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    Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again: Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art director and art curator have really brought out the inspiration in me. Gosh, I have never fangirled a couple so hard that I want to paint them like this. I hope they have many more amazing moments in the next ep.
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    My First Real Fangirl Experience Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching epi 10. Before I delve into this, abit of background for context - I am in Seoul for awhile for work (not a Korean), and I got super hooked onto this drama so bad during my time here! I never created soompi account before or even bother being active in forums, much less have the chance to visit locations since I am not from Seoul.... I only binge watch some dramas (and even then, haven't been watching too many unless they get super hyped up and I see that in social media). I am a little too old for this, I always tell myself (but seeing the other unnies here I won't speak further LOL because I will get kicked when I say I am in my late 20s HAHA). I am also in a very serious corporate job where my colleagues will fall over if they know what I have been doing... My love for this drama (and KJW) has become so.. I don't know.. fangirl-like? It is quite a scary and incredulous feeling I must say..and being in Seoul when this is happening is just too surreal, seeing all the locations in reality I think is the magic that is pushing me to convert to fangirl-ism!! ANYWAY. I am hoping ya'll are in our little virtual chatroom listening now like SJ and other SiNaGil fans because.. I am hoping this will be worth the read and you will be squee-ing with me as I regale my story.....you may play the HPL theme songs for effect lol Based on my previous postings, you'll see that I spent my days off visiting locations of these dramas.. Last night, getting off work at about 9pm, I was in the area of Deok Mi's house (the location is available on this website www.koreandramaland.com). It would have been too late to run back home to catch it direct on TVN (and add to the ratings lol) so I decided to take a walk up there just to see how it looked like...and I BUMPED INTO THEM SHOOTING! (now this is where things get REALLY surreal). I was watching them set-up, when I saw this man walking slowly but purposefully out of a black van a few cars down from me to the house.. he was in sweats / jogger pants..and as he walked closer.. I realized it was our Lion! He looked quite serious and "cool" (with a cig in his hand lol SIDEBAR he does smoke quite abit (at least 3-4 diff sticks as I observed in the four hours I was there) - no judgment but sigh it really is very unhealthy oppa you should stop we want you around forever END SIDEBAR).. as he passed (he was walking really slowly and no more than 5m from me), I just yelped.."Annyeong Oppa" *cue waving like a crazy little child* and... he did the EXACT SAME THING SI AN DID WHEN DEOK MI WENT TO HIS HOUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME.. that whole half bow half nod thing... and "Annyeong-hasaeyo-ed" me back with a smile! OH THAT VOICE. died. Literally. have not ever been starstruck before. Until that moment. There weren't any other fans around (it is in quite a secluded area so you have to really make a "pilgrimage" to get there) so it really felt like.. I don't know.. just.. wow. My only regret is that I did not have the sense to ask him for a selfie, which I am so sure he would have obliged to do so given there really is no one else there at the time, not even his manager / stylist... AHHHH, I really felt at the time.. this is how Deok Mi feels, when Si An catches her eye, and when he smiles at her.... *swoons*. He then went upstairs to the balcony.. and hung out with some of the PD team, whilst facing me.. ahh sigh at that moment that must be how Romeo felt when staring up at his Juliet SIGH....he did look at me a number of times (trust me there is a reason for this LOL NOT DELULU. I hurt myself so I had a cast on my foot... SO IMAGINE HOW SILLY I MUST HAVE LOOKED. THIS CRAZY GIRL WITH A HALF LIMP STANDING THERE BEING QUITE TIMID AND NOT DOING ANYTHING) So embarrassing but also quite funny I think.......I laugh incredulously at myself at how nonsense I am being... HONESTLY. Now comes the conflicting part, I felt happy to be there, but at the same time, I also felt like I was kind of intruding into his arty space, so I decided to wait patiently till the shooting ended with the hopes of getting his autograph / photo together...and just.. really.. made myself scarce and made sure not to take any photos of the shooting (sorry guys - I just somehow felt that was abit disrespectful IDK why even though I love all the fancam stuff. The PD team actually say its not allowed but I think people don't really listen). I also managed to see PMY unnie... she was a lot "brighter" than him.. there was one point where she was hanging on the balcony.. and I was on the ground..it was a break.. and I just stated waving at her to say hello, and she waved back, and I don't know what came over me, I just shouted upwards "Annyeong Unnie, nomu yeppo-yo.. hwaiting!" LOL, and she waved backed and laughed and also said Annyeong! There were also a couple of NGs where he burst out laughing.. his deep throaty laugh.. and also times where he had to clear his throat because it was cold outside.. he would go all *aaahhgemmm ahh ahh ahh* *gulps water*. MAN GUYS SERIOUSLY HEARING HIS VOICE IN REALITY IS LIKE A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HEAR ON SCREEN. (sorry obviously my bias is totally KJW and not PMY, but for the PMY fans here yes she is very pretty and sweet IRL as well and every bit as sunny as the Deok Mi you see - even though it was cold AF). and also, for any MinJae shippers here (me included hoho), let me tell you once and for all. their interactions are not fake. Of course it isn't at the level where it is obvious to anyone looking that they are in love (lol of course not right), but she IS very comfortable with him - and him with her. A number of times he patted her on the small of her back, and moved fringe out of her eyes when there was no shooting <3 <3 <3.. not even BTS guys... just in general waiting for the next scene...of course it can be very platonic as well, and maybe they were practicing let me just cover myself.. any anti KJW/PMY shippers please don't jump on me... Anyway, so there I am, just this one single fan, lucky as anything, having them to myself for the first 2 hours (the shoot lasted 4 hours I almost died it was so cold lol).. when suddenly 6-7 other girls show up (literally out of nowhere). From what I could understand, they had paid (??) someone for information (almost USD200) for the location info. There was also a man (think he is the guy that leaked the information - seemed abit sleazy to me as he came up to me to ask how I knew, I suppose because I wasn't part of his posse).. and the moment the PD team saw this group of girls plus man, the mood changes somewhat.. I think they don't appreciate it when people sell information about the locations (and by extension, the fans who buy them). The PD team wasn't hostile, but it became clear that I wouldn't be able to finish what I missed out on doing (i.e. selfie / signature - actually I don't even know where / what he would sign given I really wasn't prepared LOL).. because the mood just shifted and they became really protective of both PMY / KJW. T_T at that point I was so heartbroken.. I had waited there for almost 2 hours already and I was so sure I'd be able to get that darn pic I missed out on.. if only that guy didn't sell the info... sigh.....or if I had the SENSE to ask and not be starstruck like a bleeding teenager when he first passed me (my work requires me to be quite assertive and strong and vocal so I am really not usually so timid WTH IS WRONG WITH ME AHHHHH)... In the end, after the shooting ended, they brought the cars right up front, and the PD team sort of blocked the girls (and me huhu) off and we did not manage to get any autographs or any photos at all... T_T. The only saving grace was that before KJW got into his car, he said thank you for the support and for staying out so long in the cold (lol pardon my delulu-ness but I'd like to think he meant it for me most of all because he saw me pre shoot with my limping foot all the way till the end LOL). Felt so empty after that.. and kind of upset at the man that sold the information - I mean I get it from the PD team perspective, having fans gawp around makes it difficult for actors to concentrate, not to mention having to move lighting around and ensuring the fans don't inadvertently appear in the background.. So if anyone reading here is from Seoul and is even thinking of buying the information, I really don't think its worth it because the PD teams know.. its also pretty obvious (albeit ironic since this is a show glorifying extreme fans) that there is a "bad" impression of the extreme type of fan who would pay that kind of money just for a location name. It seems like even if they have any suspicion, the mood changes and they get protective..Say you do happen to bump into the location (and I thank my lucky stars that I did) best outcome for yourself is keeping yourself scarce (limit videos) and stay out of the way as much as possible - be patient to wait till end of shooting before trying to get an autograph / pic). Sorry for the long post. Just ranting out my little story here since I can't really tell anyone here in Seoul very much given my secret life as a new fan girl. I am very lucky though, because I do have my own Ryan Gold in my BF who was super supportive of me when I kept on telling him I was being silly waiting in the cold, with my fractured foot, for nonsensically waiting for some dude's signature and photo (I mean let's be real he really is just another human being lol whats the big deal riiightt.....). He also does the whole forehead nose lips kiss things.. Don't even know why I am sharing all this here HAHA but I guess I feel this is a very amazing place where someone can just fangirl like crazy.. and for a new "fangirl" like me, I really managed to experience what being a real fangirl is like (and also a little bit of the bad and negative side of it of extreme fandom-ness like Sindy lol).. I am still feeling abit winded from my experience yesterday.. though it might also be because they wrapped at 1am and I still went home and watched the subbed epi 9 plus the raw epi 10... and it was almost 4am before I slept and I have work today at 9am (dead right now). Hope you guys enjoyed my story above.. and this at least helps a little with the EMPTY VOID TVN LEFT US WITH WHEN THEY DID NOT RELEASE BTS TODAY T__________________________________T.
