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[PIC] Photo for new variety program 'Rewind' πŸ’– - 'A Game Running With Time - Rewind' is a new concept time-slip game show that connects the past and present. "What if you can go back to 20 years ago?" In each episode, everyone goes on a time journey to a specific year, and each one makes an investment in anticipation of the future. Kim Sung Joo will be the MC, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa & Park Myung Soo will be the team leaders and team members such as Yang Se Chan, Park Kyung, Muzie etc will appear as well. News state that it will air it's first episode in July on Channel A - Seems like Kim Jong Kook is leading Yang Se Chan & Park Kyung here~ #kimjongkook #rewind #ι‡‘ι’Ÿε›½ #κΉ€μ’…κ΅­ #λ¦¬μ™€μΈλ“œ

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