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    All the phones ringing and lightning up was wonderful directing. It was as if the phones represented the viewers that were cheering and applauding the beginning of a new couple. As for the new couple, I wouldn't be surprise if they got married before he reported for military duty, given Scarlett's repeated emphasis on having only one month. If it happens, this couple will be about how they feel in the here and now, which is the opposite of ParkBai couple, who is about analyzing the future.
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    So proud of Soo-Ah's eldest! The husband kept demanding Soo-Ah to fill up his cup at breakfast and the eldest daughter's retort was, "Don't you have hands!?".. And then she adds, "If ever my husband mistreats me the same, I'd get rid of him!" WooHoo! I was applauding Soo-Ah may be married to an @$$ but at the very least, she's blessed with 2 adorable daughters, I love the youngest LoL - So Cute! Soo-Ah's husband is a hypocrite. Just 'cause his wife has a lover, he can't accept it. As if he's any better sheesh LoL at Ji-Eun's MIL that after 3 years of marriage the couple still have no kids. She thinks her son is sterile ha-ha. It's ridiculous that they go to bed holding hands. Really LoL!? Ooo that backhug & kiss at the end...although I'm worried for what would come next when all is revealed in coming episodes... It'd be like Armageddon~ Great post as always @liddi The drama seem to simply skimp over the details over all 3 couples probably so it's easier to accept why they feel the need to go astray maybe Idk? @triplem Yup timing is everything. But the fact that very little is known of the 3 couples backstories like how they met etc. It's hard to see what their motivations are for their marriage other than mere convenience?
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    Hi everyone...been a silent reader here. I found this hilarious video that I wanted to share. Pay close attention to the caption at 0.50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc-arFBASL0&t=1s
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    I just noticed; in ep 7 prev, this bird man back hugged his wife... and he look serious... i kind of dislike it.. hihihi...
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    I agree with the k-netz comment above. This drama is mermerizing. The cinematography, the acting, script, and the narration. When Ji Eun has her narration, sometimes I think "Ahhh this is true! I understand you! Oh, this is so real." Episode 6 is a huge step for Ji Eun and Jung Woo. I can't wait for their next story but on the other side I sometimes feel sorry for Jung Woo's wife. What a mixed feeling. Anyway this is totally a recommended drama. I actually have expectation on this drama. Lee Sang Yeob fits his role perfectly although we have seen his comical babo side for a while. He's back into serious role. While Park Ha Sun with her melo side. They are so great!
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    Thank you for the comment and precious gif! As much as the writer and director try to put up a smokescreen, for me this group is clearly at the heart of the events that happened 15 years ago and lead to HTJ's attack. One of them is the killer of her husband and KYG's mother and few of the others men in the pic know the truth or suspect it. With everyone going dark even DCK: i wonder if contrary of what i thought she is not working for the bad guys but rather the good guys? I mean the real investigators of corrupted cops who seem strangely absent of this story. Could the pretended "boyfriend" be her superior? She came into DCK's team already formed and fully trained as proved by the fact that she succeeds in all missions given to her, so contrary to what was said to DCK (and he knew it), she wasn't sent to learn with him but to spy and collect evidences on him. He might be himself under investigations for his past deeds. There's been few clues that she might be a real "watcher" of bad cops: when they met, KYG said that his previous unit was submitted to an investigation and she was fast to answer that they probably deserved the suspicions. When she was in charge to question the girl from the organ traffic's case, she said that the she was the real investigator and i think she meant it on all levels. She seems to be a brilliant cop and was surely too a top student, so i can see what this kind of unit would recruit her. There's also the little discussion witH DCK about why she would want to work for this unit. I noticed too how JSY was the one to catch him using the violence on the chaebol but didn't say a word, though she must have known that the camera was off. He never used violence until now and it was uncalled since the suspect was not acting violently but i think we were supposed to believe that he lose it because he thought a life of an innocent woman was at stake and that it broke something in his attitude and the limits he puts for himself. However i'm really worried because of the preview of ep6 which seems to unfold a complete new side of his personality She's using herself as a bait to force JHR to show his true nature. But the most shocking was how she got here: Did she get a text when the man who got the ledger was killed to confirm the death went as planned? That's what i'm asking too!!!It's crazy! That was a level of manipulation and darkness that i never saw coming! It's morally and legally criminal and very confusing for a woman who refused until now to go that far! She's showing a level of ruthlessness and selfishness in order to reach her goal which makes me want to despair but i don't have enough tears in my body for that. I want to know what DCK and PSY discussed outside HTJ's office. This man knows far more than he admits and DCK should be watching him.
