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I see a guy who cares very deeply about Ji-Hyun. I see a guy who will not ever let any harm come to her. I see a guy who will protect her with everything he has, making sure that no one is never ever going to hurt her. I see a guy who has nothing but respect for her. . I see a girl who would do the same thing for Chang-Wook. A girl who looks up to him...wishing him all the best, because he deserves it. And he does the same for her, too. I see a girl who is smart, who knows what she's doing and who can make her own right decisions. I see a girl who didn't care about what other people would say about him, because she believes in him, and he believes in her too. . I see two people. They are happy. They are clearly supportive of each other and they look to up to one another. I see two people, having the best time of their lives, and I just want them to stay that way forever if forever is even possible. . I see distractions. Those that would do anything to break their happiness, not thinking about what this could do to them. I see them everywhere. It's frustrating & it angers me. I don't want to live in a world where people would do anything to keep these two away from each other. I don't want to live in a world where my future kids wouldn't even see and feel the magic that is NamJi/JiJi. . But even with all these distractions, I see a group of people. Those who would not let anything harm our Ji-Hyun and Chang-Wook, together and individually. Those who will protect them (even if they actually do not need protecting, bc they can only shine and they already light up the world with just smiling) no matter what. Those who truly understand that they are happy together. Like really happy. I see a group of people, who really sees them. I see the Jiji/Namji fandom. I see us. . Let us make sure they can never do anything to stop this happiness...their happiness. We're all in this together. they're just distractions, and time will come when the truth will finally come out. It might be a sad ending for the fandom. It might be a very happy one. But rest assured I will be there, no matter what happens- & I will be genuinely happy. Because Jiji will always be a precious memory.💙

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