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16 Memorable Life Lessons That K-Dramas Have Taught Us The K-drama universe is amazing. No matter the genre, the story behind every Korean drama is embedded with all sorts of sub-genres, all coming together as one. On top of the laughter, the romance, the thriller, and even the melodrama, we gain one more thing when watching our favorite actors and actresses onscreen: a set of life lessons. Midst these dramas’ scripts lies an incredible amount of dialogues that leave us pondering over them for weeks, months, and even years once the storyline has concluded. Featuring some of the most unforgettable K-dramas in order of their air date, here are 16 quote-worthy lines that have taught us a lesson or two in life! #Healer #힐러 #Parkminyoung #Jichangwook #changmincouple #박민영 #지창욱 😊😊

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