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    https://tv.naver.com/v/8380551 DM: Latte????? LATTE??!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!! (lol she speaks banmal when she's angry) *chasing and hitting him* Ryan: WAIT WAIT WAIT DM: YOU SAID YOU'RE LATTE???? Ryan: *walking back* S-shi na gil-nim.......Sung Deokmi-ssi... Wait... DM: *continues hitting him* WHY DID YOU EVEN SIGN UP?? Ryan: I...it's because I want to know Deok mi-ssi well... *he speaks informally* DM: *scoffs* What did you want to know? What did you find out?!! Ryan: *teases her using her lines in the captions of her fansign photos* DM: *tries to shut his mouth* Ryan: *laughs and hugs her* DM: *struggleS* Let me go, really!!!! Ryan: *refuses and laughs* teach me too DM: What? Ryan: about being a fan DM: About being a fan? Ryan: Because Deokmi-ssi is so beautiful while fangirling, I wanna try fanboying over Deokmi-ssi, too. 'Deokmi is My Life'? *he uses Deokmi's fansite name* DM: Hmm but fangirling is not easy. Ryan: Is it? DM: Being a fan is about happiness only by watching (idols). That's why, cannot touch like this *touches his cheek* Ryan: Why is it so? DM: Because it's all about happiness in watching. Ryan: Hmm DM: That's our role. Ryan: Then I'll only watch Deokmi-ssi. DM: Can you do it? They both get up. DM: Okay. Like this... You only watch and feel happy...feel the enjoyment Ryan: *watches her intensely* DM: *shifts a bit* w-well, even just watching, you'll flutter Ryan: *unbutton his shirt* DM: O_o why are you unbuttoning??? Ryan: *innocently* I feel so hot DM: *tries to continue* If it goes well, you'll feel good...also can laugh... Ryan: *taking off his watch* DM: WHY TAKING YOUR WATCH OFF TOO???? Ryan: *feigns innocence* my wrist a bit hurts DM: *stutters* Anyway Sian-i is.... Ryan: *leans closer to watch her intensely* DM: Why are you so nastily handsome *gives him a peck* Ryan: You said only to watch... DM: You watch, I'll do everything else *kisses him*
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    @ducan I just finished this drawing and intended to post it, and then I saw your pic above. I guess we are mutual then, this may be our favorite scene from ep 12? So just when we lost count of their kisses, they gave us this flour kiss that just can't get any better.
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    We each need a Lion Gold for our own, don't we? Umm, Soompi kind of compressed my pic so it loses colors and details. And some people asked me for all my fanart, so I uploaded them all in high-quality to my blog here: https://haartism.wordpress.com/2019/05/08/to-you/
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    Translation from CN subtitles: Q: Which past drama/film of your co-star left the strongest impression? KJW: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim PMY: For me it's Mo Tae Gu. [Everyone laughs] PMY: If you're talking about strongest impression, wouldn't it be this one? Sometimes when we are filming, and he's supposed to be staring/glaring at someone, Park Jin Joo and I suddenly think he's turned into Mo Tae Gu. Sorry, Oppa. You're supposed to have a ro-co image now. [note: ro-co is short for romantic comedy aka rom-com] KJW: It's okay. KJW: I don't have experience doing this genre. Think you need to have a good range of expressions to act in this genre. Minyoung-ssi is very good at this. When acting with Deok Mi, she shows a wide range of different emotions and expressions. It's awkward between our characters at the beginning of the drama. We are not so close yet, so there's a need to maintain a distance. [note: think he said "tension" in english in the original dialogue, but I'm translating the exact chinese subtitle.] KJW: This is very tough. When you watch her display so many expressions in just one scene, it's hard to hold it in. PMY: Yeah, Oppa is always laughing out loud when he's supposed to be glaring at me. KJW: Yes, it's tough. I think I've learnt a lot. Learnt about the lingo used by the fans. At first, I didn't understand the lingo mentioned in the script, so I went to do research to understand the lingo. It's quite interesting. We have been filming happily. Q: Did you all idolise any stars before? PMY: I liked H.O.T. when I was young. I'm feeling shy/embarassed. Saranghae H.O.T.! KJW: I liked/followed sports. I was also a big fan of Deux. [Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deux_(band)] PMY: (sings a line from a Deux song?) KJW: Deux had a big influence on me. Q: Please say something to your fans in Taiwan. PMY: I received a lot of love for Secretary Kim. I also went to Taiwan twice to meet fans, so I feel a sense of closeness. KJW: Me too, I know that Voice and The Guest was well-received in Taiwan. I haven't visited Taiwan like Minyoung-ssi. Hope to continue receiving support now. PMY: Thank you (in english)! Xie Xie (thank you in chinese)! KJW: Xie Xie! See post below for translation of other parts of the same interview.
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    I agree with you all, this drama has ruined me for all others. The problem with me is that I have started comparing all male leads to Ryan and I'm so dissatisfied. 1. Wrist grab and dragging the female lead against her will is not romantic, Ryan will never do that. He holds her hands so tenderly. 2. Surprise kiss without acknowledgement of interest? Dude no - look at Ryan, the only time he kissed her was after explicit declarations of love and mutual understanding and consent. The thumb kiss? Amazing save there. He didn't just say, I think she likes me and then proceed. He waited for her to come out and tell him. He's great. 3. Broody male lead because of tragic past who randomly shouts at the female lead? No please, she is not your punching bag, be considerate like Ryan, he apologized for ruining the mood and being grumpy even if he knew DM didn't mind. My woke hero knows she is not at fault for his family issues 4. Lack of apologies for any transgressions or shouting? My lion doesn't lead that life. 5. Treating your girlfriend/wife as someone who needs to be protected and not told stuff, more like a child than a life partner? Heck no, Ryan will tell her everything because she's supposed to know if as a long term romantic partner. 6. Overruling decisions of female lead? No, man, Ryan might have more experience but he respects DM's authority like when she recommended Cindy should handle merchandising (with an ulterior motive yes, but her hunch as a team leader/superior was on point) 7. Causing embarrassment to female lead for being wrong or making mistakes in public? Lion doesn't even know what that means. I remember the staff recalling that DM was once fired but they didn't know the reason, and then during the team dinner guessed it was because DM was too forward with her desires. Clearly, Ryan never publicly humiliated/embarassed her but I can guarantee that all other leads would have screamed all details in public view. Infact, he actively saves her from being outed as SNG. 8. Being grumpy or screaming at female lead for being caught with "another guy" and forbidding her to "smile/laugh/meet" another guy? Lol, lion ain't insecure. He was annoyed, listened to her, and also finally told her that she should not deal with EG rashly because he's important to her and he trusts that she won't be swayed. 9. Violation of privacy? Ryan can never do that. He didn't misuse Latte. His conversations with her weren't to ask for information. He told her his issues and waited for response, but didn't probe if there was someone she liked or anything. Others would have. 10. "We cannot fight in the streets. We are educated people." Enough said. So whenever I switch to any other drama, it just gets me mad and I just go gaga over how amazing Ryan Gold is once again. Same for DM, to be honest, but really, Ryan just wiped the floor with any kdrama lead I have seen so far.