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    Although I think the break-up was unnecessary... HSY could have tried harder to placate NN's mother and try to persuade her to see things differently but I guess that's not really his style which is his problem... I can understand from mum's point of view re: the age gap etc etc. As someone who has a daughter about the same age as NN, I have some sympathy for mum's sentiments. She's not an evil woman at all, just a concerned mother. The trouble with HSY (even though I love him) is that he's socially inept particularly with the older generation for whom optics (good manners and willingness to communicate) is important. I say this as an ethnic Chinese who was raised by people who still valued the old ways in some form or another. All of his good qualities are only known to the people who are close to him as well as the audience and let's face it, he doesn't really try very hard with his grandfather or stepmother either. His boys at K&K know very well that he's a softie at heart despite all the growling and snarling. Although I have come to appreciate his finer qualities, I think HSY is essentially a kind of Peter Pan. I don't know much about the origins of this story but to me he is the boy that hasn't grown up. I suppose the gaming context adds to that impression (everybody speaks derogatorily of the gaming industry as something boys do) while the K&K crew are his Lost Boys. On top of that, socially and emotionally he's stunted. Ironically, however, this is what makes him quite suited to NN despite the chronological age gap. HSY isn't our typical 29 year old (whatever the social expectations might be) or at least the age gap isn't an issue the way it is for others. NN at 19 is mature and super intelligent for her age. She's travelled independently to attend conferences and competitions. They are both experiencing their first serious relationship. He's inexperienced and clueless, she's equally inexperienced and clueless. He's focused all his energy on building his dream team. We know this but mum doesn't. I suppose this is part of HSY's development. How much does he really like NN? What is he willing to do to get her back and get mum on side?
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    After watching the episode for the third times (live stream, raw and subbed.. yeah, I'm totally smitten), I come to hope that the reason the "crone" granny finally put CS as the person who could see MW's past would not be about him being the reincarnation of that Captain. Ah, btw, I think there is a wrong translation as to how many human have been the manager at the hotel up to CS. The sub said Manager No was 48th and CS is the 49th. But, my logic wouldn't let me believe the sub as MW has been there for over 1000 years. So, I turned on my detective mode and rewind a few times the part MW's soliloquy where she mentioned the number. I read IU's lips saying "A-Heun" instead of "Ma-Heun", so the correct number supposed to be Manager No was the 98th human, and CS is the 99th. Well, there's always something mystical about number 9 or 99 or 999 in East Asian folklore. I wonder what do Hong Sister have in mind to present CS as the 99th human. From the past works of Hong Sisters, they don't seem to give the mainstream idea like reincarnation in their plot. For example, in Hwayugi, they rather come up with the idea to just let JSM die and ended the story with Oh Gong find her in the underworld rather than writing a reincarnation plot. In My GF is a Gumiho, they wrote the rare event of celestial body to let both leads to meet again, fulfilling entirely the fancy of fantasy where they could make up about anything to reason the plot with. They never appeal to what the public want/expect/used to and to the repetitive idea such as reincarnation. When CS told MW that he's afraid that him being able to see her in his dream is because he also need to pay for something, to me it kinda foreshadow something pretty unsettling about their connection. I think there were more to MW's past life than just about her killings. She committed a sin bigger than any other sins based on the description of her character, even bigger than a murder? She was too arrogant to admit her sin, thus the punishment given to her. Rather than curious about whether CS is the reincarnation or not, I'm now more intrigue as to what kind of sin did she committed in the past. It's not like