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    If I should describe ALML with one word it would be SATISFYING. The drama knows what it is and knows what it wants to achieve. It has the right mix of romance, angst, hurt/comfort, suspense and mystery. It manages to be unpredictable and exciting while being able to satisfy the audience's expectations. It just spirits you away into this fantasy romance between two people who are both so beautifully human. And when I say that they are beautiful I don't mean it in a mere physical sense of the word, even though they totally are, it's that they are beautiful through and through and I think it's what Dan means whenever he calls YS beautiful - it doesn't mean that she is perfect or flawless, it means that be it her weaknesses or her strengths, he loves everything about her. So I just want to send to the cast and crew a round of applause for they wonderful work and for bringing this wonderful story into life:
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    I just absolutely love the scene of them on the bridge. No words, just hand movements and smiling YS wanting to hold hands with KD first
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    After watching the preview with the subtitles, GS's comments made my blood boil out of anger. GS is now trying to act as a victim as if he had done nothing wrong towards JI. Jae In was right: the relationship really ends, when you see the ugliest part of the ex-partner. Even in the episode 9, JI tried to protect GS's reputation. She broke up because GS was not the right man for her. As for the last part of the episode 9, I don't think that JI did anything wrong because she went to the cafe where his friends played. Fact is that GS hadn't visited them for a long time. He only went there, when he realized that JI had fallen in love with someone else hence JI didn't see them as close friends to GS. Moreover, she broke up with GS hence she doesn't need to hide anything. GS is really mean and sneaky because he will use JI's relatives in order to put JI under pressure: first her sister LSI, then her parents. He acts as if he knows JI very well, in reality he doesn't. He still views her from their long term relationship. She used to comply to his needs and never really complained hence if he keeps pressuring her, he thinks, she will comply at the end. He just needs to push her, just like he did in the past by making her feel guilty. JI was right: GS has always looked down on her and he keeps doing it. He shows no respect for her feelings and thoughts. I have also noticed that he often gives orders to her: - "Get in!" - "Let us talk inside!" - "Let us love each other more" - "We should get married" - "I will forget about it, so should you as well" - "I said nothing will change" - "Come to your senses" - "Get yourself a reality check" He thinks that his words are laws and JI has no saying. She just has to obey. Striking are the following words ("I mean, talking about making things work out over and over again could have tired me out, and I could have said, we should just call it quits") which reveal what I had written earlier. He can be the only one who breaks up, not the other way around. He won't let JI go because he can not accept that she broke up with him. His pride can not accept it. Furthermore in his mind, she chose another man who is far inferior compared to him. His words outlines that his refusal and denial have nothing to do with love. He doesn't love JI, he treats her like a possession hence he has no problem to bring trouble into JI's life. He will hurt her so that respect for him will vanish for good.
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    I will try but it’s hard these two keep hit us in the heart with their cuteness @japchaebap he in love , get excited , he flying with out wing
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    Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Enjoy A Sweet Date In “One Spring Night” Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min are enjoying a date in new stills for the upcoming episode of MBC’s “One Spring Night”! In the previous episode, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) and Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) reaffirmed their feelings for each other and strengthened their relationship. The preview for the next episode shows the two characters enjoying each other’s company at a cafe, unable to keep the smiles from their faces or take their eyes off one another, marking a sharp change from previous episodes when the two struggled to hide their feelings for each other. “One Spring Night” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:55 p.m. on MBC. https://www.soompi.com/article/1332895wpp/jung-hae-in-and-han-ji-min-enjoy-a-sweet-date-in-one-spring-night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I guess we will also see some more cuteness from tomorrow's episode. The outfit in the gif are exactly the same. My hopes are high!
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    While waiting for the next episode let us reminisce their first sweet kiss Cr (leaf the moon - Twitter)
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    PharmacyNoona has said that she wants to see the old JH the way he used to be. And JISister has said that she misses the way JI used to be. I think that JH and JI are helping one another to become the people they were always meant to be. Cheesy? Maybe but that's just fine by me. I like cheddar.