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    Hi everyone! Just another lurker outing herself... *raises hand sheepishly* I’ve enjoyed all of your thoughtful and fun posts! I just want to apologize beforehand for this long post... It has been a long while since I’ve fangirl’d over a drama... the last one was probably Goblin, which was over 2 years ago, mainly because Gong Yoo is my fav. And I don’t watch too many romcoms all the way through anymore. But this drama has me obsessed! As mentioned by all of you, it’s largely due to the undeniable chemistry of the OTP and the way their characters have been written. They are mature, flawed, quirky, and both so real yet unreal enough to squeal over. The narrative definitely still uses traditional tropes (childhood connection and trauma, frustrating second leads, etc) and I could see the ShiAn/Ryan connection from a mile away (could still be wrong lol), but because I’m head over heals for Ryan and DeokMi (both individually and even more as a couple), it’s so damn delightful and I’m absolutely all in with whatever this couple will go through together. I’m okay with tropes as long as they’re able to keep it fresh, and this drama manages to do that thanks to the two of them. I think I could go on and on about why I love KJW and PMY here as Ryan and DeokMi but I’m sure I’d just be echoing all that has been said about them already. I have to say, I didn’t think episode 10 could be topped (before ep 10, I loved 5) but I absolutely loved episode 11. I’m a Korean speaker so I was able to see it raw. They just seem like a real couple who seem to be getting to know each other and falling in love... it reminds me of me and my husband. Obviously very different circumstances, but even details like that short kiss in ep 10 after Ryan carries DM off of the table after their huge make out session... that was such an organic and realistic touch. The conversations, the banter, the trolling, the tension, the physical aspect all seem very realistic... so rare, for me at least, to see it portrayed so genuinely and with such earnestness these days in a romcom! But back to episode 11, I love love loved, their fight scene/makeup scene at Ryan’s house. It felt so organic and their willingness to communicate and support one another continues to make me so happy. I also loved that they made DM the one to do a wrist grab and a back hug in this episode... flipped the usual tropes . However, I think the thing I loved the most was the way episode 11 started and ended. It started (or ended last episode) with Ryan saying, “It’s okay... Shi Na Gil.” And it ended with DeokMi saying, “It’s okay... you can cry.” It was very touching. And a true sign of a deepening relationship when you can see that person’s deepest darkest secret and tell them it’s okay... that you see them and you accept them. That you don’t have to be embarrassed (for DM) and that you don’t have to suffer alone (for Ryan). I loved the way Ryan accepted DM’s fangirling, and without much judgement, and I think part of it is because he’s an artist himself and he sees her passion as something that is almost inspiring... in the same way he respects her parents’ obsessions as well. And with DM... although Ryan hasn’t told her in detail about the triggering paintings and his trauma other than from their conversation at the museum in episode 3 and the hand holding bit, she doesn’t push him to share. She senses how he’s feeling and reacts in such a reassuring way, such as the hand hold when they find the painting, and the hug at the end. And that last scene... it was very beautiful. I work with emotionally disturbed youth who tend to have trauma, and it’s heartbreaking. Those feelings of abandonment, of not feeling wanted or loved... that pain runs so deep. So the fact that DM hugged him without asking questions and provided a shoulder to cry on, was the most loving thing that she could have done for him. It was touching and moved me to tears and it will definitely be one of the most memorable scenes for me. Some observations and things to look forward to... – From ep 11, during Ryan’s dream, we were able to hear the voice of the lady who abandoned him and even though it was distorted, it sounded like DM’s mom to me... I definitely don’t think Ryan and DM are related, but I do think there’s some painful connection. Hopefully they handle this storyline well... fingers crossed. – From ep 12 preview, it looks like DaIn has one last thing up her sleeve and I’m going to guess that she’s going to try and find Lee Sol as a last attempt to gain Ryan’s attention. – I also feel like ShiAn may be looking for his brother, which could definitely be Ryan. Hope to see more scenes of them together. – I actually like and appreciate where SJ and her husband’s storyline is going due to their honest conversation in ep 11 because I was not as interested before. I hope that they will be able to work it out. – I also like what they’re doing with Sindy/HyoJin! My personal thought is that I hope Sindy ends up working with DM to run the fanpage and learn as a mentee to be a healthy fan and not a stalker. – I also really hope to see Ryan and DM create art together. I hope he will be inspired by her and that she could play a part in helping him overcome his inability to paint. Also a kiss somewhere in there? Again, I apologize for the extra long post! Thanks to those who read this all the way through!
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    Watching the subs and the flirting is off charts. JUST GET A HOUSE WITH A COUPLE OF KIDS YOU TWO! 1. Ryan asks if they are really dating. Deok mi says: in Korea, if you don't go out with the person you kiss, you go to jail. 2. The way PMY says Ryan is so sensual, I'm pretty sure she'll use it to seduce the lion even when they are married with several kids lol 3. Also the way DM is like "you can badmouth me all you want, but not my lion jerk - I mean Director Gold" haha We stan SDM in this house. 4. Da Out needs to learn her manners: not only did she lie, she was adamant saying that "I didn't lie" in front of DM. Act as pathetic as you want, but DON'T BE SO BRAZEN! I want the second leads to have a storyline - they are perfect for each other. We have a saying back in my country: "two wicked people should get together, because instead of two houses sinking, only one will. i.e. दो घर डूबता, इससे अच्छा एक ही डूबे" - can it happen off screen though? I don't want to dedicate more than 60 seconds of camera footage to either of them in the remaining 6 episodes. 5. The camaraderie between DM and Cindy is funny - they are both against Cho DI. I am so glad haha. 6. The way they all intimidated Yoo Suk ssi into leaving work is hilarious. I love this tag team in the office so much! 7. "I like the night view. It's pretty. And the woman next to me..." DM gets ready for a compliment... "has no driving license". RG IS FUNNY AF! I absolutely adore him. 8. "I asked you to transfer, not to sell out your own wife!" I love SJ! Seriously though, I have seen it happen a lot of times in RL too. Giving gifts with an ulterior motive is a really hurtful form of betrayal. The receiver assumes it is because of thoughtfulness and love...and then find out it was in exchange of an apology contract they never agreed to... it hurts! Kudos to ramping up the laughs factor with "I am going to become a widow today". 9. THE WRIST KISS. holymolyrockapoly I am swooning! It was so smooth - so cute - I really fell in love with it! It was amazing! The tenderness, the impulse....the sweetness... I just need a RG desperately. I specially loved how DM reciprocated with a peck. It was so sweet. 