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➡ Watch FULL episodes of I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street:☝☝Link at my Bio☝☝ ➡ ➡ DRAMA NAME . ➡I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street ➡I Picked Up A Star On The Road . ➡ production : @oksusu_official . ➡ Subtitles by @viki ➡ Subtitles by Celebrity Pick Up TEAM. ➡ THANK YOU❤🙏 . . 🔽MV CREDIT : ➡ . . 🔽➡ [MV] Sung Hoon - Think About You(자꾸 널 생각해) I Picked Up the Star(나는 길에서 연예인을 주웠다) OST Part.6 Music Video Today. . 🔽➡Song: Think about You(자꾸 널 생각해) Artist: Sung Hoon(성훈) . . . ➡ About I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street Contract worker Lee Yeon Seo (#KimGaEun) daydreams about teaching her manager a lesson, but accidentally acts out her vengeful fantasy on the top Hallyu star, Kang Joon Hyuk (#SungHoon) in a twist of events. Thinking she accidentally killed Joon Hyuk, Yeon Seo secretly takes Joon Hyuk to her house and prepares to get rid of the body! But Joon Hyuk (Sung Hoon) is alive and thinks that he has been kidnapped by a psychopath! Seeing no other option, Yeon Seo keeps him hostage so that he doesn't turn her into the police. How long can she keep him hidden from the world, and can she ever convince him that she's not an evil person? . . ➡ CREDIT : video by "Viki Global TV" Youtube Thank you . . ➡ THANK YOU : Subtitles by Celebrity Pick Up TEAM ➡ . . THANK YOU VERY MUCH FROM FANS OF ACTOR SUNG HOON . . #나길연 #나는길에서연예인을주웠다 #IPickedUpACelebrityOnTheStreet #IPickedUpAStarOnTheRoad #배우성훈 #성훈 @sunghoon1983 @stallion__entertainment #ソンフン #成勋 #成勛 #sunghoon1983 #ซองฮุน #스탤리온엔터테인먼트 #StallionEntertainment #MysecretRomance #마음의소리2 #SoundOfYourHeart #마음의소리리부트 #ILiveAlone #나혼자산다 #GuidedAdventure #뭉쳐야뜬다2

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