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#옹알스 #영화옹알스 오 오늘 우리 배우님도 참석하시네👏👏👏 서로의 애정과 마음을 나누는 시간이 될 것 같아 저도 뭉클하네요. 행복한 시간 되시길🙏🙏🙏 개봉하면 바로 달려 갑니다!! . . 기사- _____ Article summary_____ The comedy group Ongals, which is under spotlight through the movie Ongals will hold a meaningful family premiere tonight. In this event, members of the Ongals, their families, friends and fellow entertainers who have been rooting for them are expected to attend. It is reported that Jang Hyuk, Kim Gyuri and Jo Jaeyun who have had a long relationship with Choi Kisup, will attend the event as well. The movie is directed by actor Cha Inpyo, and it is a documentary film about the activities of non-verbal comedy group Ongals, which opens on May 30. 옹알스 대박나세요!!!

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