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    1. at the amusement park bts in dvd, pmy looks so scared of going on the rides. but psj doesn't get scared and looks excited. making3 12:15~ staff- Is there anything you(ppc) should leave before riding(the Viking ride)? psj- I think Miso(pmy) should leave her heart and then ride. Because her heart may drop(while riding). and as someone expected before in Namoo bts..after riding, psj patted pmy's shoulder. Namoo actors, why you deleted this part on your bts. 2. in the wedding bts 00:02~, there is an interesting part. the female staff wearing white T-shirt is the same age as pmy. so seems like they became friends. when ppc were wating for filming for the wedding scene, the staff said to pmy as if it was ppc's real wedding. staff- You(pmy) get married. At 33 years old, you get married. Goodbye, friend. (psj just smiling) pmy- Sorry(next her saying is so low that I can't hear what she saying exactly. seems like she said "i'm sorry that i get married first"). When will you get married? 3. in the bts of this scene(making7 05:57~), i love psj's shy smile after the kiss. and full version of this kiss is longer and deeper. 4. although someone already said this, in ep.14 ending bts, it's interesting that pmy putting her hands on psj's thighs during the rehearsal.
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    I choose his home he have the habit of taking his clothes first thing , when he enter home Two extra hand always welcome isn’t * for extra safety, from the bugs
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    MW is technically dead actually because the Moon Tree suck the remaining life out of her and tied her soul down. So, she's stuck between life and death. Someone said that human can see her. Yes, because she show herself to them, just like the others. BUT, she can show herself longer than the others but the limit is like 24 hours. She must always go back to the hotel, else the tree will "chase" her anywhere she be. But, if she didn't show herself, human can't see her. Just like that time on the rooftop before JiWon jumped off. He can't see her. The meaning her time will flow again is when her deep resentment that causing her bound by the tree appears right before her again. She has to face the same feeling, the same rage she felt before she was bound to tree and hence she need to resolve her grudge: which way it would be, it was her choice. And thankfully, MaGo already had CS to turn MW's heart around from destroying herself. And also thankfully, CM stayed as firefly instead of reincarnate as a human like YS and Mira. And therefore, once she resolve her grudge, send off CM, the Moon Tree release the bind, she needs to cross to afterlife. A human wouldn't need to resolve grudge the way MW did and won't cease to exist by MaGo even if she kills if she is a human. The MaGos won't bother so much about her. She need to go to reincarnate. Lingering in the living world would cause her cease to exist as her soul's energy is running out. But, everyone has their own opinion. For me, though I'm satisfied with the way Hong Sisters explain and clarify the big questions, I don't really fond of open ending. But, the words and promises MW and CS made narrated by CS kind of comfort me a bit. The drama is about life and death to begin with. No one can defy death, but they are clinging onto the hope to find each other again in another lifetime through reincarnation (I mean the context of the drama).
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    @Angelica Claudia @vangsweetie637 , @Sarang21 different between men & woman men from sofa & woman from bed
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    Hi, guys. Just a passing Korean SSK fan to tell you some stuff that we Korean fans of the show have learned or surmised or guessed. Putting them in under spoiler just in case you don't want to know. One last thing about next week's preview: What Min is doing is a form of protest, Ji Bu Sang So, which means protesting something with an axe in your bosom, to show that you're prepared to die for what you're protesting. That's why he's wearing all white and dishevelled, he's protesting HR's imprisonment, probably because he's the one who told her to listen in on the conversation at all costs. Fun fact, there's actually a historical record of a historian who eavesdropped on the king because he felt it his duty to record the meeting, and he was caught and exiled to a remote place as punishment. A lot of the things happening on the show are actually based on real history. The writer of the show has been preparing this show for years, and researched quite a lot, it seems. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the show.
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    too difficult.. because ppc spoke indirectly and vaguely at this moment in bts, there are no words to express ppc's saying exactly. so i write it in Korean too.
