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Actor Jang Hyuk will appear in the first episode of KBS2 'Sooro's Rovers' which will be broadcast on the 21st of June. It is an English football team management drama about Kim Sooro running a British football club to deliver a message to the young people who forgot their dreams. After Kim Soo-ro became the owner, vivid testimonies of his aides will also be released.Β Kim Soo-ro's best friend Kang Sung-jin reveals the story of Kim Soo-ro, former head of the sports club, who has not contacted him for a year. Jang Hyuk has worked with Kim Soo-ro at the celebrity soccer team 'Sushilo'. "I was surprised to hear that he is going to be the owner, and he wanted to be able to do that. I do not think it's a joke, but it feels like there is something he had seriously aimed for," he said. . 'Sooro's Rovers'will be broadcasted at 9:50 pm on the 21st of June tonight. Cr. Naver news . . Follow Jang Hyuk's official account on instagram πŸ‘‰ @ajincome . #JangHyuk #εΌ θ΅« #μž₯혁 #チャンヒョク #ajincome @ajincome #koreanstar #koreanactors #λ„μ‹œμ–΄λΆ€ #IRIS2 #κΈ°λ¦„μ§„λ©œλ‘œ #WokofLove #greasymelo #fatedtoloveyou #moneyflower #λˆκ½ƒΒ  #badpapa #λ°°λ“œνŒŒνŒŒ #λ‚˜μ˜λ‚˜λΌ

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