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    @uglypearl & @angrytomato so bleeding nose not results of kiss after all , me thinking lord return favor to lady kim
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    @triplem I keep seeing Forest of Secrets popping up as a drama must see? And then I noticed your oppa LJH is in it? Is it worth a watch? Must be pretty decent since S2 is on the cards. 704
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    New westwood pics Source : Source : https://m.blog.naver.com/whwndud7/221683501148
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    Oh, I thought the hair in the Secret manhwa looks more Goryeo than Joseon. Now that's gonna be interesting. Plus... I see beautifuly scenery coming at us and I'm not ready.
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    That particular style of hanbok and hair looks more like something from Goryeo Dynasty, not Joseon, though. It reminds me of Hae Soo's wardrobe in Moon Lovers.
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    It seems like I'm not the only one sensing the show is moving towards a relationship between YBW and the girl. Seol hyun's fans seem to also sense it and they seem to love it! It amuses me that they think the chemistry between them is rare. I guess they don't know that JH that much or they would have know that he has good chemistry with just about everyone- he's that good! It seems that those posting in this thread did not like her relationship with Hwi, and they think a relationship with YBW will be much more exciting. But if this will happen- I really hope they will make her a bit spicier...
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    10 Wealthiest and Influential Korean Actors in the World Without a doubt the Korean fever or Hallyu wave has infected everyone, it would come as no surprise, that Korean artists and talents are now the biggest resources of Korea contributing billions and billions of dollars in their economy. We compiled the Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actors, the most loved and Korean actors who made a huge impression all over the world apart from BTS. The amount of money is not listed according to order, due to the different contracts and brands that they are currently endorsing, this article is an estimate of their ability and current popularity based in figures of 2019 and potential for earnings in 2020. 5. Park Bo-gum Park Bo Gum was first recognized for his roles as a film and television actor He also became a co host for the South Korean music program Music Bank with Red Velvet’s Irene. Today he is considered one of the most popular actors in Korea and one of the wealthiest too. (skipped unrelated.....) source : https://www.menhave.com/10-highest-paid-korean-actors/
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    Haha I don't remember him having interviews or playing games in variety shows for drama promotions in the past few years. The last one I remember was in Gaekju 2015 when he attended some KBS variety program with the cast. After that, no more such activities.
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    so I am not sure if I am right and I don't have the heart to re-watch ep 16 to be sure but I think the reason the top members got light sentences is because they were only sued on one case -- the ex-wife of wan joo and her being manipulated by the chef. that is the only one they had evidence for as they had the recording. thats why the top members got such light sentences and it was related to violation of privacy act and something to do with hacking. as for ms han, they had no direct evidence that she hid evidence in the murder and so the charges that she could be prosecuted on were fairly less. yea, it is unfair that their other crimes didn't get exposed but I guess we have to satisfied that they were prosecuted on something....
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    you mean the black and white with his eyes closed? I thought it was his Sidus new profile pics..remembered him sharing at fan meet that the pics will be taken yearly instead of 5 or 10 years once..
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    I’m with you . Best OTP for me . That IG account you posted has a lot of their moments 708
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    Thank God she gained some weight and she’s glowing. I really love her outfit today with her long black hair, she look so elegant and happy. Its like Kim Mi So/Park Min Young going on a business trip.
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    I reallyyyyy love her style today. she is sooooo beautiful, elegant and gorgeous.
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    PmY on her way to China (Full vid) I looooove her outfit! I looove that happy glow on her face... soo good to see it again. Stay happy!
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    'Vagabond' Lee Seung Gi - Bae Suzy - Jang Hyuk Jin, stole the eyes of many Source: https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=408&aid=0000079635 Comments: [+275, -9] Today is airing !!!! [+153, -3] Cha Dalgun and Go Haeri, I support you. I'm waiting for the airing. [+109, -4] I want to see Dalgun soon. Vagabond exciting. [+85, -1] Good luck [+30, -3] I am curious about what else is happening this time. Very impatient to see Dalgun and Haeri today. I miss you so much in the drama Suzy. [+26, -1] Looking forward to the next twist plot [+25, -3] I'm sad because I have to wait another week after today's episode of Vagabond. Suzy looks very good as Go Haeri, and also beautiful. [+18, -1] So it's more fun and interesting [+17, 0] Lately it's been fun to watch Vagabond. I will also watch today at 10. Every time I see Suzy, she's always beautiful [+16, -1] Suzy is so beautiful ㅎㅎ [+20, -5] Suzy is very good at acting. [+16, -1] It feels really good to be able to see Suzy. Vagabond is very exciting, I like it. I was curious, what else would happen this time. [+15, -1] Vagabond is very exciting. I'll watch when I get home. Every time I see Suzy's acting, it's fine.