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    YH goes through that dizzy slipping down the stairs thingy when he meets the reporter. But because the reporter senses something is not right, he tries to follow YH. YH gets out at one of the floors and SY gets off the lift at the same floor and sees him struggling on the ground. He collapses into her lap pretty much and tells her that the reporter is coming. But when the reporter reaches that floor he can't see YH anywhere. SY already dragged YH to the lift and they are going upstairs. Then later cut to Dr Lee driving SY and YH to some hospital outside. YH is warded. Results, nothing wrong including his CT (?) scan. Dr Lee drops YH off at his house. Then they go off. Later SY going to YH's house on her own and rings the bell. YH answers and let's her enter. -> insert a lot of nagging from SY to YH to get a proper check up with his personal doctor. YH keep insisting he is okay. He called her "Si Yeong-ah" for the first time >< >< >< wow. SY ask if he's refusing her help coz of her feelings for him. Whether they are a burden for her. That she will handle her own feelings (so he need not be bothered and should let her help). Then he said she's already helping by keeping his CIPA a secret, he's thankful for that and she's already doing enough for him.
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    I just saw the subbed final episode and two things: 1. Does that mean that they MAY have to wait for another 1,300 years to see each other again? I don't like that bit because it's too long. I like CS's imagination better, that MW comes early because she didn't want him to wait (I like their convo here). Also, why don't they just keep reincarnating, like everyday, so every woman in the world has their own Goo Chan Sung. 2. I somehow understand the lack of physical romance in this series after EP 16. At the tunnel, when they were saying their goodbyes, MW apologized for making it difficult for CS to let her go. Based on MW's feelings, I think the line between them that bothered me so much is just this huge elephant in the room - the inevitable departure of MW - that makes it impossible for them to be in a real relationship. After all, CS is paying the price (watching him look at the Baekdu painting alone broke my heart) and it will be harder to deal with the loneliness once MW is gone if they did all the couple stuff, if they did it, if they did everything together, etc. So I guess, and I can't believe I'm saying this, there's a point to the frustrating lack of physical romance. All in all, I'm just happy that they ended it well even if they could have shown us a real reunion or a montage of them meeting over and over in different lives. I'm still have a hangover and I'm trying to watch something else to get back to reality. Ah well, it's been fun everyone. Hoping to see you all again and that we'll be met with good news of IU and YJG working in some other project in the future.
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    Did she lose her memory oh sad , 10 seconds later @Sarang21 , @lu09 , & @RiceGirl1212 & @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama we are selling her thing , is a fair game, isn’t Good Friday sale him & leopard jacket
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    Just to add to this discussion with latest info from episode 12:- So room 404 takes Koo ChanSeong to Incheon , whose post/zip code starts with 404!! Well some of the post/zip codes!! But did he want to go there subconsciously, if so why? Possibilities : 1) Maybe he lived there in his past life 2) Foreshadowing that he'll live there in the future. 3) Foreshadowing that place will be important between ChanSung and ManWol Also Based from wiki, InCheon in Hangeul is 인천 which means "kind river" But syllables of 인 and 천 can have another meanings separately 인 - can also mean "human" (room 404 is for humans) - can also mean "approval" (synonym of ChanSung's name meaning "agreement") - can also mean "acknowledge" or "recognize" or "allow" - can also mean "endure" or "bear" 천 - can also mean "heavens"or "sky" - in Buddhism, it's the upper heavenly world over the earthly human world where the heavenly king and heavenly people are supposed to live Based on this we could say that : 1) ChanSung is acknowledged or approved by the heavenly deities 2) ChanSung has to endure what the deities have given to him. 3) It's a possible foreshadowing of ChanSung making an agreement or a deal with the deities in order to save ManWol.
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    I am excited and anxious to watch episode 15. Do we possibly have an I Love You confession from MW? Does she need powers to get back tho? I think she just needs her motivation: CS @lollyminx oh no! I cannot have another firefly flying around here anymore.
