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    Hi all you crazy fans and shippers and chingoos. Even though I can still only visit very little for now, it's so fun to watch what is happening here. Thank you for the happy and thoughtful discussions of substance and fantasy by everyone. About her name, 신혜선. 혜 - is pronounced like Hé (like French accent aigu, or 'egg' sound). 해 - is pronounced like Hæ (as in 'agriculture'). This is not how it's spelled in Korean. In Korean, there is no confusion. Goo Hye-Sun, an older more famous actress/director has the same first name spelling in Korean and uses the Hye, as does Park Shin-Hye, and again the same sound. My hunch is that SHS herself, not having an agent at the time of School2013, her debut work, just spelled it in English the best way she knew how or just the way she liked it. Given that, I do think that her own English spelling of her first name is the 'correct' English version since one can spell one's name in another language any way one pleases. We can have this debate on how to properly spell it in English when she's up for the Cannes or the Oscars. EDIT. Thanks @Shosi_for_9 ! Oh and for subs to the press interview 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OG1FvvHYQE , go here .
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    So sorry I'm late to the party, children. Thanks @immorethant for always remembering me, and for making the early version of the video available for the growing number of the addicted. @jakey09 I can't say that I knew you were destined for greatness, but you and @mylovekge sure deserve another loud shout out and a thanks for your wonderful actions bringing together the truck for SHS and also for creating this one more happy place for my favorite actress in the whole galaxy! Now I didn't want to come empty handed, and this interview has enough info to tickle and titillate us for another day or so, so I share below my 'housewarming gift' (to this new "Soo-Sun Love Abode") - the full English subs to the video, in a simple SRT text format (which I learned from my techy 'family member'). 1 00:00:02,000 --> 00:00:07,000 {\an8}Angel's Last Mission: Love 2 00:00:05,000 --> 00:00:07,000 {\an2}Press interview 3 00:00:07,001 --> 00:00:21,000 {\an9}Q. You are doing well interpreting Angel role - any difficulties so far? 4 00:00:08,000 --> 00:00:10,500 {\an6}There are instances I have to talk much by myself 5 00:00:10,501 --> 00:00:13,000 {\an6}And there're many of those that have to stick well 6 00:00:13,001 --> 00:00:15,000 {\an6}So expressing those were a bit challenging but 7 00:00:15,001 --> 00:00:18,500 {\an6}I talked to PD-nim much and he gave many good advice so 8 00:00:19,000 --> 00:00:21,000 {\an6}So was able to make it a bit more, better, I think. 9 00:00:23,000 --> 00:00:24,000 {\an7}(SHS) You first. 10 00:00:24,200 --> 00:00:24,500 {\an9}(KMS) You first please. 11 00:00:24,501 --> 00:00:25,000 {\an7}(SHS) You're senion-nim(?) 12 00:00:25,001 --> 00:00:25,700 {\an9}(KMS) Oh what do you mean, senior-nim? 13 00:00:27,001 --> 00:00:28,000 {\an7}(SHS) (Beg you), go first 14 00:00:29,500 --> 00:00:32,000 {\an9}Truly an Angel! Nice guy Myung-Soo-ssi❤️ 15 00:00:39,000 --> 00:00:53,500 {\an9}Q. Your first feelings upon receiving drama offer? 16 00:00:39,720 --> 00:00:42,820 {\an6}It's an angel this time, right? Actually role of an angel is... 17 00:00:42,821 --> 00:00:44,800 {\an6}Domestically in movies or drama almost hadn't appeared before... 18 00:00:44,801 --> 00:00:47,500 {\an6}Could seem a bit strange, or in another sense could seem unfamilar too... 19 00:00:47,501 --> 00:00:49,750 {\an6}Frankly to do it, 20 00:00:49,751 --> 00:00:52,500 {\an6}Um, it seemed really fun to do but at the same time... 21 00:00:52,501 --> 00:00:53,900 {\an6}Something that caused me much concern too. 22 00:00:54,500 --> 00:00:67,000 {\an9}Q. How is the chemistry with your lead actor (Kim Myung-Soo)? 