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Fan-meet in Kobe : Brief Review (1) ⠀ This time the concept of the event was about Hyuk inviting guests at his home for Tanabata(Chilseok). ⠀ The stage was set just looking like a living room with a beverage bar set aside and a bookcase photo as a backdrop. Jang Hyuk showed his cute part a lot today. No one can come up with a person who spared such a long time just talking about his own stubble as Jang Hyuk did. He shared the idea why he grows his stubble and how useful that long stubble is. He also shared a couple of episodes regarding his stubble. Today, no wonder that his word is long but this time it was long enough for him to bow to the translator after her having finished translating Hyuk's long, long words. He even bursted out laughing himself about his own words. How wonderfully he smiled and laughed broadly, my heart melted away. ⠀ I was lucky enough to be allotted the seat on the first row of a side block though, the view was not clear because of my poor eyesight. Sad. And there was no photo time but also no explanation was shared. Hopefully we’ll get to know why later. ⠀ Today he wore a black striped-white shirt and white pants in the first half, and a navy-ish colored summer sweater and black pants in the second half. ⠀ During the time for him changing his outfit, the clip of him shooting the profile photos was shown and there he said he would shoot profile photos every year from now on. Yes please! In the clip, he is, he looks... just great and super handsome and cute!!!!!! Hopefully Sidus will share this clip with us soon. Please! ⠀ As memory and time allow, I will tell more later.😅 ⠀ #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク @ajincome 배우님 오늘 너무 귀여우셨어요!!! 연기력에 대해 이야기 하신 부분은 참으로 오랜 시간 고민하시고 그만큼의 시간동안 실천하시려고 노력하는 모습이 결과로 나타나는 것같아서 저절로 고개가 끄덕여졌어요. 배우님 팬인게 참 좋아요!!☺️

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