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    Hmm, am i the only one who is okay with how CM was sent off? Of course i am saddened that he remained a firefly for 1300 years. But the love MW felt for him died the day YW was killed. For 1300 years she only had resentment and hatred. I think if she hugged him or gave him an intimate gesture, it wouldn’t fit into the MW personality we have come to see. Even when CM and her were together, we didn’t see much intimacy between them either. Yes, we saw some sweet moments but their love was never truly expressed through gestures and intimacy like CS and MW. Another thing is that while I do not blame CM entirely for his actions, I also didn’t expect that MW will still love him after 1300 years of deep hatred. As some of us said, CM may have been her first love (we don’t know for sure since we only saw her when she met CM) we do know that CS is her love again after 1300 years. And this one, she holds much closer and deeper than CM. The moment she thought CM betrayed her, she only wanted to kill him. But the moment she thought CS was CM, her mind went berserk and she even thought she could kill him (which shocked her because she knows she wouldn’t hurt him). It is different from the way she handled CM. For me, i am okay with her little conversation with CM at the tree and then just sending him off on the bridge like that. For me, CM is no longer a part of her love. When she understood the ‘truth’, her resentment finally settled. She lived 1300 years hating for the same reason until she was shown that things didn’t happen exactly as she saw it (although it was an unfair exchange as well). But by then, she doesn’t love CM anymore. She loves CS. CM and MW’s ties ended when the truth became known.
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    @parkpark_couple_luv ig highlight how can there be many coincidences that ppc were in the same palce in a similar period? and all coincidences have started since 2016.
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    I agree! If Mago decides CS must pay with his life then better send them off together. I can’t accept reincarnation and staring at each other ending. Especially NO to open ending. After all the emotions i am going through, i better get an exact answer on the ending. Two weeks left and everything will continue to be filled with angst and anticipation for us. And it is just a drama (my mom always says korean dramas are just for us to run away from reality. No arguments there lol).
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    Me, too. Finally finished it. It was a great drama. I really love it and all the consequences they go through. It was good lesson teaching. For the ending, I'm glad they met, again in another life and Kim Soo Hyun, amazing entrance! Lol! I'm soo happy he's back and doing an amazing cameo for this drama and becoming the new owner. Lol! Oh! How we all wish someone would pick up this story and make him the new owner and see his side of the story. Lol! But they won't. This was a great drama and journey with you all. Now, what's next to watch? I honestly enjoy IU's acting. She's very multi-talented. Can't wait to see her next project.
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    @RiceGirl1212 omg!!! if CS shows up like that, it will be us going like this: I just hope Hong Sisters doesn’t pull a whole new unnecessary plot device. I think the moon flower will protect him. And MW will recognize him right away.