23 00:00:56,500 --> 00:01:01,000 {\an6}From when we 1st met, because we are from the same village 24 00:01:02,000 --> 00:01:05,500 {\an6}Feels like we easily became comfortable with one another 25 00:01:05,501 --> 00:01:06,900 {\an6}And in a very short time could get close to one another 26 00:01:07,000 --> 00:01:25,000 {\an9}Q. If there's a most memorable scene from one another's acting? 36 00:01:07,200 --> 00:01:09,500 {\an6}When secretary Jo passed away... 37 00:01:09,501 --> 00:01:14,000 {\an6}Yes right! that one that one that scene 38 00:01:15,501 --> 00:01:17,500 {\an6}Waa crying.. I, too, totally while watching that was so swept up emotionally.. 39 00:01:18,001 --> 00:01:20,800 {\an4}Dan(ny) while doing the crying... 40 00:01:21,500 --> 00:01:22,600 {\an4}Going like this... 41 00:01:22,700 --> 00:01:25,000 {\an4}Was crying like a baby 42 00:01:25,001 --> 00:01:30,000 {\an9}That was really a kind of acting that I couldn't even think of doing.. in my mind 43 00:01:30,001 --> 00:01:35,000 {\an9}"He'd probably just show a drop of tear" I was there thinking (laughs) 44 00:01:36,001 --> 00:01:37,800 {\an9}Was crying like a bay (like this) 45 00:01:38,001 --> 00:01:40,000 {\an9}That was so, Dan(ny).. -like 46 00:01:40,001 --> 00:01:45,800 {\an9}And captured so perfectly Dan(ny)'s confusion and sudden emotion welling up within him so 47 00:01:46,001 --> 00:01:49,000 {\an9}I was deeply moved while watching him. 48 00:01:51,001 --> 00:01:59,800 {\an4}Q. Reactions from friends? 49 00:01:51,001 --> 00:01:54,500 {\an9}Well this Dan who's funny, light-hearted and is colorful on his own 50 00:01:55,001 --> 00:01:59,800 {\an9}Doing this type of a character those around me would tell me it's a very cute character 51 00:02:00,001 --> 00:02:25,800 {\an9}Q. Reactions from those around you? 52 00:02:00,001 --> 00:02:04,000 {\an4}"What happens next?" "I pity Yeon-Seo" 53 00:02:04,001 --> 00:02:06,000 {\an4}If that would be the typical kind of reaction they would give, 54 00:02:06,001 --> 00:02:08,500 {\an4}Well ordinarily when I had first started out in acting doing roles, 55 00:02:08,501 --> 00:02:12,800 {\an4}If those people who knew me were watching me act 56 00:02:13,001 --> 00:02:15,800 {\an4}They would feel really quite cringey (about watching me act) 57 00:02:16,001 --> 00:02:19,000 {\an4}"Oh I can't watch it!~~ What's with you?" They would say before 58 00:02:19,001 --> 00:02:21,000 {\an4}But now, they are able to look beyond that and 59 00:02:21,001 --> 00:02:25,500 {\an4}Watching them look at me as [thru the lens of] my characters, has been heart-warming (warm fuzzies) 60 00:02:25,801 --> 00:02:50,000 {\an2}<font color="orange">Q. Is the atmosphere on the set as good as we have heard that it is?</font> 61 00:02:25,801 --> 00:02:31,000 {\an9}Much... How should I say... for whatever reason while shooting I'm very happy 62 00:02:31,001 --> 00:02:34,000 {\an9}Very joyful and, ... well of course other projects, too, while doing 63 00:02:34,001 --> 00:02:38,000 {\an9}Were also fun and the atmosphere was great and I've been in those kinds of shoots 64 00:02:38,001 --> 00:02:44,000 {\an9}Shooting romance now if you look at it a certain way taking on a light / bright role like this 65 00:02:44,001 --> 00:02:51,000 {\an9}Thinking that perhaps romance genre is something I want to keep on doing in the future too? That type of feeling? 60 00:02:55,001 --> 00:03:20,000 {\an2}<font color="orange">Q. How would you rate the chemistry with your partner?</font> 61 00:02:55,001 --> 00:02:57,000 {\an7}(SHS)100 points 62 00:02:55,001 --> 00:02:57,000 {\an9}(KMS)Well as for me... 63 00:02:57,001 --> 00:02:59,000 {\an7}(SHS)What the... 64 00:03:00,001 --> 00:03:03,000 {\an9}Ah, what it is, me, I have an explanation, why that is. 65 00:03:03,001 --> 00:03:07,000 {\an9}What we have shown you so far, beyond that, in the second half 66 00:03:07,001 --> 00:03:10,000 {\an9}The reason I said 50 points, what it is, is 67 00:03:10,001 --> 00:03:13,000 {\an9}Later parts,... all the more as we move on to the later parts... 