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    ppc praised each other in individual interviews. I translated it a little. In psj interview, he talked about ep.15 pmy's drunk scene. "She acted so lovely at the scene. while looking at Miso(pmy), I couldn't help but smile(Miso). (i really loveeee his expression. i think my translation can't express his saying well. so let me write his saying in Korean "저도 모르게 미소를 보면서 제가 미소가 나왔어요") I knew she was good at inner emotions acting and comedy acting. but i admired she was even good at this kind of natural acting(drunk acting). In pmy interview "psj is the actor who is able to make a co-star look lovely as he looks cool and decent. He is not the kind of actor who has a thought that "i must beat a co-star(actress) and stand out only myself." He was considerate and cared for me. I think it's hard for an actor to do like this."
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    in bed scene bts, that psj's whole body(shirt on~haha) is touching and pressing pmy's whole body is reallyyyyy hot. and kiss sound is so real. I understand what director said in commentary.."because the (kiss) sound was so loud(?) that i couldn't make the scene be no bgm scene like ribbon kiss scene. and there is a short moment in bts where shirt off psj is on pmy's body..so tightly...pressing her...pmy's hand is on psj's naked back..he stares at her and kiss..and then director said "cut~" it's sure 100% that the beginning part of this bts was deleted!!!! there must be soooo hot shirt off kiss in the beginning of bts. because pmy's blouse all messed up...psj said "so long...i'm even sweaty.." and ppc are really shy just after director said "cut"..haha and patting her hair is pmy's request. she said "i want you to pat my hair."(she looks shy when she requests that) so psj said.."of course. I'm already going to do that."
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    Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense I mean the girl hints and hints and HINTS and hints some more I mean EVERYONE around him hint when it still doesn't work she even tells it straight AAAAAND? He doesn't get it I never thought I would say this but CS take some lessons from Mira!
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    pmy- It's not easy to put sauce because it's oily. psj- there is nothing Youngjoon(psj) can't do.
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    The rogue Korean Celebrity Blogger (her Ex's senior in University) is all over the Chinese News yesterday. I like the way the Chinese News are presented. They just show a Screenshot of him & his report. After that the News proceed to elaborate in details: how - over the 22 years of her career, Kyo has succeeded, purely based on her own determination & hard work. Nothing else. They mentioned that she is a good daughter, a kind and patient person. (I want to "tear up" now) I would like to share 1 salient point which was mentioned in the news. It says whatever properties her Ex acquire, prior to & after the marriage, were all put either in his Own Name, or in His Brother's Name. (No wonder his brother defend him so vigorously). None in Kyo's name or Jointly in their names. (That is how much he had Loved or Trusted her). Her Ex never had a wildly successful Drama before. His 1st Lead Role was in "The Innocent Man" - which was "fairly" successful. But DOTS (only his 2nd Lead Role) was phenomenal & gave him his 1st taste of Worldwide Success. No wonder he had to marry her. When they were about to divorce, I believe he "panicked". He realised he was about to lose his Mascot, His Lucky Charm. That is why he has to "strike first" i.e.announce that he filed for Divorce to the World & played Victim. Why? Because he is Desperate for his Success - his Career. We can all see now - how he rush from 1 big Project to another. While our Kyo is different. She rests, she rejuvenates & re-brands herself, she plans Ahdrianaa, I have read your post about this Rogue Blogger in Kyo's Twitter. You have worked very hard. We are all very Grateful. I'm sure Kyo do notice that too. There are a lot of people who do not go to Twitter or Instagram. They go instead to Youtube. Whenever I read some very Vicious Comments on Kyo in Youtube, I would repeat the 2 factual sentences : It was Kyo who suggested a Mediation Divorce. Her Ex refused, only to announce to the World that he has filed for Divorce when she was out of the country. (I feel that this is the Least I can do for her)
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    Whooooooooaaaa! My eyes have been blessed! ..that's because I still believe CS is not the reincarnation of CM . Those convos between IU and YJG are absolutely cute ~~...it certainly helps with the popularity of the drama. So glad to see them so enthusiastic about it. Thanks chingus for sharing those . I just saw this pic in IG and I've gotta agree, what a contrast... ctto.. And uri Lee Tae Seon (YW) finally opened an IG account ..
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    Hahha...i know right If we get ..."More.." than just a tight hug... Tree be like ... ManChan shippers be like.... wieeeeeee !!!!! Well that was fast... ManChan ..version of Addam's family... daddy, mommy, & baby
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    Hi, guys. Just a passing Korean SSK fan to tell you some stuff that we Korean fans of the show have learned or surmised or guessed. Putting them in under spoiler just in case you don't want to know. One last thing about next week's preview: What Min is doing is a form of protest, Ji Bu Sang So, which means protesting something with an axe in your bosom, to show that you're prepared to die for what you're protesting. That's why he's wearing all white and dishevelled, he's protesting HR's imprisonment, probably because he's the one who told her to listen in on the conversation at all costs. Fun fact, there's actually a historical record of a historian who eavesdropped on the king because he felt it his duty to record the meeting, and he was caught and exiled to a remote place as punishment. A lot of the things happening on the show are actually based on real history. The writer of the show has been preparing this show for years, and researched quite a lot, it seems. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the show.