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    Or worse, they don’t release it until Friday! They want us to keep on suffering for the long week! @Ameera Ali the thirst better be quenched...soon!! Hmm. Now I don’t agree that CM’s story is more dramatic. It is actually quite common too. For a saeguk version, it is actually quite common. A love story that dies tragically due to the duties of one’s status. But I do agree that his character made us want to understand MW more and her grudge. The love for him? Why did she hate him so much suddenly? All those are common questions that we had because we were shown a love story between a time when status quo and royal allegiance was everything. It is quite a common ground for a love story. While CS and MW may have developed a common love, I wouldn’t exactly say it was any less dramatic than CM’s. Both are men who loves MW in their own way. Both are men who made their own decisions when it came to MW. And both are realistic in their own terms. It is fine for a man in Goryeo time to love a woman. It is fine for a modern man to love a woman in modern times. One story is of the past and one is of the present. One may feel CM love is better because he made a bigger sacrifice (firefly for 1300 years, no reincarnation, suicide due to guilt..) but those are assets that contributed to a love that happened and then became lost in time. Even after 1300 years, viewers may still feel the love CM had for MW. But i think for me, that is just it. I felt CM loved MW more than she loved him. It wasn’t much of a same level love. Especially after YW was killed and MW never knew the real truth. I mean, i would think MW would understand CM if she loved him truly. To me, it just wasn’t as deep. But the love between CS and MW is deep, even in ways that we cannot see directly. It is in their everyday accompany and gestures, their everyday spent together and experiences. They came to know each other individually and then together. For me, this love is unique to them both. I actually like it that they deny and then confessed. It is not like they did it out of the blue or randomly. It was built up. I like the sweetness of it their love story is not based more on the ghost story. The ghost story is simply a background. Their story is based on their path to loving each other despite all the differences of living and dying. This is also why the scene of CS crying for MW was so heartfelt. His love for her is indeed real. Just as real as the one CM gave, too. i have seen rom com that have sad endings so my worry for the ending of this couple is present. Hong Sisters have been known for sad endings so I wouldn’t let my belt loose yet until the happy ending is confirmed. I need a happy ending please lol. I agree. It is normal to feel pity for CM. Even i felt sad for his state of spirit. But that doesn’t mean CS is any less than he was, too.
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    Aww episode 14 broke my jeart a little bit poor CS. I am glad that soul swap was for a little bit only, because CS in no way should have to give up his body he isnt responsible for the mess. I hope MW comes back soon i also hope she doesn't get a personality transplant after coming back from the bridge. I am glad that CM arc was wrapped up nicely although I still dont get him but i do feel sorry for him that he had such bad judgement. I also hope for being a firefly for 1300 years he gets a good life next time. Also I dont want him to be reincarnated as MW's son cause thats weird. After the end of this arc i dont think MW and CM had some epic tragic love story what they had was attraction because they were so different from each other but they didnt get to know each other enough because if they knew each other their story wouldnt have been a mess. Also i dont agree with people saying he was doing his duty because if he was that dutiful he wouldnt be hanging out with thieves or rebels drinking with them flirting with one of them letting them do whatever until he was asked to do his job. He knew who they were he chased them after they ran away with the princess's bag. If he was doing his duty he should have punished all including MW. He could have planned so that they could run away by staging a fake rescue option when he was talking with YW he could have smuggled him a knife or left his prison door open i still dont think killing her people was the only option. Also does anyone know why he had to marry the princess i still dont know that i mean they would need her dads permission and all they couldnt marry on a whim even if she liked him i know that from other historical dramas. Perhaps they were already engaged. I think CM was just a young and inexperienced newly made captain who couldnt handle the situation well. I would really feel sorry for him if we find out that everything needed to happen that wau so CS and MW could meet. I also think its one of the few dramas that have highlighted that intense attraction does not lead to strong relationship you need more than that.
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    I've read the replies there on Twitter. Hahaha I like the theory that MW and CS will spend a night at Room 404 and then MW will get pregnant so the gods will have to let her stay because she's carrying a special human. There's like only a 10% chance of that happening hahaha but I'm here for it. Or just a bed scene, please, drama gods. Aigoo these two. I hope YJG replies to her with his own pet name for her PLEASE
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    They wrap it up pretty nicely so i guess it was a nice ending. PMJ may or may not run for president in the next election that is left to the next season if there will ever be one and i'm in if they maintain the same cast. There was a minor disappointment in the way they handled Tailor Kim. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson from the previous case with MHJ. I suppose the writers needed to wrap that part up but it made the NIS look stupid. Well it has been a nice ride on this show. It may take a while to get it off my system.