69 00:03:13,001 --> 00:03:16,000 {\an9}What I am saying is of course now also what I am thinking is 70 00:03:16,001 --> 00:03:20,000 {\an9}100 points is what I had already thought but as we proceed all the more and more 71 00:03:20,001 --> 00:03:24,000 {\an9}(Now) Dan(ny)'s and Yeon-Seo's chemie will become so great, that's why 72 00:03:24,001 --> 00:03:27,000 {\an9}(To everyone) So that we can leave you with a work with a great ending we shall be doing our utmost 73 00:03:27,001 --> 00:03:36,000 {\an9}We would like to request much your interest and love. Thank you.❤️ Anyone can just cut and paste the above simple 'code' into a file with a .srt extension, or just upload it to your own copy of the above same video on YT, and the subs will show up available under CC button. From what I can tell, KMS himself is guaranteeing a happy 'great ending' that we can all look forward to without fear. Happy shipping, Chingoos!
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    As much as I adore Lee Dong Gun in real life, i find this and his character so annoying lol I have never minded JKW all throughout the series until I saw this in the preview. Like who gave him the right to even decide for YS? How is this healthy? Even if he does have feelings for her, this isn't right. LOL
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    OMG guys, let's be patient here and a hug is a good indication I honestly love this forum
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    @annamchoi most welcome sweetie. Sharing is fun... and that is what I like here. Everyone's insights and thoughts are helpful. I do believe that real and pure love conquers all... It maybe against all odds in the beginning, but happiness awaits in the end. I am deeply rooting for our dear JH and JI. I love this fan edit photo, portrait of a happy family. I am very curious of the noodle that JI ordered from the last episode and someone share it in DC, so I am sharing it here.
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    So young Man and Kyung in will meet and work together as predicted, lol, I can not wait to see the evolution of their love stories will be very funny like these characters; Otherwise poor jenny, where she will start to rebel really she is likely to suffer much her fake mother really terrifying, this woman is the devil and man soo it was devastated and so cute, I wanted to take him in my arms and to chew him
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    It isn't and he doesn't have the right to decide for her just because he feels familiarity with YS who looks like his old love. It's umpteen times I repeat I find this character downright annoying and his "love", if any, so suffocating and selfish. YS have no love for him, not a single bit. Sorry to those who love this annoying thing. And to those who thinks he's getting on our nerves, try telling yourself: I don't see him I don't see him lol. Hop on to the other side to see DanYeon instead... we'll be fluttering instead of fuming
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    I ship this couple. Food fight again from KBS drama. Hope they will end up dancing , hugging, and kissing. Ooops, sorry, wrong thread.
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    KBS2’s “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” also maintained its spot on the list at No. 6, with Shin Hye Sun entering the spotlight for her “Giselle dance” and L receiving attention as his past life became revealed. The two actors ranked No. 7 and No. 9, respectively https://www.soompi.com/article/1332949wpp/arthdal-chronicles-and-one-spring-night-continue-to-top-rankings-for-buzzworthy-dramas Hug
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    It's true, on the Korean wiki page and Chinese wiki page, Tanya is listed as the crown prince's wife. And after episode 6, people just deduce all the information and come to the conclusion that the crown prince is probably Saya (Tagon's "son"/successor), and Tagon is the emperor, Taealha is the empress (as Tagon's wife)
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    @Ameera Ali go search up ‘international sushi day’ 642
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    Thought so too lol first thing that came mind was "okay is this a KBS thing?!"
