face'). Also I think he's quiet, modest person. Actually I didn't know myself well. Now being Kim Dan for half a year, honestly I don't really know what kind of person is Kim Myung Soo ? The certain thing I know is that Kim Myung Soo half year ago was a very modest person. (Note : I just want to highlight this because after 6 months being with Shin Hye Sun, now it seems he has changed from a shy, introverted guy to be more open personality. It's a power of love ) Q: Black Dan vs White Dan which one is more attractive to you ? Ah.. both are equal, so difficult to distinguish. Both have attractive apperance of Dan. I think at the latter episodes , there will be more appearance of black Dan. Personally I'm also in the middle of shooting that. I think I'm a little more attracted to White Dan's appearance. Because Dan is cute like puppy, right ? Very lovely like a kid for all fans who love to watch a cute drama. He is such companion who sticked to Yeon Seo like a key ring. It's a cute apperance, but when I think of that, all of his aspects are charming. I have a feeling that white Dan is more of my style . (bonus)
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    Oh look how cute these two are... sweetness overload!
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    Yay! here are the official photo of the new stills.
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    BEST FINALE THIS YEAR THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU X1000 to everybody! The cast! The crew! Everyone involved in the making of this show. I loved every minute of it It's been too long since I've actually liked a show from start to finish all the way...I usually get bored halfway but DANG this was a ride to remember. Dom and GH are now UP there on the list of drama couples that will always have a special place in my heart. Now to marathon this show from episode 1 all over again
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    The secretaries all waiting for interviews. GH came out all excited. They talked a bit, and then the interview continued when one of them is called. Dom in his office packing away his stuff. GH walked in, not in a good mood. Dom asked her to help him pack, and threw her a pencil case. She said don't do that. He then threw a pillow, and she yelled at him to stop. Then he threw the ring box.... kyaaa... such creative proposal.... GH asked what that is, he told her to open it. Then he came near and said some more sweet stuff, and he take it that GH will say yes. Night time, GH lying on her bed, admiring her ring. Mom showed up next to her. They have some talk. I think Mom is saying her "real goodbyes" now to GH. Dom's mother at home giving instructions to the ahjumma. Dom walked down the stairs. He overheard a little. The new ahjumma asked about why not peanuts, and Mother said because of the son. Dom is taken aback, and he greeted the ahjumma. He reached the office and saw GH wearing gloves cleaning the aquarium, he wondered whether she has put on the ring. She took off one glove but no ring. The other one, there is some problem, so she went to toilet to take it off. Dom is peeking but when she got out, she covered her hand with handkerchief drying up. Dom is a bit disappointed. Then they went for a walk, but GH kept her hand in her pocket. Finally after Dom's urging, she showed her hand, and no ring. Dom is sad and asked whether it is because of his illness not being able to recognize face. GH assured him that it's not by pointing to another woman. I think it's like a blessing he cannot see other woman's pretty faces? Dom then left for meeting with DJ and other people. When they finished, Dom said he needs to get to meeting with GH. DJ told him go ahead and he will handle the rest of the meeting. Dom went into the lift and lift got stuck. Meanwhile, GH is preparing a dinner, with cake and flowers. I think she is planning her own proposal, ready to wear her ring. Dom cannot make the call because no reception. People are trying to get the lift open. GH waiting for Dom why so late. DJ and VP arrived. GH asked what happened to Dom. DJ said he left first, saying he is meeting GH. She panicked and left. Dom in the lift, and finally the lift is opened. And strangely enough, Dom can see all the faces. He was so happy, he hugged and thanked all those service people. He ran out, stopped and make a call to GH, who just arrived at the office. Dom asked where she is. GH is entering the lift to meet him, and he is running back to the office. Dom is worried that he will lose the moment. As he got up, GH went down. They just missed each other. So Dom told her let's meet at the rooftop. They finally met at the rooftop. Dom is able to see her face. They smiled at each other. Gosh, Dom looked so love-struck seeing GH smiling at him. He walked near, still staring at her. He then kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her lips. GH is a bit confused but she figured it out. She asked can you see my face now? Dom said "Pretty" GH smiled and asked "Really?" He said "Eyes pretty, nose pretty, lips pretty. All is pretty"... And they kissed rather passionately. GH is wearing the ring already. Voice-over by GH and then by Dom while kissing continued, camera panned out to beautiful rooftop view of a lake ~ and it's a wrap chingu-deul!... Gosh, I'm tearing up....
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    One Spring Night (2) & Jung Haein (1) & Han Ji Min (2) made it to most searched buzz worthy dramas and actors respectively for the third week of June . Congratulations!! Haein IG update..