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    I am late. not as late as previous episodes (I fell asleep as usual and I am also bit not feeling well). I only get to watch few scenes. But I found this twitter pic of YW in present time. (credits to the owner)
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    The Princess paid for her sins, I think. She was reborn many times so she most probably has had chances to redeem herself. I would like Sanchez to be Yeon Woo. He seems like a guy living a good life due to his good karma. As for Chan Seung and Man Wol....love how they say simple things to each other....nothing fancy....I will be by your side even if this is your hell or cage....I won't leave you so protect me....This is torture....I won't let you be tortured with me....they love each other, put each other before their own self...I find the simplicity of their emotions refreshing.
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    A reminder to SHK............. WE ARE STILL HERE, STANDING BY YOU! Thank you to those who have been painstakingly furnishing us with news about SHK. Your hard work is very much appreciated! Thank you to those who have been very patient providing support and everyday words of wisdom! To lurkers who continue to watch from afar, but in times when SHK is being lambasted, they emerge and give full support, thank you! Now, we all know that SHK is in very good hands!
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    I can see the purpose of having PM 's mother in the drama was to challenge the belief that, sometimes, love means letting go of the other person. However, the reasoning may not be as altruistic as it seems because the mother also benefitted from the abandonment, which allowed her to fulfill her dreams. Ostensibly, the mother gave up PM so he could have a better life than what she could give him. She was willing to gamble with his life because there was no way she could guarantee he would definitely have a better life. He could have ended up in a worse situation, after adoption. Fortunately, PM did have a better life. However, he still felt the grievous loss of his mother's love. And, now he will grieve for the actual loss of his mother. The mother, who couldn't acknowledge him as her son, even in her cellphone. The mother who may have rationalized the abandonment of her son; saying it was for his own good. So, the writer may be posing the question to the viewers. Is it really better to let someone go? Or, is it better to stay with the person, and fight through all the hardships together.
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    Just to add to this discussion with latest info from episode 12:- So room 404 takes Koo ChanSeong to Incheon , whose post/zip code starts with 404!! Well some of the post/zip codes!! But did he want to go there subconsciously, if so why? Possibilities : 1) Maybe he lived there in his past life 2) Foreshadowing that he'll live there in the future. 3) Foreshadowing that place will be important between ChanSung and ManWol Also Based from wiki, InCheon in Hangeul is 인천 which means "kind river" But syllables of 인 and 천 can have another meanings separately 인 - can also mean "human" (room 404 is for humans) - can also mean "approval" (synonym of ChanSung's name meaning "agreement") - can also mean "acknowledge" or "recognize" or "allow" - can also mean "endure" or "bear" 천 - can also mean "heavens"or "sky" - in Buddhism, it's the upper heavenly world over the earthly human world where the heavenly king and heavenly people are supposed to live Based on this we could say that : 1) ChanSung is acknowledged or approved by the heavenly deities 2) ChanSung has to endure what the deities have given to him. 3) It's a possible foreshadowing of ChanSung making an agreement or a deal with the deities in order to save ManWol.
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    too difficult.. because ppc spoke indirectly and vaguely at this moment in bts, there are no words to express ppc's saying exactly. so i write it in Korean too.
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    Damn. I cried in a few scenes. 1. CS meeting his mom and finding out that she still wanted to hide him even as a ghost. 2. MW and YW reunion: how heartbreaking to see these two reunite! 3. CS needing comfort and MW wanting to provide it 4. Ending where CS wipes her tears and hugs her tight My tears just came down on a lighter note, Bartender playing matchmaker for late President he was so proud of himself despite MW’s expressions!
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    I agree! If Mago decides CS must pay with his life then better send them off together. I can’t accept reincarnation and staring at each other ending. Especially NO to open ending. After all the emotions i am going through, i better get an exact answer on the ending. Two weeks left and everything will continue to be filled with angst and anticipation for us. And it is just a drama (my mom always says korean dramas are just for us to run away from reality. No arguments there lol).