10. Kudos to the direction and the writing. I am SO GLAD to see that DM clarified EG's position in her life - as a twin brother, as a family, with RG the day before the grand reveal. It really makes things so much smoother for the couple - no misunderstandings, nothing like "is she cheating?" - RG & DM are so much into each other that it is a delight, and with proper communication - I AM SHIPPING TWO ADULTS! He explained the situation to her, and she told him right back - asked if he was doubting her relationship with EG, and he said no and that EG might change. It is so wonderful how they are subverting ALL THE TROPES! This episode is sweet, amazing, and something I am going to watch with my RG the day I find him/her (if I ever do!). RG was able to clarify his position with Da Out too. COMMUNICATION! TRUST! I love you RYAN GOLD! 11. Two small things: it is so cute when DM is putting some of her stuff with RG in places where she used to store her Si An artifacts. It is telling us how she is slowly filling the places with her own relationship instead of fangirling over Si An. I think the writer needs to be given an award on how well they understand fangirling...and the position it holds in a fangirl's life. They have my feelings spot on. Secondly, the fact that our couple keeps their hands in their pockets at every opportunity might either be connected to their past or they just know how to act sexy haha 12. I love the siblings interaction...it makes me miss my brother so much! Don't ruin it EG! Also, the fact that DM didn't know EG knew he was abandoned...it just reinforces the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS SO PLEASE STOP IT EUNGI and get a damn life. Honestly I could have rooted for you if there was some normal hot headed terrible jerk of a male lead, but sorry - against RG...you are nothing more than shoe dust! 13. I am glad it was Director Kang who called her, and not RG before she turned off her phone. We don't need that sort of a misunderstanding in this house and I am glad directors agree. This drama has ruined me for all the others! Honestly, the only place RG will ever find me at 7am would either be on soompi, viki or in deep sleep. Why so early haha 14. DM...girl...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I can't believe how good RG is to you...seriously. The fact that you cleared up your r/l with EG the night before, and RG actually coming out and comforting you after all that... I mean I love her, and she's extremely relatable - I mentioned in a post before...but really - what a man. Excellent specimen! REAL LIFE MEN, GO AND LEARN! Also, did you see how great he is? He goes for the kill(kiss) when he should, he's assertive against EG when he should be, he is comforting DM when he should, gives her space when he should, is concerned but can handle pressure - he has the highest EQ I have seen, especially in dramaland where people are ultra dumb. I am screeching - also...Ryan Gold... he didn't misinterpret her hiding for doing something wrong but as nervousness. I am sorry for ranting but so many things could have gone wrong here but it was handled beautifully by Ryan and I just can't praise him enough. 15. I don't want RG to be hurt again - he looks pained... look hun, Deok Mi...Si Na Gil Nim...keep him happy all his life okay? He deserves to be - he is such a great character it physically hurts me to see him frustrated, or crying or anything. Please comfort him. 16. So the fact that DM changed to RG's clothes...and I saw RG seducing her... DOES IT MEAN the thing my pervy self is imagining HAPPENED? YES? PLEASE! Excellent. Brilliant. The writers are the best we have seen. I don't know how people are calling it your standard romcom - it is the best one that could be, it chooses to work around existing tropes and yet be fun and entertaining. The only times they use some tropes is either for humor or for deepening the relationship, not for stupidity. Touch wood. It really shot up in my list of kdramas, and I have been watching them for a LONG time... Cheers to the team for being just so amazing.
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    I SAW PARK MINYOUNG AND KIM JAEWOOK TT_TT FINALLY AFTER GOING BACK AND FORTH TO THE HOUSE T_T I was somewhere else and went there around 10:30 pm. And there was filming!!! Many fangirls were staking out over there. The staffs blocked the whole road to Deokmi's house... So I was just standing at the intersection. I could not even see what they were doing... A few minutes later, Park Minyoung walked toward her van...just a few meters in front of me TT_TT She looked so fine, yet tired... So she didn't smile Then not too long after, it was Kim Jaewook... SO TALL AND HANDSOME. Too bad it was too dark I couldn't get any pics. The fans greeted him and wished him well after filming, so he answered them kindly (THAT VOICE THO T_T) After the actors were gone, I could walk to Deokmi's house and saw Ryan's car was parked in front of the house. I FELT SO LUCKY I DECIDED TO STOP BY AT THE HOUSE DESPITE BEING SO LATE... Initially, I wanted to just go home T-T https://ibb.co/rbxg28X https://ibb.co/sHZ8nMW https://ibb.co/828TQWj Edit: I didnt see KJW's clothes (Sorry I was obviously busy focusing on his face rather than his clothes lol)...but PMY seems to be wearing a similar colored blouse like the one she wore at the end of ep12
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    Episode 14 BEST(+happy) moments: 1. RYAN CALLED DM EVEN when he was falling apart because he wanted her to go to sleep and he knew she'd be awake waiting for him - that's true love, folks. Also, DM running to meet RG late at night and knowing he'd be in the gallery was just cherry on top - and the way she scolded him - at this point I don't even know who I love more out of the two. The wake up scene was excellent, I LOVE CINDY. 2. (future) Sister in law-brother in law duo working to bring Ryan and his mom together - this is one tag team I NEED in the future for EVERYTHING. SA knows SNG. I will say it again. 3. PMY's english, just like her pronunciation of Ryan, was extremely pleasing to me for some reason. Also how she solved things for Ryan - I love you writers, you did a fine job at keeping her relevant (so she didn't fade into the background). Ryan's past had to be resolved anyhow, and so I am glad they kept DM as an important key/support throughout. She has matched Ryan's affection, understanding, patience...measure for measure. She's a life partner in every sense of the word. 4. Ryan's mother can't drink coffee...I love the little touch they added. Also Lee Il-Hwa...what a seasoned actress. 5. KJW portrayed Yoon Jae so well.... The tremor in his voice, the whispers, the intonation, voice cracks... I was heartbroken. 6. Hyo Jin calling DM's mom "mom" - I can't believe she's becoming my favorite character. Also the gallery staff getting disgusted by their PDA was funny af. 7. The way they create parallels, and match everything scene for scene - seductive teasing, the team dinner, coffee kiss, sandwiches, giving space, "Made in 1987"... I am so in love with the narration. Pretty sure they will give us more parallels like SA/LS actually acknowledging DM for her contribution to the exhibition when it was denied before. 8. I LOVED THE LAST SCENE. Hear me out. Yes, it was not sexy or explicit or daring, but the the last scene was so much more emotionally intense than ep9-10 kiss. The first is something you do after being apart from your lover for too long and you need to feel them as much as you could, but this scene was something that tells you that they will be just as unbreakable for as long as they live. The slow fall of her hair, him taking out the brush from her bun - it seemed to convey the union more beautifully than an actual explicit scene would. Think about it this way: bun signified DM was hiding things, and then she let her hair down when her identity was revealed. The fact that Ryan let it down himself, meaning she is allowing him to enter the guarded walls she has kept around herself as a woman at his free will/own initiative, after mutual declarations of love seems to convey intimacy of consummation without the need of an explicit bed scene. The direction is magnificent. The fact that they both seem quite conservative towards these activities(Ryan never stays back for the night as long as he can manage to etc.) - it, like first night of a newly wedded couple, holds immense significance. I don't know how to explain it well but I think people with slightly conservative values might understand? We might get to see them stumbling into the room locked in an embrace, but this action was the crux of it all.
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    Remember KJW posted a photo of his knitted lion doll gift from DM's mother with the caption, "Wool Lion" yesterday? ABH: How much is it? I want to buy it, Director Gold. KJW: Director Nam, it's from Eomoni (=DM's mother). [I'll get into trouble if I'm caught selling it.] ABH: I have to ask for one (tagging Kim Mee Kyung IG). Omma (angry emoticon x3) Me too! p.s. Sorry I'm not sure how accurate the translation is for the parts in square brackets. Got to wait for the experts to weigh in! Thank you @sillygal
  15. 38 points
    Ryan is going to need a lot of loving next week, so start the hug line now! -------------- What HPL has taught me so far: 1. Argue in a private place 2. Sit down and talk over conflicts 3. Be understanding (or at least try to) 4. Genuinely let others know about your secrets. 5. Be observant towards what others may feel . 6. Be there for them when they need you.
  16. 38 points
    This aren't Ryan and DM but KJW and PMY. They were so obvious holding back laughter in this scene.....