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    And this is what worries me. 1. GS was described as having a short fuse and a temper by different people. Furthermore, we saw two scenes where GS barely hold himself and showed a violent tendency: the exchange in the hallway and in the episode 9, where he put his hands on her shoulders and shakes JI a little. Furthermore the way he screamed in the car out of frustration showed that he could barely contain his anger and frustration. 2. SH and GS are both liars and manipulators. SH has no problem to let people think that he is doing very well as a dentist. The truth is that even if he changes the office, he won't be able to have more clients as his major flaw is his arrogance. Besides, I sense that the owner of the new office where he wants to move in decided to sell it because he wasn't doing well financially. It has been said that it is difficult for dentists and doctors to make a profit. LTH, JI's father, is not a businessman (see the book he read), hence he is clueless... Recommending to move to a chic district is not the way to have more clients, especially if there are so many dentist offices. His wife seems to be more level-headed. As conclusion, SH has no remorse to lie to his in-laws in order to create the illusion that his marriage is fine. GS is not different. He lies to his father, his friends and his colleagues and lets them think that there is no problem as well. Right now, his friend from the band called him because he thought, his girlfriend was cheating on him. There is no coincidence that GS went there in a fury. We clearly saw another dark side of GS, when he used his position in order to threaten HS. Friends are not important, he should support GS and cut ties with JH. 3. Both keep saying empty promises: "I'll change", "I'll make you the happiest woman on earth", while in reality they see no reason why they should change. They are not able to reflect on their own behavior as they don't listen to their counterpart. LSI warns him that by refusing to sign the divorce papers, she will hate him more and more. JI still shows respect towards GS but at some point, she will come to hate him. Since both are in denial, they will be pushed until a huge scandal appears: at some point, I can imagine that LSI will file for a divorce suit if she has no other means and the consequences will be that SH's career and reputation will be ruined forever. I guess, JI and JH will go to his parents' workplace in order to continue their date due to GS who appeared there to make a scene. One of JI's countermeasures against GS will be to meet JH's friends and colleagues more openly and let her friend YJ come with her. She wants to show to people that she is doing nothing wrong, she lets people know that GS and her are over.
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    Finally the first kissing's official photos has been release. I've been rooting so hard for the happiness of these too! LOL!!!
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    New stills featuring Dan and YS holding hands and YS comforting Dan with a hug - frankly, at this point I can't even find the proper words to describe how awesome these two are together source: sportschosun
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    press conference wih eng subs. please don't steal my stuff this was alot of work to sub and subscribe to my youtube channel
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    She welcome you , with open arm , Will four make you happy @titania1000 don’t be sad ok , , enjoy rest of drama with us
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    Sometimes in k-drama a topic or a trope will show up and suddenly it seems like every other k-drama is writing about it. At one point it seemed dissociative identity disorder was everywhere. Ok in 2 simultaneous drama. Then Alzheimer and early onset Alzheimer came to stay. [It's like the Korean psychiatric group petition to have the issue addressed.] This week in One Spring Night and Mother of Mine the fathers who wouldn't approve marriage because they thought their son's love interests didn't bring enough to the pairing got told off the the love interest and decided the women were good enough after all. Maybe not the first time it has happened, but it is interesting seeing both in the same week. Maybe chaebol fathers have petitioned to have their image improved by having these characters seem more reasonable. LOL
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    @iffy21 , @immorethant the cousin get crazy by episode now she plotting to kill Dan
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    Hi all. It's been a while since i visited Soompi forums. But because of ALML and our babies, i am back here. I finished scanning 150+ pages in 2 days (even while working). Thanks to y'all i am having so much fun. I can't remember myself watching live stream of a Korean drama ever. But i did it last night even without subs i was fine with it. Waiting for new BTS of ALML is making me crazy...
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    I would like to know what rom-com with perfect writing that the above poster would recommend, because I cannot think of one in my years of drama watching. And if I may just point out, even his/her post already contains inconsistency. The blame is clearly put on the writer for poor writing yet the ones who will fade away are the actors? Rom-com is meant to be entertaining, and this drama has done exactly so for me, and I believe for many other people as well. It is not a serious drama that requires hard thinking and reasoning why people do what they did, although it is absolutely fine to discuss about it, for fun. The above poster is, for me, clearly not suited to watch light rom-coms, but maybe will enjoy dramas like Beautiful World or SKY Castle more. Even those dramas have people criticizing the writing, mind you. If a drama has kept me shaking my head enough, I would just leave it and move on to another drama (too many to choose from!) so I could never understand why people want to waste their precious time watching something they don’t like and write nasty things like the above. Wishing writer never get to write another drama? Well, I guess someone needs to point out to him/her that the writer is successful (meaning: made money) already when her script is actually being produced into a drama. Failing to see that yet call the character Dom and VP dumb? Writing is an art, not science. There is no perfect formula. A work of art will appeal to some and appal some away, because everyone’s interpretations are definitely different. I personally would never claim this drama as perfect and a masterpiece that will go down in history or win awards. But I have enjoyed the ride and I think that’s what matters most.