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    I was on the same track at you. The coffin held the only things she could recover/carry of the people who had died... there were too many. As for what many people are saying about the firefly's and CS and CM. The firefly is definitely someone's soul, as to who it is, I say that there is a strong possibility that it is CM. In the first episode when MG took the coffin, all of the firefly's representing the souls all followed her, except for one, which turned back to stay. It could be he stayed out of guilt and longing for what he lost with her due to his actions. But one of the main reasons that I think that CS is not CM is how they act and treat her. My impression of CM was that he was trying to seduce her, but was very hands off with what she did. Note that he does not really stop her for the most part, he lets her do what she wants, even if it could destroy her. He holds himself back from fully loving MW even though it hurts her. Where CS does not hold himself back. If he thinks she should stop what she is doing because it is bad for her and will hurt her, he makes her stop even though it hurts himself. Because saving her is more important than himself. These attributes of CS and CM are part of their innate character, so no matter if they reincarnate and can't remember, they will have certain traits that get passed on. For example, MR is still selfish in a way and just likes to take things even if they are not hers. (i.e. stealing money and sanchez pottery) And I bet we can say the same about YW as well. There are things about his character that will always be the same no matter what life they are living. Though the circumstances of the life will determine if they become positive or negative. Thus CM would always act as CM, but CS is not the same as CM in how he approaches things, and he does not abandon people he cares for, no matter what. Look, he still takes care of his ex-girlfriend despite not being in a relationship with her. CM though, he abandoned MW. Even if it was in the name of protecting her, he did abandon her. As for what will happen at the end between CS and MW, It has crossed my mind at times that if she left to the afterlife, I could see him following her so she did not have to go alone. He is afraid of her leaving, suggesting how strong his attachment is to her. And that could be the reason he was chosen by MG for MW, she knew that MW needed someone righteous who could steer her in the right direction and would not abandon her. Though how far he is willing to following will need to be seen.
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    New still's Source Edit: as far as I understand from the article it said that SY visted CYH house I think to talk about his CIPA, she has emotional scene with tearful eyes and I think CYH trying to hide his feeling about it Anyway she visited him he can show his really feeling or act indifferent as much as he can or choice but even if he want to push her away after she know we know she will be in danger soon with the virus let see him hold on there
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    There is actually no doubt now that the political advisor Han is part of the conspiracy. Since he had written the file number in his agenda, he knew the content about the file. In my opinion, Han must have been the one who asked CYJ to call the ministry of national defense in order to revoke LGM's clearance. Remember that they shared the same office. If we look back at Han's actions from the start, we can see that Han's decisions played a huge part in the conspiracy. We heard that Han was the one who selected PMJ as minister for Environment. He is also the one who sent PMJ to the FTE negociations as he knew PMJ wouldn't be able to handle the meeting. From the start, Han knew that PMJ was no politician... he saw in him the perfect puppet. Somehow, he predicted that PMJ would be fired or would resign due to the negotiations with US delegation. We also heard from OYS that PMJ is part of the bombing. These words are quite important because it reveals that the mastermind had already planned to have two survivors: OYS and PMJ. PMJ would be used as a puppet during the 60 days. Remember Han's words: PMJ is no politician. Notice how PMJ was treated by Han in the beginning (episode 2). PMJ should just be a puppet and close his mouth. But the problem started, when PMJ acted differently from what Han had expected. Yet, the more time passed on, the more popular PMJ got so that the lower are the chances that OYS can succeed. Han never imagined that PMJ would be able to figure out about the real situation with the North Korean submarine. We heard from Han twice that he doesn't support PMJ as presidential candidate. And all these leaks are no coincidence: they were all targeting PMJ in order to undermine his presidency. If he encountered terrible situations and wasn't able to face these troubles, he would become unpopular. All this was to ensure that PMJ has no desire to become the next president. The more pressure he got, they expected that PMJ would crumble. And this is important: PMJ as presidential candidate represents a thread to their conspiracy. Since CYJ has put all his efforts in PMJ, to me there is no doubt that he doesn't belong to the conspiracy. Han was clever because by making CYJ suspicious, he can gain some time and it makes it more possible that OYS could get elected. That's why the mastermind decided to change the plan: kill or injure PMJ so that he wouldn't be able to act as Acting president. Furthermore, there are only 10 days left before the deadline (announcing his candidacy). Han accepted to come back because PMJ was able to succeed in each challenge he encountered. I am also wondering if there is not another mole in the Blue House close to PMJ. As for the mastermind, the VIP, this person could be someone close to weapons industry, like the CEO of a famous arms industry company. He would have benefited the most after the bombing... Imagine if PMJ had followed Han's instructions and acted like a puppet... Let us not forget that Hitler was supported by rich industrialists (especially Foreign weapons companies and banks). They were looking for a profit. They knew that Hitler had planned a war. In my opinion, this could be the same here. @40somethingahjumma imagined that OYS could be a double agent, yet I have my doubts about it due to his speech at the funeral. All his thoughts were focusing on the nation ("incompetent nation"; " a coward government" and "an unfortunate nation") and not on the people. He wants a strong country which reminds me definitely of Hitler's speeches. Besides, what caught my attention were the words from one of the generals: "A fearless soldier is the most dangerous". Even this general said that no one should get used to the loss of soldiers and people.... but OYS showed no empathy and sadness in that room. To me, OYS has no problem to have people killed so that his dream can be achieved. For him, people have to be sacrificed in order to change the nation. His comrades acted like brainwashed followers. Sorry, if I keep mentioning Hitler but the latter had decided to change the regime legally and in my opinion, this is the real motive behind the bombing. The mastermind wanted to turn OYS into a hero and become so popular so that he would win the presidential election. Without the bombing, OYS would have never had the chance... OYS would win legally the election and after that, he would change the regime. Don't forget that OYS has a military background... this is the reason why he hates politicians (Just like Hitler by the way). @triplem I was able to catch up... great drama.