  17. 37 points
    ======== They have this magnetic energy between them that tells us immediately that there is something special happening right in front of us.
  18. 37 points
    Why i find this scene so R19... pardon my byeontee mind chingguu coz im having wild imaginations right now... hahaha LoL
  19. 37 points
    Can't Get Enough with Each Other! Ohh Yeah! I like the AGGRESSIVE Deok Mi! Show your dominant-kinky side! Bring it On! Geez! I thought he is ready to pounce her! And lay his eggs inside her! TEAAAAASEEEEEE! I was deceived!
  20. 36 points
    Hi I went to Deokmi's house again and there was filming!!!!! It is a scene between Deokmi and Eungi... The staffs allowed fans to watch behind a car under a condition that we won't film anything...it's a bit far from the actual filming... so we couldn't even see nor hear whatever going on haha. It was also funny cuz an ahjumma was peering around the area so closely when they were filming...the staffs asked her to go, but she kept hovering around haha =)))))))))))))) I actually passed EunGi and Deokmi within close distant while filming but they were taking a rest (ofc if not, staffs wouldn't allow me to pass haha). The filming finished at 10pm-ish... The weather is colder today, but PMY only wore short... Poor her must be feeling so cold so after the filming ended she ran for her life to her van...so cute :3 The other fans and I hid behind Ahn Bohyun's van (just found out when he finished filming and entered the van)...so I greeted him and told him he did a great job. He returned my greeting well... He's so nice... (and I didn't forget how to speak and breathe like when I saw Kim Jaewook XD)
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    The chemistry between Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook is Surreal/Unreal. It feels like the director gave them a rough script and told them to improvise the rest. Everything runs so smoothly, as if we’re watching a real couple interact. ====== When did your heart flutter?
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    I want to talk about Ryan and Deok Mi's relationship. I love how the writer potraying their adult relationship in a healthy way. Both Ryan and Deokmi are adult who is in a matured relationship but not necessarily focus on sexual intercourse. I notice in other K dramas, whenever the writer wanted to potray an adult relationship, they will ad bed scene as early as possible. (like the next eps after declare). Well, I am not saying it is wrong or it is unlogic that matured adults won't have sex. Definitely they will, but sex is only one tiny part in a relationship. A relationship is more than that. HPL writer is potraying the real relationship between two adults. Healthily. The two of them can still gives us heart fluttering moments without even them end up on bed naked. Here are some scenes, I notice on how the writer showing a healthy matured/adult relationship between Ryan & Deokmi. 1) After their confession make out scene, both of them did not heads home right away to continue what they are doing. Instead, they go out to eat and talks about when did they started to have feelings for each other. This is what is happening to most of us. Of course after you just declare, you and your partner will talk about when is the exact time the feelings start to bloom. In relationship stage, this is call initiation stage where 2 people starts to warming up to each other. The good night kiss that Ryan gives on her forehead that night also is subtle yet sweet. It's like saying, "that's enough for today, I'll see you tomorrow". 2) The next morning, the 2 of them goes to work as usual (but of course with a happier mood). Ok, they do flirt a little bit at the office during the meeting but not too much. It is done more in subtle way (tho it is obvious to the co workers. ) . They maintain professional and trying to separate their personal life at the gallery. 3) Their open top bus date. I love how the writer did not choose a cliche date loop (in posh restaurant, or at the hotel etc). She choose a more laid back kind of first date. DeokMi doesn't has to change or get her hair and make up done in saloon (well who do this for an after work date?). They just go out in their office wear and enjoying the bus ride. Because, what matters is not what you do but with whom you do it together. 4) When they talk comfortably about what is their opinion about each other's best buddy (EG and CDI) and open up on what do they think about them and what do actually these two meant in their partner's life. This is so matured. Ryan and Deok Mi both wants to get this 'the other person's problem as soon as possible. It is an important thing to do in order to have a healthy relationship. If not, they wil always have doubt towards their bf/gf. 5) Even after their first date and Ryan send Deok Mi's home and give her a gift. He did not settled down at her place. (Aside of this time she still not allowing him inside her crib with open eyes because of Si AN's memoribilia). But I do believe, Ryan still respect Deok Mi and not invading her space in their 2 days old relationship. This also shows the amount of maturity in Ryan Gold. 6) Not turning back to her house even after seeing EG walking towards it with full suit also shows that he trusts DM and he believes her when DM said EG is just a family to her. 7) The scene where he confonted EG in the most gentlemen manner without throwing a punch also shows the level of maturity in Ryan Gold. Instead of wasting time arguing with EG, he reveal something that will make DM comes to him herself.. (revealing about he knows Sinagil). RG (or the writer) has manage to throw away the jealousy punching in Kdrama. 8) When he decided to settle their problems at his house also shows how adults should behave in relationship. I love it when he said "WE are educated people, should we fight on the street?". This is like one of the best line in Kdrama. I love that both of them agree to settle the problems that happen soonest possible and get to the core of it. Clear the misunderstanding, said their sorry and move on. By doing this not only they manage to settle the problem between them, but we also get their sweet bickering and cuddling moments. 9) Deok Mi acting as a matured adult. She feels bad to let Sindy goes to hotel or wondering around out of nowhere so she volunteers to take her home. Though Ryan do not want to let her go, but she manage to tells him on why she needs to help the little girl. This shows how matured she is in this. Her relationship can wait, at that time helping Sindy is priority. 10) That night, after EG confessed to her and DM spill everything to RG shows how healthy relationship should be. No secrets. If you are not doing anything wrong, you should tell your partner about something that bothers you (even if it means another person confessed their love for you). If he/she knows you well, he won't get mad or jealous because you are not on the wrong side. I love how RG advice DM about what will be the circumstances of her relationship with EG after this. I stop here first, will continue later in another post....
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    IT IS OFFICIAL GUYS. This drama will be a bar that set the standard when ever I decide to binge watching another drama. Like seriously where on world do you find male and female lead that are so much in sync with each other, understanding and compatible like RG-DM aka PMY-KJW? Pray, do tell me. This drama have everything you need. Slow burn, hot session. Check. Hot male and female lead. Check. Understanding and protective of each other. Check. No noble idiocy. Check. ( I dont count when Da Out lies to DM that cause the painful yet so awkward separation.) Supporting each other. Check. Not the overused hand grabbing and too petty jealousy. Check. No cliche evil and crazy mom in law. Check. I dont have any point of return anymore. I will fall down to HPL abyss. See you all later once I get hold of the subs.
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    I am going to go on a rant about Deok Mi's character so just hold me for a second because I AM SUPER HAPPY: 1. THE GIRL IS SUPER SKILLED in her work because she handled the stuff a director should do - and she has like 5 years of work ex as mentioned by RG in the first few eps. 2. Her photography skills are on point 3. She's really passionate about everything and really perceptive and this girl doesn't let me down in any way. 4. She's super helpful and loving and caring and NOT a doormat character - I mean the way she helped Sindy after that girl screwed her life, and she invited her to live at her parent's house! Also all the time she helped Da Out so much... I can see how well she was raised by her parents. I love the fact that she wins over Sindy by how good she is to her. 5. Super honesty? She came clean about EG the second she had the opportunity to and told RG everything. 6. She doesn't get unreasonably mad about things either - and she's really good to Ryan, and the general snarkiness with honesty in her character. She is angry at Ryan but she doesn't stretch misunderstandings. 7. Supporting and comforting - I love the way she knows there is something bothering Ryan and she is like "it is okay, I am there" and doesn't force him to be honest or anything - she's just there for him. This is something I love so much. I care, but you can tell me anything at your own pace - for SJ...for Ryan, she knows how to comfort different people in different ways. 8. Girl NEVER SLEPT IN HER COMMUNICATIONS AND INTER PERSONAL SKILLS CLASS! I am really talking to a 30 year old here and I am so happy. 9. She knows how to cheer people up - she acts super bright when she sees anyone's sad. She handles stuff in the background when she sees Ryan needs a moment to himself, including all the formalities. 10. Insecurities - you can see how modest and insecure she is, but immediately charms anyone who she is honest with - the moment Ryan reassured her, she told him everything. This girl is the best thing that has happened to this show, and the best character I have seen. 11. Straightforwardness - THE GIRL KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS AND GETS IT. Period. She pounced upon the lion when he seduced her and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER - she does not hide her feelings for modesty. Oh my god she's my favorite female lead ever! At this point, I really need to say that Ryan is an incredibly lucky man, thank you. If I ever have a daughter, give me a daughter like her, PLEASE.
