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Q̲ ̲ :̲ ̲W̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲b̲r̲a̲v̲e̲s̲t̲ ̲t̲h̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲y̲o̲u̲'̲v̲e̲ ̲e̲v̲e̲r̲ ̲d̲o̲n̲e̲? . JH : It's sitting here having this interview with you. Hahaha! Just kidding. For me, becoming an actor requires the most courage At the beginning, I was always anxious and jittery. I have to act a character who is totally different from me, with a different name, identity and personality and has entirely different circumstances from me. I have totally no idea how to portray that character. Being an actor is a very lonely job. Very often , it's only me in the camera but outside the camera, there are many people watching me. I often feel as if I am naked in front of the camera. . Q: Do you still feel uneasy in front of the camera now? . JH: The fear and anxiety in still there. But I am also very happy when I see the end results. So it is a mixture of fear and joy, even till now. . . Translated from an interview in 2007 . . Follow Jang Hyuk's official account on instagram 👉 @ajincome #Janghyuk #张赫 #장혁 #チャンヒョク #ajincome @ajincome #koreanstar #koreanactors #WokofLove #greasymelo #fatedtoloveyou #moneyflower #돈꽃  #badpapa #배드파파 #나의나라

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