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    Kang woo is a very determined , obsessed man . There’s always been steel beneath the mysterious facade. But when Dan come in the picture everything change ,the way Dan bright YS life & help her to open to others . Dan start to brings out the worst traits & impulses in Kang Woo . Kang woo start losing all logic & reasoning. So I wonder what will happen when Dan & YS become a couple. He wouldn’t be calming person that YS knows . He will feels backed into a corner start to be violent & threatening & be the catalyst that will provoke Dan into taking action against him put stop to his obsession with YS . In the process teach him , there is never will be a victory against who Kang is fighting, he couldn’t win that time & he will not win now . @Lawyerh I need you to offer me a to tied me up until Wednesday to stop posting @Sejabin what did you think about Kang woo style in this drama
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    Gogh the starry night, your wedding day, pinocchio and plus nine boys; I've seen em all HAHAHA. Guess I'm a big fan too (that smile is killer). Watched them all while waiting for TSLOMS episodes. I'll watch D-Day then, I like that actress too . This boy got me hooked. Can't wait to get this show over with; not watching live shows again for a loooong time. I end up spending unhealthy amounts of time. Will just wait for em to get over and binge once in a while. Also, can't stop replaying this scene. these cuties <3
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    @jakey09 Wow hands down to you mate, you really scared KBS. How about one for a kiss? And maybe Daesang award for SHS? Since you are on a roll might as well go all out with the threats.
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    I want them too and no chaste one please! It will come but my concern is ... IT SHOULDN’T be chaste! Otherwise I’m throwing Hae Sun and Kim Myung Soo in Han River!
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    IS is the underlying problem for MR and has been since she left her in front of her aunt's restaurant. MR holds ALL of the cards here. She has an excellent and proven track record with Hansung. She is the centerpiece in several of their deals. She holds TJ's heart in the palm of her hand AND she holds the biggest secret that IS has ever had against the Chairman. She is in no way in a weak position, the problem is she is weak to her biological mother, and if we are honest SJ is weak to IS as well. If MR was really about that life where she wants to be ambitious and stop at nothing to replace IS, she would've already cut a deal with the Chairman and told him the full truth about their relationship. That way, it absolves her of any future fault and wrongdoing. It also puts her in the driver's seat re: her position in the company. The chairman can't fire her over this, one word from her and that Hansung stock would crumple. Instead, the Chairman would be indebted to her and she would be almost guaranteed to get into that position. It wouldn't be a stretch either. She has been at the company almost a decade and if she has kept quiet about her mammy this long, she can continue. But I knew the moment IS paged her to her home in the middle of the night and MR walked in there looking vulnerable that this was her weak point. She is angry, mad even at IS, but she does not want to replace her and that is why she is at a disadvantage. IS knows this and is using this bit of power to control and manipulate her and SJ. I am not a fan of TJ openly pursuing MR at work. She has already been gossiped about due to his appointment preempting what should've been rightfully hers. Now, she has to be subjected to ridicule and office gossip so he can have his way? No. He needs to be more mature and cognizant of what she has to deal with as a woman in that company. Don't tell me you love me, SHOW ME. Right now, he is coming off selfish and naive. JS running around in his rented room playing dungeons and dragons with all of his toys like he is some 12 year-old is tired. The whole story line of his father constantly spewing his disgust at his mother because she isn't coddling him all of the time is tired. At this point, he is looking for a reason to fight with her so he can run back down to the pharmacy to flirt and receive attention from the pharmacist. Throw the whole family away! MO and her husband need some time apart. She needs a life OUTSIDE of their home. Her giving up her activities and social clubs is like a dam about to burst. Her husband is having a hard time dealing with being older and he is projecting that onto his wife although she doesn't feel the same way. MS needs to divorce JS. He is a selfish rat who puts his every waking desire over EVERYONE. I literally cannot stand him. He is not fit at all for marriage, it is time to step up and admit it at this point. I really wish MH had more confidence as a woman. Yes, we the viewer know that WJ has already fallen for her, but because he is so self conscious about being a divorcee, he is determined to hold her at a distance. Fine. I would give him all of the space in the world. The last time she did that, he showed up at her mom's restaurant. She is starting to get needy and clingy, like JB, which she should already realize is not it. Peter needs to stop giving unsolicited advice to JB. Putting him on a diet is not going to get him the girl. Looks are one thing, but personality and chemistry is another. He and MH have very different personalities and there is zero romantic chemistry between them. It is time to move on.
