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. H: Talking about martial arts, are you good at fighting? . JH: I wouldn't say if I am good at fighting. But it does improve my reflexes such that my body reacts faster than usual.There was once when I met with a rather major traffic accident.It happened along the expressway and the car was moving at the speed of 100 or 120 km/h. . At that time, I was so exhausted that I was going to doze off.Then I heard the sound of honking and the person beside me was thrown forward and he hit the back of the front seat.At that instant, I instinctively moved my body to the side and used my arms to shield myself. In the end, I managed to escape with minor injuries but the a person beside me was quite badly hurt. . After talking, sneaky HS then tried to sneak a quick attack at Hyukkie by raising his hand. But Hyukkie just looked at him calmly and blinked his eyes. . The rest of them laughed at the sight. . HS: Why didn't you react and defend yourself? . JH: mmm.. it wasn't a dangerous situation... . HS: Did you all see that? He didn't even look shocked! He just stared at me calmly and drink his beer! . JH: Ah.. I think Hyeong will never hurt me. . HS: You are looking down on me!! You are belittling my action!! . Poor Hyukkie tried his best to appease him. . JH: Okay Okay! Let's try it again. . This time round when HS tried to sneak an attack on Hyuk, he put on a very exaggerated defensive stance and made everyone laugh. . HS: (whining) You are so childish! Before I even attack you, you are already defending! . Source:  tvN's life Pub Episode 6 . . #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #koreanstars #koreanactors #张赫 #จางฮยอก #韓国俳優 #イケメン俳優 #본대로말하라 #tellmewhatyousaw #기름진멜로 #WokofLove #fatedtoloveyou #命中注定我爱你 #運命のように君を愛してる #金钱花 #moneyflower #돈꽃#beautifulmindkoreandrama #badpapa #배드파파 #私の国

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