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<July 3, 2019> ☕️🥤🌭🌭🚚 Finally our support is set! We have been waiting since May and today is the day! . We, 88 participants, presented the coffee truck and hot dog sandwiches to our beloved Jang Hyuk @ajincome and shooting crew members of My Country. In Korea, the weather is hot during the day and our refreshments will be good presents to them. . I don’t know how to express my deep grateful heart to everyone of the 88 participants who joined and made this wonderful event happen again. You all are the driving force . . My sincere and special thanks go to Miko sis @janghyuk_world for communicating with Japanese friends and for making beautiful images of the banners and sticker. Without her, I couldn’t organize the support smoothly ever. I owe my gratitude to @tomoko_761220 who came up with message: . . Again, I would like to thank 88 participants, who are from all different countries but gathered for Actor Jang Hyuk. . 5월부터 기다렸던 서포트를 드디어 오늘! 하게됐습니다! 우리 서포트가 사랑하는 우리 배우님@ajincome과 #나의나라 촬영팀에 힘이 되길바랍니다! . . #장혁 #JangHyuk #张赫 #張赫 #チャンヒョク #จางฮยอก #JangHyukHolicWorld

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