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    I have come to realize why in the episode 7 GS's father thought that his son had still some chances. After GS had told him that he had mentioned the marriage to JI and with time, she would accept the proposal, the father met LTH and during their conversation, GS's father realizes that JI has not announced the break up yet and even her intention of not marrying GS that's why chairman Kwon thought, GS might be right. Since he knew that JI was a self-confident and opinionated woman, he thought that the break up might be temporary and she could change her mind with time. Furthermore, JI had told him that when they started dating, marriage was not in their mind. As conclusion, chairman Kwon thought that GS's words could have been correct. Therefore he asked JI's father not to put JI under pressure, the latter would come to accept the idea. Out of respect for GS and his father chairman Kwon, she didn't mention JH as he was not the real reason for the break up. Hence the father was not able to judge the situation correctly. He had been lied by his son who refused to accept the reality of the break up and JI had not told him the entire truth: GS had not treated her well enough and had looked down on her, while she had accepted this for too long. However, I believe that GS's father is far better than JI's father in one aspect. The latter keeps telling that time have changed so much. So the idea of an arranged marriage forced to the daughter is no longer possible. Furthermore he even warned his son that he couldn't force JI to marry him. That's why I believe that chairman Kwon would have stopped GS before ... I mean, he already suspects that JI has fallen in love with someone else. JI's father lied to him. In other words, now his son and LTH are both lying to him. Imagine their face if JH decides to visit the chairman Kwon and tells him the whole story!! This could be a possibility for JH who doesn't want to hide behind JI any longer.
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    WE COULD HAVE HAD SO MUCH MORE OF THIS~ PS. He can see her?!! Also have a read guys https://www.soompi.com/article/1334482wpp/the-secret-life-of-my-secretary-cast-hints-at-ending-and-shares-thoughts-ahead-of-finale
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    I have been thinking that the return of EW's biological mother will become the major problem for our OTP. I am still thinking that the mother could be the daughter of the Assemblyman Jang. We heard that she just became the youngest professor so maybe one of her reasons was her career... Besides, I have been wondering if Eun Woo's mother left for another reason: YJH comes from a lower social circle. IF she is indeed the daughter from the assemblyman, I can imagine that she got scared that she wouldn't be able to succeed in her career. Maybe that's one of the reasons why JH brought JI to the laundry. He wanted to make sure that she was okay with his parents' social background.
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    Happy Dom goes running to find GH. She's at his office. He calls her from outside. GH don't take the elevator lol. They are gonna meet. Dom is frantic. Dom Why you back in the elevator lol. They are looking around for each other. GH is wearing her ring hehe. Dom finally gets to meet GH and see her pretty face again. Awwwww. Be still my heart! He walks up to her all smiles and just stares at her. He gives her 3 kisses and she gets the idea that he can see again. OMG I'm sorry I'm so distracted the final kiss was so hot! Voiceovers at the end from both while they straight made out! My blood pressure up now!! I can't cry cuz I'm too flustered by their making out !!
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    Just finished watching the raw. Many thanks @ktcjdrama! I cannot get over the last kiss. You guys.. there's a moment of very obvious lust in there and its so.. darn.. uhm. *gulp*.. sexy. Its almost like the dorks grew up and acted their age. Yes, and if the kisses are that ASMR level loud, the other "activities" are going to be way way louder With that presidency job work load off his shoulders, he has plenty of time to do exactly that. And our leading lady ain't no prude either hahaha
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    I'm a non drinker too, but I get drunk off the LLlLlOOoooVVvVVvEEeeeEEE <----when I start typing like this it means I'm drunk off the Love AwwWWWwwww the little pregnant figurine. CuuuuUUUUtttteeeeee I didn't even notice!!! I thought if I left for a while a stood in front of the big fan at work, it would calm me down. But then I came back to the thread and read through the posts/gifs/videos/images again. BRB going to fly to the north pole now so I can do this:
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    Quizno's is sure getting their money's worth for PPL!
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    I believe that Eunseom couldn't use all his strength as he had been injured before. First, he was still recovering from the wound caused by Yangcha and later he got beaten by the soldiers. That's why he was weak. However, we shouldn't forget that he is linked to the sword which means his fighting skills will improve and he will become a real good strategist. But he needs Mubaek's assistance for that. Tanya's power is symbolized by the bell implying that her strength will be the words. We already saw that her words ("dream", "master") have a huge influence on the people she talked to. She will be able to manipulated Saya and others. She already succeeded with Taealha, the latter didn't even dare to kill her due to the revelations. Even Taealha fears her as she has the impression that she is connected to the spiritual world.
