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Angel's Last Mission : Love Still Cut Photo In the last episode, Dan regained his past memories of his relationship with Lee Yeon Seo before he became an angel. The boy, who suffered from the violence of his father, prayed earnestly even when he died. I want to live for the girl who showed me the rainbow for the first time. Dan was the girl who created the reason she wanted to live. Their sad past narratives add to the depth and depth of the romance of the current Deity and Dan Meanwhile, on June 18, Dan, Only Love production team released a story of Lee Yeon Seo and Dan's hearty hugging, and they are wondering what kind of story will be developed  In the photograph, Lee Yeon Seo and Dan stand facing each other with rape blossoms in the background. Above all, it is the appearance of the deity that draws attention to the tears. Dan looks at the crying book with a heart-pounding look. She carefully wipes the tears of Lee Yeon Seo and embraces her tightly. What is the significance of the meeting between Lee Yeon Seo and Dan in the rape field? In the 17th and 18th preliminary previews released earlier, the image of Dan promised to return to Lee Yeon Seo was drawn and attracted attention Lee Yeon Seo and Dan tear down the hearts of viewers who want to enjoy only happy flowers, exploding expectations for future development Dan, Only Love the production team said, "The rape flower field is a place where I have left a special memory for young children and Dan. Shin Hye-Sun, who is adding more depth to the film, and Kim Myung Soo, who is showing a growing performance every time, would like a lot of affection #LInfinite #L #엘 #KimMyungSoo #김명수 #@kim_msl #ShinHyeSun #신혜선 #AngelsLastMissionLove #DanOnlyLove #단하나의사랑 #DanYeonCouple

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