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    'Queen of Advertising' #Mamonde #Ryo #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ http://naver.me/5l8lFLM6
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    It’s true let’s me make friend with some fish to eat it later - happy sushi day -2
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    If it’s legit cake on me voice 3 theme where @Lawyerh not tied you up to tree -2
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    Go here for subs. LoL, no wonder she's so humble - her family used to cringe at her acting she says. Some high standards they had for thespians in her family. Yes, thank you again!! @biscuit710 welcome! No better avatar than what you have chosen!
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    HAPPY INTERNATIONAL SUSHI DAY! 642 Yes. It's legit. It's today!
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    In my point of view (Disclaimer : No offend to any religious group), this is an ancient fantasy drama, human in tribes mostly have fear to the unknown and mysterious Phenomena that can't explain clearly, they have limited/no knowledge during those days , example when they saw stars on dark blue sky (blue comet across the sky), or why Song JK (ES) could ride on horse, they interpreted something else, or worst still, they thought it would bring misfortune to them. They put in curse to those people with different look and blood because they believed this type will bring in misfortune or disaster to them. When something is unknown to them, it turns into belief or a legend for the young ones to follow the elderly ones bindly and pass it on to next generation. If you recap some scenes, only the top and powerful politician can make use or overpower the foolish and the weak ones. In those ancient days, most politicians often made use of praying rituals to fool the weak ones. As for legendary horse and great white wolf shown in drama, my thought was they are the symbolism of faith for human kind when they met obstacles which is important to anyone.
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    @mylovekge I totally agree with you, JKW needs to get lost himself and stop speaking for YS.
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    “One Spring Night” Keeps Engaging Mood But Struggles On A Love Triangle Impasse FROM OPENING WEEK, ONE SPRING NIGHT HAS ENGAGED AUDIENCE WITH ITS COMPLICATED LOVE STORY. But the web of lies and indecisiveness focused on the female lead slowly drags the progress of One Spring Night. Moreover, it’s baffling how the emotionally taxing love triangle in the narrative makes the viewer still endure where it’s heading. That girl-make-up-your-mind circling love predicament from episodes 3 to 6 gives a test to the audience to stay or not in watching till the very end. Ideally, halfway mark of drama series would have set a turning point for the story. MBC’s well-received romance melodrama has sure set forth to follow that timeline. In fact, we didn’t know the process of breaking up can be so debilitating even in fictional world setting until One Spring Night. Rising from the predicament of falling out of love with her long-term boyfriend, Jung In grappled on a bittersweet reality. The love for Gi Suk has long been gone, and in a twist of fate, she also met a warm-hearted man with whom her heart beats for with a new love. The overlap of her emotions would really put anyone in an exhausting dilemma. That’s why even the narrative has been crawling its way to break that circling impasse. Still, given the emotional investment most viewers have given the series, knowing what would become Ji Ho and Jung In is expected to make the audience forbearing with its drawbacks. Continuation under spoiler
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    640 feeling so laaaaaazzzzzzzzy from the heat wave.
