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. - OFFICIAL STATEMENT - Kim Mun-Hui, Jipyong LLC. Legal counsel for BH Entertainment and Han Hyo-Joo This is an official statement from legal counsel Kim Mun-Hui on behalf of BH Entertainment regarding the circulation of false information and malicious comments regarding actress Han Hyo-Joo. Actress Han Hyo-Joo is simply the endorsement model for cosmetics brand 'JM Solution', she has never once set foot inside 'Burning Sun', nor did she attend the particular event in question which took place at the club back on November 23, 2018. However, defamation of character and insults that are maliciously claiming false information are still spreading on various online sites, communities, and SNS platforms. Jipyong LLC has made the judgment that the malicious comments and circulation of false rumors have severely defamed actress Han Hyo-Joo. We have identified 33 individuals (based on ID) and filed criminal complaints at the Seoul Yongsan Police Station for charges of defamation of character under the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION(defamation), ETC. We will continue to take strong action on intentional posting of false information or other malicious acts on our clients by enforcing a no tolerance policy. . #BHEntertainment

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