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English Translation for Charity Project Activity Report to Celebrate Lee Jong-suk’s 9th Debut Anniversary. First, there are 9 groups that participated in this activity namely Korea official fanclub WithJS, Japan Club-J, China JSHINE, Lee Jongsuk Chinese Hot Mum Fan Club, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, Indonesia & Philippines ~ And of course the name that can’t be omitted ~ our Actor! ! It's very grateful and exciting to share good intentions with fans like this. The message written on the remitter's note, "Thank you, I love you" simply makes us feel like crying....ᅲᅲ #이종석 #leejongsuk #李钟硕 #李鍾碩 #イジョンソク #อีจงซอก #jongsuk0206 #jshine_fc_leejongsuk @withjs59 @leejongsukclubj @Jshine_fc_leejongsuk @withjs_myanmar @withjsindonesia @withjsphilippines @leejongsuk.hongkong @이종석 멋진맘 팬클럽

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