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⠀ <On fanmeet day, Jang Hyuk’s answer to what is good parenting.> ⠀ Once I start shooting, I can’t spend much time with my kids so I think I imagined myself what my kids would be like. As the longer the shooting goes, the longer I stay away from home, so I guess I imagined if my kids would be like this or that. But it was away from my imagination. So having cut down shooting times and spending more time with the kids these days, I watch them with attention, cheer them up, and talk about their interests. I found that they like it. ⠀ As for me, good parenting is that parents fill the kids with good memories, reminiscences and emotions, I think. ⠀ #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #张赫 #張赫 @ajincome

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