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    Ep6 is a slow burn which brings so many confronting questions to the fore, even as I feel for the characters and hope there is some form of happiness to be found, fearing for them as I see them go down the path of no return. Through an unexpected external intervention of the damning photo taken by PJM, SJE and YJW have finally taken the first steps to having an affair, though it is arguable that they have not already been unfaithful to their respective spouses in their hearts and mind long before then. "Why do people get ensnared in a forbidden web? If all the people in the world lived only to love the person they are allowed to love, will everyone be happy?" SJE's musings is confronting, yet I have to agree with her question, since the root of the problems here stem from the fact that all of them are no longer happy in their marriages. Whether they have fallen out of love, or were never really in love with each other in the first place, it still stands true that love has indeed gone, for at least one if not both parties. Nonetheless, I cannot help but wonder why they are unable to walk away from their marriage before embarking in an affair. In YJW's case, does it stem from a deep-rooted loyalty to NMY after all they've gone through, or the fact that nothing drastic has happened to justify him leaving her, not just yet anyway? As for SJE, is it lack of financial independence, or her guilt towards someone whom she once loved? I wonder... if the 3rd party had never shown up in their lives, would they have continued to persevere in their respective marriages despite their own unhappiness, perhaps trying to mend what is fractured and save it before it is too late? CSA's conflict and struggles resonate with me in a way her infidelities did not - breaking down in the face of her daughters' love, seeing them stand up for her to their father over his treatment of her, and the video expressing their adoration and concern. Did it even occur to her during her dalliances in the past, what she is risking - not so much her materially comfortable life, but her children - hurting them because of her affair, and the possibility of losing them, since she is less likely to have custody of them in the event of a divorce. YJW beautifully depicts CSA's fragility and pain even as she puts on a cavalier mask in front of her two confidantes, which SJE astutely realises just how much it must have cost her to be able to say those words... herself now in the same shoes, going through a similar struggle. Yet, ultimately, she still chooses to go to the hotel for an assignation with someone she wasn't even sure to be DHY. Is it in the frail hope that it would be him, despite all that's happened? Or is it out of curiosity? It is clear that she is one who is recklessly driven by her own emotions and needs without considering the consequences. Having used and thrown away countless lovers, did it never occur to her that one might come back to haunt her, having had had some empathy for those she rejected without a thought in the past when DHY pushed her away the first time. NMY is a strange one to understand. She seems awed by the rampant infidelity that is going on among married women, even wondering if she is the only one without a lover. For someone who is ashamed of her husband's qualifications, not even keen to make their marriage legal, why the sudden eagerness to be pregnant? Does she instinctively feel that YJW is drawing further and further away from him, and she hopes to hold to him with a child of their own? We shall see. The cross signals between the two husbands at the club are amusing to watch - both unable to quite hear what the other is saying yet agreeing with each other as if they were on the same page, ending with their off-sync toasts. It is also another commentary on how one hears, but does not really hear what the other is speaking yet not bothering to clarify, until both finds themselves on totally different paths despite starting from the same point, because there is no effort to confirm and correct any possible misconception along the way. Is that the issue with all the marriages that are portrayed? Is communication breakdown really the root of their marital problems? Or is there also a disparity where one is unwilling to voice out, while the other is unwilling to see beyond what they want? SJE's MIL is a riot. Despite her fusspot and oft-interfering ways, she seems to care for SJE, which SJE herself acknowledges when she suggested bringing her MIL for an outing over the weekend, which her precious son shoots down because he doesn't want to hear her nagging. I had a good laugh when she confronts her son at his workplace, outright asking him if he had erectile dysfunction Like many others here, I do wonder why JCK is not sexually interested in his wife, pouring all his passion into his birds instead. Is it because of the old saying that familiarity breeds contempt? Yet he must have loved her once, at least enough to marry her, and we do see a crazy side to him as well when he lets himself loose in the club. I hope this will be answered going forward rather than just simplistically putting the blame on being bored with their mundane lives. At last, LYJ suspects that his wife is having an affair, something he never even considered possible, very telling by the way he had scoffed when he found lingerie which he obviously never saw her wear, in the laundry basket. Will she admit to her infidelities if he confronts her? He has the upper hand in the marriage, and I do not believe he will forgive and forget, having seen his nasty temperament in the past. Is CSA ready for his retaliation, and by extension DHY? This drama continues to be well paced and sensitively portrayed, deliberate in its execution yet hitting the mark where it matters, in more ways than one. The performances are all on point, everyone embodying their roles which makes me empathise with them that much more. Am not sure if it is meant to be 12 or 16 episodes due to the conflicting news, but either way, please continue to maintain if not outdo this excellent standard to the end, however painful that end may be.