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    @vangsweetie637 wow , she moving fast ,she taking pictures of him too
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    Chan Sung needs a sexual awakening. His character is upright, earne st, ethical kind and chaste. He's based on a mythical character who is all these things. But the mold needs breaking in a romance, and we need some passion from him. This is shown in k dramas in the form of jealousy most often. I'll tell you though, one of the hottest scenes was right in episode one on the subway when MW leans over him and blows in eyes and ears. He's shaken by her at that moment, wondering if she'll make him her boy toy, and I got the sense he hated and loved it at the same time. My point is these actors do have chemistry, just watch that scene, but they're being written and directed differently, where trust not passion is primary.
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    I wonder what Jang Manweol has planned for that firefly!!!
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    @Sejabin , @Lawyerh , @triplem , @ktcjdrama , @sohib , @nohamahamoud2002 , @sushilicious , @refuse2sink , @staygold , @angelangie @Lmangla @cenching@Sarang21 Miss you all , wow how many pages for me to catch up with @Lawyerh what highlights thanks everyone I feeling much better now @triplem wow , what a medication , now I see front and the back friend -2
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    I guess all of us are like lingering ghosts here I'm sure most of us will pass on before the 49 days. I have so much to respond too. I didn't expect the thread to grow so fast again. @lollyminx, @aria26, @charlieblue17, @vangsweetie637 thank you for the compelling discussion regarding the miss opportunities. With the recent release of information from the Hong Sisters about their vision of the series I feel they had something in mind and it just grew to something beyond what maybe they had thought it would ever come to. The romance baiting, obviously they want people to tune in to see ManChan moments. I mean the director isn't a novice, he could show what we the audience were craving for and I feel like IU and YJG as actors would be up for it. But the script/writers seemed to have bound the director and the cast to perform in a certain way. I think that is why I felt that suitcase scene was so weirdly edited in It felt off for me. Don't know if that was a last minute addition to just kind of give filler. They could have done something better if that is the case. For example the balcony scene where they pinch each other's cheeks. That was just super cute and well executed. Now we all know that IU and YJG ad-lib lines in the farewell scene beyond the short 2 sentences in the script. To me that just shows the Hong Sisters may have lost sight of the relationship between MW and CS. And IU and YJG seemed to have come to really understand their characters well enough to know that those 2 lines did not do justice to the farewell MW and CS should share. I understand ultimately the story of Hotel Del Luna was about MW and her journey to peace, forgiveness, and loving again. That may have been the reason why Hong Sisters may have been strict on the "romance without happy moments". I guess kudos to them to stand up for their work to make sure their vision is not altered. But I am starting to feel they let the character of CS down. If they had allowed CS's break down and have CS and MW "cross that line" I agree with you guys the impact would have been ten fold and I think the show would have been even more appreciated than it already has been. Well, it isn't uncommon to see this happen in dramas. Generally one of the leads always seem to have better character development while the other one somehow falls short towards the end as they become the all sacrificing perfect partner But of course maybe this is our culture differences? Maybe the way the things were shown and ended hit that sweet spot for the Korean audiences? Either way still enjoyed the drama and will forever be fan of the ManChan couple I only recently started going back to see some of IU's variety appearances. Her really old ones back in the day were hilarious. I keep seeing clips of when she was on Heroes and she was wearing the bunny costume. She kept falling down Poor kid had to do all sort of stuff to get her name out there back then. Well, all her hard work has paid off. Now, she's being recognized as a multi-entertainer - singer, songwriter, composer, actor. I'm planning on watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast with IU soon. Hearing you talk so highly of 4 Wheeled Restaurant, I am going to have to find subs for the YJG's episodes. Like you, I hope there are some nice photos of the cast and crew