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SBS hmmn~~~ Reposted from @g_jcw_carrot - Still in talks👋Repost from @jcwphilippines Ji Chang Wook, to star of the drama 'Star City'... After his discharge.. . Actor Ji Chang Wook has been named the main character of Jang Jin's drama "Star City." . According to a report on "Sports Trends" on Thursday, Ji was cast as Yoo Dong-ha, the main character of "The Star City." . Star City is a drama about dreams and love of young people who dream of space, featuring Korea's first space airline. . The lead played by Ji Chang Wook, is a mechanic of light aircraft and a person who gave up flying an airplane after suffering from pulmonary fear in an accident during his Air Force. . The production team of <Star City> is reportedly scheduling the production to meet Ji's schedule. Ji Chang-wook will be returning to the small screen two years after SBS's <Suspicious Partner> in 2017. It is also his first comeback since his discharge from the military. He joined the boot camp of the 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon County, Gangwon Province, on August 14, 2017. . *title rough trans only Trans:Anne (JCWPH) @RepostIt_app - #regrann #jichangwook #지창욱

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