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    I saw some people commented under HPL episode 10 video on how lusty the OTP are.... Not a kind of beautiful soft making out session. I was like, GIRLS!!! You should confirmed your age before you watch it... HPL is a mature love story... Even though the female lead has an obsession with an idol but she is not a teenager who has no experiences with love. The same with the male lead, he has stated in the drama that he has many GFs and dated many many times with emphasis on he is came from a more liberal country. DM has been fantasizing about Ryan since forever, the sofa kiss is the ultimate proof of her "lust"....She had been day dreaming about him even when she saw him spooning the foods, a simple act that not supposed to be sexy.... While Ryan was clutching onto his chest outside DM's house after the blindfold scene, proved that he did has an episode of cardiac arrest over it... As mature audience, many will understand that in many situation love and lust do get intertwined...The sexy scorching hot kissing scene showed the extend of their feelings, the explosion of all pent up feelings both of them kept inside. DM isn't shy about her feeling after the confession, proven by her statement that in Korea, if you didn't date a person you kissed you'll go to jail... Also how she reciprocated his wrist kisses with more daring kiss in public. No blushing or wide eyes open mouthed expression over PDA... The last scene of episode 10 showed the extent of Ryan's maturity. Instead of pulling punches to the other man who slept over in his GF's house, he talked calmly repeating his points over and over again with a self control of a Saint. He even turned his body away and took a deep breath before declared that he knew....No cat fight or screaming match or hair pulling match... I hope the next episodes we will see how DM helps Ryan overcome his inner demons. DM experienced accident that prevent her to continue her dreams as a painter but she handled it very well with a positive attitude, example draws with left hand instead of right one and find some happiness with it. Another indication of maturity....
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    Ryaaaannnnn.. don't cry baby! My heart really breaks watching him like that. Hope Deok Mi will always be his side. Btw, he looks so good in this suit. OMG look at those sad eyes
  28. 34 points
    And this scenes though, so natural.. These 2 and their chemistry. We need more relationships like this in dramas, where they sit down and talk about the problem, tell each other everything, no secrets, so there won't be any misunderstandings later, understand each other's feelings with no need for words. a mature relationship.
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    DM: Why did you join the fan page? RG: I just wanted to get to know you better. DM: What did you find out? What did you dig up? RG: I bet KJW is ad-libbing here.
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    Id have to agree. When I was there (sorry I keep on harping about this, but I truly don't mean to show off or anything LOL that's just my closest encounter with uri Lion oppa) - he had quite a few deep discussions with the Director, and also I could see lots of discussion prior to the actual filming of the scenes where he would be discussing how he would run up the stairs and gesturing like "this is how I will position myself etc" / the way he should hold DM /or say certain things in a certain way... Even after the shooting ended, he spent at least 5-10 mins just talking to PD-nim (even though his car was already waiting and PMY had already left some time before that). They looked deep in discussion and I think from what I could hear (and my limited Korean) they were discussing / debriefing the scenes.. My observation is that he is indeed a method actor, and really really really focusses on how to do everything to the best of his ability (I mean, just look at his other movies and his research into it). I would have thought ro-cos are an "easy" genre because I mean, generally speaking people would have a "ro-co" type experience in our daily life so we can emulate that.. (as compared to being a psychopath serial killer or a transgender/gay person).. but even with an easy, light hearted drama, I can see he really works v hard <3 Damn I really sound like a die-hard fan super admiring him and his talent. SIGH.
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    I've gone long enough lurking, and to preface, lemme just say I'm probably among the most unlikely Kdrama romcom fan here. I'm a straight 31 year old male with a loving wife and daughter, I love and play basketball, video games are my jam. And man, do I love HPL. I recently got into Kdramas after watching WWWSK and instantly became a PMY fanboy. I've watched Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter. I'm actually exclusively watching PMY dramas lmao. (only reason I haven't watched 7 days Queen is because it's a sad drama, but I'll probably get to that soon if the PMY well dries up). But WWWSK is still my favorite. Or was. I think HPL is ready to supplant it as my number one. It's such a good romance story, it's awesome watching these 2 characters' relationship develop, as they fall in love and learn about each other. Romcoms have always been my favorite movie genre, I usually go on Netflix binges of romcoms (to the ever amusement of my wife who's more into action/adventure movies and shows), but I never quite found a story I really liked. Until I discovered Kdramas. You almost never see Western shows or movies that portray and develop romance the way kdrama does. There's always some kind of overarching problem or deeper reason behind a show, the romance is always a secondary part of the narrative. In WWWSK and HPL, the romance takes center stage, and they both do it brilliantly. And PMY, man, I don't think I've ever had a celebrity crush quite like I've had on her. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she always dresses extremely well, and is an amazing actress to boot. I've always seen her called the Queen of Chemistry, and it's crazy how shippable she is with each of her male co-stars. Here I was thinking ParkPark couple can't be topped, and JaeMin arguably beats it. And her facial expressions, wow. So expressive. There was one scene in WWWSK where PSJ brings her food to her place, and PMY is super ecstatic to see him but is trying to hide her excitement. Then for HPL, there's also this ep 10 scene with the gallery staff badmouthing RG and she has all these expressions ranging from annoyance to surprise. And her kisses, I think most everyone has covered how good she is in all her shows. I apologize for this long af rant, just want to express my love for this show and for PMY while I'm desperately waiting for Wednesday to arrive. Unless the PD screws up the ending somehow, HPL is topping WWWSK as my favorite drama. WWWSK was funnier and more of a modern fairy tale, but HPL is by far more romantic, more mature, and more grounded. Already don't know what to do once the drama ends (probably re-watch it repeatedly lmao.