having fun at the reward vacation. @Ellander88 Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was surprise as well at how this drama affected me so. I think it really brought to light our own mortality. I lost someone dear to me a couple of years ago who was like family. It really puts in perspective the time we have left in our lives with our love ones. I have a feeling fullmoon.long IG will just be there without any updates after all MW is gone. We will probably get the cast and crew reward vacation photos on IU's normal IG account. @gilaswan It was never really explained that well. But from what I understood is that MW and CS were actually always fated to meet. And their lives would always cross in some manner. They are tied together in their past, their current time, and their future. My theory is that MW and CS were probably suppose to meet again in the past. But due to circumstances with CM and YW, MW tied herself to the Moon Inn so CS never got to met her. So after 1300 years MaGo 1 decided to intervene and bring CS to MW to help her cross over. Pink MaGo let slip that CS and MW are tied together by a thread. Hence, I still state the future dream of CS is what can be the future and will be the future for our ManChan couple. The Hotel Del Luna chapter has closed but they will meet again obviously not as MW and CS but as whatever reincarnation. That is another story. @realistic2280a and @lightbringer06 oh, you guys going to watch Vagabond? That was the next series I was thinking about watching. I need something different from Hotel Del Luna. I don't like watching sad dramas and I was hoping Hotel Del Luna was going to end on a happier note then the way it actually did. So Happy that majority of the cast got to go on the reward vacation. Looking at the videos it seems most of the actors don't have bodyguards. YJG's popularity is pretty hot right now, so glad IU's bodyguard saw him and came to help him out. IU's staff are really nice. I wonder if YJG called a staffer or a cast member when he was in the car and was like has everyone come? And they were like yes, you're the last one. And someone decided to tell their staff to help fetch him Edit: @Ameera Ali Thanks again for those memes. It was a hard road for CS to get into bed cause we had some writers trying to stop them That behind the scenes with YJG trying to carry IU LMFAO IU wasn't prepared for it and started to move in the wrong direction forcing YJG to put her down but the way he just fell to the floor @nastyacolors00 Thank you for sharing the Hong Sisters interview @Minoz Ah LeeR Thank you for sharing your video works.
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    CS will meet DMJ in Ep 16, so he will upgrade the levels more
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    She's busy being a free part timer to ALUU while her orabeoni works hard the whole day when he decided to let her out of his system. Ctto Another update to thank fans! Will we ever get to see this one day? Hurhur
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    @vangsweetie637 @lu09 out of topic but I can’t help it is this mr bug cheating on our girl already Source: Great show drama -TvN
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    @aria26, @zhangrain , and @berny2 I feel the same way as you guys. That scene is one of my favorites. I went back to replay that scene after I finished watching the episode. It's the little things that I found very touching between them I also like the scene where CS is watching MW about to get into the limousine and he quickly holds her arm stopping her to reconfirm that she's coming back. I like how MW touches his hand and and softly rubs her thumb against it softly reassuring him. Then there is one where CS in his cheesiness draws MW's symbol on the palm of his hand and tells her he belongs to her and they hold hands. I think I have a thing for hands or something So let me finish out the romantic hands set and include the time when CS holds MW's hand to give her support and strength to finish writing the invitation letters to MiRa and YS. And when CS and MW are in the doctor's office and she holds his hand saying she'll protect his life line. What if CS is the tree that she use to sleep under? I was that way in the beginning as well. I kept thinking are these two going to be able to show us the chemistry needed for a main couple? I didn't sense it right off the bat. I was looking at Captain Smirkalot aka Captain Firefly a lot. Probably because the actor LDH does have a nice smile But I'm glad I was proven wrong. I think the turning point was episode 10. I love the OST for this drama. It has been fantastic! Personal favorites are Taeyeon's All About You (A Poem Titled You), Paul Kim's So Long, Punch's Done For You, and Gummy's Remember Me.
