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🎋Kobe FM6️⃣LONG BUT MUST READ👍 ⭕MC-Q7. How do you feel that fans love your acting most? ⭕JH-A7. Can I said a little long? (We all laughed. he is so cute. 😘) Actor's personality and handsome face must be the advantages, but in fact, my face is not good as an actor. I have to be limited when I play the role(ie. nice, good man..). Therefore, suggestions for role types are often repeated to me. So it is not easy to show a lot of diversity when I play the similar roles. To show diversity, I need to play a lot of new roles, but there are limitations because of my face.😔 So I put a scar on my face, played funny roles, and struggled a lot. (This expression 'struggle' made me so sad 😭) And finally I found that that struggle made my acting artificial. In other words, I pretends to be a doctor, and when the character has a professional job, I try to look like a professional. it's not important to "express" a doctor or a professional, I have to express is just 'person himself', a doctor or a professional is only the job of that person. So I'm thinking a lot about how to persuade and express the story of 'person.' I think it is more persuasive to move the audience's mind with the compassion he has and what he wants to express in the situation. So, it's not important to show something different or special thing of the characters, but it's more important to make the viewers feel empathy of the character first and then next to show the differences and personalities of the characters. Sometimes viewers, audiences feel differently the appearances(the looks) from the audience's. I think if I create empathy and compassion for characters, I can express the emotions of different characters, even if the next genre I choose changes so the character's appearances and behaviors are different, I can express the emotions of the characters well again. I think that's what I have to still study when I continue to work as an actor. So I keep going to the practice room on the third floor of the company every day. All Fans, gave him a round of applause for a long time. Hyuk stood up and gave a standing ovation to the translators.(he also know it's so long😆) He is so cute😘😘

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