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#东宫 BTS Heres an interview translation of what Peng Xiao Ran had to say about the character Gu Jian ~! PXR : For women, i feel we all need something to rely on, something to make us feel a sense of security. Hes the shoulder to rely on. Whenever Xiao Feng is distressed or has suffered a hardship, she can rely on him. Like when they visited Mi Luo's wine shop. A lot of times when Xiao Feng drinks wine to speak her troubles, its Gu Jian who carries her home. I found this to be quite a warming scene. ⠀ Theres a scene where Gu Jian dies. After the acting out that scene, i couldnt muster up tears for days. I finally experienced what is called " to cry without tears " ⠀ At that time i saw him bleeding profusely, body fully covered in arrows. When you see that kind of love from a guy, who regardless of what perils he faced and could throwaway his life for you... ⠀ " cry without tears " = To have gone the past crying tears of grief that you're in a state of hopelessness. 😪KSNSKSJ i realized i havent translated a bts/interview vid in ages ⠀ More 东宫 BTS translations here : #东宫BTS - #GoodbyeMyPrincess #EasternPalace

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