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    @thistle I'm with you - was so pleased that Jae-In and the civil servant wannabe are getting back together. Also I forget who mentioned the light peck at the dry cleaning place. I think it was only Jeong-In that was drinking because Ji-Ho had to drive. He didn't want to give her a big smooch for fear he'd get drunk from her breath - rather than trying to sober up by kissing. At least that's how I interpreted his comment.
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    Episode 10 and you cannot wipe this smile off my face. I love it when a couple communicates, is supportive and trusting; these are exactly the characteristic that makes JH & JI relationship so endearing and long lasting. Episode highlights The Laundry Scene I love that JH took JI to his childhood place after the “confrontation scene” with GS. It’s monumental for their relationship, it’s like him showing her his past – where and how he came to be the person he is today. These are baby steps to meeting JH parent but JH & JI have a massive supporter – JH dad. JH Dad is honestly my favourite father (besides JH)! GS meeting with SI; @bebebisous33 you’re a drama fortune teller, you were completely right about this! I actually was disappointed at SI lack of reaction, yes she was shock but if I was pregnant and this guy is talking smack about a single parent – well I would have reacted MUCH MORE then SI. And SI girl, you’re pregnant please watch your caffeine intake. Anyways I was wondering why SI reaction was so lacklustre and then SI met JI, and everything made sense. SI and JI Conversation Scene. This was honestly the highlight of the episode for me, it shows the mental torment that SI is going through. Really would love to see more of her arc rather than their bloody father’s pouty face. I also love the sisterly support happening here – SI is going to be an awesome single parent and she’s going to have a bloody village to support her! JI & Librarian Friend (LF) & Pharmacy-Noona (PN) & JI having Chicken and Beer Scene. Y’all need to see this scene. Again, love the fact that their each introducing people around them to each other! And freaking love how LF and PN were dishing the dirt on their friends! This is LF telling JI/PN about the negative traits of JI. The ending scene. From yesterday's preview I immediately thought JI-JH meeting JI father was going to be somewhere in the end of the episode. But again, from today's preview I’m not worried about the meeting. It seems like JI and her father had a talk, but there are also scenes of JI & JH in the same clothes at her apartment smiling and laughing. Also on their clothes – JH top is an even lighter blue and JI sweater is a lighter green – if you contrast this clothing palette to yesterday’s coffee scene, is it coincidence? Definitely don’t think so, feel like the director-nim is showing us through the clothing that their relationship has gotten deeper, more fun and vibrant. Funny side note: When YJ thought Jae-In was giving him a massive glass of tea, and it turned out to be a glass vase to put the flowers. LMAOO, why is he so cute! Why are they so loveable!!!
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    It would not be very becoming of a prima ballerina to be kicking and flailing around now, though. She has an image to maintain even when about to go splat and die
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    Why Dan didn't use time-stop mode ? Next episode will start with YS slaps Dan and asks him. 'Ok, Dan, I know you are superman, thank you for saving me . But why don't you stop wearing this wing costume, you pervert ?
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    Wow private dance lesson for Dan , no running this time Dan , correct past mistake Morning all
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    About the kiss scene. I think it done in proper manner. First JH short kiss is like testing a water, will she like it or not, based on her reaction, he kissed her again, this time a little bit deeper. And i still think its in proper manner and suit JH character. He is warm person. So a suddenly passionate kiss in this first step of relationship kinda miss JH character imho. He just start to show a truly-(himself ) to JI and they can walk slowly from that. I prefer kiss like this than passionate one. Only by holding hands.. i can feel their chemistry ( this an actor & actress acting skill)...if it become passionate kiss i probably will disappointed. OH i really love this PD nim works! It's bring back to first and most favorite movie "The classic" feels. But thats just my Imho.