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    ...whoot!!! this just keeps getting better and better! ...I really love MW and CS's characters, they are both straightforward and not holding back in expressing what they feel or think, I always love those types of characters, as I'm quite the opposite . And dang, this is what it should be, avoid too much spoilers like reading news articles ahead of the broadcast so that you, like myself, will be surprised and made my viewing much more exciting, because I never actually expected that KISS scene !!! Female lead taking the lead!..LOL..love it when women characters do this! ..me LIKEY! Like many others, I too don't want the writers to take the typical reincarnation route. Because there's that old lady, Ma Go, who as of now, we have no idea what or who she is. Maybe she's like a god, a fairy or what but it's very clear she holds the key to everything. It all started because of her. We saw how she can make the tree bloom at will and then later gave it to CS and suddenly just vanished, which was also the start of him having those dreams of MW. And like she said, she just opened a path. CS might just be seeing it in someone else's perspective, perhaps from that guy who MW likes, making him more like the "key" also to figuring out what grave sin did MW do to deserve such punishment. Or someone to help her stir those hidden, forgotten feelings she once has that actually makes her "human". Someone also mentioned somewhere about those flowers, remember Ma Go said flowers is a good birthday gift too when she met young CS and he agreed and told his father. So when his father ended up in Hotel del Luna and came upon the tree, it bloomed, and that flower is meant for CS. It bloomed for CS. So I think that was the start. The concept of the drama is really good. And let me just borrow these words from someone who I read somewhere, that LOVE can bring a kingdom on its knees and MW's castle is no exception...or in this case, LOVE can even make a dead tree bloom . I have always loved the symbolism of tree as life, so I really find it endearing how it was used here. And so let me just share some of my fave moments here... ..."let's sleep together"...HAHAHA... ...FEELING without SEEING.... And of course, what I didn't expect of all ... ...and I guess that line, "who said you were 3rd place, you're the zeroth place" will be remembered by me..ha ha..I might use that in the future too..hmm..such fine punchline..and then make it like CS did... ...btw, I love IU in here...girls with bow & arrow are just...badass... ..and as much as I, too, love IU's wardrobe here...I love her hair...ha ha..makes me not wanna regret growing my hair.. ..also gotta admit, color brown isn't my favorite color but when I saw the car...hmm..not bad ^^... ...and lastly, idk but I like how CS is living in a traditional-styled house in a modern day... P.S...I bet the rating peaked during that kissing scene ..let me know if I guessed right...ha ha...
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    They wrap it up pretty nicely so i guess it was a nice ending. PMJ may or may not run for president in the next election that is left to the next season if there will ever be one and i'm in if they maintain the same cast. There was a minor disappointment in the way they handled Tailor Kim. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson from the previous case with MHJ. I suppose the writers needed to wrap that part up but it made the NIS look stupid. Well it has been a nice ride on this show. It may take a while to get it off my system.
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    I choose his home he have the habit of taking his clothes first thing , when he enter home Two extra hand always welcome isn’t * for extra safety, from the bugs
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    @vangsweetie637 wow , she moving fast ,she taking pictures of him too
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    Chan Sung needs a sexual awakening. His character is upright, earne st, ethical kind and chaste. He's based on a mythical character who is all these things. But the mold needs breaking in a romance, and we need some passion from him. This is shown in k dramas in the form of jealousy most often. I'll tell you though, one of the hottest scenes was right in episode one on the subway when MW leans over him and blows in eyes and ears. He's shaken by her at that moment, wondering if she'll make him her boy toy, and I got the sense he hated and loved it at the same time. My point is these actors do have chemistry, just watch that scene, but they're being written and directed differently, where trust not passion is primary.
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    please ask more from her , she willing to sell her soul ( we need some romance , personally I’m losing my patience @lu09 & @sadthe1st )
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    I'm just coming in to say I love this scene from Secretary Cha. The puppy is so touched (and overwhelmed with emotions) when Park Mu Jin announced he will run for presidential selection. LOLLLL. So much love. Bromance rocks. Now let's hope he's happy enough to ask her Jung Soo Jung (crap, I forgot her name) out the 3rd time...