there were no other murderer in her time. She even went to find the Guesthouse of the Moon to comfort the souls (her friends? lover? other people?), but why did the "crone" found what she did as arrogant and foolish? Did MW misunderstood the Captain and killed him and never want to admit she wrongly killed him? The princess may have chased her down to get the Captain back and maybe some misunderstanding happened along the process? Whoa, there are so many possibilities of how her past life was that leads to her being punish to stand still between life and death, and I couldn't help to wonder and fried my brain over it. LOL! That room 404, apart from portraying the fact that number 4 is being associated with death in East Asian countries, I realize that it's also seems like an IT joke. Error 404. Not found. I wonder what's inside that room that made those guests who checked in never checked out. That guy who insist to check in seems to be bewitched by something inside the room right when he opened the door luring him in. I wonder if the room actually reflect what the human guest have in mind. Like their desire, their want, their greed about the place or the world and the room is a room made specifically to feed these desires. Hence, they never want to come out and check out. Hmmm... I may be overthinking. What has this drama made me do.. starting to imagining things. LOL! From the preview, it seems MW doesn't want to admit that she is waiting for someone and trying to keep CS out from "reviving" the tree and she seems afraid those past memories coming back to her. The "crone" was right about her arrogance and foolishness, but why doesn't MW ever want to admit to the fact that she is waiting for "that person"? Hmmmm.. it's only episode 3, and I'm totally enchanted by everything about this drama. Suddenly I feel like to browse online shop and buy a pair leopard print leggings.
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    - The boyfriend is definitely suspicious, feel like the girl will be the third party who listens in and give information to her so called boyfriend. - Feel like there something sinister that is with DCK, his good personality is a facade to his real personality. He is nothing but the same to all of those corrupted people - Father seems to be a good guy, all he wants is to protect his Son - YG on the other hand, he looks like he can manipulate people lol. Look at how easy the chaebol son gets caught in to his lies and then arrest him - Plus.. Park..The chaebol guy's man. He seems cool I like him, Plus his thumb has been cut off too. So the cutting off part might be some sort of the killer's markings maybe?
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    It was driving me crazy as I remember seeing him somewhere before and then it hit me.... Yoo Chan's friend in Still 17! And he was Yoo Chan's other friend!
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    The MIL came rushing to her because she just woke up from a nap with a dream that she believes interpreted to having babies. JE just said it's impossible for them to have children, so please stop talking about it. Then the MIL went to ask her son if he is impotent, to which the son just replied that they're not thinking of having children and added they sleep holding hands. The better Chinese sub is out now. I think next week I should just wait a little later before watching.
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    Did you guys noticed that JW and JE also tried to be nicer to their respective couple. Lol, they followed what normally people with affair do. So, JW send wifey to school and JE made a tons of food to hubby until he thought it was someone birthday. I guess now that they're happier, they also treat their spouse better... hmmm.... And so next the "innocent not so innocent couple" will bring up their affair to another level..... go to hotel So apparently not making out in forest, thank god! Mwahahaha..... Ok i really don't know how this affair couple will end up. The previous dialogue of JE, i have a dilligent husband and he have a sweet wife, kind of true at some level and make me worry. Also, it seems to me, they're the type whose easy to be guilt tripped. And a bit easy to crack under pressure too. For example after being reprimanded by headmaster, JW already try to flee as well. Ah well... anyway nvm... let me burn in hell and go with this couple.... Thurs 3-5pm ok.