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    Finished ep 9. JH was so badass talking to GS. "I'm certain it won't be me" was quite powerful, so are pretty much every word he's saying after standing up. GS is such a selfish richard simmons. He "overlooks" her mistake? Dude, you are already sorted out, it's no mistake, YOU are the mistake. He really thinks JI pities JH? Nothing will change? Gosh, in retrospect JH should have punched him. He really doesn't understand anything, it's like he misses even the basics of how human relationships work. JI is talking against a wall, GS is so trapped in his own mindset and his world, JI needs to really shake him up. It's like he cannot accept defeat from someone who he thinks is below him. There is nothing to save, JI already left the relationship, she left the phone-call, she left the building so to speak, so no matter how hard you try, she is already gone. It's interesting that GS hears from two different people in a short matter of time that he looks down on people. Should make him thinking. JI apology towards GS was like a stab towards the heart with the sharpest dagger you can imagine. Ouch! That was a big hit. SI is pregnant? That honestly hurts a lot, I don't like where her arc is going. I wish the writers would have a better storyline for her, this will make it more complicated, especially since it's most likely that he forced himself on her. She may try to raise her kid on her own, but her husband won't give in so easily even more now. Since he is violent, who knows that he will do to her and the kid. It also means a divorce is even more unlikely. Hye-Jeong was so cute, she's my MVP for the episode just for her smiling and telling JI that she needs to tell her a lot about JH. Okay after the car scene, she really is the MVP of the episode. Well......her love confession in the cafe was so unexpected: JH's facial expression was on point. He was so happy. GS's ego will be his doom. He's more worried about his pride than everything else. When I see these dad scenes, I realize I really so miss my dad sometimes. I simply love how JI turns around without even saying a word to Jae-In when JH sends her a message Decent first kiss (6/10), close to perfect second kiss (9/10)
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    It's perfect. No matter how many times I watch this scene I love it more and more
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    @iffy21 & @jakey09 & @Liting1 @Ni Wen , @immorethant no stopping him now - what next 50 shade of grey
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    Have you ever felt that the spring is the most beautiful season of the year??! I am feeling it now, because of One Spring Night! What a beautiful feeling this is! Spring, full moon & slow burning love is the most perfect combination I've ever seen in a k-drama! Just fantastic... And I am purely new to the leads, Jung Hae In & Han Ji Min!! But their acting is all enough to me.. I am unknowingly attracted to them!! Such a beautiful love story of a single father & a young woman! I am really looking forward for the next eps... I sense in past eps that some villains are about to arrive at the show but I oppose my own theory!! Villains don't match here... Let their blossoming love flow like a river.. They will face so many obstacles but I know that they will have the victory at the end! And it seems like some chingus here recall their dark memories with this drama.... Just want to tell everyone that, Don't take it too hard because the spring is coming to heal all your wounds!!!! Surprisingly, we are almost half way through the drama!! Time flies fast!! Let the magic of love begins..
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    These days girls are generally taught to fight and stand up for themselves (which is generally a good thing) so they don't have the experience that teaches them that being passive does Not mean being weak. It can really be the polar opposite. Speaking as someone who grew up in a household with a dad far worse than JI has, I'm gonna say that when someone "sits there passively (inwardly rolling her eyes)" it's a survival tactic. Since this is slightly OT: GS is the sort of man that a woman will choose if she has a bad family history. An abused person will nearly always unconsciously choose an abuser over a good man. The fact that JH is able to reach JI with his kindness, gentleness, and concern is wonderful. It means that she has not been completely beaten down by her dad and by GS. The fact that she is still able to rebel is a testament to the sort of strength it takes to remain passive when absolutely necessary. Her tsundere character shows that there is a fighter inside.