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    OMG I think he did suggest sexy bed time!! Lolol Dom is sitting in his office blushing like mad crazy!!! GH comes in with coffee and he just staring hopelessly. He takes some coffee but it's too hot omg this is the funniest scene! She blows on his lips and he blushed again and pushes her away. Then she rubs his hair again. He blushed again! Lol Dom you are hilarious!! He's like it's hot in here and runs out of the office. This is great!! Dom at GH's house now. Sitting on steps. GH dropped a jar of tea or something on his pants. Whatever she said to him, he is turned on like mad crazy! GH is so obvious. Dom looks like a mad man with his eyes bulging out. He's slowly pushing her to the bed. Cute he pushed her onto the bed and she took initiative and started kissing him first. It was short but still hot!
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    ^these 2 are really so good together Looking forward to this scene tomorrow. I can't wait to see JI's bonding with eun u
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    Beep. I'm handsome guy. While waiting for new episodes, let's enjoy this chemistry between our Leads once again.
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    Awww this must be when he can see her whole face again - I hope he kisses every part of it to prove he can see again!! I wonder if this is before or after their wedding....
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    This is honestly gorgeous! Somebody message this to Hae Sun so she can tease him some more!
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    @jakey09 LOL! Yes Jungkook is quite distracting for me too. Took me a long while to find that perfect dance clip lol haha no not skipping episodes but still way behind. I told myself I wouldn’t fall behind on dramas because it is always so much harder to catch up especially when im watching a few others haha. So I figured i can watch and come by at the same time. I am hoping we don’t have to worry so much about these two lovebirds but unfortunately i think we will be filled with worries. i think he is going to erase her memories the moment he realized that she just saw him in that kind of moment. And she is going to struggle pretty hard to try and remember it. Bittersweet!
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    Jungkook sexiness in your DP is distracting. Anyway. Are you skipping episodes? Well, I should be glad he simply wiped off the kidnapping bit and not all. I’m not sure if will have some moments? All I can imagine them wasting their time on worries! The thing which is really making me curious, will she faint right away or will they have confrontation? What if she acts really negative about the wings and that’s why Dan wiped off her memory?! Even if it’s a trauma, as some predict ... it will make Dan go back on his words to tell her everything. And that’s all pretty worrisome.
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    While recapping, I forgot to share that DJ do the "awesome" thing at VP's office when they're all gathered, but GH and Dom cringed at him
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    I think that YJH must have put the name of EW on his family register but I don't know exactly how laws about affiliation in SK work. Is there is a birth certificate mentioning her name as mother or not? Or is the mother's name mentioned in the family register? Because if she is not mentioned, then it will be much more difficult for her to claim her son. It will become even more difficult, if YJH marries... as JI would become EW's official mother. But if my theory is correct, Jang has more money hence she could use it as a reason for taking back Eun Woo. I even had this crazy idea that YJH wasn't even the biological father in reality but the pregnant woman knew JH's kindness. So imagine if JH is not the biological father.... however, since he put him on his family register... Yet, I can imagine that GS would even use Eun Woo in order to disrupt the couple... @Pmyonly And this drama wants to underline this aspect: Sharing the same blood doesn't make you a good father or good mother. Being a good mother or a good father is more about abilities. Being a good mother or a good father is not something you are born with, this is something you learn through your own experiences as a child (good and bad) and from then you develop your own ideas. This is from a French song called papaoutai from Stromae As you can see, the singer questions this aspect... nothing is inherited that's why it is important to question ourselves about the definition of a good mother and a good father.
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    @thistle @ktcjdrama lol, when a drama has too many PPLs i become frustrated because it’s like seeing ads without the skip button awww..since you guys can’t drink or shouldn’t be drinking, have these instead: MOCKTAILS (i never heard of these drinks before my sis introduced me lol) no alcohol at all. Simply fruit punch made to look like a cocktail now you can’t get drunk at all @Ameera Ali this is me right now after all those sojus! Whoa guys! Those figurines shown during the blurred bed scene is the confirmation we needed. They did it! Otherwise why show us a pregnant woman and man?? PD-nim, we saw what you did there...
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    @kkddrraammaa your gif had me ROTFL!!! @thistle i am usually really bothered by the Subway PPL. In my mind, i wonder “out of all the places you guys can go eat, it always has to be Subway” Alright guys. Since we got a bed scene and a make out session kiss, I brought extra! Let’s celebrate!