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    Some quick thoughts before I livestream Ep06 soon. I'm loving the mind games in this! When CK sent YG to ask TJ if they could use her office for the sting, TJ caught on that CK asked YG to mention Jang Hae-ryong to get her to agree more easily. The fact that CK knew how to make use of TJ's obsession with JHR to get her to agree + TJ herself catching on CK's idea - love the way they think. As what many are saying here, TJ's intentions are the clearest of them all here. She only has that one goal, and she sure as hell is determined to get there. No matter how extreme her methods are, or whether it goes against the goal of the corruption investigation team. CK/TJ's dynamics in the team is quite interesting to me. They're both in it for something (TJ saying 'we all have something we want' in Ep02 when they just formed the team). It's clear what TJ wants, but CK we still don't know. Even TJ was still asking what he wants in Ep05 (their convo in TJ's office), and it's hard to buy his 'nothing, just don't want anyone to die' response right now with so much suspicion against him haha. And YG, he doesn't seem to play the mind games like the other two. So far he still follows CK/TJ's lead on ideas, basically being the action-taker. He still feels quite pure, being worried about TJ from the start till now. I felt his disappointment in Ep05 when he thought TJ was helping with the sting operation but she killed it and proposed a different proposal instead. I'll be waiting to see if he'll have more suspicions/other intentions instead. (There was that scene where he was looking down from his house at CK/TJ in the car in Ep03, where I wondered for a bit if he was becoming suspicious of them haha) Other smaller points/questions: - Prosecutor Lee Dong Yoon said that TJ's attacker was dead when she asked him in a cafe in Ep03. Wonder if it's true and if he did know who it was (well in any case, he's also dead so no use) - So Jae-sik (TJ's bodyguard) was a debt collector in the past. No wonder TJ said he was good at finding people and asked him to help CK find Oh Sang Do's wife - Soo-yeon's "boyfriend" is suspicious too. Jae-sik's observation seems spot on. Wondering if it could be the police contact who planted her in the investigation team to watch on them. - Still unanswered qns from prev eps: CK putting stuff in the washing machine 15 years ago + Mr Kim's killer letting YG off Awaiting Ep06! CK getting more and more suspicious. TJ's finding doubts about YG's dad murdering his mum, and YG saying 'Let's catch the murderer together.' - wondering if it's the start of an alliance between TJ + YG, against CK.
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    Place : Forest Timing : Thursday 3-5 pm. JW : I always make a note in this timing. Do you want to join me? Bwahahahaha......
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    @Sarang21 , @sushilicious & @Lawyerh Your kind of 10 seconds doctor
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    I like the last pic hahahahshshsh. And the cover too haha
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    1. SA standing side by side in the opening before & after they wearing costume. 2. SA 1 team in the 1st game. 3. When KJK drink a strange water but pretend nothing happened, SJH is the one and only who is know KJK is lie (mean while the other people think SJH is lie). 4. When the games is water soft gun & KJK turns the play, SJH the one and only people who didn't shoot him. Vice versa. 5. SA standing side by side when PD explain the next games after water soft gun
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    Pretty sure...Trailer a shot of two man on the ground one of them is YG or it looks like him. Then TJ comes over. TJ is the suspicious one now. We are like playing some roulette..so what? Are we gonna get YG next? Lol
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    Why haven’t they released a cut of Jihwan and Scarlett’s kiss?? They’re just my absolute favourite now.
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    I just rewatching ep 6 with subtitle... seriously JE just holding hand with her husband while sleeping! In previous episode we know that JE did asked for ‘that’ from her husband but he turn her down. In my religion if this kind of thing happened in marriage, the wife could get permission from the syariah law to terminate the marriage/ divorce. Pity her.. i skip most of soo ah scene. Hahaha... her hot scene with bad boy van gogh also did not interest me... unfortunately, ep 6 was full of their scene. Hopefully we got more scene from our otp next week...
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    I loved the look at Han Shang Yun's face (serve him right) when Solo's daughter tried to match make her father with Tong Nian. Solo looked so uncomfortable as he knew Han Shang Yun will "kill" him for that.