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    A Man More Angelic than a Real Angel Dan fears only three things in the world: that YS will get hurt, that she will suffer once he disappears and that she’ll learn he is not a human. It’s something he’s been struggling with from the very beginning and also one of the most important themes in a love story involving a human and a supernatural being, two people who are literally from two different worlds. Can Yeon Seo love Dan unconditionally and accept everything about him, everything he is, without wanting him to change for her? Dan has been afraid that YS might see him as a monster from the moment she grabbed his wings, called them disgusting and wanted to burn them. It’s one of the most defining moment of their relationships because from that moment Dan realized for the first time the divide between them and started to hide his wings, his true nature from YS, running away from her countless times whenever it rained. YS’s reaction rattled him to his core and ever since he keeps referring to himself as a monster that he thinks YS might consider him as. It’s even more heartbreaking and symbolic when we realize that the real monsters are humans and that Dan was brought up by one - his own father. Ever since Dan saved YS with his wings he’s been hiding them from her, together with his true self. I really want to see YS touching and caressing Dan’s wings and embracing him, asking him to forgive her that she ever said that and telling him that they are beautiful and that she loves them and everything about him. Hell, I needed that scene yesterday! In a way, Dan has been keeping a part of himself away from YS and she’s finally starting to realize how much she doesn’t know about him. It’s appropriate that she realizes only now as she needed to grow up and mature because until recently she only thought about herself, her suffering, her pain,… And that’s exactly what love does to a person - YS’s love for Dan finally made her think more about him than about herself. It genuinely pains her that she knows so little about him, even more so because he knows and notices literally everything about her - her likes and dislikes, her fears and worries,… Yet, she KNOWS HIM, THE REAL HIM. She might not know all the facts but she knows the one thing that matter - his heart. It’s so poignant when YS, who used to doubt and suspect everyone, defends Dan and his character, trusting him unconditionally without knowing anything about him. Because just like Dan sees right through her, she sees right through him. Now it’s Dan’s turn to trust in Yeon Seo and her love for him and show her his true self.
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    same place? --------------------- her private life: appreciation post | sung deok mi’s work clothes ********* Her Private Life Originally posted by dramaintherain Okay wow. It’s over but I’m done just done with this kdrama yet so I’m going to go on a bit about why it’s one of my favourite Kdramas of 2019 yet. I fell in love with Ryan Gold way before he became the romantic interest of Sung curator. I fell in love with his mind, his heart and his sensitivity when he showed such consideration and understanding towards what he perceived Sung Curator’s lesbian relationship. From the very beginning, he went over and beyond to not just help them by giving them his hotel room but also till the end by protecting their identity every chance he got. The fight with Eun Gi when he thought Eun Gi would reveal their identity. Volunteering to be Sung Curator’s fake boyfriend during the Cha Shi An scandal when he realized that since she’s gay (or so he thought) and she can’t come out she doesn’t have any boyfriend to protect her from all the backlash from Cha Shi An’s angry fans. I mean oh my god. That man. Need I say more? Pretty much no but I’m going to anyway. So a lot of family drama and estranged kids/parents is very central to most kdramas. But I love how the drama and emotionally heavy stuff was balanced so well and weren’t the spotlight of the show. But what I loved more was how understanding and mature all the characters were, especially Ryan Gold and Sung Curator. Because they were so understanding and mature, they got through all the painfully hard stuff and could be together without blaming anyone or feeling resentful. They communicated flawlessly but also gave each other some space when it was needed because in the end no matter how much support you have from your loved ones, sometimes you just need to be alone for a while to process everything. Also, he didn’t get all mad at her when she lied to him and took him to the church to show Lee Sol’s final painting while his mom was also there. Any other kdrama and I can tell the male lead would have thrown such a fit and got all angry on her for lying to him. But see this is what I mean about them being so mature and understanding - he obviously knew she did this for him. Another striking thing about Her Private Life was how grown up and chill the two leads were about intimacy. Kissing, sleeping in the same bed, making out and all that jazz. I mean you know that awkward first kiss scene in most kdramas where the guy lunges in for a kiss and the girl is just standing there like a statue with her eyes open and lips stationery? Yeah, their physical intimacy was the exact opposite of that awkwardness. It hence felt natural, the way two adults in love would behave. c https://creatingnikki.tumblr.com
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    Shin Hae Sun Kim Myung Soo They Met At The Beginning Of This Year (2019) They made our hearts beat by uploading selfies with each other on their individual IG accounts. Note: They haven't done this with any other lead. Shin Hae Sun: About her chemistry with L, Hae Sun said, “Myung Soo has said this as well, but we were comfortable with each other from the start because we come from the same neighborhood. We quickly became friends and respect each other as friends on set. That’s why it’s not uncomfortable at all to film together. Dan and Yeon Seo [their character names]’s romance has just begun, and I hope that people can look forward to how their story will unfold. I think that we can show an even better chemistry than before.” Kim Myung Soo: About his chemistry with Hae Sun, L said, “When I first heard that Shin Hye Sun would be appearing in the drama, I thought that she would be a driving force for the show and I really wanted to work with her. When we started working together, I was happy that we were a good match. I think that the audience will be able to tell that our chemistry gets better as the drama goes on.” Kim Myung Soo thoughts on working with Shin Hae Sun for the first time? "Noona left a great first impression. She is bright and friendly. When I was young, I lived in So-Donggu and it turned out Noona was also from the same neighborhood. When I shared with her the name of the food stall that I always went to back in school 10 years ago, she would know it! It was really fun! That's how we became close." Do you call her 'Noona'? "I mix it up. I sometimes call her by her character's name Yeon Seo and sometimes, I call her 'Noona'. Our age difference is just 2 years, so we are comfortable as friends using informal language." The Curious Case of 'Touching' or 'Not Touching' : They also say you make good partners if you sync : But all of this is incomplete without Hae Sun blushing : Bye! Wink, Wink! Happy Shipping!
