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[trans - drama article] - "Flower of Evil" Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon facing each other between truth and lies ... Tension escalates - (source – - tvN’s “Flower of Evil” has bloomed amid the question, “What if the husband you’ve loved for 14 years is suspected of being a serial killer?” Now, with the release of its “Truth and Lies” teaser, the drama is taking its melodrama and suspense to the next level. . The teaser starts with a family gathering of loving married couple Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji won, and their daughter Baek Eun Ha celebrating Hee Sung’s birthday. . But the mood changes dramatically, as the radiating smile Hee Sung shows his wife and daughter turns into an expressionless face looking at himself in the mirror. With a mysterious monologue, “I lied… Just a little bit,” Hee Sung makes viewers even more curious which side of him is real. . Lee Joongi, in particular, does a superb job of showing the duality of Baek Hee Sung, even with the same smiling face in both scenes, through completely different looks in his eyes and through detailed, subtly-changing facial expressions. The eyes and facial expressions of Moon Chaewon looking straight at the camera also convey the confusion and pressure Cha Ji Won must be feeling—already hooking viewers into “Flower of Evil.” . Looking increasingly denser with the new ‘Truth and Lies’ teaser, tvN’s new Wed-Thur drama “Flower of Evil” is premiering this July. - - #이준기 #leejoongi #李準基 #イジュンギ #악의꽃 #FlowerofEvil #koreandrama #kdrama #悪の花 #邪恶之花 #문채원 #moonchaewon #tvNdrama #tvN #FOEarticle_gm

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