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    Re: NMY - I agree. I’m wondering if she’s already pregnant by someone else — which is why she is trying so hard to have a baby with JW (?) Just speculating here (and secretly hoping it’s true ). Besides their common interest in science, these two are just two pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together. I like her the least of all the ladies. @triplem Thank you for the welcome!
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    Lol! I’m checking in to see if anyone is watching live & let us know what happened. I hv been checking some cuts on ig via this account. It seems the guy they were trying to save at the jail , escapes ...he threatened YG ... ..lol why does he always lose an important suspect and SY has to come to his rescue this is becoming a regular affair
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    686 you spoil me!! I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow! btw this bird husband really a superstar now in soompi wkwkwkwk
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    Is that the English subs? @liltash85 SJE mentioned to CSA that her husband is her first love, her only love and her last love. She has never dated anyone else but her husband. I have impression they know each other from school.
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    With all this Ji Eun's monologue, why do I feel she got married to Bird Lover due to family arrange? Or more precisely his mother's arrangement. I have a feeling the MIL in law is so fond of her and ask to marry her son maybe after one blind date. Being the nice and naive girl she married him and thinks that she loves him. Or probably she is indebted to hi and her MIL. Looks like, she first just figure out what is love and what is the happiness of being in love with YJW. She's really like a teenager falling in love for the first time. And she is brave enough to go against the world but not letting the man she loves go.
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    @Lawyerh i see what you did there. Haha. You added in oppa. Haha
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    @sushilicious , @cenching, @ktcjdrama they making fun of your favourite drama -2
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    For doggie lovers :
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    I think the one person who’s always been very consistent & obvious to the viewer about what she wants is TJ . She is looking for the person who killed her husband & cut her thumb. It was clear why she pushed to set up the corruption investigation team. No doubt she is willing to bargain , thread favours & cross the line if necessary, but you can read her . She did not want the guy in jail to reveal the ledger because it would bring down the boss of Muil. She needs the Muil chairman as he will be able to tell Jang to do his bidding . So by asking Muil boss to instruct Jang to kill her , she’s still suspicious of Jang. She wants to see if his Modus operandi would be like the thumb cutter . Yes @sushilicious - the drama keeps dropping hints that DCK is not whom we think he is . The chaebol junkie said “ I know who you are “ . Then the way he tried to get the guy to comply - - almost strangling him - that sent chills down my spine . I know it’s not unheard of for a bit of police violence to get the suspects to talk but the way DCK did it was somewhat disturbing . DCK whom I initially felt was really keen in bringing down corruption is getting harder to read. I can’t tell if he’s completely sinister but I believe he’s got some skeletons in his closet as well . I think that whole bunch of them in that photo that YG saw online have been covering something up . The meeting DCK had with KJM ( YG’s dad) , subtly hints that dad may have not had killed mum but he’s doing time to protect someone or a secret . The preview especially cast some doubts over whether YG really saw who mum’s murderer was . ( something I had questioned earlier as well ) In the flashback at the start of eps 5, Dad was holding the knife but there was no scene of her stabbing by him. Someone may have planted the idea that Dad did it in YG’s head . @thistle @Ameera Ali mr bodyguard Jae Sik is fast becoming my favourite character. His dead pan expression & hilarious interactions with the younger two crack me up . But he’s right & really sharp - girls would normally use a nickname for their BFs. So @titania1000 ‘s suspicion about this from the start is not unfounded . lol @Ameera Ali good catch on the recovered digits . But could they be artificial thumbs ? —— By the way , I’m going out this evening & may not be able to live stream & give recaps tonight. Catch up later
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    @triplem & @thistle I am really disappointed , with the cutting thumb monster, why every victim get their thumb back successfully - is he killing them with kindness Was the ambulance that quick, or was he the best doctor/ monster ever
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    JI SUNG OPPA! I LOVE YOU! He is so handsome! I love his hair, his looks! @nrlleeare you a big fan of ji sung? Cause i am! HAHHAHAHA 656
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    Yeah it is strange if a man doesn’t have a normal desire to a woman who sleeps next to him every night. Unless he has different orientation. But strangely his orientation is 2 birds. This bird husband is so pathetic as a man and a husband
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    Hi everyone! This is my first time watching IU or YJG in a drama. While I am still getting used to YJG's looks (it's his eyes that I haven't accustomed to), I think IU is pretty cool in her role and I can't resist dramas with supernatural elements, having watched Master's Sun, Arang and the Magistrate, My Love from the Star and Hwayugi. I've caught up with E3 of HDL and can't wait to watch tonight's episode. So far the first 3 episodes have got me hooked and I can't wait to read all your comments and go along this HDL journey with you all @dramanoona - I had the same thought that this was like Master's Sun where each episode has a story that involves KCS solving it somehow. @sadthe1st - actually Mdm Choi mentioned the 'why' in E03, where she and the other two hotel staff welcomed KCS in his room.
