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Dear our lovely Nam Ji Hyun, Today 17th Sept is a special day because you, an extraordinary girl was born 25 years ago. We, from Star & Moon International fans would like to wish you Happy 25th Birthday! On this blessed day we pray that God will give you all the beautiful things in life has to offer. Hopefully all your dreams come true and you'll have the luckiest upcoming year. Star & Moon International fans wanted to let you know how grateful and happy we are to have you, a multi talented, intelligent, kind and humble individual like you as our 'favourite actress”. You have no idea how you have touched our hearts and how you have always been our every day source of happiness.Thank you for always delivering the best and please know we will always be there for you and support your decision in whatever you decided to do. Once again 생일축하합니다 & #Happy25thHyunniieDay to you. Wish we can meet you one day and tell you how much we LOVE and ADORE you. Have an amazing birthday today ❤️ . . #Happy25thHyuniieDay #HappyBDHyuniiiii_95917 #HappyHazelDay #HappyHyunieDay #NamJihyunCakeDay #NamJiHyun #남지현 #starmooninternationalfans

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