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🎋Kobe FM4️⃣ 한글리뷰는 천지개혁에 있어요 ⭕MC-Q3.What do you think is your favorite piece of fans? ⭕JH-A3.(After a bit of thought) Chuno? ⠀ (A fan survey shows at the screen and Chuno is second! ) After that, it's time for the MC to announce the 1st place. ⠀ But Hyuk, suddenly started talking about the beard that was over before as if it came to mind,😅😅 and the MC panicked.💦💦) ⠀ ⭕JH-Stray1 : I put on a beard when I was shhoting 'Shining or go crazy'. (and suddenly he started to laugh all alone for about 10 seconds.😆😆 wedon't know why but laughed together.😆😆) ⠀ After eating, there was a scene of crying. The camera was in front of my face, my head lowered, and I should raise my face slowly and cry. ⠀ when I was still bending my head in the scene there were visible things in front of my face. I found out that I forgot to wear my beard!!. 😱 But at that time my feeling was so good to stop. So I lifted my head with covering the underside of my beard with my forearm. (Laughing) Of course, It was NG.🤣🤣🤣🤣 ⠀ ⭕JH3-stray2. There's another one.(The MC who has to manage the time so her face began to panic!!😨) ⠀ It was time to shoot the 'Money Flower'. It was a scene where my brother, who died when kid in the cold water, cried for a long time while covering the buried land with my clothes off. I kept pulling my emotions out more and more, but the director shouted 'Cut' and said me to do it one more, so I asked why? she said because a white underwear was shown!!😅😅 (he laughed a lot again 🤣🤣. When it was translated, all fans laughed together with him) ⠀ ⠀ #장혁 #チャンヒョク #janghyuk #張赫 #จางฮยอก ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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