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    Was able to get up early and catch it live recapping from you guys. Thanks @turtlegirl and @ktcjdrama for live recapping. It's okay as long as Dom can see again, we can have our imagination go beyond that there is more that happens between them. Lol. I'm sure they didn't show much of the bed scene, but we know what happen. It's a seal deal. Heehee. I'm glad he finally made the decision and gave the company to GDJ and be sent free. I mean he still working there, but now he can live his life instead of trying to be the perfect son to his "mother"
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    Even if we don't get a real wedding scene tonight, we know that Dom intends to marry her...this says it all. lol!!! I am sure they did it ...this is SBS...they have to be a bit conservative...ahahahah...so they leave it to our wild imagination
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    Oh the problem is the red cardigan. Dom threw away all the trash. GH is frantically going through it but to no avail. Otoke! Dom say it's ok I think but GH very upsetted. Cut to GH sis going in for an audition. Cut to Dom whining to his poor doctor agaiiiinnn. We love you whiney Dom. Maybe doc should give him the idea for sexy bed time to get his BP up. No they appear to be talking about steak now. *disappointed* What is the doc suggesting now!! Please suggest sexy bed time please suggest sexy bed time!
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    I suppose I am in the group who watches what they want to watch. Even though I am sad that ratings wise, it may not be what we expected but I don't let that prevent me from enjoying the drama. I am also catching snippets of OSN and I see the appeal. Plus with WWW, even though I haven't started but I have heard friends who recommend the drama. I suppose what we can do is to send words of support to the actors via the KBS instagram and through their IGs. Show them that we do love their drama and there are fans all over the world. Aja Aja Hwaiting!
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    Here we go!! Begins back in office. Dom is happily feeding GH who is happily eating. Eww uncle comes in. Guess GH gonna find out what Dom did. Uncle is being a jerk to Dom. GH knows, she looks sadly at Dom. He's trying to brush it off and keep feeding her but she's upset now. She leaves to chase after uncle. She starts yelling at him at the elevator but Dom stops her. Uncle is such a jerk. Dom tries to calm GH who is still real upset. Think he has a plan.
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    I wish they had a magazine cover photoshoot together like Dazzeling drama.
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    I don't know how to rate 'buzzworthy'. I didn't mean the statistic was incorrectly measured, but don't know the implication of it. When the drama was talked about a lot, it can be praises or criticizes. What I saw from netizen comments , some dramas had mixed opinion of good and bad. Or some dramas made people curious about the plot , e.g thriller or crime drama , or controversies about moral issues. But from I read netizens comments of ALML , 90% are just praised. And sometimes from human nature, people are eager to join discussion to criticize rather than to show appreciation. More negative or bullying comments probably brought more participants to defense or argue from both side supporters, and the topic then became 'buzzworthy' Probably audience who watched ALML are just like SHS , they may not talk much. But when the time of airing, they just felt satisfied to watch, to ship the couple and to pray silently that the drama will be end well.
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    I kind of liking SSR more in The Last Empress, and noticed @katakwasabi is also a fellow fans of him on that drama . So I knew SSR indeed capable to pulled out romance drama and shine as main lead. At first, Perfume look like common trope with 'face changing' and 'from fat to skinny' drama. So I was not interested. But since @triplem @ktcjdrama @phoenix24 @Ameera Ali also like it, and keep recommending it, I thought it must have something that attract them to continue watch. So, now this drama has been officially on my top list. Because it's fun & entertaining. I don't need to think so much & just enjoy it. And let me say it again, the OTP romance is just so my type. They keep bickering, but inside actually caring so much about each other
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    Hello fellows.... I am so depressed these days but can't resist this amazing drama series!!! It's so refreshing! Wave to dear @triplem @katakwasabi @bebebisous33 @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @ktcjdrama & other lovely chingus here!!!! And I love yesterday's eps!!! It was like nearly a masterpiece eps for me.... I mean the ending scene!!!!! It is so perfect & I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! This is my top fav scene of all the time!!! Their eye gazes & the bg music literally casts a magic on me!!! And can I know the OST please..???! All the OSTs of this series is so magical & dreamy like a perfume... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHGLfsOrEPo By the way, how did Seo E Do appeared out of the blue to hold Min Jae Hee..??! He knew it is his cleaner Min Ye Rin or is it just a coincidence..???! Some how I was betting that when the perfume is over, either she'd die or she'd be immortal but now the story has got another turn here.... I am so excited for today's eps... What would be the bond between Seo E Do & Min Jae Hee..???! Can''t wait find out the truth!!!! And I never knew that Shin Sung Rok would be this sweet in first lead boyfriend mode!!!! He is utterly charming here!!! So I want him to get out of the second lead villain zone now! I think it's so unfair to cast him as the bad guy all the time!!! Bet he'd get more sweet roles after this series And the chingus here are so right! This series deserves much more love from the public!!!
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    Major spoilers ahead. All good stuff though. I'd recommend not seeing though. For those with no self control, ta-da
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    Just started last night's subbed eps...this was so cheesy and all...but darn it why did I squeal so hard. My BP definitely went up !
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    ahahahah...watch this...look at him blushing omo!!!! I'm dying at this scene Confirmed - it is a done deal
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