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    Hi everyone , I’m new here, enjoy reading all of your discussions, feel comfortable & peaceful here. I’m not a Shipper & love Min Young since Healer. [don’t mind to start my first ship!!!!!] To be honest I’m not a Kdrama lover, I enjoy movies more than dramas. I watched Coffee Prince & found KJW attractive, watched his movie “Antique” from an International Film Festival many years ago. Some period of time, I avoid to watch Kdrama, dislike those leading roles who will get cancer or keep crying. Can I share something here? My mom is an addict movie lover (SO DO I, I’m sharing my Top 50 movies with my son who is 10 now), she gives me an universe & taught me watching Alfred Hitchcock/ Charlie Chaplin/ Steven Spielberg's movies/ My Fair Lady/ West Side Story/ Somewhere in Time when I were 7-11 years old. When I became a teenager, she said I can digest more so she showed me “Godfather series”/Gone with the Wind/ Kurosawa Akira movies/ 8 ½ etc. She said better to feel & taste them, and she discussed the theme with me & we’ll share our point of view after the movies. [I appreciate God gives me such an intelligence mother who is also my very best friend] One day she said she found a very high standard Korea movie & brought me to a very small theatre, this is my 1st Korea movie “Christmas In August”, I won’t forget my strong heart beating at that moment. After this, I keep watching “Shiri” & other, start loving Korea movies more than Hollywood movies. [Of course I enjoy watching Avengers & other Marvel & Hollywood movies, but you definitely know what you exact want] After graduated, I helped to promote hometown movies & had unforgettable chances going to Biff/ Berlin/ Toronto Film Festival with the crew. I’m not sure if you know Tony Leung, a famous actor from Hong Kong, I love all his Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Tony’s eyes are full of emotion, happiness/ bitter/ sorrow all can read from his eyes. From HPL, I find KJW same sparkling eyes, I can read the beautiful story & passion from his eyes (I also find them on ‎Ha Jung Woo/ Cate Blanchett/ Jack Jordan etc) . KJW is This kind of talented actor, I can’t control myself & will start watching all his movies/ drama after HPL, not because he’s handsome or sexy, but eager to know how he performed in different roles. [surprisingly read from Magazine, KJW said he accepts offers if he thinks it’s attractive & interesting & doesn’t mind if he’s not a leading role] Tom Cruise, of course he is very rich/ famous/ high influence/ most said he’s handsome/successfully at Mission Impossible series, but he’s not that “Type” of actor, you won’t see his SOUL from his movies. I don’t really understand the taste of Korean & why HPL rating is not too high, maybe they think tvN release too many love stories “Encounter”, “Touch Your Heart“ these few couple of months? Just want to say HPL is really successful, I love MY & KJW’s amazing chemistry; HPL’s script is very good, not only narrowly mention about Fangirls, but is talking about a man (Ryan has a perfect character) with deep inside sorrow who meet a cheerful woman (Fangirl + Professional Curator), they get to know each other more on every episode/ how Deok-Mi goes inside Ryan’s heart/ with same passion on Art/ fall in love together/Deok-mi won’t be afraid of getting hurt & learn to love and accept love/ she will show more caring & to help Ryan overcome his sorrow. Some people are comparing HPL with MY’s previous dramas/ partners, said HPL rating is lower/ using kisses scene to draw more attention/ trying to downgrade KJW. Some said MY & KJW are just ACTING but not REAL. How did they know? It is ridiculous a pair of lovers (actor & actress) not showing their passion & real feeling, if so, you won’t feel their chemistry & HPL won’t draw a lot of attention from worldwide (gain more international fans). Anyway, I am more than happy Min Young accepts this Drama & pairing with KJW, I love her performance & Deok-Mi’s character more than Kim Secretary. Not a big deal if people don’t like HPL, probably they’re not mature age group/ it’s not their cup of tea or they’re hard shippers. No matter they’ll date/ be REAL couple or not from now or in the future, I wish them every success on their career, and KJW is deserved to get more attention, I would be grateful if more & more people will discover this “Treasure Box” namely Kim Jae Wook.
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    - FOREHEAD KISS - LION is such a sweet guy! Ohhh~ I love the way he chased her ... just to HOLD her HAND!
  35. 33 points
    Translation for the recent BTS video 0:14 KJW : dialogue : "I heard if you are invited...." (can't continue because so much food inside his mouth) " I ate too much~ 0:21 : ( They were talking about HOT song "Candy" release) ..in the 4th grade..hmm, If you (PMY) were in the 5th grade, I think I was in the 2nd grade of Middle School PMY : (firmly) "It when I was in 4th grade, it was winter school break" 0:35 : PMY : (hides behind KJW) " Oppa, ask them where is Minyoung-ie" KJW : "Where is Minyoung?" Mom :" You think you couldn't be seen?" KJW : "If she hides behind EunGi, she would be totally covered" (PMY hides behind EunGi) KJW: " Wow, she really can't be seen" 0:55 "My heart beats fast"(laugh) 1:44 is an adlib LOL, everyone is laughing seeing KJW serious expression 2:11 KJW : "Something keeps falling in front of my eyes" 2:14 KJW explaining the situation animatedly to PMY 2:18 Prankster Deokmi who turned the blindfold as a choker 2:35 KJW : "I'll be still" 2:47 KJW :"Why is everyone so quiet..nobody make a sound" PMY : " This is not like the usual atmosphere" 2:55 :Director : "When she touch your face, Ryan lips was..." (pouting lol) 2:59 caption : He said he will be still but automatically pout his lips 3:00 KJW :"Wait a minute" 3:04 KJW :"The blindfold left marks, right" PMY (while touching his forehead) :"Yes" 3:31 PMY :"Ah, both of them..the look in the eyes.."
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    Deok Mi's Wrist FETISH! An EROTIC Wrist Kiss~ Ryan Gold~ Trying to control his arousal. Hold it Buddy! Oppps! Smells GOOD! You~sneaky! Nose to (.)(.) I have a different pervy view on this scene~ Go for GOLD! Leans on her precious (.)(.) My Initial Reaction ~
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    The last kiss in this cooking scene i found it a bit too short and rush for the editor to cut this scene short..why so fast???? I wonder what's happening? are their adlib is too much and the director had to cut it out i wanna see the bts now!! If tvn didn't release this scene bts, then must be something fishy going on..sorry for my delulu mind..i need to talk about this in thr shipper's thread
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    Everyone talks about how understanding Ryan is as a boyfriend, but Deok Mi is one good girlfriend as well, she pays attention, comfort, and perceived the person that she loves..so it's take 2 people to have a good relationship. ------------ ---------
  39. 32 points
    For me, she's more like the observer type (Ryan is kinda like that too). She's not privy to the details or even pester him to tell her things... She knows by observing things and kinda be there for him in the way she can, and I think she waits for him to share. Like when she sees LeeSeol's paintings and unfinished brush on an empty canvas at Ryan's house...she never once asks him what that was...but when he asks her what does she feel about not being able to paint or draw, she can relate it to what she finds in the room and understand that he probably refers to himself, too... Or when she sees children playing with bubbles in ep 9, she recalls how he seemed to be brooding at the same scene during their 'fake date'... (LeeSol's painting also depicts some bubbles...so she might sense the connection, too). When she was asked by Da In whether Ryan told her the reasons why he isn't painting anymore, there was this "ahhh" expression on her face too..and iirc she makes another connection to the paintings and empty canvas in Ryan's room. Even in episode 11, Ryan kinda lost in thoughts and ignores her while he was staring at LeeSol's painting, she notices it. She doesn't say a thing, pester him, or even complains, she only holds his hand, as if saying, "I'm here in case you wanna /talk/ about it..." Same like how he senses that EunGi might have confessed to her during their phone calls and encourages her to tell him subtly, Deokmi feels something is off when he calls her in the middle of the night. Sure, she could've gone to his house, walk and run along the highway (one soompier points this out), but that's actually not realistic. She does a great job for not buying his excuse that he only comes to see her that night...she can see clearly he's not OK, so she tells him "it's ok to cry" as reassurance that she'll be there for him anyway, though she's not sure what makes him sad and not privy to it... I think it's important in a relationship not to barge into your partner's trauma or private issues as heavy as that (arguably heavier than her being fansite master), unless your partner decides to share it to you comfortably.
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    Ep 12 Text Preview: "I'll continue keeping you company today. Like this" Deokmi can't let Ryan leave after seeing him cry. They spend the night together in Deokmi's room...! Da In and Eun Gi have a chat and look into each other's hearts once again. Meanwhile, a new person related to Cheum Art Museum's celebrity collection appears...!
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    The Make-Up Session is such a TEASE! - Ends up on Make-Out CUDDLING -
  42. 32 points
    I WANT BED SCENE.. he is already kissed her cheek, nose, lips, forehead, hand, (not yet legs) for the first time in my entire kdrama fan career these past 16 years, I see a lead guy who almost kissed the entire part of female lead body.. if they wants to make me die every week,, why they don’t just do it totally. I want lion bed scene
  43. 32 points
    i finally got around to this episode after i promised my self i would watch it the go study ... ... but then i ended up doing something i haven't done in three years ... (this is a legit question) okay i have to go ...
