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#장혁 _눈속에 은하수가 반짝반짝 As you all know by now, he was superultrahandsome and beautiful yesterday. He looked more handsome and younger than ever. Especially his eyes. The first time he stepped in the spot to be introdueced, I couldn’t help but holding my breath. His eyes are like having a whole galaxy in them!!! Shining, gleaming and full of warmness towards the participants. I was captured by his eyes right that moment, and I totally got out of my mind since then. Hahaha what an extraordinary experience I had yesterday! Everything seemed so unreal... Is he really a human being like us...? I started to doubt it seriously.....🤔- - 어제 배우님 진짜 진짜 멋있었고 잘생기셨고 이쁘셨습니다!!! 너무 너무 보고 싶었던 배우님 보고 와서 막 기운이 납니다 너무 좋아서 눈물이 날 지경....ㅠㅠ❤️ 기쁨의 눈물. 근데....너무 현실같지 않은 미모여서 그런데요.... @ajincome 진짜 우주 저 너머에서 지구별에 불시착 뭐 그런거 아니지요????_ #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #張赫 #나의나라 #나의나라화이팅🥊 #언제나응원합니다👏 #언제나보고싶은배우님🌹 #westwoodkr #웨스트우드 @westwoodkr 감사합니다!

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