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    After watching the sub for episode 10, I must applause Hong Sisters for their new perspective of writing the plot. I don't know is it just me or..... I just realize that the way Hong Sisters write the storyline and connect each story is to teach MW, for MW to learn the lesson from a viewers point of view. All this while, it was us, the viewers who keep "deciphering" the lesson and meaning behind each event that should have been noted by MW to learn to let go, more importantly to assess what did she failed to figure out all these years. MW should be watching this series out of the screen as viewers to take note of the lesson properly (well, she can teleport into the room in the phone, why not getting out from the screen and join us as spectator) Okay, on a serious note, MW by now should realize that the people from her past may have been reincarnated with the same face, but internally they are not the same person anymore (as stated by one of our chingu here in previous page). The only person who stays the same and didn't want to budge is herself. For more than 1000 years of punishment, she stays vicious, selfish, hot-tempered and keeps her grudge and resentment alive, causing her once kind, blossoming, full of life heart drying and dying just as the state of the Moon tree before it turned leafy, while the others have gone through multiple reincarnations. Episode 9 and 10 show the twists and turns of fate played out in this lifetime with a bit interference from the Pink Mago. In episode 9 they showed how would it looks like when MW vanish if she keeps being stubborn, not letting anyone open the door to her heart. But, fate may be different and found other way once she let herself go and renew her inner self, just like YW and Mira who going through a turn of fate weave into their lives this lifetime. With the Moon Tree fully blooms with the flowers, there are already a lot of changes happening inside MW, and CS already took a lot more space than just one leaf inside her. I hope the space that CS taking place in her would be enough to prevent her from going berserk and doing things that she shouldn't be done if CM's human reincarnation ever show up in later episodes. Would she be able to ignore CS's life in danger for the sake of making sure she can exact her revenge? The fact that the "erase medicine" is still in her hands bother me. Maybe around episode 15 she would make CS eat that medicine. It's almost 4am here. Ugh, I can't comprehend what did I ramble about. LOL! Just a comment passing by chingu-deul. See you guys next week! p/s: let's pray hard for the whole week for passionate, fiery, deep KISSSSSS next weekend! (or sleeping-together scene where they stare at each other deeply... gah! Just please give it to us already! )
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    Uwuuuuu... I think his granddaughter is Sulli then. It would be fun to see jealous MW keeping watch and peeking them meeting up at the cafe. Hahahahahahahah
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    Ahh...2 secrets. SY and YH. Dr Lee and MR. I think there’s something wrong with the translation. YH says in a voice over that there are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who are sick, those who will get sick and people like him (ticking time bombs). Sounds a bit weird that translation. But I guess it sort of makes sense. He shouldn’t be running . That will elevate his temperature and he has no way of cooling down coz he can’t sweat. Just goes to show that when it comes to her, he’s past caring about himself. . The doctor treating his condition asked him about picking a guardian. He has no family members. So in essence, the doctor wants him to nominate someone to make decisions for him when he is not able to eg important ones regarding his health I guess. The most obvious choice would be SY since she’s the only one who knows about his condition (actually she’s not the first, she’s the second. The boy with CIPA was the first I think?) but he wouldn’t want to put her through additional burden/pain. He takes extreme care to keep “clean” and look after himself. He has outside clothes and inside clothes. He monitors himself constantly. This is a man who cherishes the life he has been given. He takes great pains to stay alive. So he is not someone who will be flippant about end of life decisions. So the Prosecutor is mistaken to accuse him of not understanding the sanctity of life. He knows what is at stake. The Prosecutor had a child too? He’s a parent. The nurse accuses him in the preview of not “caring”. So it looks like she forced the signature from the patient and she wanted to extend his suffering (like we thought). Then there’s that weird scene with the patient and Prosecutor. She says she can see that he is sick too. I don’t know if she means sick physically (maybe he is also a ticking time bomb like YH) or he has something mentally which remains unresolved (the memento ring)? I guess we will find out.
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    Sure, the VIP could be someone else, like f. ex. Yun's assistant. I have my doubt that the writer will introduce a new person as the VIP. In my opinion, we have already seen the VIP, but we don't know his true identity. Like I said, until the episode 10, I thought that Han was just part of the conspiracy, yet the episode 11 gave me a different vibe. Especially, when you watch his scenes, imagine that he is the VIP. His words and reaction have double meaning.
  36. 13 points
    I like your reasoning. I'm not sure about the 'boyfriend' still. No evidence so I would wait and see... Out of the topic, I found this news while snooping around. https://www.kpopmap.com/s-korean-cosmetic-surgeons-reveal-the-actor-who-has-the-face-that-is-setting-the-trends-for-mens-visuals/
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  38. 13 points
    After watching Ep 8, I am almost certain that OYS involved in the bombing. Either he has someone backing him up or he is the mastermind all along. I also know he has to do with the sudden confession of Agent Jeong Han Mo and the accident involving Han Na Gyeong. This drama keeps getting us confused on who is the culprit and mastermind.
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  40. 12 points
    @titania1000 I would be distracted with his beauty in today episode
  41. 12 points
    I need a drama with a Sanchez-like main lead. Someone always looking clueless (but actually perceptive), indifferent (but actually very caring), and just basically chill (while being really lucky). I need neutral his facial expression in all kinds of dramatic and romantic situations (interacting with overly dramatic Veronica)
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    HAHAHA...and here I thought I'm the only one waiting for that song the moment I heard it when that ghost 13 just vanished. And yeah, new songs have been released already and not this???...aigoo... Agree. Family comes first for me. And by what you said, it actually reminded me of this Cdrama, Goodbye My Princess, duty versus love. The ML chose to mass massacre the FL's family there because of that stupid 'duty'..even if he married her. It was an ill-fated relationship. The fact that even though they forgot memories of each other multiple times, they still find themselves falling for each other. It didn't end well. Idk exactly the deal with receiving lilies but that bride ghost in ep 5 didn't have any lily on her. If...and I mean IF that would be the case, I think it would be his punishment, not having to bear the same face he originally had or even his form for that matter. @vangsweetie637 ...looks like we cried at the same scenes...HAHAHA..such softies ..