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    Just a lil bit sharing on their 1st anniversary from the Couple interview session Question: To YJ, Miso is ...? And to Miso, YJ is ...? (asking for their meaning to each other) MY: To Miso, literally speaking ... ever since she was a kid, YJ has always been the "my oppa" she's been dreaming of/ looking for. And in reality, till the very end, he's also that "my oppa". Therefore, I believe for Miso, YJ ... (from what I see?) will live happily ever after. Just because he' s "my oppa" (meanwhile Joonie kept looking back & forth at her many times, can't hold back huh ) Edited to leave out Joonie's part coz it's really thoughtful & touching, I believe @twoparkcouple can fully translate it much better PS: In past iv, Joonie also said in reality, he's the type that would go for 순애보 love, the one & only
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    I have never been swayed by CM since the reveal of the betrayal because it still does not explain why he married the princess in the first place. The conflict CM had to go through was not shown so people might not be able to fully understand or relate to the reason why he had to do the things he did. In my opinion, his character was not written well or maybe he was really meant to be self-serving and a coward. I did not like the idea that MW had to send him off to the afterlife as well, I mean really??? He messed up big time and MW still needs to escort him back? But I love the idea that she had to stop because when she was about to lose her memory about CS, she needed to turn back. This i another test, IMHO. The only thing that can justify CM’s betrayal is if everything had to happen for a reason. I am hoping that when they reveal why CS was chosen by Ma Go, they will reveal that he is a descendant of CM and CM had to spare her because CS is her soulmate. CM had to choose his family so that CS will be born. She had to be spared in order for her to meet CS who she’s meant to be with
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    couple commentary 01:02:37~ pmy- Please love the beautiful love story of YJ and MS a lot. and don’t forget to watch the hidden scene smelling of alcohol.(refer to added drunk scene in ep 15)
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    It's okay for YH to be fired. I like to see him head over heals in love with SY and put her at the top of his priority list. Live longer for her. I really don't like preachy noble messages, like I'll die a doctor for the good of humanity. Something like that. That hug scene was so beautifully done, so intimate, but I felt like there was a message attached, "you want a hug? I'll give you a hug but you won't be able to celebrate about it. Ha!" (Maybe there was even an evil laugh.) I don't care. I still want to celebrate the hug. That's the most intimate gesture so far, even ever so heartbreaking. Beggars can't be choosers. I'm desperado. I'll take anything even if I get a thousands knives thrown at me at the same time.
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    Throwback of Seoul Music awards 2017 My favourite couch scene credit to the owner
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    I'm kinda overwhelmed with the comment section on that post on Instagram. ------------------- On another note , I loved that scene when his wife gifted him the watch and him scramble after his wife! ------------------ I hope everyone sees this photo !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is this like Avengers Assemble!!
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    @titania1000 I would be distracted with his beauty in today episode
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    Her posts are all Chansung this, Chansung that now.
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    There are photos of him too. If you're on twitter, check @circulate9oo You can see YJG's photos Episode 16 got the highest ratings. Strange cause for other dramas, ratings usually drop slightly in the final two episodes. This goes to show people's interest in seeing what happens to ManChan and the rest. Also, I think it's because the storytelling in this episode is tight. There were no wasted scenes - there was never a time when I wanted to look away or got bored. It also has the right amount of romance, humor, emotional scenes, and the backstories were all brilliant. There were no missed opportunity here, okay maybe one or two (like a montage of MW and CS meeting over and over in different lifetimes), but they're less the opportunities they missed in previous episodes to make them better. I think if they did what they did in this episode since the first episode, they would have gotten much higher ratings but still, producing this series is no joke, so kudos to all who put this together. Still on a HDL high. Don't know what to do. LOL OMG I'm feel so soft inside knowing he wrote that. I'm also happy he realized his dream of writing poetry. My shipper heart is thinking can't IU and YJG see they're meant for each other. They can write good poetry/lyrics for one another forever. Hahahaha I wish them well, friends or lovers. I hope they remain close.
