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Ji Chang-wook, the first performing arts after the military .. Why did you choose 'City Fisherman'? Actor JiChang-wook chooses "urban fisherman" as his first program after the whole army, and goes fishing for the first time in his life. The channel A entertainment program "I Only Believe Me", which is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 30th, will be featured in Ji Chang-wook's appearance as a guest in the 91st city fisherman (hereinafter referred to as "urban fisherman"). I was surprised by the appearance of Ji Chang-wook, who could not think of the day, hugging him, and expressing his pleasure by saying, "Tears pound." Ji Chang-wook said, "During the military service, Mr. Deok Hwa came to visit me." Ji Chang-wook collected the topic after confirming the appearance of the entertainment program 'City Fisherman' in the last month of April. In particular, Ji Chang-wook chose the 'urban fisherman' because it was the warm love of his older brother, Lee Deok-hwa. The two of them have met in the drama 'Suspicious Partner', which Ji Chang-wook first appeared before joining army in 2017. On the day, Ji Chang-wook said, "Lee Duk-hwa has been talking too much about the fishing at the time of shooting the drama." He said, "I seem to have missed much more than I thought at a city fisherman." Lee Duk-hwa is smiling with a smile on his face and holding on to the hand of Ji Chang-wook. Lee Kyung-kyu, who watched it from the side, screamed for his deprived love and said, "I'm going to enroll again." Ji Chang-wook, who is the first fishing challenge of this time, revealed an extraordinary resolution on this day, but he was concerned that there was one thing that made him worried. 'City fisherman' is broadcast every Thursday night at 11 o'clock. @jichangwook #Jichangwook #지창욱 Cc pict : 870705_95Lee twitter

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