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    Jieungrace Jieunaa thank you for good laughed Happy viruses Contagious laughed Hembuk khajaaa HDL hwaiting....
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    Final shooting pics. I'm kinda sad but so happy and thanks all of them for this amazing show
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    He's had several chances to walk away and he keeps choosing her. He even saw the vision of Man Wol's tragic fate and he still chose her. And he wasn't ashamed to sing Baby Shark in front of her. If that's not love, then what is. In episode 8, it seems like the princess' reappearance was a sort of test. If Man Wol could let her go, then it means she has also let go of her anger/guilt/etc. and she can actually move on to the afterlife. Or at least that's what Man Wol interpreted it as, and Mago didn't say anything back. So I still think the final boss/test is Captain Smirkalot, not Hot Officer Yeon Woo. Edit: Madame Choi's posing game is STRONG. Ilu Man Wol, but she has you beat here. I'm still waiting/hoping for ManChan couple's customary Barbie and Ken pics.
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    What kind of country is "daehaminguk" to you? Is this like Yin and Yang? Han says a politician should not have shame! Park Myungjae says should I loose my morality too!! PS: sorry for the low quality capture.
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    Triplem watched live, raw, sub lol. We should trust her. Please do speculate more! Wakakaka.... I also still have some slim hope theirs have happy ending. I smells more tragedy for auntie & painter. @TomiCh I can watch 50 episode with this flying color chemistry of JW x JE
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    There you go @jenappelle officially HOT. And we’re past page 20
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    Happiest day in the last one month Read that this is the email address to send all the evidence of defamation to uaacaps@naver.com Everyone, please start flooding that inbox with your screencaps / links of all those nasty rumours !! Kyo Fans fighting !!
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    I've come to terms with what happened to Mogan in Ep15 (a.k.a. call me script-apologist loljk). I understand why it felt like a cheap plot device since it happened out of nowhere, but I think the writer planted the seed long before. Since I've noticed the underlying gaming elements they put in the narrative especially for Tami x Mogun, I was left with the question: what was Mogun's and his character's central quest? Is it marriage? Is it finding true love? Is it being successful in his career? What is his point of living? The answer I came up with was happiness. He was searching for true happiness. Because that was the facade his character was fronting: that he was happy. He was always happy. I agree with @ck1Oz that the writer making him adopted is an overused plot. But the writer's way of revealing this wasn't. From Ep1, we only got to the surface of who Mogan is. He's a handsome, young, cheerful and positive man who works as a game music director and a CEO of Millim Sound. All the facts we know about him, we got to know through Tami's eyes or presence. The conversation after them playing Tekken for the first time gave us nothing but physical attraction, a surface level of introduction. He was someone to swoon over, with his looks and his way of talking. Eventually, we got to know his age because Tami asked for it. The reveal of his job. His experience of racism. Even him being someone's first love. And recently, that his mom died. Ultimately, Tami became our eyes and ears when it comes to Mogun. Why? Because Mogun doesn't want to others to know who he really is. That he has an unfortunate past; that he is an abandoned and adopted child and is in agony because of it. After all, why would anyone want to share their flaws? He's afraid that it will become the reason people will never show their true feelings for him because they only see him as who he is. This could be the reason why he acted so suspicious during the night they first met. Instead of answering her questions, he made us think of more. When Tami shared things which symbolizes they'll be strangers after that night, he in return told her the truth. While she opened up her worries, pains, mistakes and shame, he didn't. He doesn't want prejudice, especially from strangers, because that's what he experienced even before he was born. Tami naively wanting to celebrate his birthday (cake and all) was the biggest inciting incident where his facade was challenged. He only told her bits and pieces of his life in Australia, and Sunwoo told her just enough for her to connect the dots and realize that he was adopted. Instead of confronting him, she waited for him to be the one to tell her the story. But she realizes he never will, so in her drunk state, she asked him about it. After sharing, Tami told him she feels so bad for him her limbs can rip apart in sorrow. That she's hurting for him. This reaction may not be something new to Mogun since he shared the day after that he liked it that she pitied him. Because others masked their true feelings out of politeness and manner, and "pitied" him for the wrong reasons. What's new to him was Tami's kind of pity. According to Zweig, there are two types of pity. There is the weak and sentimental kind, an inward-looking emotion. The second type, compassion, is unsentimental but creative, and persistent in its efforts. First type was what people who know Mogun and his past has been showing and feeling for him. Because of this, he learned to fake it as to not burden others. Tami, I believe, shows him compassion. And though his facade was shattered, it was a turning point in his quest for happiness because Tami didn't waver nor judge him for having that past. This would've been a happy ending but the writer left us another huge conflict to solve: Mogun wants to marry someday and Tami doesn't. But what was it in marriage that Mogun seeks that he can't find in a simple relationship? He never said he wanted kids. They have a healthy relationship and he said he's in no rush to get married. So why? When asked what will happen to them if date, or if they continue dating.. He just said these, over and over: The reason I can think of is acceptance. I believe that's what marriage symbolizes to him. A wholehearted acceptance- no prejudice, no shame, with known pasts, with uncertain