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    Welcome to the thread @TomiCh Glad you delurked . Don’t worry you can post a few times in the same page . What we discourage is consecutive posting ( means one after another with no other posts in between) . However we do give exceptions to live recaps of episodes & press conferences . Also for quiet threads , it’s fine to post again after an hour . This guideline came about in the past to prevent spamming & to give other members an opportunity to join in the conversation as well . ——— Watching this drama can be terribly addictive & makes me feel so philosophical . I suppose the drama is trying to paint a moral dilemma & it intends to provoke the viewer. The affair is wrong but why does it feel so right ? ( JE-JW ) I think it’s a misconception that people always marry for love & and I agree that not all things can be solved by communication. If you have been married Long enough , you’ll know the other person has to respond in like , and more often than not someone ends up giving in more & it can be suffocating . Sometimes it’s hard when you have fallen out of love . That’s how I view JW , in fact I doubt he was ever really in love with the Wife . Not saying this to justify the affair with JE , and of course he should have sorted his marriage problems first but ottoke , the “right” person appears at the “wrong” time . The consequences will be bad of course but Actually what I’m still wondering is why bird Husband has no physical desires for JE given that it’s a relatively new marriage ? I think he does love her & she’s not unattractive. Also @ktcjdrama - I watched it raw & did JE tell the mum in law they have not been physically intimate? ( I wonder if they have even consummated the marriage)
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    JJH is great. The fact that he could convey his tension and made the audience squirm in their seats in EP6 is a testament to his acting. For OYS - I agree with you that he is very political savvy. He knew that his political ambitions could be further more if he does not ally with any one of the major parties or PMJ. However I feel that he is a bit too arrogant behind his words. Secretary Cha may be arrogant too but he does not underestimate PMJ. And that might be his downfall if he is part of the gang that is behind the bombing. Btw there is a chrome add in for netflix, and I can copy the said text out later on OYS statement. Dont think its an affair? If its an affair there wont be a formal pic like that. That's like a formal pic taken by a professional photographer. PMJ wife might be divorced during or shortly after her pregnancy before she met PMJ.
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    Episode 6 just broke me! The torment and sadness in the President's face when he heard Major Yang died was so heartbreaking that I ended up crying. Excellent acting JJH! I haven't seen the US version and I'm not going to until this drama ends so I don't compare the two,. I do really like Keifer Sutherland though. I haven't read all the posts, but is the consensus that the President's wife had an affair? I really hope not. That would crush PMJ.
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    What a best team One in the prison One is a killer One look shady as hell One working for bad people
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    I know how you feel . Too many dramas this season. Actually i was not going to start cuz how am I going to juggle . But you know I’m weak for his deep deep voice & broad shoulders . 686
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    Prepare a team of lawyers to help you when Salt Tribe attack.... +2
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    Yes @Lawyerh Yo Han bought you in. Hehehe. To me, I see Yo Han to her as a ‘senior to junior’ relationship but when Yohan looked at her in the prison doctor’s office, I think will eh.
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