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    642 this guy in one spring night really needs to be slap for once. I just finished ep 1.. ini drama mmg so te betul dari awal. wkwkwwkw
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    Having watched SITR, i do hope that the 2nd half of that drama is the 1st half of one spring night. So it means the fast paced and fall in love scenes will be in the 2nd half. I really hope so. It only means we're in for a great treat Please be good writernim
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    @Chellsee thank you for the gifs!! looking forward to these scenes! plus the kiss part of course! seeing these pics/ gifs makes me feel good knowing that both JH and JI are truly found happiness and love with each other! ❤️ specially JI who has been longing for this kind of affection for a very long time.We all know, our otp will face a lot of complications and problems ahead but Im sure both will overcome these obstacles because of love trust and faith with one anorher .
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    Finally released on YT. They are honestly one of the best couples I like onscreen as well as offscreen KMS just makes it so easy to ship them IRL (and I have a thing against shipping actors/actresses in a show together offscreen) but DANG here I am...
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    Raw is out https://www.ondemandkorea.com/suspicious-mother-in-law-e20.html So Jenny confronted her mom. Finally she is starting to get a grip of her life. ES better be careful and watch out because shady lady looks pissed off and is blaming him for everything going wrong.
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    I was thinking that the man that was killed (and seen by Man Soo as a child) was Man Soo's father. Eun Suk's father was a Policeman and was also killed by the Black Rose, I thought they may have been the same man. This is my assumption and based on how twisted kdramas usually are, it is highly possible. Then again, I may be totally wrong.
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    Same! I want his character to at least help the OTP so they dont end up like him and Matil. Not by separation but by finding a fair solution. I also hope JKW will be enlighten because right now he's really gone to the dark/scary side. *I mentally want to do this to him when he appears and disturb my mood. Lol!*
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    So this is Something in the Snow... Something in the Rain remixed. I've only watched 2 episodes so far so it's possible I'm jumping the gun but the most interesting aspect about this show (for me at least) is how I still have all the same issues with the OTP dynamic that I did with SitR aka Pretty Noona. Despite having a completely different female lead with a completely different personality with a different set of circumstances at play, the feeling of deja vu is ridiculously strong with this one. I suppose my regard for Jung In Hae (and by default, Prison Playbook) is so strong that I'm willing to take another punt with the same writer-PD combo at the helm despite my better judgment. Although Jang-In has much stronger emotional boundaries than her predecessor... ultimately she succumbs to the same kinds of coping mechanisms. She may know her mind... or so she thinks... but I have my doubts. I'm just as uncomfortable with the level of dishonesty that's going on here as I was in the previous drama. At least previously the ex-boyfriend was a complete richard simmons but here I feel like the boyfriend is being strung along rather unnecessary. If the relationship has gone nowhere or stale, then it's best to say so and be done with it or work at it. Otherwise it just feels like she's hedging her bets... having a bet each way. Keeping one at bay while doing a bit of experimentation with the other. The old has the benefit of being "better the devil you know" while the new has the unknown factor with inherent dangers attached. Of course the show does throw up some interesting questions about when a relationship begins or ends. Sure, it's understandable that someone might not want to be pushed into marriage as a result of external pressures. It's also understandable that an independent-minded woman might want to dictate the terms of what she considers an "equal partner" in said marriage. I don't have issues with the individual exercising autonomy as long as they take responsibility for the outcomes. Still I can't help feeling that while she exercises hers, the men have to dance to her tune. However, it must be said that both men seem willing to do her bidding... even if I think they shouldn't. Perhaps it's the new female empowerment message. I don't know... but it doesn't sit easy with me. It's not hard to see where her heart lies even these early stages. Everyone around her has caught on quick. I didn't see the point of the deceit in SitR and I don't see it here. Maybe it's also I just don't think that JI and JH can "just be friends" especially after JH's confession. The brightest spot for me in these first two episodes is Jung Hae In as a single working dad. I really look forward to those moments. The way he's juggling with his roles and feeling guilty about not being around a lot more for his son is very relatable. I desperately want to see a film/drama focused on that.
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    Lately when I watch other actresses performances, especially leading actresses, I find myself imagining how SHS would portray their roles. Now I'm seeing her in shows she's not even in! Her talent is spellbinding.
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