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    Beautiful Hae Won Seems like they're not chopping off her long locks for her character. I missed those happy eyes
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    Our pretty gettin' ready for Shanghai today Edit: adding this vid ... did you the guyz in the back admiring your lady Seo Joon ssi
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    I am not sure I will be ready for that , I am hoping for more flirting scene from our girl before serious part start
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    @Ameera Ali she is so funny, I admit with her changing hair colours too. I like the adopted son very much, Moon's brother, I am watching for him. I also like CA's friend, but she doesn't love him, poor guy -2
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    After years of silence in a Soompi forum, here I'm again \o/ I'm really enjoying this drama so much. A new fan of Jang Dong Yoon for sure, tbh all the cast is doing an amazing job Here some adorable fanarts I found in Twitter:
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    Holy Mother Of Pearl. That confident teasing smirk will be the death of me. Just purely for research purposes... he worked hard for those abs, his body was less defined last year. And now I’m just going to crawl back to the shame cave... ——— Look how concentrated he is here
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    Sohyun receive food truck support from ‘Bausch + Lomb’ at “The Tale of Nokdu” filming site tonight . More BTS video
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    I see what the writers did! Did anyone else catch this? WS's suicide announcement on TV coincided with the news that his film won the Cannes Film Festival award, which ironically made him the most successful Mo family member in public accomplishment, which of course his mother will now have to live with. I wonder if this minor plot twist was an homage to Paradise, the Korean Film, which won the actual Cannes Film Festival award for best picture, the first by a Korean in its history. The plot of Paradise, written and directed by Bong Joon Ho, is about the tragic circumstances surrounding the fate of a family who conspire to take over the service positions of a wealthy chaebol family, very similar to the Mo family. Clever, writers! (EDIT: Or was WS's character based upon Bong himself? Only Kwon Min Soo and Park Min Kyung know for sure )
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    My thoughts on BK’s journey to awareness after watching till Ep 12... I suspect his awareness began by the end of the rain scene, when Haru said he will not remember him and the scene will change soon. Basically, it appears that awareness may slowly develop when a character encounters something that doesn’t make sense to him/her, or is against the original “destiny/storyline” of the characters. To hear someone say you will forget something with such certainty, and that a “scene” will change soon, definitely doesn’t feel logical, so that probably already started to trigger. Then when DH bumped into him immediately after the rain scene (which I believe was in the shadows) DH commented on how he is drenched while others are dry and that DO has awareness while he doesn’t, got him thinking further. Along the way, the 3 musketeers kept making comments on the stage and shadows, writer, scene, not remembering, etc., which further triggered his awareness. He also realized DO behaved very differently/“out of character” in split seconds, e.g. the bridge scene when she asked to break the engagement, the end of party after his announcement, when he invited her for the movie (he smirked and said “humph, stage?” when he was walking away after DO fled him to go to Haru), the pool scene, etc. After the rain scene, whenever he asks Haru “who are you?”, it may look like he has forgotten him, but I think he is beginning to slowly gain awareness of his existence and he was actually asking “who exactly is this weird person I never noticed but suddenly appear out of nowhere and is unknown to other classmates, yet DO and DH who have been acting oddly seem to know him well”. He added Haru’s name to the soccer reserve list but his classmate didn’t know Haru, something I inferred, because the next scene shows him asking NJ if he invited Haru but NJ asked if he was in their class, showing he doesn’t know him too. He probably recognized Haru at the entrance of NJ’s party but ignored him, but noticed him again as the waiter and followed him. After the announcement, he was smirking at Haru in the most challenging manner, so he definitely recognized him, even though he was unknown to the rest. Haru only became “known” to other classmates during the series of lessons, specifically the art class, when Saemi and the art teacher could name him. After the tennis match, he told Haru he wants him to play with him in future so he can keep an eye on him, probably because he wants to know more about this weird person. Just before the soccer game, he offered to invite Haru to join the group but what he was really trying to do, was to provoke Haru. He did not mention the soccer match nor invite, but provoked by intentionally mentioning the “secret” that he was playing with DO. When he asked Haru who he was and again Haru said he won’t remember, he responded with “oh...” but in a condescending way. I think he was gaining awareness throughout, bit by bit, but mostly because he kept getting triggered by the 3 musketeers. He knew there was something going on, but could not figure out what is really happening, until he saw the SECRET...but when did he come across it for the first time, remains a question for now. Jinmichae must have noticed that the changes in the story direction impacted BK and BK was being out of character (e.g. announcement at party and how the tennis player playing with BK changed from a bespectacled classmate to Haru) as well. So when DO left to look for the book, he commented that “the next person to gain awareness...”