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    For me the dialog on the bridge late night before the final auditions was so, so well done. I can't get over how well the writer interweaved the fate of Albreight and Giselle with Dan (who was able to sympathize with the '2-timing prince', for whom Giselle dances even from the grave) and Yeon-Seo. Yeon-Seo tells him, "go on, tell me more", and hearing Dan's unique perspective she is able to find the 'key' with which she could unlock Giselle's unspeakable emotions - which she nevertheless can 'speak' thru her dances - because, Yeon-Seo, afterall, is a true genius ballerina who can tell that story with her movements and her slightest facial movements. And as the dance begins, the writer, through Dan's narration thoughts, lets us know right away from the start in front of everyone that she (Giselle) is not about loving or hating Albreight, but that her dance is one of heartache over herself, her actions, unable to trust and believe that Albreight indeed did love her completely, unalloyed with his station in life or his fate before meeting her - juxtaposing all this to Dan's current situation and his station, where he came from - yes from heaven as an angel, but before that from a short-lived mostly bitterly painful life of 11 years (Korean 12-year olds have only lived 11 years, by the way), he (Dan) now questioning, doubting, now second-guessing himself whether Yeon-Seo, like Giselle could actually accept him if she were to find out who he really is. My God, so many layers going on all at the same time in that dance - it was what I would say, 'perfectly convincing' - I was sold on this version of the writer's story telling. There was nothing that didn't seem right about the entire audition - from Ni-Na's amazing dance (Bravo Kim Bo-Mi!) that left my heart racing, to how, somehow, Yeon-Seo was able to show yet another interpretation that was indeed other-worldly, i.e., Gisellian from the other world. How the actresses topped themselves after all that they had already shown, especially Shin Hye-Sun after last week's short dance scene before JKW that we raved about - I don't know how these actors do it week after week, just delivering one fantastic and unspeakably beautiful scene after another, and the torrent of all these scenes, wave after wave, hitting me as I watch them and the music, the OST's now also playing the hypnotic visuals layered upon each note and word dropped to my ears. I cannot believe I could derive this much pleasure and artistic beauty from a ... Drama! Now as for the ending, I think I have much to say on it now too, but I am choosing to trust this writer - so far, if you read the Angel Dan's last report on page 1 and other things mentioned in the very first press conference, I believe that the writer has stayed true, there hasn't been any false narratives or cheating on what the intentions are, etc. I am waiting for a 'satisfying' ending, which may not be the standard 'happy' ending, but nevertheless, perhaps a 'righteous' ending where we do not despair of the meaning of life, whether a benevolent God exists who knows ultimately better than we do from beginning to end although we do not have answers to too many things for now, nor will the writer make us despair of love - it is the very definition of love that the drama is dealing with, and to some extent Dan has already succeeded in making Yeon-Seo love again, that is without question - whether she will choose to love when literally everything is taken away, that remains for us to see. I don't actually care to go there, and I do not mind if the writer does not go there, but if she so chooses to take it that far, I will be at peace and would still support the gutsy effort it takes to make that attempt, however dissatisfying it is for vast majority of drama watchers and shippers who don't care for it. Credit our own @ggonekimmy on twitter
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    These two have created a special place in my heart. Kisses aside, honeymoon aside, babies aside, jokes aside ... Their chemistry is just ... Sighs! I’m feeling sentimental.