futures with two people who continue to love each other despite all that. Because acceptance is something he didn't have, even when he was adopted into a loving family. It's the sad truth that was planted into him before he was even born.. his own mom who was supposed to give him that unwavering acceptance and love yet denied that from him when her mom decided to left him. So back to the big question: what is the significance of the sudden death of Mogun's real mom? Before that, I want to address the significance of his mom. Though I hate to admit it, his mom symbolizes the core of his character quest. If he's a game character, he's the one with a sad and cruel back story. Shen his mom told him the reason behind his abandonment, he found the truth that completes his character arc as he understood his mom's motivation behind it. Though it was shown to be a continuation of Mogun's thought that lead him to finally understanding Tami and her beliefs, which resulted to him letting her go.. their mom-son talk to me was more for the understanding and acceptance of each other's flaws, him as the abandoned and her as the one who abandoned him. Mogun shared his sentiments about this that time he learned his mom is hiding him from her second family, saying: But these are just from his understanding and point of view. It's been 8 years since he found her and with the facade he built, and maybe his mom too, they never truly talked about it. They continued to meet, both putting those questions aside, and continuing life as if they weren't hurting every time they see each other. What triggered him to confront her? The fight with Tami. "Your love might end up destroying the life of a loved one." He needed to hear from his mom the reason she denied him of her love in order for him not only to forgive her but also to forgive himself. And to free themselves from the suffering and guilt. That's when they both found acceptance. The past they both dreaded had to be done because of the circumstances she was facing at the age of 21. The reality that time was "love doesnt't counquer all". She loves him, yes, but she couldn't let herself love him knowing they'll both be living hating each other in the future. She was better off being hated for one thing than be loved for nothing. That time, she thought, whichever option she chose, they both will be suffering so she chose the one who might cause less. On the other hand, Mogun come to terms with the sacrifice his mom did for his life. He stopped blaming himself, and want to stop the guilt his mom is feeling. He knew his existence up to now hurts her, when he saw she was still hiding him and their past, but he accepted that because that is what they have to go through to survive the rest of their lives. And that's okay. Because they both understand the fruit of the choice she made and now they can move forward with an appeased heart. He asked Tami why she couldn't answer if he'll stay with her when an opportunity to marry comes, when if she considers that they love each other now she would've found the answer. She said: In contrary to some, Tami led to his understanding of his mom than the other way around. His talk with his mom only affirmed his understanding, that's why he confessed to her she was his girlfriend before he lets her go. Back to the big question: why did she have to die? To us, the audience, it was a question of morality. Mogun said this in his moment of grieving: So what could've been done then? Was it a wrong choice to let go of him in the past, is the gamble for the unpleasant future worth their pain if they stayed together? And she said it best: To Mogun's character, it was a nail in a coffin, this has now become his character's flaw. To himself, that's all he'll ever be: abandoned. He'll be the pitiful hero and that's what everyone is gonna think of him now. Especially with strangers now knowing his situation: Maybe the intentions were to show everyone is vulnerable to life and its surprises, even those who are currently suffering. There are better options to showcase this of course, but I believe only the inevitable had to be done. To start his quest for his real self-discovery and existence. Though I wonder what will happen in the last episode, since Tami already fulfilled the acceptance that he was seeking when she went to the funeral and said: I want to believe she stayed with him not because of pity, nor compassion, but because of love. At that moment, she was the only one who truly knows his past, his present, who he was inside and out, yet can still put aside all his flaws to comfort him when he needed it the most. However, this loss was shared with Tami so it's significant to her too. To Tami, the loss of Mogun's mom came like a jolt of the vulnerability of time. She has been talking and caring about the future, hers, his, everyone elses, that she forgot these people she cares for has the same inhibitions and considerations for the future she is talking about. And with that uncertainty in mind, they still 'live' their present with positivity. She realized this when Mogun shared the future plans he had with his mom, and all the wasted opportunities they could've had if not for her death. Her loss became affirmations of the previous talk she had with Scarlet. She shared to her that she wanted to see the future instead of the past. To know if there was any sense to all that she has been doing up to now. She realized that life is all there is: it goes on whether you like it or not. That people are just simply living, surviving, fighting for their lives until they can't. Like what she said to Mogun, which most likely started the wild ride of this romance: It's not about how you fight, but with what mind you fight that's more important. With Mogun's completed arc with Ep15, I wonder what Tami's is. "What are we supposed to be fighting for?", she asked Scarlet. Though it sounds more to me that she's asking it for herself. ---------- God. I love this series so much! I'm so ready for the final episode tonight. I slightly disagree with this: I think her loss was an experience for both to repair themselves individually in order to fully enter a committed relationship, if they plan to, in the future. ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO a whooping 4.1% rating?!?!? on their 2nd to the last episode?? it topped ep.11 which was my best.. I can't believe this. This director-writer team needs another drama fast. I want to watch their next releases
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