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    I kinda think that this was just an "honor" call--we could chose to change or not. If you want to change to WS, I'd say go for it. You honored the notion of changing to Picasso for at least a little while; that should be sufficient. WS will make a great dp.
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    I kept it for a day but I think that only a few people decided to change their DPs. I thought the spitting fish was really funny anyhow--that was how I felt when I saw the finale.
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    I give Picasso the honors of being my first dp. We ol good? How long do I have to carry Picasso again?
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    Credit: chaeunwoo I think the show is really a parody of all the clichés, tropes and cheesy lines found in k-dramas, namely Boy Over Flower etc. Like the fact that on stage the bad guy gets the girl - aka Nam Joo getting Joo Da. So it's safe to say: Kyung won't get the girl. They're giving us all the shippy scenes with Ha Ru and Dan Oh's heart is already going dokie dokie. She is still fighting it, also because her main goal is to change the story and to do whatever she wants. She is basically rebelling against what the female characters are supposed to do. Hence why it's always so funny to have her internal monologue everytime she has to act in "Baek Kyung's Time".
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    Do you want to borrow the fishy Picasso gif I used for my DP? I still think it's really funny.
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    Extras Squad is GOALS! (also tiny bit of jealous Ha Ru there. ) And this... just because I can!
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    But then this happened, @leeminhosny! @stargazer187 The drama just creates the bittersweet balance between sweet moments and angst. Like how... we're not even half-way through with this drama and we don't even know half of what's going on. But they give these moments and I'm not ready when the real angst kicks in. I can't take Ha Ru ignoring Dan Oh... probably on stage and maybe when the scene is over he regrets it. Or worse the writer just erases his memories.
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    @piekeboeboe I'm literally checking out his front * TREASURE * Geez! Shy much! He should wear a swimming trunk!
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    Love this scene Loved how the team was emotional about it too in behind scene
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    Not sure whether I'm in the minority but I didn't like the finale episode. The build up was great throughout the drama but the last episode was sort of a let down. I was expecting a high voltage climax but it was kinda lukewarm. I guess my expectations were sky high but nevertheless, it was a cool drama 3 cheers to the director & the entire cast. FL was just too damn good! *clap clap*
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    I don't think the writer has enough time make the ending any better. I still like this show regardless.
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    I firmly believe that if WS would have gone to jail, SH and SJ would have been waiting outside for him on release day. She would have forgiven him and spent the next few years supporting him to gain back his inner self confidence. He was a broken man who was hurt by everyone around him since he was a kid but there was hope for him, I just wish he would have waited out the hard days. Honestly for me, WS was the true antagonist and protagonist of this show. His story started it all and his story ended it all.
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    One thing I won't miss is the stupid background music. All in all, I liked the progress of the drama. BUT, now that I watched the ending, I changed my mind and I wish Han threw herself off that building. The ending was anti climactic, unsatisfying and under rated. The screen writers did not serve themselves well and I will not be following them.
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    Shouldn't the cast be doing various variety and interview shows by now, as part of the promotion of the show? This show is behaving very strangely promotion-wise... I am sure after episode 5 and 6 many shows are contacting JH for an interview. There is no way that is not happening....
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