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    @Lawyerh & @Sejabin @ktcjdrama When , everyone think you cheated on your girlfriend, you have no clue
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    .. that me every Wednesday & Thursday waiting for them to show up in TV
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    I realy hope that HPL will do Ryan adoption issues justice. Korean International Adoption is a real issue, and emotional struggle faced by korean international adoptees are also real. I have watched few documentaries about korean international adoptee, and the stories really tug at my heartstring. So I really hope Ryan as a fictional character can be potrayed with respect to them. Since the beginning, there are no birth secret, the similarity between Ryan and Sian is hinted since Episode 1, his adopted step mom of Korean Descent and him being adopted abroad also mentioned in ep 2. The possibility that Lee Sol his bio mom also hinted in earlier episodes. So i have high hope that the story won't go into the makjang route. I find the timing of Ryan Adoption was interesting. If he was born in 1987, and adopted at 7 (i assume he refer to International age, he is US citizen), that means he was adopted in 1994. If I refer to this link https://www.kadoption.or.kr/en/info/info_history.jsp, in 1994 overseas adoption ban was cancelled. From korean ministry of healt and welfare data, in the same year there are 2.262 children adopted overseas. Overseas adoption background from 1990-2000, from 22.129 cases, 20.460 cases was unwed mother. So I think the childhood story can be utilized more than just an old drama trope. I think the writer intend to create contrast, between Ryan and Eun Gi. Albeit the same background, both born from unwed single mother, both in artistic field, lived in the same neighboorhood, Ryan and Eun gi having different path in life. Nam Editor chose to put his son into her family registry and let foster parents raised him (open adoption), so she was not separated with her son. Bravely took risk that her name registered as an unwed mother and let go of her chance to marry (due to social stigma). While Lee Sol chose to let go of her son for overseas adoption, maybe hoping for better future for him, coz she was a struggling artist and single mom. Letting go of her son made her be able to start over and had another child, but always regretting the separation. Both kids turn out allright, they become sucessful in their own path. But for Ryan, as korean overseas adoptee, no matter how good their adopted parents are, the scar in his heart still remain. To understand the struggle of an international adoptee, this is a good read https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/magazine/why-a-generation-of-adoptees-is-returning-to-south-korea.html. So I think the childhood story if done right, can be a nod to overseas korean adoptee. How to deal meeting the biological family after being estranged for so long. How to come to term with dual identity as a korean descent raised in western culture, etc.
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    Ryan's hands in pockets interpretation: Someone posted regarding Ryan Gold's hand in pockets and because this thread is moving so fast, I could not find the poster to give credit. Anyhow, I went to find out what hands in pocket body language indicate and there are many interpretations of hands in pocket but they need to be interpreted with the rest of the body language, expression in the face, body posture in relation to the person. In other words analyze the gesture in context with the situation. It can either be interpreted as weak, untrustworthy and unconfident or interpreted as sexy and cool, confident and authoritative or as simple as just wanting to place hands somewhere for comfort or because it is cold and putting hands in pocket is to warm the hands with body heat. So, I picked the ones that I think fits our sexy, self assured and sometimes cocksure (pun intended) .... Ryan Gold Confidence. Confident men often keep a hand in one pocket, leaned slightly forward with a strong level stance on braced legs. Tony Robbins for example takes this pose a lot. It is one that men who notice will mimic because the pose displays a confidence that people respect. Comfort. It is entirely possible that a man just wants to be comfortable and pockets are a safe and comfortable place to put their hands. A comfortable stance with hands rested in the pockets of their pants can be more comfortable than trying to figure out where to put them. This is not meant to be a disconcerting action, just one of comfort that also indicate that whatever they are doing or whatever conversation they are having is worth their time. Control. Do you ever feel an urge to reach out and touch someone? Do you ever feel like the anchor to reality is standing in front of you and to reach out is to hold on? Perhaps if the person is feeling overwhelmed, he may just want to put his hands in his pockets. examples of Ryan Gold in hands in his pocket: The kiss scene: the conversation before the kiss... he has his hands in both pockets, his stance relaxed but purposeful, his face intently listening and empathetic, he was where he wanted to be and doing whatever he was there for because it was worth his time, it was important for him to be where he was at that time. I also think at that moment he was exerting some control from just reaching out to hold Deokmi because he wanted to give her space and time to say what she needed to say and let her know that he was listening. The one hand in his pocket for first gentle kiss, was to me supremely sexy, confident and gentle (someone said, suave and cool...that too). It was a non agressive kiss, saying "may I"? Ahhhhhhhhh, what woman would not melt.... yes, yes, yes, you may, you may.... then after looking at DM face giving the okay, both hands out of the pocket and .... well..... I am going to watch it again... Showing authority and confidence: Can't remember what episode it was, I think 3 or 4 where Ms Eom went to visit Ryan and demanded that he fire Deok Mi. He refused reminding Ms Eom that one of the conditions for his hiring as the Director is having the authority to manage and make decisions regarding the museum. Ms Eom stood up and said, "that means you don't want to fire her," then put her hands in her pockets and looking at Ryan still seated on his chair stated that she will fire DM herself. Ryan then stood up put his hands in his pocket with all his height looked down on MS Eom and told her he knew of the Ivanov painting that was illegally brought to the museum and that could make more trouble for her husband who is already in trouble with the law. DM was not fired but petty Eom who knew she lost the argument with Ryan took it out on DM and slapped her and Ryan apologized to DM for the slap. The first sexy mouthwatering wall scene: SJ was taking the pictures and told them to make it real and DM to make it look like they were in a make out mood. DM was the only one whose hands were moving putting her hands on Ryan's chest and her head close to Ryan, who had his hands on his pockets. He was not comfortable doing anything else with his hands because at that time, he thought that SJ and DM were lovers until he got permission from SJ to act as if he was into DM, then his hands were out of his pockets and into action and to the wall they went. That scene too was spine tingling...but very funny from Ryan's wrong view that he was doing a fake makeout scene with a lesbian being photographed by the rich lover.... hahahaha The other times he has his hands in his pockets are mostly in his personal office, his space and when he is thinking or having a conversation which to me indicates comfort and sometimes authority. Ryan also does not like holding hands because he does not like the feeling of his hands being let go as it reminds him of his mother letting go of his hands when she abandoned him. So, perhaps putting his hands in his pockets are a sign of comfort to him, it holds him up and warms him. Those are my interpretations of hands in pockets of the dearest man, Ryan Gold.
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    ryan gold The fact that ryan knew full well that deokmi likes him just shows that this show is different than most kdrama romcom. There’s no beating around the bush with the “does she/he likes me? idk”, he read her perfectly and is aware of her feelings for him. THIS DRAMA KEEPS GIVING
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    Translation credit to k-pop script in YT SeongDeokMi: He asked to fight but ... .... so childish ChaSiAn: Hyung? Curator Noona? NamEunGi: Why didn't you tell me about it? SDM's friend: because SDM didn't know about your feelings (?) Ryan: NEG gwangjangnim, did you sleep at SDM's house yesterday? SDM's friend: EunGi ... Ryan: He likes SDM right? NEG: To me, now you are not family or friend, but a woman. I can wait even if it takes time. Ryan: Can you teach me about it too? I also want to be an obsessive fan (?) of yours
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    Don't you say you do not remember this? A beautiful bouquet that is like Ryan's beautiful sincerity towards Duk Mi: It was left in the car last week, just like we were all left desperate after ending of Ep8. While waiting to know what happens next to our couple, I spent some time waiting to paint this. I want to use this to thank you all for being thoughtful and fun fellows watching HPL together. I hope he has the chance to show his sincerity to her this week. If they really kiss today or tomorrow, I may have even more inspiration :))
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