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    THE KISS IS EVERYTHING! It’s the little touches which betray how much Dan and Yeon Seo long for each other; the raw, intense yearning which they feel for each other. And in Dan’s case, it’s bordering on a hunger he cannot seem to satisfy. Everything angelic and celestial about him is gone, replaced by the a desire of a man. The way he’s touching YS tells a story of its own - of how he’s missed her, loved her and ached for her. It’s in the way how he lovingly takes her face in his hands; in the way he coaxes her with a gentle, yet demanding and achingly sensual caress on her neck to lean into the kiss and draw her closer to him; it’s in the soft, intimate movement of his lips on hers; it’s in the little steps he takes towards her. He wants to be as close to her as physically possible and never again be parted from her. And Yeon Seo responds in kind, matching Dan’s yearning with one of her own, ever so slowly caressing his shoulders and back, leaning into his kiss, taking a step towards him. YS hoped for Dan to come back to her, to stay with her and no longer deny his feelings for her, but it’s like a dam broke inside Dan after bottling up his love for her for so long and he pours it all out, telling her he loves her repeately, calling her name like a prayer, touching her reverently as if she were the most precious thing in Heaven and on Earth. He really can’t deny her anything, be it his heart, his body, his soul or his love.
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    For you That me stretching ( ) @titania1000 I will make some gifs for LDG to cheer you up , when I watch sub
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    I know your reply has nothing to do with me, but I guess I wanted to mention something considering I think I have read your previous post before. One, I got into this drama thinking nothing much of it tbh and got hooked cause it was light and cute for me. No I wasn't expecting a masterpiece and it's obvious that it won't be but I feel like it would be one those light dramas that people would enjoy going back to even if its not seen as a masterpiece or whatever. The dramas you mention, correct me if wrong but they are heavy on plot line, meaning they aren't simple romcoms. Maybe that is why you aren't really enjoying this drama (?) and because of other preferences you have. I understand you like KW AND LDG, but he was never the main lead to begin with I mean looking up the sypnosis of the drama should've of been a clear sign, I understand if you ended up being drawn to KW and being disappointed to what has come of his character, I like him too so I think I understand your standing but then again he isn't the male lead. And yes MS acting may not compare to him but honestly MS is an idol actor, not be that person but I would expect LDG to be better in acting than MS as it was what he dedicated his career to. idk if that makes sense. I saw MS acting the first time in Single cunning lady I think it's called, and he has come a long way honestly I think he has done well so far. And about the shipping I mean what can I say, I guess let people be happy (?) lol idk it is a drama after all, nothing should be taken serious the people in here mean no harm and just love them individually first before liking them together which should mean a lot, I do get overwhelm when the peeps only want skinship and aren't saying much about the actual plot but then there is others that in my opinion are overanalyzing the plot which takes a lot of me to not tell them that is this isn't a melodrama its supposed to be a romcom slash fantasy. I personally understand if people are not in the same boat all the time especially when it comes to dramas that are still airing, for example I was part of the mess of Reply 1988 thread. Airing dramas has alot of self interpretation and theorizing since its normal for us to want to have answers or get a sense that we know what is going to happen. Idk I guess what I wanted to say is don't be so harsh, the drama is still airing in the end, who knows where the road may lead us, just enjoy the ride, even if you end up disliking it, which happens, just enjoy the mess then, but if you can't bring yourself to do so then maybe just drop the drama or wait until it's complete. And be more careful on how you words things, I don't think the person was running away or anything like that. Both, in both ends could've worded things better, it is easy to misinterpret comments online.
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    Wave @Sarang21 are you watching this drama come drink some coffee with our couple * she peeking to his shirt to see some abs
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    I love you. I love you, LYS and an OPEN-MOUTHED KISS. I'm dead and have gone to shipper's heaven
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    BTS of the kissing scene. Subs now up on Netflix. Happy watching.
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    Their noses touched. She hit him so hard... She always gets the upper hand Sorry, because I am at work so I can only capture screen without sound, don’t have tool to download it.
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