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    I hv been so busy that I am finally catching up. . I am up to Wednesday’s eps ..gonna watch Thursday’s shortly You know what I love about this drama- it’s Ha Rip or rather SDC’s journey . The man needs closure . Ha Rip isn’t the most likeable person but I feel his pain. I attribute this to JKH’s interpretation of his character. Guilt, bitterness , anger , regret , desperation. All very negative emotions but JKH does them perfectly . As SDC he was a gifted man who loved his craft but unfortunately ahead of his time . He failed to get the recognition he wanted & remained the struggling Musician right past his prime . I had thought he sold his soul for himself , but he did it for someone else. I had struggled to find something that would keep me emotionally invested in earlier episodes but I think this is the hook I was looking for . I wept when he wept realising who Lucca was . Was it out of guilt ? Perhaps, but it doesn’t matter to me because for the 1st time we’ve been shown that SDC has a conscience so to speak. I know he defended Yi Kyung earlier & was her emotional shelter as an abused teenager , but this was a conscious decision on his part to give something up for someone else . I am sorry though that his moment of weakness - stealing the money -ruined YK’s youth . So I can fully understand his feelings of anger with himself & the great guilt he is experiencing . It comes out wrongly of course ,especially with his explosive reactions but It is understandable why initially he didn’t want Kelly to cover his songs . I think I finally get the main message of the drama . The devil -Ryu kept trying to prove that humans are scums who are only concerned with themselves. There’s no hope for them . But as we’ve been shown mankind is capable of change and compassion . Ryu himself is learning some lessons - humans aren’t as predictable as he thought . There’s this emotion called love which he is experiencing 1st hand that helps us go beyond ourselves & powers us to make the difficult decisions .
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    I hope they make SW divorce KI first before junghee find out about CTJ and Miran..i want her to be out of that house before the big revelation happen. So jimin is safe now YW has somebody looking after him in US only he waiting for SW to divorce KI and get the full costudy of the kid, YW is very considerate of SW, he tell her that she cannot tell junghee and family about YW while jimin costudy is not yet granted to SW, all the circumtances that might happen after the revelation will make SW loss JiMin costudy and that is YW dont want, he wanted SW to take full costudy of Jimin first then after that he will reveal whi he really is...
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    Just saw the ending.... Weeeeeee... as expected its Sec Han! Yeah! Glad to see our Sec Cha and Jeong are dating though it wasnt really that obvious... sigh... director is so stingy with their scenes... Overall it was a good ride and Agent Han need to get romantic with her IT geek... haha.. It was good ride everyone, until the next drama... Annnnyong!
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    MW has to keep her cool and feelings dead (except when hearing MONEY.. champagne.. caviar..) so that the tree remains dried up and dead.. now that her heart is softened by CS, leaves grow.. flowers budding and blooming.. the moment she returned the hug at the garden, the flower buds immediately blossom if chingus want much more romance between MW and CS, i think the poor 1300yo tree might not take it (MW heart might explode).. are we getting passionfruit and peaches off the tree soon? Pink MG was knitting another pink heart isn’t it? let’s hope its a good one for CS.. the red one worked so well with YS and MR (i must admit, MR straightforward personality is so admirable! haha her pick up line outside the taxi had me chuckling)
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    What a sad ending for OYS. His colleague Sangmin understood that it would have been better to die like that then be ridiculed by the public when they have been cheered as heroes. I wonder if PMJ would make known of their involvement in the NA bombing. @pompyavi @bebebisous33 i share your thoughts on Tailor Kim that he may be the VIP. I have a feeling we may never know/see who the VIP is till the end of the show. With all that has happened in ep14 i'm of the opinion that the VIP's plan were flawed. With such magnitude as bombing a National Assembly and killing 200+ people to change a government whoever he/she is did not take into consideration the characters in play like OYS and General Eun. He expected them to obey his orders without question when really they have a mind of their own. There was no plan B or C and tailor Kim was shaking when confronted by General Eun. I thought he displayed that same nerdiness when he proposed to her. He smiled sheepishly and looked like a school boy being reprimanded for not doing his homework hahaha I don't think Gen Lee will join hands with Gen Eun. He was proud enough not to bow to PMJ but he is a honorable man. There is still that nagging question of who the mole is in the BH.
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