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(Part 2) Their laughter is contagious 😂💙 Happy 3rd Suspicious Partner Anniversary! 💙 We met as strangers but today here we stand as one NamJi family. It has been a wonderful 3 year ride with lots of love, happiness, tears, laughters, screams, unwavering moral support, achievements, and many many sleepless nights watching NamJi and Suspicious Partner. ❤ I'm so blessed to have you all in my life. Love you fam 😘💕 Dedicating this MV to everyone who's a part of our NamJi fam 😘💙 #jichangwook #namjihyun #namjicouple #jijicouple  #남지현 #지창욱 #suspiciouspartner  #수상한파트너

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